222 Books
Gourmet of Another World
"In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this. The restaurant isn't large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into. There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice. There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life. There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper. What? You want to abduct the chef? That's not going to happen, because there's a tenth grade divine beast, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance. Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered."
Genius Daddy in the City
An ordinary man, Ye Chen traveled to the cultivation world by accident and became a phenomenal immortal of that era. After 3,000 years in the cultivation world, he was betrayed and traveled back to earth through a spatial tear. Five years had passed in the mortal world, but when he came back with his abilities, he found out he now has a daughter!
Godly Model Creator
"The arrival of origin ability era. Many berserk beasts spawned. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a lowly grade origin ability named “Model analysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by analyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model of the entire world? This would imply that he… would be like a God, controlling the world!"
Good Morning, My Dearest Mr. Li
Qiao Ning was sent by her father to a strange man. She was desperate to escape but did not expect to bump into another man's arms. She thought it was just a night of love, but they met again. "Ning, you have to follow the rules of the Li family—giving birth to two children before you can leave."
Genius Bady and Bad Daddy
She only wished to take advantage of him to live in a five-star hotel, but accidentally got pregnant because of him. Daddy is not an easy man to deal with, and the baby is just like him. Attention, please! What are they conspiring?
Genius Demon Demolisher
"Chen, you are the genius of our family, uncle believes in your talent." Outside the city of Fallen Leaves, there were more than a hundred people. Under the light of the morning, they were telling a young man with concern. These people were all from the Ye clan, and the young man is Ye Chen, the most talented disciple of the Ye family."
Game invaders
The protagonist, Lin Feng, was originally a Green wolves player in the" glorious war," in an accident, touched on the truth of the game. Game companies invade and kill in the real world through high-level players in the game, controlling robots. Unfortunately, this time was affected by the laws of nature and could not reveal the truth. After coming to the mirror world, Lin Feng had to start atoning for his sins. At the same time, stop other players from continuing to make mistakes.
Ghost buster
My name is Zhao Jinyin under a coincidence to learn a ghost catching skills, from this to eat, both worlds. Well, this book is a little scary, and people with high blood pressure get into it by mistake. Another book is a bit humorous, heart is not good please enter by mistake.
Green Dragon Totem
But the dragon city will fly in the early stage of mount humaduyin without teaching him to be upright and abstinent. The later stage of the monk's life was revealed and he ascended to the throne at the end.
Ghost fans
She was involved in a series of supernatural events, and after experiencing countless ghost fans, she finally solved a huge conspiracy.
Ghost in the awkward way
"Lin ~ gong ~" her hands were as soft as catkins, her skin was as fat as jelly, and her teeth were like a hu rhinoceros. From such an intuitive first view, no matter how she looked at it, she was a beautiful woman who could topple the country. Who would have thought that he would be a perverted woman in a fancy leather bag? What? This female lead refused to leave and insisted on cohabiting with Lin Qing? Lin Qing only wanted to say one word to him. "Get lost!"
Goblins cry only at night
Li Yan said," bitch, heartless entertainer, no justice, Su Qing, you represent!" I lit a cigarette, smoked and laughed happily. "Really? Thank you, Li Boss, for your kindness." Heartless? What do you do when you go through the darkness of human nature, when you cheat, when you give your whole heart for nothing? Li Yan, I have a heart, but also a feeling, just too early ...
Glory world pampered: first rank poison imperial concubine
In her previous life, she was the most despised daughter in the Prime minister estate, and her looks were ugly and bullied. In this life, she was the most noble woman in the Sky que dynasty, and she was extremely skilled in poisons. However, her father did not dote on her, and her sister bullied her. Even the outsiders who stayed in her home dared to frame her. Emperor even gave her an order to marry the crazy prince who had killed her! So she was bullied and supported by a guard; she was wayward and spoiled by a guard; she had provoked the queen with impudence, and Bai King himself came out to shield her! After every 100 plus more. Any gift plus more. There is also an indefinite plus 1 more.
Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me
"Can you tell me your first impression of the male lead?" Ah Miao:" psycho, oh yes! Trying to use improper means to contact me physically."" Can you tell me your first impression of the female lead?" Divine Star Stop:" beep." After marriage." What do you think of your husband?" Ah Miao:" psychopathic, stalking me every day."" What do you think of your wife?" Divine Star Stop:" mine!
Good morning, lilith
Have you ever lost a loved one, I mean the one who grew up with you and grew up with you day and night and has penetrated into your spiritual world, or some brave knight who will be by your side after this. And god has given me peace before seventeen, and after seventeen, it's the beginning of a nightmare, it's purgatory ...
Gold medal agent: princess leng ao is leaving
She, the golden agent of the 21st century! With her hands raised and her sword fell, she was valiant and valiant. Her name was famous, but she was killed by the person she trusted the most. She was reborn in a strange world and was unwilling to give up on a young girl. He, the famous cold-faced prince! Hidden dragon in the yuan, only to fly to the sky! On their wedding night, she threw him to the ground, but unexpectedly, they met each other. Let's see how she can play a game of love with each other. In this sudden whirlwind of wind and cloud, she stirred the world, and her name shocked all over the world!
Genius Detective
Police legend song lang returned from his "Rebirth," disguised as chen shi, the driver. Chen shi was once again involved in the murder case because he wanted to live a low-profile life. He promoted the wolf culture and killed the employees, but the company was silent. In order to get justice...
Give you love, forget sichuan red married
She's dead. She's gone. This time, there was no chance to live another life. She will die completely in the six realms. However, he only wanted to wait for her to reincarnate and hear her say that she was coming to marry you. "This lord will never trade at a loss. If you still can' t come back after I' ve burned my immortal body, then I' ll destroy the entire heaven and earth and bury you!" When his immortal body was boned, the day he had been waiting for finally came. She stood, glowing from the eighteenth floor of the underworld, and said to him, whose bones were rotting. "I' m here to fulfill my promise."
Give me a reason to love you
She was a lowly and poor girl. He was a noble rich businessman, a money game, a six-year bondage, to see who would become the cocoon first.
Genius Fundamentals
Everyone thought that Lin Zhaoxi was a genius. Only she knew that she had used years of experience in math competitions to turn around and "Cheat." Until one day, the male god looked at her quietly. ** Time and space overlapped and returned three times. The past can change you. 1. Go back to the past three times and find yourself. Take it easy. It's a walk of sorts. 2. The school and the competition system are half-overhead.
Guide to the survival of the daughter of a concubine
The young master in white followed closely behind and pinched his fingers in a dignified manner, then pulled out a charming smile. "The old man is really yin, but he's only eighteen years old. If I' m not wrong ..." As he spoke, he leaned over and sniffed at the man. "Well, it's a very special smell. How could an old man's body give off such a good smell? So you must be a daughter. As he finished speaking, he pulled the beard off the old fortune-teller's chin and eyebrows. When her face was revealed to the world, more than half of the people in the restaurant were surprised. The man in front of her was no longer covered by a beard. Wasn' t that face a pretty girl of seventeen or eight years old?
God of Killing
Owed to his paranormal power, he can absorb all the other powers. With his impeccable forces and martial arts, he started a journey of savage looting. He was known as the god of killing, the one who has reached to the peak of the world, and wherever he strode, there will be millions of dead! It doesn't matter how many kingdoms are, and how competitive others will be, let's see how he defeats them and becomes the man of all men! Thrilling fights are coming!
Get married overnight: woman, don't play with fire
What about the cold ceo? Didn' t they say that they were ruthless? Didn' t they say that they would be abandoned as if they were abandoned? Why did he become a follower when he met Leng Ningxiang, the only son of the Ye group international group? "Are you going shopping today? Alright, I' ll be your driver!" "Are you going abroad to receive the prize tomorrow? That's great! I' m the guest presenter!" "Honey, come here and hold my hand. Don' t lose it!" ... The painting style suddenly changed because he had fallen in love with her and doted on her for the rest of his life!
Get into debt and get married: young master ye, please dote on me
Because of a huge debt and a human life, she was pushed into the vortex by her adoptive father. "Serve me, I' ll give you a high price." At first, the words of the barn cool, cold look. "I've got Stockholm syndrome, and I'm in love with the devil." Lu bing licked his wound, trying to shake the man's deep heart with emotion. However, she didn' t expect that the mystery of her past life had a hidden meaning, and there was an old hatred between the two of them? "Everything about you should have been mine." That day, lu bing's eyes were cold and aggressive. "It's yours. I' m yours." The leaf barn is smiling and warm, like the spring breeze in march.
Goddess of war princess xiao: come on, Xie King
She was the world's top secret agent, the god of war, with a hot body, a scary face, a perverted belly, a cold and merciless heart, a hidden knife in her smile, and a domineering queen in the special forces! In her previous life, she had been betrayed by her beloved and died miserably. Getting annulled by a scumbag? Being bullied by his sister? Known as Starry night continent's number one trash? She, qi zhi ran, could not bear it! All the way to torture a scumbag man, to torture a white lotus flower, to kill all the people who had failed her in the world! The pill god cauldron was easy to grasp! A lifetime of killing, looking down on the world! With the divine beast in hand, it was a phoenix against the world! However, why was there always a bewitching man behind her? He was noble and peerless. He was not only stealing the limelight from her, but he was also leaning against her day and night? A kiss? Wink? She kicked him. "Screw your old driver!" The evil man's evil smile transformed into a tyrannical Xie Kin
Great Tang Idyll
Tang dynasty, warm sunshine, golden wheat, white egrets flying. Zhang Xiaobao: "I don't think I can change anything big with my ability. My idea is simple. I want to change my own life. But there are times when things don't go as you think. Just as I'm trying to improve my family's standard of living, a lot of things happen. How can I put it, um... Is it simply the wings of a butterfly? No, no, no, this metaphor is a little too flashy, a little more common. I'm a piece of rat shit put in a pot." Wang Juan: "Since I came to this era with international fraudsters, I declare that there are no more liars in this world." **** Group: 9 ~ 6 ~ 6 ~ 4 ~ 5' 8 ~ 3 ~ go in as you please. Anyone can go in with 59969957 ~ up with 59969217 ~ up with nine more positions.
Gorgeous world: poison Hereditary Lord imperial concubine
First on the way to marriage was set up by the scum of the bandits hijacked, and then by the scum of the man broke off the marriage betrayal. In the name of the lost virgin to keep secrets, suffered humiliation finally poisoned a glass of wine. Heaven has eyes, rolling over and over again, holding the hands of twenty years ago, the secrets of heaven. Whatever the flood, it's better to take the world than me. He vowed to turn the whole zhou dynasty upside down and let the scum of the man and woman have a taste of it: what is difficult to argue for?! What is human flesh and blood! She was gorgeous and had a peerless face. She was jealous, she was vicious, and she was crowned a scourge of the country and the people. Then do no evil, that is lawless, the achievement of a generation of toxic queen.
In her previous life, she had been killed by a scumbag, a poisonous girl, who broke her bones and took her soul jade. In a desperate situation, she blew herself up. Who would have thought that she would be reborn on this trash of the same name? Ever since then, she had refined medicinal jade, tamed spirit beasts, raised spirit slaves, and avenged herself. But this prince, can you pick up your integrity and stay away from me?
Ghost bodyguard: yin yang taoist
Xiao yixuan had been on the mountain for many years and received the true legend of the son of heaven, who ordered him to drive ghosts down the mountain. In the end, he died before he could get out. Tianji knew that he was angry and went to hell. In the face of tianji, king qin guangwang gave xiao yixuan the identity of a man and a ghost again. As long as he completed the task, You can make xiao yixuan return the favor ...
Grave Digger
After Shenlaosan's death, his family told him about a marriage - old shen, who had become a ghost, gave online Kidney treasure tablet shopping in march. "He treats me well." Lu Yu took on a business deal to pay off his debts, but he didn't expect to get himself into it. I thought I could leave with money after the ghost wedding, but I didn't expect my husband to float out on my wedding night. He not only sucked in his yang qi, but also asked him to dig up the grave to find the bones. Later on, lu yu had an old attack--everything was fine except for the fact that he was not human. Reading guide: Host and receiver. 2. Mengwen cookies.