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Honey Don't Go
Under the order of his grandmother, the husband who had been treating his adorable wife indifferently, increasingly paid more attention to her. The order shall not be disobeyed. "Qiao Ran, Grandma told us to get to sleep earlier." The man sounded lazy. “Ji Hanxiao, you said you wanted to divorce me?" "I might as well try that in my next life!” Qiao Ran thought it wouldn't be possible for her to reconcile with Ji Hanxiao in her lifetime and the misunderstanding that happened in the middle was also confusing. It was far beyond her wildest dream that it was him who trusted and backed her up when she was caught in real trouble!
His Burning Thirst for Her
It was well known that the third-oldest man born in the Family Shen was more than cruel and these years every single woman who had been in his room was more or less disable; Ning Huan was dragged out of the villa of the Family Ning as she stayed in the man's way. As she looked at Shen Shiyuan who got out of the car, smiling, she thought that was probably the end of her life at the moment. But things were different from what she imagined: Her life got a fresh start because of that man. Shen Shiyuan seemed cruel to everyone but Ning Huan. He couldn't treat her better.
Holy doctor xiaoyao
"I have three needles in my heart, one needle to cure the world, one needle to protect my beauty, one needle to kill the ghost god!" The cultivation world free medical saint nirvana rebirth in the cock Song Xiao body, began a period of the rise of the holy doctor road. Goddess gao leng asked him for help and shared a room with an innocent teacher. There was also a natural beauty who was infatuated with refining medicine. She always asked a few mengmeng's questions. Song Xiao only wanted to fight back to the The cultivation world, but he didn' t want to stand behind the peak. But she's already alone, three thousand beauties ...
His ex-wife was like poison, but the ceo couldn' t stop it.
Back then, she had loved him so much that she had donated blood for his heart, but he had personally sent her to prison and aborted her child. Meet again, she incarnates as the avenging angel. It was just that he had shamelessly pestered her, almost spoiling her to the skies. Su yiyi said with no backbone. "Pei, I won' t take revenge anymore. Please let me go." A certain someone held her in his arms and said dotingly. "You promised to torture me for the rest of my life. You can' t break your promise." Su yiyi wanted to cry but didn' t have any tears.who was torturing who?
Here Comes the Mommy: Daddy, Take It!
After seven months' pregnancy, Ye Zhiqiao not only lost her fiancé but also her child. Five years later, as a famous designer returning with glory, Ye Zhiqiao started the prelude to the story at the airport...
How to Get Rid of My Thirsty Cunning CEO Husband
"Marry me! It's your best choice! Why me... Because I need a wife whom I don't dislike..."
Handsome to the Point of Death
Xu Zhi was killed by a group of women. Xu Zhi, the male god, was revived by the system. His mission was to get out of the story and be a handsome man.
Hypocritical Adonis
Qi Cheng, unrestrained, romantic, was named the number one pretender in xx high school by his roommates. One day, he suddenly had many inexplicable options in his peaceful life. In the dark corner, the handsome man lying in the corner with wounds all over him. [ Handsome fellow student found ten meters ahead. Do you want to help him? ] [ A. Help and flirt ] [ B. The clothes are so dirty, we must help wash them. ] Qi Cheng raised his eyebrows and happily chose b first, then a. In the great hall of the school, the outstanding and indifferent student representative rushed to the auditorium, and the speech fell to the ground. [ Is there any help for you when you find xx master dropping important documents two meters ahead? ] [ A. Help when he's about to cry and his eyes are red ] [ B. Would you rather see a bully cry in public? ] Qi Cheng bent down to pick up the speech on the floor and curled his lips. The headmaster invited the red boys to cheer for the 26th anniversary celebration of the school. The capta
Hell with you is heaven
One night in full bloom, you do not know the like; a turn to record, is you did not notice the discrete. Some love, from the heart to start, pay is to repay. It was like everything between Yun Xi and Lu Qingchen. She finally stabbed Lu Qingchen's heart with a sharp knife. However, when she saw lu Qingchen's blood stained her white shirt red bit by bit, she realized that the pain in her heart was like blood. It turned out that Lu Qingchen had already been imprinted in her heart unknowingly. "Woman, do you know who I am? Do you know who the man you love is?" "No! It won't be like this, no! Yun xi screamed like she was crazy, but it was too late. It turned out that the hell she had always thought was her heaven.
Hate is a game
Six years ago, she was imprisoned for love, but in exchange for the death of her loved ones, the betrayal of her loved ones. At the wedding banquet of old love, a tall figure stood in front of her in the face of the bullying of the bride and the strange gazes around her. Said Ji Shaoqing. "Jiang Lige is my woman. Who dares to touch her?" She thought that the heavens had pity on him and sent him as an angel to save her. However, she didn' t see through the cold and cruel heart that was wrapped under her gentle appearance.
Here's to my love
She was the most famous and influential lady in the world, but unfortunately, she was born in the land of the wind and moon. Meng Zhijun thought that Murong yan was her lover, and she held back her anger to stay by his side. She thought that they could live forever. Sure. The one she loved, cut off her fingers and disfigured her face - at last, with a knife and a knife, he dug out the white bones in her body, and made a hideous bone flute. "Ah Zhi, look, this bone is perfect for making bone flute." His hands were stained with her blood, but he laughed like a picture. And he took his flute, and laid ten leagues of red makeup, and took his beloved wife. But she was killed by a thousand arrows! "Murong Yan, here's a toast to you. From now on, we' ll be apart." All inclusive.
Has been published in the starting point of the chinese network, not signed, after being deleted for unknown reasons. This article tells the story of human beings fleeing the galaxy because of artificial intelligence rebellion. The re-emergence of human society had tried to reunify, but the war of unification ended quickly without a clear winner. Instead, it caused human society to fall into the chaos of the feud between the feudal lords and the nations, and it was in the dark for a long time. They face not only a brutal civil war, but also an ancient threat that drove humans out of the milky way.
Hello, son of rebirth
Her heart was pounding as she was young. Lin mo began to like qiao jiamu in junior high school until the news of his engagement came a few years after she graduated from university. A journey of forgetfulness unexpectedly brought her back to the age of 12 and completely overturned her life. Young master shen looked at the young woman who was obviously very childish in front of him. His beautiful eyebrows furrowed as he spoke with difficulty. "Are you an adult?" He has no vices. Lin mo nodded and shook her head again. Young master shen frowned even more tightly.
Hail The King
A little person who had mastered the golden thigh, crossed into a small king, so in this cold and cruel alien world, he left behind a unique and invincible hot blood legend.
Horror mobile game
This guy's lazy. He didn't write anything.
Huang quan: Shezheng King, you are polite
She supported her husband to ascend to the crown prince and help him clear all obstacles, but he caused her family to be destroyed. The child was aborted by the best sister, and died in a bloody avalanche, ending in hatred. Four years before her rebirth, she vowed to protect her family with her memories and seize the opportunity. The second room was full of tricks, and her aunt was pressing on her. One sister was more insidious and crafty than the other, wishing that she would die. However, she was no longer the same person she used to be. Was she playing dirty? She's more sinister, wants her to die? Then she'll have to do it first. She had thought that she would never fall in love with anyone again, but she did not expect to be blinded by the evil lord. The first time she met him, she had pounced on him. After that, she could not escape from this evil man's claws. "Since you have defeated me, you must take responsibility." A certain prince had the cheek to raise his eyebrows and smile evilly. "I didn' t even
Hello, Old Times
If falling in love with Jiang Zhan was a sin, then Xiang Wan would rather be doomed...
His Canary
How does it feel to be forced to be with someone you don't like? Dong Ci replied after experiencing it: first, rejection is unacceptable, then understanding being moved by him, then falling in love with him, and finally - never leaving him again.
Humble: the reeds move with the wind
It was the 2005 year when god came to earth, the year when the shenzhou vi was successfully launched and the qinghai-tibet railway, the highest elevation in the world, opened to traffic. Zhang yongchao was twenty years old this year, and all he cared about was his dream that was about to be destroyed by the cruel reality. Because it made him less interested in anything but women.
Hundreds of millions of beautiful wives breaking into the door
"I don' t want to marry you!" "It's not up to you!" "What do you want?" "You entered my room. What do you think I want?" This damn man! She was only fooled into his room. As a result, she had become a rat during the festival. However, she was already so miserable. What did this dead man want? Not only did he force her to get the certificate, but he kept restricting his freedom and taking advantage of him. After enduring the humiliation for a long time, he resolutely raised his flag and rebelled, leading the ball and running away, making this dead man pay for his wife and lose his army!
Happiness is not easy
After all kinds of twists and turns, rain finally decided to stay with Hao Ran, and they also cherish this hard-won happiness ...
Hot wife: the president is addicted to doting on adults
In order to elope, she did not hesitate to run away from the marriage, but the civil affairs bureau was waiting for the pregnant third! F * ck, true love has been fed to dogs. In a fit of anger, she got drunk at the bar. Who would have thought that she would meet a pig's hand in a trap! As she struggled, she bumped into some bastard's arms and couldn' t wake up from her drunken stupor! When she woke up the next day, she was naked. Just then, the parents broke in and caught him in bed? From the moment she met a man, she seemed to be in a state of bad luck! Parents caught cheating first? After that, there was a jerk pestering her, followed by kidnapping, tearing up tickets, and molestation. For some reason, women were throwing money at her! Bastard, get the hell out of my world. She was about to explode when a man pushed her to the side." My son has already decided that you are his biological mother ..."
Husband v5, flash marriage wife too hot
She was set up to marry an old man, so she decided to get a flash marriage. Who could tell her that the cock man had become rich and handsome? He even made her promise to fulfill her duties as a husband and wife? "Wait, don' t come over." A certain someone directly pushed her down and she wailed. What happened to not getting close to women?
He's As Dazzling As The Stars
"Xia xingchen, give me a baby!" That night, she was eaten up by a mysterious man. I thought it was just a dream, but two months later, she was really pregnant! When she went to the hospital to remove the child, no one in the country dared to operate on her, so she had to give birth to the child. Five years later, the child was snatched away, and then a noble man entered her world domineeringly. What? Is he the father of the child? Not only that, but he was also the president of a country above all others?! So... Is this really not a dream?... Good morning, Mr. President! It's an urban novel by the original author, nan yinyin, and it's updated at the same time. Good morning, Mr. President! The latest chapter, good morning from fellow scholars, Mr. President! Comments do not mean that bi qu pavilion agrees or supports good morning, Mr. President! A book friend's point of view. Good morning, Mr. President! If it's not bad, please click the share button at the top to share it with your circle of friends!
Huangquan inn
Legend has it that there is an ancient and mysterious street between man and the underworld. All souls, whether man, god, demon, demon, if the mind is too strong, will come here after death, wandering in this street, waiting for their choice will be: immortal, incarnate demon, or forever waiting. Here, there were monsters, evil spirits, demons, wandering souls, and lonely weapons. Only by eliminating their obsession could they set foot on the road of reincarnation again. This is a place full of memories, forgetfulness, obsession, hope and choice, one reads into the buddha, one reads into the devil. This may enter the samsara, but the obsession is too deep, half step is more. This street is called More than half a step. There is an inn in the street, it is called Samsara inn. Young Samsara inn boss Su Chen runs the street. His duty was to help these creatures to dispel their obsession, and at the same time to help those who had intruded into this place because of their obsession, or other creatures, to set the
Haunted house
The mystical arts are divided into yin and yang, yang as taoism and yin as ghost. He had no intention of provoking disaster, but he was caught up in one plot after another. Let's see how the little girl can kill the demons and break the evil spirits!
His ex-wife retaliated, and the ceo couldn' t hold it in.
Hehe, things are really a bit funny, inexplicably attend an engagement banquet, and then inexplicably be framed! Because she's an illegitimate daughter? Was she a real daughter? And dear brother-in-law, I caused your fiancee miscarriage, you want to marry me is what the hell? What happened to taking me to jail? Xia Ziluo was about to laugh and cry. Since she was getting married, she should get married. She couldn't confess her love properly? Does it have to be a threat? What's the point of two people who don't love each other for a strange reason? Okay okay okay! Mr. Gu was really good at getting engaged to his sister and getting married to her! While letting her sister break up with her boyfriend, she took good care of her sister in front of others? Is he sick or has a split personality? Oh my, can Mr. Gu not stay in my bed?
Happy home: we Xiaoman super fierce
Rong Xiaoman clapped his hands proudly and stood up. He waved a few times in front of the white lion and snorted. "You stinking bastard, look at your ability to show off your power this time." She squatted in front of the white lion with a wicked smile and held the big, fluffy head in her hands, grinning at him.
Heart attack love: president forced to test marriage for 100 days!
As an entertainment reporter, Jiang Xiaolai's mission was to track down all kinds of entertainment gossip. However, who knew that she would become one of the gossips by accident? This was not fun! As for the male lead, he was an insulator of all kinds of entertainment gossip, and he shamelessly pounced on her every day ... Honey, please look for your face, it's gone! *" Go away. I' m not a commodity. I don' t want to sell it!" "Are you stupid?" "Aren't you not interested in me? Go away! "I' m not interested in you, but I' m interested in you!" ...