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Just wait for the flowers to bloom
"Come on, your happiness is not far away." Xu Yu patted me on the shoulder and said. "Liu Shan, you got a flower ball, right?" After this project was completed, lu ziqing pulled me to the side and said. "Yeah." I looked at her curiously as if she had something to say. "Then, can you be my boyfriend first?" "Ah?" I really didn' t expect lu ziqing to make such a request that I wanted to agree to. "Is that okay?" Lu Ziqing asked when he saw that I did not answer. "Alright, from today onwards, Lu Ziqing will be my girlfriend." I looked at lu ziqing dotingly and said. Seeing this scene from afar, Xia Jin suddenly laughed. It turned out that love was always someone who dared to pursue. Liu Shan was, and Lu Ziqing was.
Just say it
Said Ji Qingwu. "I can't fall in love with Mo Jinchen!" Not not not not not not, but not. He's a low-key, secretive, one-handed figure in Jiangcheng, She had somehow lost her virginity and angered her father's bankrupt daughter to death! He picked her up on a rainy night, and she was forced to sell her kidney and sell herself. She was pinned under his body and raised her eyebrows in anger. "Mo Jinchen, you need to vent. Go find your heart." He smiled and kissed her gently. "You are my heart!"
Joy of Life
In a house of good deeds, there must be Yuqing, Yuqing, Yuqing, and a benefactor. Lucky mother, lucky mother, accumulated yin gong. Persuading life, helping the poor... And who knows, a person born in this world, inherited from Yuqing, ultimately had to make his own choice, it is the so-called...
Jade ring song once
Ten years together day and night, half month husband and wife deeply. Once the evil spirits schemed, there was no jue ji after that. Once again, the past kindness, anger into blood feud.
Jun Jiuling
In the winter of three years in Taikang, a girl came to Zhenning's house in the north of yangcheng. After being refused the marriage, the girl decided to hang herself in front of the ning family to show her ambition When the dead girl opened her eyes again Many people's fates were turned upside down.
Fu Yanzhi was a famous ice sculpture of the First courtyard, cold and abstinent, like a mountain of snow, no one moved. One day, doctor Fu's office was frequented by cheongsam beauties, who were enchanting and had red and white lips. At first, her colleagues were betting that within a month, she would be rejected by doctor Fu and would never step into their department again. A month later, she was still there. Three months later, a colleague saw her "Biting her ear" with doctor Fu. When she came out again, doctor Fu's ears were stained with bright lipstick, which was very ambiguous. A year later, she and doctor Fu got their license. - When Ji Qingying chased Fu Yanzhi, he liked to tease him with all kinds of love words, to see that his ears were red but not moved. Later, Fu Yanzhi returned all of her love words to her in action, making her blush. - At first, what Fu Yanzhi disliked most was the person who could act coquettishly, but in the end, what he loved most was Ji Qingying's coquettish look. No matter
Junior staff
Make fox son grow a poor child who comes from the countryside and grows up in the city. All day long in this city dye vat facing all kinds of temptations (money, power, color; greedy, angry, crazy) where should he go? No means to break not hero, not change the original intention of true hero!
On the jun tian continent, this was a legendary continent. Countless magical beasts with different faces grew here, and countless magical beasts were raised in the remote and hopeless forest. In this mysterious continent, there were also humans. Humans were the commanders of the continent. For countless years, this continent had been dominated by humans, and magical beasts could only rely on their noses to survive on this continent. With the passage of time, the battle against the mainland's possessors had been too long ago. No one could remember when that time was, or even perhaps it was unclear.
Jueye's mysterious wife
He is known as Jueye, the black and white road conversion. She was the eldest daughter of the Xuan yuan family and vowed to enter the entertainment industry for the sake of chasing celebrities. He was entrusted with a life in exchange for his life. She had no choice but to let go of what her heart wanted. "How long are you going to hide from me?!" "Hide until I forget you." "Since you want to let go, I will grant you." She turned around decisively and did not want to say it anymore, but ignored the sorrow and pain behind her. When they met again, where did they go?
Just miss, don't see each other again
Every time Shen Moran finished a marriage contract, he would throw a large sum of money to An Xia in disdain! "Since you have become a gold digger, you must be dedicated to your work! That's how professional ethics works, isn't it? Miss An ..." Shen Moran hated an xia and everything about her. However, an xia smiled bitterly. "Thank you, boss!" If this paper marriage was a bet, then an xia bet that he would definitely fall in love with her! However, all of this had ended abruptly on that bloody night! "Shen Moran, we just miss it. Let's not meet again in this lifetime ..."
Jiu Shen
International peak bartender, wine tasting master, known as Jiu Immortal, Li Jiedong, died drunk in order to taste the unearthed han dynasty wine. When he woke up, he found himself in a world called Five elements continent, a world called...
Jing shao's new wife
On the night before the wedding, she witnessed her fiancé and sister tumbling on their wedding bed. The man who was watching the show smiled." Go make arrangements. She's the only one tonight."
Jiaozhan road
The young man's days were divided and he had a series of adventures. The immortal demon saint saw how strange it was and went up to the mountain to cultivate. It was destined to be fate in ancient times, and it will be returned in this life. Wait for a day to roam nine days, dragon seal god!
Jade Moon
Before the age of 16, she is the pearl in the palm of her rich and powerful father, the beloved daughter. After the age of 16, in a single night, her family is broken up and nearly all the members dead. Relying on the emperor’s last trace of love and affection, finally Mu Ru Shuang (如霜) is able to stand on top of the imperial harem. Conspiracy, suspicion, jealousy, people trying to create a wedge between her and the emperor, she is able to eliminate each and everyone of her enemies, the imperial concubines in the imperial court, one by one. She calculates and uses up all kind of schemes and strategies but ultimately there is no winner !!!
Juxin's evil: the little chef's wife!
In her previous life, Juxin died in a car accident as an orphan. She thought that it would end like this, but she never imagined that her fate had just begun. In this life, she had her parents who were close to her and used the best cooking skills of her previous life to open up a piece of sky that belonged to her in this era. In her next life, lotus prawns, buddha jumps over the wall, wensi tofu, orange crab ... Watching her 18 cooking skills take turns to create a delicious empire, using her strength to protect her relatives. The eldest young master said shamelessly. "Come back quickly, my wife. If you don't come back, I will starve to death ..." Juxin said. ..."" Who is this guy? I don't know him ... He's a foodie! Quan mou wen 1v1, a black-bellied man playing tricks on the female protagonist! The female protagonist's cooking skills blew up the sky, and her friends who liked delicious food quickly looked around, la! !
Jiaofu linmen: don't climb over the wall
"Keep it. This is a gift from my husband. You can' t throw it away." When a huge, ugly, lumpy toad was put into the little girl's hand and let out a scream. The bride, who was holding the" monster" respectfully with both hands, rolled her eyes on the spot and fainted without any suspense.
Just Blame Me For Being Blind in the Beginning
Pei Ying, who looked gorgeous and hot, was actually a conservative woman who hadn't even given her first kiss. Song Nanchuan, who looked elegant and abstinent on the outside, was actually a kissing color! Love! Madness! Pei Ying: ...
Jinjiang spring
Jinjiang spring to heaven and earth, jade base floating clouds change ancient and modern. It is more difficult to understand than to change the hexagram, it is the fate is sparse.
Jade ceo's fiancee
"Apologize?" What are you talking about? Why would there be such an unreasonable person? It seems that a headache has come to her, so let this incredibly cold ceo of ice stone have a good time with her. Didn' t she keep her virginity for him for so many years? How come there's no red? Could it be that she had been deliberately deceiving him? No wonder he had seen a child by her side last time. Did she really think that he would willingly become her stepfather because of her grandfather's past regret? She had underestimated him as a young master. Kids, right? Look at you still have a beautiful personality, get pregnant still don't know wrong, actually to find him to be the scapegoat, it seems that he is really sick cat not to make a move.
Boyfriend is a special experience for lighthouse jellyfish. In love - "Can I kiss you?" "Yeah." "Then can I extend two more hands to touch you?" "??" (⊙ X ⊙;)? Hold out two more hands, what the hell? Jian qi was attacked by the x-tentacle jellyfish The attack is made of water. One or two buckets of water a day are needed. Without water, you can't live. If you don't drink water for too long, you will fall into the arms of the little one. Little suffer: ... Don't be dirty, be elegant. Minor perspective: the male ticket is tall and thin, white and clean, looking like a good day. In fact: uhh! Food guide Upgrade, su shuang, sweet pet, attack is very favored
Jade seeks a good marriage in the casket
Older female white collar white collar by former boyfriend zhao ting entangled, military officer zhu yujie out of the encirclement, two people from this acquaintance. He fell in love with her at first sight. Bai nongzhang is frank about the past and asks him to think carefully. Zhu did not mind, firmly with her together, and extremely love, more than a sweet and plain happy time.
Journey to the martial arts
Young master li was very upset. His father was a great hero who had almost won the world. The fiancée was the infamous" twelve legends," and she was as beautiful as a deity, yet she was holding a large group of criminals in the streets to show off. And I seem to have become" the thirteenth legend"! My ancestors shaped their legends in the last era, and I just want to travel the great rivers and mountains, listen to the legends of my fathers, see those interesting people and things.
Jianghu asked
The protagonist Murong ziying stepped into the world of love and enmity, slowly growing into a hero story ...
Jiao Jiao is in my arms
Chu Tingjiao finally realized that after two years of marriage, he had another love and had no feelings for her at all. He loved to bully her and make things difficult for her. He stood on the sidelines and she fought back, but all she got was a slap and a scolding. The divorce agreement was in front of her, and she had no choice but to compromise and leave sadly. He had never thought that there was someone else behind that figure who had stayed in his heart for so many years. It was really too late for him to repent. When they met again, she had already opened her eyes, but he refused to let go. "Tingjiao, I'll make it up to you for the rest of my life. I love you, okay?" Chu ting thought to herself that the love affair was really interesting. Completed dear bigot http: / / / www.sweedhard.net / book / 5975
Jade class grievance: a good consort of the qing dynasty
In that bloody storm, in order to cover up his own misdeeds of usurping the throne, Yong Zheng abused her and lied to the world. She had thought that love was so simple, but she did not know that it was not enough to be torn to pieces by him for love. She thought that she could let go and leave, but who knew the fate of the immortal tower? However, she was unable to turn back ...
Jade is fragrant
With the help of a magical jade pendant, the unknown man's life was reversed. Standing on the peak of his life, he was favored by many beautiful women. After experiencing treachery, treachery, and a pit in three steps, he thought that he could enjoy a good life, but he was already involved in a terrible conspiracy In the middle ...
Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine
As King jin's concubine in her previous life, Yaoniang had not been pampered for a few days before she died. After a lifetime of hard work, she decided to save her life and do her nanny's job well. She would never try to cling to the dragon and the phoenix again. But she never thought that in her previous life, the one who only did it to her...
Jin shan's blood
The northern tibetan plateau is an uninhabited area, a piece of blue sky and white clouds, a piece of pristine pure land, where the bloody destruction and killing have occurred. Wild animals, wild animals, mining, mining, mineral resources, blindly intruding adventurers, have left many scars here. What happened in the little-known story of no man's land, jinba looted the gold mine and shot the tibetan antelope crazily, giving people a bloody vivid real and strong sense of touch. To call on and remind people to protect this pristine land is to protect ourselves.
Just like the wind never came, I never loved
She was twelve that summer, and he was sixteen. He swore to her that he would only marry her in this lifetime. She stood in the field, remembering the words. I take a lot of love words, in the windy season, waiting for the wind also waiting for you.
Jun huang
Crown Prince and tong huang palace lord of the tian clan knew each other because of a marriage contract. "It is said that the palace lord of tong huang is very scary at such a young age with white hair?" "It is said that Prince Highness never gets close to women?" "It is said that the tong huang palace lord's face is peerless?" How do they get to know each other when they get to know each other? ?