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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
I really just want to lose money! T_T Best boss ever, a prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century. These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation. Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money. Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games! "If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!" "How difficult can it be to lose money?" Indeed... how difficult can it be?
Love at First Kiss: Surrendering to my Devil Husband
After a night of mistreatment, she was pregnant with his child. For the sake of her own flesh and blood, she was forced to be the jealous wife of thousands of young girls. But soon she realized that the marriage was set up by him. In front of others, he was a handsome, rich and gentle man from the gu family.
Legendary Soldier King
Tang Feng used to be a legendary mercenary. He walks in the flourishing city, looks down upon on the wealthy young masters, and embraces beauties. So much entertainment and recreation... He uses a pair of iron fists to knock down his enemies and protect his woman. He is the soldier king of the city!
Lingering Doting Marriage: Big Boss, Little Sweet Heart
In front of others, he is a cold and callous President of an empire. Young, wealthy and handsome, he is also the Prince Charming in every woman’s heart. Only Chi Enen knows how temperamental, domineering and possessive he is! Five years ago, Chi Enen left him and disappeared without a trace. Now, she bumped into him coincidentally and he refuses to let her go. After their reencounter, he bounds Chi Enen mercilessly to his side. If she is out of his sight for a moment, his paranoia will be triggered… “I gave in to you in the past because I can't bear not to. Now, I have already decided to do it my way. I don't need your agreement." “Li Beijue, what do you want from me?” “I just want you to fall in love with me!” Chi Enen struggles to get out of his clutches and at the same time, fighting desperately to resist his charm. Will he discover the truth of what happened five years ago?
Love Through Time and Space
Jian Ran thinks she is just married to an ordinary man, only to find that he suddenly becomes the CEO of her company. What's more, he is also the most mysterious successor to the richest company of Asia, the Empire Corporation. In public, he is the definite overlord of the business empire, decisive and ruthless. But in private, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, consuming every part of her body. One morning, she complains heartedly while holding her aching waist, "We can only make sex once a week..." With these words, the eagering man has already jumps over her again. And then Jian Ran is not able to get out of the bed for the next week.
Life on a Desert Island
After a shipwreck, the lucky survivors drifted to an island. Desperate, clod, and hungry, the most primitive human nature gradually revealed.
Legendary Doctor
A legendary doctor started his new life in a city surrounded by quite a few beauties. See how he dealt with them...
Love is the original sin
On their wedding night, he tore her red qipao into pieces and ruthlessly retaliated. Two years later, she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Gu Shaoqing! Open your eyes and see clearly. The man in front of you is Don't Ask! Don't Ask, who's been with you for 14 years, Mo Xiaosang is dead! Dead! He walked towards her with a gloomy face
Let Me Game In Peace
A drop of blood kills one's life. Other people lose their lives playing games, while I lose my life playing games. When the dimensional storm came, a large number of Alien Dimension fields appeared everywhere on earth. Immortals, buddhas, demons, angels, elves and other kinds of Alien Dimension creatures came to earth. But those mysterious Alien Dimension areas have become mobile game replicas. Others risk their lives, but I play the game desperately. The novel "Super god gene" was 7.3 million," sword suit" was 3 million," divine dao saint" was 1.6 million.
Love is more pathetic than not love
After so many years of love and marriage, Cheng Xiaoyan thought that this was her happiness. However, once she went to sea, a sea crash, a letter of blood destroyed all her life. In an instant, she became the person he hated the most. Her sister was sent to a mental hospital, and she was imprisoned, deaf, and miscarried ... In desperation, she chose to jump into the sea to save her sister's life. But was she really guilty?
Lord Fourth, Madam Has Tricked You Again
He was cold and aloof, insidious and unpredictable, playing with power in his hands, but he doted on her alone on the tip of his heart. She was his first wife, fu jin, and a beautiful woman with both fairy temperament and cute aura. In the beginning, the glamorous people in the backyard pretended to be weak, to be delicate, to be faint, and to have 18 different ways of doing it. Later, when they saw her, they were afraid, hid, and took a detour. "I don't want all the financial and housekeeping power." She said weakly as she watched the man approaching. "You heartless little fool, it's always what you want, and the lord will give you what you want." He approached her, his deep and magnetic voice like a walking subwoofer. "But just a little, what the lord gave you, he will never take it back!"
Liangcheng wei se late
When she was ten years old, she had been deeply in love with him. In order to marry him, she had suffered humiliation and had nothing. I'm not humble, I'm not cheap, I just like you, I'm not guilty. He said: your biggest sin is to like me, but also dream of becoming my wife. If I live, I will make your life a living hell. If I die, I will drag you to hell with me. When the dust settled, he finally understood his intention, but she left him with a heart full of holes. This time, if he chased her, please, love me again. Just a broken heart, can you love it again?
Love is like quicksand
Love for ten years, finally married him as a wife, she thought it was childhood sweethearts, but unexpectedly after marriage was restricted by him freedom. It turned out that everything was a conspiracy. Her heart felt like it was dying and she lost her memory. However, she did not want to see her old friend again a few years later ...
Little miss bewitching: the palace fight in the red wall
When she turned around, it was already a vast ocean of vicissitudes. At some point, the once excellent bai fumei had suddenly crossed over, and the white, rich, and beautiful that she was so proud of did not appear on her body after her transmigration. Just as she was feeling extremely depressed, she accidentally saved the handsome young master, but she realized that it was her father. So she swung her hoe and headed for her wife's goal ...
Love is never too late
Yao Nian would give a heart to Qiao Mofeng, but for Qiao Mofeng, that love was humble to the dust. "Yao Nian, you used your child to enter my The qiao family. Are you satisfied with your rich wife's addiction?" To him, she would always be the gold digger who used all her means and tricks, but he did not know that the moment he saw him back then, he had become a disaster in her heart that would never escape. It was only when he and another woman were in love with each other that Yao Nian realized that his heart was something she would never get in her life. ~ Weibo @ sweet reading
There is a white-faced scholar Wang Yi, his parents from a young age and friends of the daughter of zhang shi married as a child, but later, his parents died unfortunately, the family was poor, poor. However, his father-in-law was straightforward and still admitted to their marriage. He also valued Wang Yi's literary talent and deliberately cultivated it, hoping that he would one day be successful. However, his daughter, zhang shi, hated poverty and wealth and had always looked down on him. After they got married, they were not very presumptuous because they were afraid of their father's rebuke. Unfortunately, not long after, her father-in-law died.
Love you is my only warmth
Love you, is the only one in my life not to realize ... She was once the treasure of his hand. Three years of marriage, love as before. She thought that they would continue to be so happy. However, all of a sudden, he seemed to have changed. He was cold, violent, and even heartless towards her. In the end, he did not hesitate to personally push her onto the operating table, killing two people. However, who knew that the reason behind this betrayal was actually like this ...
Lu chunnong
I always believe that in another world, there must be another me, doing what I want to do, living the life I want to live. A jade pendant witnessed the love of life and death between two pairs of people. It was just that the previous generation, one believed in fate, the other loved life, and finally passed by the other side in a hurry. That kind of hardship that had been waiting for a lifetime made the descendants sigh. It would be best not to be disturbed, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past. So, good. But where would their love go?
Lori's personal killer
I am, she likes to call me cold, I am (secret organization) (assassin), this is life in the city! I have no emotions. I'm all alone. The people of the world are afraid of me, afraid of my killer, they are afraid that I will take their lives at any time, they call me" death"! But there was a little lolita who touched me. She said. "Han, don' t be cold. Smile!" She said. "Han, don' t touch me!" She said. "Han, with you, I' m not afraid!"
Legend of wudang grace
This is a time of disaster and disaster.
Listen to the rain for your return
Her father died in battle, her elder brother was framed, and the queen's position was crippled. It was as if her entire sky had collapsed overnight. Looking at the man who had once told her that he was weak and could only take a ladle of water, holding another woman in front of her, she only wanted to see him and never see him again! The mist has been completed the same type of ancient saying short chapter" not to lose the heart not to lose Go after the book, so you can read it next time. ]
Love is like dust and love is like death
She had grown up in his mansion since she was young and wanted to be his bride when she became an adult. She had never imagined that the wedding night would be the beginning of her nightmare! She regarded him as heaven, but he forced her to watch his" good show." He thought that she was an ant, and he could crush her to pieces with just a pinch! "Raising you is just like raising a dog. I, lei yan, don' t lack this amount of dog food!"
Life in disarray: the wife of a rich family
That year, an accident, her peaceful life was shattered, had to leave the country. When they saw each other again, he was a superior boss. She was a small employee and had an unexpected conflict. She had thought that they would meet by chance, but she had never expected him to be the person she was looking for.
Love sees the heart for a long time
After four years of marriage, Song Qingqing thought that she could warm up her heart, but what she didn't want was his words. "Why didn' t you die?" Only then did she understand that she was only a substitute for that person in the movie and that the person he wanted to marry was never her. "Zhou Yize, I hate you. I don't hate you for being heartless, but if I hate you for liking me, I will ruin my life!"
Long love marriage: sir has an eye disease
He gently lifted Bai Su's chin with one hand, and his beautiful lips moved wickedly close to her face. "Although I know that you must be extremely excited at this moment, there is a good saying that everyone should know their own definition. Kissing you is just an evil play. Don' t tell me you' re naive enough to think that I' ll fall for you?" A prank? What's that definition? Was she fooled?
Lessons on Raising a Partner
The great elder told Haian that when he opened his eyes, he would see the adult world. As soon as Haian opened his eyes, he went into outer space and became a plant called the Trembling grass! There was not even a little chirp! It was a plant with a low name but difficult to feed, for the sake of silence.
Lan imperial concubine qingcheng
Is it laziness, stupidity, or seeing through everything? Everyone thought that she was a useless idiot and was a big joke. However, in his heart, she was extremely pure and beautiful. He fantasized that when she left the palace, he would stay with her until she was old, but would the noble and overbearing king agree? What will the three of them pay for this? And who she will ultimately choose ...
Love Code At The End Of The World
Travel to the future, think you can eat, drink, play all kinds of high-tech, see all kinds of evolved beautiful men, the result... Is the end of the world! It's the apocalypse! It's the apocalypse!!! Or the end of the parallel world!! Say something bad three times. He had no food, no breasts, no buttocks, and was exposed to radiation all day long! Orz, this is the rhythm of death... Nani, this is a radiation physique, not afraid of radiation? What? Does radiation physique have superpowers? (● - ●) Ouch, not bad, ouch~~ in the face of crisis, the radiation world everywhere, how can the human beings who can only survive in the ecological gap survive? She had traveled to the end of the world and had to be able to survive in this world where even knowledge was lacking and save the world and the beautiful youth.
Legend of Fuyao
The "Red-haired witch" of the archaeology world traveled to the continent of five continents and struggled at the bottom of the earth, meng fuyao, slashed open the five fingers of her lover who was about to marry someone else. From then on, they traveled thousands of miles, conquered the seven kingdoms, and fought for the first place in the world.
Love lock Su Ning
The quickest way to solve the problem was just one word for Su Ning. "Kill!" "Kill!" "Kill!" Those who deceive me will be punished. But who could tell her that the man who had been following behind her was really that mysterious and arrogant man, Shangguan Zixin? He was infatuated, devoted, and ahem. "Gentle as jade ..." Do you want to see how the third prince conquered Su Ning, who already had a" flower owner" in his heart? He cherished her, loved her, doted on her, but how could he not compare to an outdated promise? A suicide note, she was cruel to abandon him, but time passed by, time passed by, can he recover that she haunts him again?