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Notebook of Fortune
Shen Zhe, who had intermittent obsessive-compulsive disorder, traveled to a world of bullies. There was a Chemical map in his head that could change the rules and set the truth. Some great emperor: where's my sword? Shen Zhe: eliminate the same category. Ours is gone at the same time. The leader of a certain regiment: where are my swords? Shen Zhe: the army is a standard weapon. It takes a common factor, so I have only one left. Some expert: I have a secret method that can explode twice the power in an instant. Shen Zhe thought about it and changed the "2" on his forehead to "3." A certain foreign leader: as long as the inheritance is not destroyed, we will kill all of you sooner or later. Shen Zhe hesitated and wrote three words: "404." In an instant, hundreds of millions of books disappeared and the alien civilization was destroyed. You have a soul out of your body, I have a wall separated. You will hide, I will prescribe. You want to take the flying beast. I'm sorry, I can just move my coordinates... What
Nurturing Humanity
In the tribal farming era, the world was vast and unknown. With the continuous exploration, the ancient people were shocked to find that in this world, in a round place, there were all kinds of miracles coming, and even a giant who was tens of thousands of feet tall. The figure of a giant intelligent beast appeared mysteriously, stepping on mountains and rivers, and breaking the earth. Hundreds of years later, in such a sinister environment, people fought with the behemoths and finally established a partisan sumerian civilization. On this day, the wise giant suddenly completely descended, trampled on the entire mountain village and river, and died. Heaven and earth crumbled, cities collapsed, gods descended, and sinned against all living beings? "I'm sorry, you're just ants living in my garden. The ground is full of them. You were trampled to death by accident when you passed by." The sand tray in his yard was used to grow crops and graze the human race and the world in the sand tray. Book friends: 329670003
Number 1 Scandalous Queen
[ Strongly recommend the new article, "The first demoness," ] instead, she was dressed up as the infamous and miserably banned shadow queen, hyped up, plastic surgery, junior, bribed, played the big card, and went up by the unspoken rules? Generation after generation spoils the empress domineeringly sneers, returns forcefully! Fight the best actor, kick the queen, and dominate the entertainment industry! Kick my husband away, out of the sky, out of the universe, out of space, crazy to the point of outrage! The empress said that as long as she could get rid of the dog emperor, her mother's journey would be recognized! However, the goose... What the hell! My wife's husband has the same hair as the dog emperor!!! The author is recommended to finish the essay, "Hello, lord god of men,"" hello, lord school grass!"" All dressed up as sweethearts and sweethearts. Welcome to the pit.
Not at first, not at last
Once upon a time, she loved him like life. In the future, they would meet as though they were strangers ... Was she walking too fast, or did he understand too late ...
North yan di song
Hero: Lin Luo, motivated to become the world's number one teenager. He had a complicated background, the prince of North yan. Character: loyal, decisive, good at planning and then move. Character defect: being soft on friends. Appearance: two slightly heroic eyebrows, thin and thin body, slightly pale and thin face, bright eyes. Story: prince Lin Luo of North yan, step by step to the peak. Features: hegemony and intrigue, love and protection. Conception: the background of the dynasty's struggle for hegemony, the twists and turns of life as a clue.
Nine Yang Sword Saint
Yang Dingtian is an extraordinary boy who has a rare body holding the power of Nine Yang. The fire in his body is so powerful that he can not have an intimate relationship with girls. Otherwise, his body would ignite suddenly! On his birthday night, this narrative happens when the two lovebirds are canoodling: Yang Dingtian is on fire! Surprisingly, he transmigrates to another strange world: a world of military supremacy. The disastrous body of the Nine Yang in the first half of his life becomes the rarely sought after once in a millennium here, Nine Yang Mystic Meridians. Inexplicably, he inherited the world's strongest sect and became the world-famous beauty's fiance.
No trace of this man
The heroine, after the lovelorn, a chance, through the ancient times, become a prince, experience the high rich and handsome exciting life, help the li family to return to the throne of the tang dynasty, married three different personality princess.
Non-Human Seeking Re-employment
As a thousand year old ghost, Shen Dongqing once occupied a body without a master. Before two days of leisure, he was dragged into a world full of ghosts. The first day of being involved in the infinite nightmare game. The other players trembled and cried to go home. Shen Dongqing ate, slept, and fought the landlord. The next day. Other players were chased by ghosts and shouted for help. Shen Dongqing ate, slept, and fought the landlord. The third day. Shen Dongqing... The ghost finally caught sight of the fish-hunting player, and the other players gloated, but they did not expect that the skinny and white Shen Dongqing threw down his phone and performed a hand ripping ghost. Other ghosts: I can't afford it, so I slipped away.
Number one wife: don't stop being arrogant boss
Five years ago, in order to save her brother, she was forced to sign an agreement with him. Five years later, she returned to the old land with the genius mengmeng and met again. He was pressing for a second marriage. She blocked mengmeng from the two of them. "Mr. Gong, I' m already married." In the end, a certain someone arrogantly" beat" her and mengmeng back home, and he was aggressive. "Su yuchun, your husband has one and only me!"
No Worries about Food and Medicine
The kind and gentle mother had passed away. A steady and upward-looking sibling brother - to be nurtured. Yanking on a cool power system -
No less than Qingtian in the middle of summer
In Wei Zhengrong's eyes, I was his meek pet; in the eyes of outsiders, I was a fierce shrew. I always remind myself not to love him, but in the end, I still mired in the mud to see him marry someone else, see him cold hard heart, abort our children. Later, Wei Zhengrong held my face and asked if we could go back? How do we get back? This face, and her broken heart ...
Newly married honey
Lei xinyi felt that the little woman who had barged in unexpectedly was extremely delicious. He welcomed the surprise. There was no accident in his world. He didn't smoke or drink, he didn't touch anything that could be addictive, but she was the only one he was addicted to. About love-- it's also about destroying the world. "Listen, from now on, you will be my woman. You can only cry and laugh for me. From now on, there will be nothing else for you!" "Why me?" She asked boldly. "Because you were born to be mine!" In an accident, she broke into his world and became a woman he could not see. However, he had doted on her and made her look extremely beautiful.
New favorite slave: your majesty, please calm down
The young emperor frowned slightly, his gaze cold and sharp. "Who is so bold?" Her cherry lips curled into a smile, revealing two large dimples. "Big brother, you' re really pretty ..." The son of heaven replied gently and looked at the little girl in front of him. "What's your name?" The girl blinked her big black eyes. "Mother told me to compensate. Sometimes, she's called a wretched girl." As soon as he said this, the son of heaven suddenly smiled. The little girl's face was red from the cold, and the little red coat was so thin that he could not help but feel pity for her.
Novice taoist cat demon
It was not easy to cultivate to become a spirit, but was caught by taoist masters. Fortunately, they were saved by immortals on their way! When she had feelings for immortals, immortals were inexplicably missing. She had been searching for him for hundreds of years, but she had only met a newbie and a small man! During the reign of qianjia, glory world was in great difficulty again. Infatuated ghosts, fantasies of long-lived demon beasts, the intention to cultivate fairy spirits have been active. In this happened in a beautiful and soulful story in the dream of ann house staged, dream ann home lord smokeless people to look at the attitude of others all the joys and sorrows, but do not know their fate is the fate of this strange thing is emerging.
Nine Star Burden
Sea of stars roaming, time travel, mechanical technology, the target is the unknown sea of stars!
Night favor: good night, Mr. President
"If you think you can escape my grasp, then you can try." She had saved him by accident, and in the end, she had been kidnapped on her wedding night! Overnight from a small surgeon to the young lady of the dongfang family! Every day, apart from" serving" a physically fit husband, she was studying how to get a divorce ... Causing trouble, pretending to lose her memory, burning the villa ... All the methods had been used, but a certain someone could still smile like a flower. "Honey, do you have any new tricks?" However, when she found out that she was pregnant and was about to surrender, he threw a divorce agreement in front of her. "From today onwards, you are free." Five years later, a man was brought home by her cute son. Leng yi was stunned, thinking that he was going to snatch the child away. "What are you doing here? !" "One plus one times two." "What do you mean?" "I' m here to make peace."
Newlywed: president, divorce!
The worst thing in qiao yixin's life was that she had to marry the man who had already changed his mind. The moment she stepped into the civil affairs bureau with him, she felt that the world was coming. When a wife, either endure a day to come, or kill a day to come! But she couldn' t bear it and couldn' t kill it. At home there is a pretentious innocent sister, outside there are beautiful coquettish, domestic and foreign trouble, marriage has become an endless fight, sad lung and liver injury. She had not been married for more than seven years, yet she wished she could eat his flesh and drink his blood. "Ye yusen, for god's sake, can we get a divorce?" "You' d better be my wife obediently!" He did not lift his head when he answered. * * * * She is a famous strong-armed prosecutor, and she acts with a sharp tongue. He is a big shot in the business world. Any sneeze will cause a big shock in the stock market. They spent their childhood and youth together, but after their respective success on the road to stra
Night night chenghuan: the wife's side concubine is very alluring
Once she crossed over, she became the prince's side concubine and concubine. The prince with an iceberg face was simply a stud, raising a house full of beautiful concubines. You fight me, I fight you, and a cunning princess. The little lolita could not live her life and was about to leave the house. This girl wants money, money and money. The prince is not a spring onion, we do not know, come to me again, close the door to let the dog.
Noble Emblem
The young brave man walked out of the village, gathered his companions, defeated the great devil, became famous, and carried the beauty back! This is a legend that appears every 200 years in the world of sayi Rolle! The protagonist is not a brave man, but he has been in every legendary story for thousands of years.
Night club hero
This is a seemingly calm, but in fact, the turbulent world. She also took a look at how the illegitimate son of the li family, who had been living as a security guard, had taken advantage of the wind to climb to the peak of the underworld step by step.
New wife on duty: the president's presumptuous love
She was stubborn and strong, but in order to save her mother's illness, she had to go back and beg her father who abandoned her mother and daughter for money. And he was turned down. Soon after he left, his father caught up with him and asked him to pick up money in a hotel room at night. In the end, a man was eating all the food in the hotel ... The man's face was high and his body was strong. After waking up, she didn' t care much and wanted to sneak away while the man was asleep. "If you dare to leave, your mother won' t have the money to treat you!" The man suddenly opened his eyes and said. At this moment, she knew that he had been sold by her father! Years later, she said to the man in a nurse's uniform and a whip. "If you don' t obey me tonight, I won' t give birth to a child for you!" The man never thought that this annoying little goblin would think of revenge for his tyranny ...
Never see each other for the rest of my life
Shen mo chu was gu yi's obsession that had been deeply rooted in her bones for ten years. In shen mo chu's eyes, she was a murderer. A paper of diagnosis determines gu yishen's life and death, but it is replaced by her biological sister, gu ruoqian. She was the one with the terminal illness, but gu ruoqian was the one who was taken care of by shen mo chu. When she was dying, shen mochu said," a woman with a heart like a snake and a scorpion should die immediately! Gu yi's heart was filled with despair and her eyes were filled with desolation." Shen mo chu, we will never see each other in this life!" "
No love, no love
He asked me how far I could go. I took off my overcoat and revealed my deep v-neck skirt. His eyes darkened and he sneered," we don' t want prostitutes here." I grit my teeth: I'm not! You can do it if you don't believe me! I did not expect that he really tested, looking at the pool of bright red flowers, his face more deep and cold ...
Night walk
Some people like to take a black car because it's convenient to take a black car, but did you hear that it's easy to provoke dirty things by taking a black car? Remember my experience of riding a black car ...
New career
Wuhan publishing house: the development of a conscientious person gives people a lot of reference and enlightenment. The main yang tao is Six middle chemistry teacher, because" teacher and student love" in the school reputation is not good, decided to change through various channels to go on the career, in the wife Fu Lizhen and friends from all walks of life in the officialdom under the full force of control, launched a career without smoke but more like the business world. It was not blinding. It was very suitable for Yang Tao's current state of mind. To the road to happiness, will be neon red lights flashing, there is the bustling center street.
Netherworld marriage: offending a nigger by mistake
My name is wu xiangxiang. I dress dead people in a funeral home. Ever since I became a professional, I've been running into ghosts. He was also inexplicably married in the underworld, and the black-bellied male ghost fell asleep at night ... He didn' t know whether to laugh or cry. Ever since I entered the funeral parlour, I' ve been favored by the ghost king alone ~ this harem was three thousand beauties, but the ghost king pampered me alone. I advised the ghost king, must rain ~ dew ~ ~ ~ dip ~, but the ghost king ah, is not to listen to it. He doted on me, he doted on me, and he even cried when he doted on me ...
Never give up, sweetest of you
I'm the one for everyone, and you're the only one. The last summer, we're gonna say goodbye, and I want to see your face and hear you say you love me. When I met you, I knew I was doomed.
Nanny meng bao wanted to be strong, so the ceo went to the side
Being ruthlessly kicked out of the house by the black-bellied president, xu yanfu turns and becomes a hot mother. Xu bai, the son of a genius, was dedicated to helping her find a handsome husband. Acting career is like a helicopter, not too fast. The coquettish slut arrived as expected to see how she would destroy them with her adorable treasure. Eh? How did the ex-husband's attitude change 360 degrees? Xu yanfu glanced at her ex-husband. "Why do you want to chase me? Get in line! Wang Wei yi pressed her against the wall. "For the sake of our past friendship, can we cut in line?" Xu yanfu pouted. "Then what did you bribe me with?" Wang Wei yi slowly lifted the towel ... Seduction? Xu yanfu narrowed her eyes and slid her hand down his shoulder ... Then go to sleep first! Who said you had to be responsible for sleeping?
Newlyweds are not lonely
Three years ago, in order to hurt him, he put on a good show with others. Three years later, she met him again and pestered him to give birth to a child for him! ! ! ! Scumbags have kids too! First, she played with his feelings and then hurt him fiercely, but ... Who fell into the trap that she shouldn' t have stepped into again. Marry into a rich family and become a tool for having children? No! Unable to stand his rudeness and unintelligible amorous feelings, he finally broke up with her. However, the jerk said. "Haha, you' re finally hurt by me. Didn' t you leave three years ago?" Is that really it? The surface of the calm.
No love, no love
Selling eggs to save her husband turned out to be a terrible betrayal; the maternity examination was abandoned in a car accident, and he ran away dejectedly; everything was settled before he knew that the person who hurt her the most was himself ...