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One Night Romance: Don't Try to Get away from Me
According to the finance newspaper, Mr. Ji was hard and arrogant. Standing on the top of the pyramid, he was an incredibly wealthy mogul but was not interested in women, and he may like men. Bai Xi giggled when she read this since she was with Mr. Ji last night. He held her from her back and said, "What's in your mind? The bath is ready." Bai Xi rejected, "You were drunk last night. You don't have to take responsibility." Mr. Ji turned to be serious, kissed her, and said, "I'll kill you if you push me away again."
Offending a rich man by mistake: president, a good wife is happy!
She was set up seven years ago, slept with a strange man, and gave a pair of golden girls to him. Since then, she had become a notorious woman.she had to study abroad and have children and become a father and mother. However, she didn' t expect that this life would seem like a failure. "Bai Lu, as long as you' re willing to marry me, I' m willing to do anything for you." "Woman, you don' t want my son to call someone else' daddy', do you?" Little treasure was not convinced. "Mommy, you already have me. Why are you marrying another man?"
Overpriced pet
[ This article is reborn as sadistic scum. In her previous life, xiao jing had died without a burial after being lightly spoken by her love rival. An unexpected rebirth, a crucial moment in the secret service's career. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. Since everything was starting again, she would naturally have to pay her debts and take revenge.
One punch for the lucky knight of superman.
Pinocchio crossed into the world of one punch and became a knight without a license. He had been unlucky to get lucky system, can become a lucky superman. After the transformation of the qi is invincible, and the usual bad luck just the opposite. Beach. "System, can you explain what happened to this helmet?" System. "Ding, knight's helmet, exclusive equipment." Beach. "I' m not talking about this. I' m talking about why it's green." System. "This is the original color."
Official disobedience
To be an official is to change one's life against heaven, to be successful is to rise steadily, to be the center of the throne, and to be defeated is to be doomed. Xue daban, an ordinary college student village official, began to change his life against the weather and went on the road of official rebellion.
Opening a Shop in the Nightmare World
Su Zimo got a shop called "Ah Yu fish." Selling the goods in the store will increase your life expectancy. But su zimo had to go to nightmare world to get some supplies first! Senior cannon fodder: the newcomer over there, put down the vase, put down the tissue, and put down ah piao's shoes! Run! * Shop: "Settle down in a corner," not "Ah Yu fish!"
One night to become a fairy
Ten thousand years of immortal cultivation, only one night, the" nouveau riche" among the immortals! A dream to the poetry courtyard of the golden continent, beautiful women, and to qiongyao world, won the favor of fairies, and then the princess of heaven took a fancy to him ... Precious treasure, mysterious exploration, strange experience, confusing plot, absolutely out of your Only with the blessing of the heavenly book can we freely travel through time and space, which has influenced history and the future.
One Hundred Ways to Become a God
An intelligence error caused the Third Fleet to face an ambush. In order to divert his enemies, the imperial admiral drove the starship alone into the meteorite band, and his spiritual power fell into a coma under heavy blows. With the help of mystical powers, he began to experience reincarnation again and again to repair his spiritual power. Therefore, after “death”, when he opened his eyes again, he became a blind and frail young master who’s parents both died and was about to be stripped of all his property by his uncle and aunt. He Yan: ….First get rid of this group of bad relatives. Then talk (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Wait… This patriach, you’re clearly not part of the plot?
One night ridiculous: me and the divorced housewife
He had never even been in a relationship before. On a cold night, he met liu ruyue, the woman who had been kicked out of the house, and took her in with anxiety. She had fallen into the trap of the man next door who had set up his wife for no reason. From then on began a tangle of cohabitation story.
Only to be your prisoner
Thirty-four people's world, 15 of the most moving inspirational stories, 120 tearful moments. They met or met by chance, through the hustle and bustle of pomp and bustle, mixed the red and green, deduce the love and hatred in life. In such a coquettish background of the times, how men and women in love resist temptation, has become the highlight of the story. There was not a lack of passion, perseverance, and perseverance, and not a lack of wishful thinking ... They could not forget, there was a separation between life and death, there was a return of lost and found, there were mistakes and mistakes, but fortunately, everything could be returned to nature after the uproar.
Official route: grassroots promotion
Wang yifan was just a small school police officer, a chance to save the new county chief, wang yifan lost in love immediately turn of fortune, on the career of high rise, to the peak of life.
Once I love you enough, I'll never see you again!
She had missed her whole life after meeting him once, and she was willing to do her best to finally marry him as she wished, but she could not escape. He did not love her magic spell, suffered all kinds of torture, and was devastated. She died on the operating table to give her heart to the person he loved, without any lingering feelings.
Overlord of the Demon Realm
Ye kong, the top swordsman in the game "Devil's land," was wanted by the entire guild on the eve of the arrival of the tenth expansion film" saint," and was eventually forced to fall from the building, but he was reborn six years ago! This year, the" devil's land" developed by the federal government was about to be tested to alleviate the employment problem of the whole society. This year, the top players who had gone through internal testing were rubbing their hands and preparing to start their own careers. This year, the major financial and group companies had long noticed the existence of" devil's land," and invested a lot of money to set up a large game guild. This year, ye kong's sister, ye bai, had yet to learn the truth about her illness. Carrying the memories of rebirth, ye kong vowed to change everything and make up for his regret!
One night in love: the prince charming's husband is too dangerous
After a night of crisis, an muwan found out that the man who had spent the night with her on their wedding night was actually her fiancé's uncle? And her aunt, an xiaoqian's fiancé? A contract had turned an wannian into song jin mo's secret lover. The man had doted on an wanwanwan.when a woman's body and mind fell, he had given her a fatal blow. The truth was like a poisoned sword that pierced through an muwan's heart mercilessly. An muwan hugged her stomach and looked at the man in front of her in pain. "Why?" "Because you owe her, dear wanwan." The man lowered his head, his breathing lingering around an wannian's body like a dream every night. However, at this moment, she was like a poisonous vine, clinging onto an muwan's body and even her soul. It turned out that in this love, she was just a joke. She's a mess, but it's a joke. Ps, the new book, the most extreme love abuse from rich families, the most beautiful sweet pet trip, all in a night of deep love, male god husband is too dangerous.
Overnight addiction: prince charming's husband is too difficult to deal with
After getting drunk, she picked up a handsome man by the roadside. He promised to marry her, but when she woke up, he was gone ...
Once it's done, it's done
His fiance, who had loved her for ten years, died tragically, and he had been accused of treason. In order to avenge her fiancé and clear up her grievances, she did not hesitate to destroy her appearance and enter the military camp, tossing and turning under the crown prince's command. However, she didn' t expect that there were many doubts behind the case, and in the end, she was able to dispel the fog. She realized that the truth was so cruel ... Her originally frozen heart gradually broke through the ice in the process. As she hovered between destruction and rebirth, she finally realized that the choice was not in her hands ...
One wrong love for uncle
As a newcomer to the workplace, shen jia met an older man, gu yiyun, on an unexpected occasion. Because of gu yiyun's special concern for her, shen was led by his boss to socialize with gu yiyun. The process of approaching gu yi yun step by step made shen jia fall in love with him step by step, but became his secret lover. Knowing that there was no future for the two of them, they unknowingly gave their hearts. The plot continued to attack them. Who could make a promise for this fragile feeling tomorrow? "You gave birth to me, but I gave birth to you. I am away from the heaven's end cliff, and you are separated from my cape." There is a kind of love, called shen jia because love gu yi yun. There is a kind of waiting, called gu yi yun waiting for shen cain.
Overnight riches: my days as a venture capitalist
University just graduated into the investment company, thought it was golden avenue, but not full of dirty, where to go?
Oh My God! Earthlings Are Insane!
Fifty years ago, the dragon city crossed, the iron and blood army alone, raised the flag of the earth's civilization, and faced the terrifying tide of thousands of people in the other world. Fifty years later, meng was overweight and found that he could become stronger by making contributions. "Didi, you helped grandma cross the road just now, which promoted social harmony. Contribution value + 1.""Didi, you have displayed the fighting spirit of the dragon city elite in the melee with the monster queen. Your contribution is + 10,000.""Under your guidance, the martial god understands the strongest fighting skills. The overall fighting capacity of dragon city has increased dramatically, with a contribution of + 100,000.""Under your persuasion and education, the night demon girl came to her senses and cried to ensure that she would never be mischievous again. Her contribution was + 25,000.""You have conquered people by virtue and transformed countless gods and demons from different worlds. They are willing to f
Outside building
The earth was attacked by the mysterious sea virus poseidon, and the infected and powerful creatures began to tear apart human civilization. In order to avoid them, human beings fled everywhere, at this time appear mysterious tall buildings. Someone came in, and nobody ever came out. What would you choose?
One gu qingcheng, from the heart and peace
[ Copyright fang: mo chen ] everyone in Jin city said that Shen Congan married a ninja turtle and had no objections to him. She was also willing to work and complain. She didn' t want to laugh at him, and she was still resigned to his orders. Recommend nanfeng old book" I want to grow old with you"
One day a strange story
This is a collection of strange stories about love and hate, each night telling a wonderful, suspenseful story. Dear you, please follow the fingertips of the crafty woman, open this book, she will quietly take you to spy on the ups and downs of the world, accompany you to see through the human nature, see the human heart. Maybe one day, you will meet the person you love here and say gently to her (him). "Hey, so you' re here too!"
One look at her: the cute girlfriend of the school hunk
The male lead was a warm man.because the female protagonist's best friend liked the male lead, the two of them had a misunderstanding and broke up, but they were still together.
Only love not to marry: I and your snow night
When the night scene girl met the rich young master, sister and brother love can be successful, one after another of the trap approach night scene female ren susu, in order to love, can only leave. Once again, the words he heard were the words he had rejected at the beginning: suitable for me is the right match, you are the love on the ground. Ren susu said," I can' t go back. Fortunately, you' re still here." Everything that had happened in the past was normal.
Once the ceo is wrong for life
Her real name was huang zhiwei. Due to the mistakes of the household register management staff, she became the princess of the prince. She lived for 25 years. Not only did she not see any prince around her, she did not even see a guard by the prince's side. And in the process of studying and applying for a job, they are constantly ridiculed, ridiculed and ridiculed. As expected, it was all because of this damn name ...
One-night Romance: Marrying a Stranger
A night of the wrong and lingering, let him eat marrow know taste, from now on do not sleep for the combination! They all said that he was thin and cool, but he doted on her to the depth. However, she knew that all he loved was just her body. He has someone else in his heart, the woman who he really loved in deep. ~~~ She begged him to at least let her have his baby. But he said, "do abortion, right now." She turned around and smiled. He was so affectionate to that woman, but so cruel to her... When she disappeared, he was surprised that she had been branded in the depths of his bond, become his favorite!
Old Fogey Goes Down The Mountain
The great, bright, and advanced 21st century An antique who had been in the mountains for many years. In order to revive the Zong Men, he borrowed a physical body, carrying silver and the ocean. Down the mountain into the city Then he found out that the revitalization of the Zong Men, the venue, building, renovation, labor, social security... Piece by piece, it's really hard to start a business today Money is hard to earn, work is hard to fight, and when you are hungry, you can only live like this by eating a ghost. - - - The The wei family's eldest son, whose father didn't love his mother, was sent back months after he disappeared. A sudden change in temperament, mixed emotions, excessive force, whoever is unhappy will be hit, day and night The sun tzu was no longer a good actor, the play was no longer a good filming, all day long the wind and rain were engaged in feudal superstition What's wrong with that? - - - A Master's book of getting rich, the protagonist is infatuated with people day in and day out,
Open marriage
This novel interprets love, marriage, the tangle between reality and the life troubles of urban people from three perspectives of urban women, and reveals the meaning of life.
Office of paranormal affairs
My name is Qin Feiyu. I was born in a family of great masters in the countryside. On my eighteenth birthday, my eyes stung. My dad said that I was chosen by the king of hell. I didn't believe it at that time, but after I graduated and opened a spiritual affairs office, I found some ghosts that can't be explained by common sense. And my eye is not as simple as seeing ghosts. After that, I discovered a big conspiracy in this world ...
Old love marriage
This was the story of a powerful ceo! When the white lotus flower appears between childhood sweethearts, is love still firm? As the youngest daughter of a real estate tycoon, qiao anhao was extremely rich and beautiful. She was talented and rich. When a man and a white lotus appeared in front of everyone, she chose to leave arrogantly and never look back. But who could tell her who the man who was clinging to her and insisted on marrying her was?