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Pocket Hunting Dimension
Lu Ze transmigrated to the interstellar era two thousand years later. The previous owner of this body had lovey-dovey parents and a cute little sister. Although his cultivation talent was ordinary, his life was fulfilling. It could be said to be a dream start. Lu Ze was very happy. However, as soon as he slept, he came to a strange dimension. He almost got taken out trying to fight an one meter tall huge white rabbit. After making the arduous kill, Lu Ze found that things didn't seem to be so simple. After killing prey in this dimension, he could get little orbs that could be used for cultivation. This was going to make him an eternal jungler. But he seemed to be able to hope for domination of the cosmos and invincibility?
Picking Up Attributes From Today
Traveling to a world ruled by dragons, giants, orcs, and elves, the human race was just a vassal of these four great races, and Meng Lei thought the future was dark as hell! However, when Meng Lei found out that he could pick up other people's fallen attributes to strengthen himself, everything started to change! Ding! Fusion is successful: Physique + 9! Ding! Fusion is successful: Magic + 10! Ding! Fusion is successful: Gaining level nine magic "Thunderstorm."
Perspective Doctor on Campus
His skill in martial arts was so strong that he overwhelmed the powerful police beauties. He was a brilliant doctor who threw himself at the charming and affectionate female prioress. He is incomparable in painting and calligraphy, making the innocent schoolgirl and sexy actress obsessed all day and night. When he turns on his perspective eyes, he always offers a friendly reminder to all the beautiful women around him: please get dressed before you talk to me. He is Lin Chengfei, an ordinary student who has received the immortal inheritance...
Princess Medical Doctor
"She is the crown prince's fiancée, but she was given two crippled legs on the eve of her wedding. The former god of war, who was paralyzed on the bed ... On her wedding night, the groom, who was supposed to be paralyzed in bed, pressed her down. "Should I kill you to silence you or poison you to silence you?" As the first surgeon in huaxia, lin chujiu had never been threatened like this since she became famous. With a slight tap of her fingers, she turned over and pressed the man under her. "Do you think I will completely cripple your legs or your third leg?" She was a genius doctor in the fengyun medical field, and an orphan girl whose parents were all dead and helpless. He was a famous god of war, and he was also a demon lord who was walking in the dark, making people feel scared. However, as soon as the golden wind and jade dew met, they would be victorious but there were countless people on earth ... I, lin chujiu, am not a good woman, and I don' t know how to write the word' affective'. I love you, I' m
Pack Up Hot Girls with My X-ray Eyes
"His eyes accidentally gained magical powers after he got framed. This young guy—Ye Feng can see through the stone at a glance. Evaluating some treasures? He can do it in one second. Coming across some beauties? He can do whatever he wants... Don't get him wrong! He said he used the power for good reasons. Rich babe, charming lady, attractive policewoman, cute schoolgirl, passionate flight attendant, hot actress, mature sister, delicate and beautiful woman... Happy life is coming! When he's awake, he takes control of the world. When it's night, he sleeps with beautiful ladies."
Perfect World
Stone village is like a remote retreat in the mountains, whereas the mysterious mana here is nurturing a young man with divine power. "This kid is so vicious! He will definitely grow up to be a catastrophe in the future!" The fear of monsters, the war between clans, the fight for the throne of God emperor... Who can be the last winner in the realm? Nobody knows that, but may the best man win.
Powerful pampers from rich families: young master di, please let go
As the sole ancestor of the su family organization, su yan's daily routine was: eating and sleeping. One day, she saw a handsome man in the universe. He didn' t have any other hobbies, so he liked to flirt with her! Some handsome guy. "Woman, you touched my shoulder." Su yan felt uneasy. "At worst, I' ll let you wipe it back ..." A handsome man. "I don' t want to wipe your shoulders." Su yan cried. "Hooligan!"
Perspective village doctor
Lu qing's girlfriend was taken away by the water conservancy stationmaster, looking for stationmaster desperately, injured accidentally wake up a fairy bracelet, get immortal soil, immortal medical skills, perspective. And look at the village doctor across the countryside, doctors exorcise evil spirits, do the village rich leader ...
Peasant gate jiaoniang: your highness, come and plant the fields
She was originally a descendant of the modern ancient wu family, and once she crossed the border into a child bride of the peasant family, she would fight against this unreasonable world as soon as she opened her eyes. Uncle third uncle of" eat out"? Kick it away! Corrupt officials in the fish country? Kick! The stereotype of bullying women? Break it! Lu Jinshu gave a contemptuous smile." If you don' t make sense, then make it your fist!" Let her correct the view of the ancient people! As for a certain handsome and infatuated man, could you please get lost? Don't think you can be taken seriously just because you're a father! Lu Jinshu (cold eyes): have you ever heard of" joe to joe, land to land"? Qiao Zhitu (smiling): has that woman ever heard of a saying," the path of the shu return together"?
Prince bai fei
Bai luo thought that she might be wearing a fake yue. Step by step up thousands of people, beauty, such as flowers, all kinds of beautiful men, fat and thin, ignorant human prostrate feet. This was someone else's time travel. And she -- Li Jin looked at her affectionately. "Lolo, although you' re a little stunned, I won' t dislike you." Duan shaoling smiled faintly. "Miss bai, I was really moved by your innocence and stupidity." Yin Qiudao's eyes were filled with pity. "Xiao bai, your attribute is truly worthy of your surname ... It really complements each other." A family tragedy, a human tragedy. The book, is a silly carmen girl to work hard, successful transformation (fog) and become a male god harvester inspirational story (fog) yes!
Princess scorpion: third miss Murong
All the plans, all the creatures buried at the bottom of the ocean. A white light stretched out from the sea, then quickly retracted and disappeared from the bottom of the sea. I'd be sad too, and now we can't decide each other. I miss when we went to see the beautiful scenery on the maple mountain together, but now I am just a snake and scorpion.
Personal miracle doctor: the beautiful president falls in love with me
King bing retired as a bodyguard, a cold ceo of iceberg, the hottest celebrity, an unreliable policewoman, and a pure nurse sister. They all had eyes for him. If you guys were so passionate, I wouldn't be able to lose weight. Could you let me be a little bodyguard quietly?
Paranormal PE Teacher
"In June, the top scorer of the liberal arts of Qing Gang city, Mo Yu, was being interviewed by a reporter. "Mo Yu, what makes you such a master of math despite being a student of liberal arts? You just got full marks again!" "It's because of my PE teacher." "PE teacher?" "Yes, my PE teacher!" "My name is Xia Zhi, I am the PE teacher with the superpower. Don't mess with my students, my lovely colleagues, icy lady principal and most importantly, me!"
Personal massage therapist
As the only male masseuse in the model company, the beauties knelt down and begged me to help them get up and down ...
Pamper the world: lord fox demon love gently
Thousands of years ago, the hundred flower valley blood battle, each flower on the body of the fairy return chaos; from youyuan god broken, such as I make qiuhu adhere to a thousand years. Thousands of years later, when she woke up from her wandering, qiu hu began to dote on his wife and give her a peach blossom that he had doted on in this prosperous world. It was hard for her to control her emotions. She could not resist the desire in his heart, and he hid that feeling in his heart. Can the four wastes and eight seas of the bloody war still remain calm, this scorching peach blossom will fall into what kind of reincarnation?
President meng dotes on my sweet wife
She had been obedient and sensible since she was young. Although she was her sister, she always tolerated her unruly sister. She originally thought that they were all family, so it was fine for her to take a step back. Until her birthday, her sister had sent her to the vice director's bed to fight for a role. Entering the wrong room on the wrong bed, helpless under the agreement, promised to become the man's mistress. Under the circumstances, she entered the entertainment circle and easily achieved better results than her sister. The evil elder sister's mask was slowly taken off, and her parents' bias finally found a reason. Under layers of truth and pressure, she could only choose to protect herself. However, she did not expect that the man who had accompanied her in the end was the man who had threatened her in the beginning. "Why did you help me?" A certain man waved the agreement in his hand. "If you sign it, you' ll be mine. If you bully me, then you' ll hit me in the face."
Paintings of Terror
If he could do it all over again, Ke Xun wouldn't have left the house that day or gone out on the streets to flirt. It was just to get out of the rain and into the art gallery. I wanted to see a picture of the spring palace. Why... Went straight into the painting world?! Mu Ruran: each and every one of us is playing a role in the painting. Ke Xun's eyes lit up: how does the chungong tu get in? Mu Ruran took a long look at him: close your eyes and lie down. [ The subject, the text, and the outside world will not have an attack plot ]
Phoenix Destiny
As the daughter of the Sect leader, Lu Mingshun was cast by her family as a piece of trash because her father remarried another noblewoman. Never mind, she still had a genius master. While unexpectedly, his martial art was destroyed, and he became disabled afterward. Disdained by her evil stepmother, surpassed by her talented sibling, abandoned by her relentless father… Lu Mingshun had to change her destiny on her own. Fortunately, she held a heavenly wheel, a sacred object which could grant her immense power. With it, she will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. “Phoenix Nirvana, Born of Fire.”
Princess wudu: take it easy, prince
I fell down in the bathroom, and Su Jin tragically crossed over! For the first time, he had raped her in front of all the soldiers! She cried and begged him to let her off, saying that he had mistaken her for someone else. The second time, he took her home in the street. The third time, she was forced to marry him. He sneered. "Su Jin, from today onwards, I want you to live in hell every day!" At first, Su Jin did live in hell every day. Qinhuai jing always tortured her in various ways. However, she did not know when the painting style suddenly changed ..." Girl, I heard that your neck hurts? Let me pinch it for you." "My wife, I heard that your appetite is not good recently. I had a quarrel with my imperial father and snatched his imperial kitchen away. Would you like to try it?" "My lady, the minister who wrote poems and scolded you last time, I' ve already asked him to retire early ..."" my wife ..."" Qin Huaijing, what are you going to do with the person who bullied me last night?" "Hmm ... It's your turn
Peerless bodyguard
The most powerful bodyguard in the history of the city, stirring up the city. Beauty such as jade, picturesque jiangshan, deduce the living color of the city life. He used his hardest fists to hit his own mountain, and used his most handsome face to conquer all kinds of top-notch beauties ...
Powerful and powerful: huo shao's cruel and beautiful wife
Leng qing was abandoned by the most trusted person and was asked to marry a man who looked like an ugly ghost. Huo quan was frightened by everyone, but he couldn't help but feel cold. Her fearlessness attracted him deeply, allowing him to take leng qing for his own. Because leng qing was carrying the secret of the heir of the leng family, he had no choice but to stay away from huo quan, who might pose a threat, but huo quan insisted on her. After they had gone through many things together, their relationship slowly heated up, and the bigger conspiracy would eventually be revealed ...
Peak medical career
At the peak of the medical world, he was a god. The surgeon, jiao yang, had gained magical medical skills by accident. One vein knew that the world was full of problems and complicated diseases. The other could see the world's evil hearts and minds, while the doctor was excellent, he could see how the doctor became a god in the medical world. The official route was called immortal.
Prison pet from a rich family: the president is deeply in love
Han miaomiao, who was kind and willing to help others, never imagined that the word' disaster' would one day fall on her head. Ever since her youngest aunt, who was only a few years older, married into the qin family, her bad luck followed. A terrifying man held her tightly in his arms and whispered in her ear. "I want you to live the rest of your life in the shadow of my control. You can' t escape!"
Post-apocalyptic romance: amber beauty hurt
The fate of the female protagonist with the profound yin meridians was to guide the chaotic heart. Where's the lover? Where do the three religions go from? It is a firm belief to support it in order to find the real me on this road.
Please accept my confession
The main character was an ordinary student who had just entered high school. He didn' t really want to be in love, but he didn' t reject it either. Each character has its own view of love and action on love, both extreme and clumsy are their own views on love and their own way of confessing Each encounter will let the protagonist more or less understand some truth and growth, each confession is not necessarily true, this also tested the protagonist's choice Of course, apart from the love story between the protagonist and these monsters, there were other forces that were inserted into it, and there were contradictions and intensifications that belonged to them. The key word should be to believe and persevere, longing for the truth of each other Writing this subject may also be a vision of some special love and process, and at the same time, different people must have different thoughts about the confessions of those girls
Personal servant: wrap it around the tall, cold, and handsome ceo
A message led me to the hotel. Faced with the fact that her husband had a lover, the saddest thing was that I wanted to leave, but he didn' t leave ..." Can we ...?" Crazy drunk still can not vent the heart of unwillingness, the end of selling drunk is to give themselves. There was nowhere to go, and she was in a sorry state, but she was still unable to defeat her love rival. Fighting in the restaurant, the first fight in her life, she didn' t expect to see the male god again that night. The cold and elegant financial magnate in the city was actually his identity? "I ... Have nowhere else to go." Tears flowed, and the second time I saw him, I begged him again. Hold his hand tightly, not for love, we seem to be nothing. But day after day, the tug became so natural. I had nothing to do with him, nothing to do with love, nothing to do with profit. Not related to love, but quietly moved, until the need to leave, I still dare not let him know, I have secretly love him ...
Porter of Two Worlds
Free to travel between the real world and the fantasy world, quietly working as a two-world mover. Ps1: there are six million and four hundred thousand words to complete the book "The game of the last demon god" to solve the book shortage. Ps2: group 463750414
Peerless Martial God 2
After Jiuxiao, on the day of Land of god, a generation of Tianjiao Lin Feng broke into the new world, once again set off a storm, how far will he go? Let's wait and see! ! Duwei house vip fan group 4705 552447 (this group only wave and wave app readers, provide subscriptions or send flower screenshots to join! ) A new group: 128152692 On the rise of the mighty martial god: 2891 25182
Princess ai, don't run away: your husband will spoil you
Through this strange world, she had somehow become a witch who was being beaten up by others. "Little temptress, how many more do you want to hook up with?" His sword was pointed to his throat. She smiled seductively. "Wood, I only want you." On the wedding night, she was left alone in the empty room. She did not want to be weak and barged into the study room. "Wood, do you want to play something different?" Wearing a red wedding dress, he threw down her wood ..." My little goblin has punished me for a thousand years. That should be enough!" He was dressed in casual clothes and suddenly appeared in her apartment. He carried her into her bedroom with a blank face ...
President, please refrain: the lovely wife has married
He was powerful and cold. However, she only wanted a child and a man who didn' t want to put on airs. She had a lot of choices and tried her best to hook up with someone she couldn' t afford to offend. If she dared to kick him, she was tired of living. She wanted to pay him back ten times the small trauma he suffered in his heart. A woman: don't you always like to see the same woman every day? Man: are you a woman? She was covered in bean sprouts. So-and-so: you can stay away from me. Man: but I like bean sprouts best. Some woman: shameless person. She had only taken a small advantage of him and was bound by him for the rest of her life.