505 Books
Spoiled by My CEO Husband Every Night
Tong Huaer had an interview at Zong's Group. She would never expect that the CEO, Zong Beili, dragged her into a pantry! Huaer thought it was just a nightmare but surprisingly, she later married Zong Beili and started to lead a luxurious life!
Scholar’s Advanced Technological System
After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight. A Master's degree? Easy. PhD? Not a problem. From a nobody, he quickly becomes a huge celebrity in the world of science. With the missions given by the system, he is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize. "System, can points be exchanged for money?" "No." "F**k, what use are you then!?" "This system will make you the ultimate scholar, the kind that lords over all of humanity. What use will money be to you?"
Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!
[ Touching a dead man is not worth his life's favor! Miss shen was busy eating and sleeping, teaching scum how to behave! Mr. Bo was busy teasing miss shen, miss shen, or miss shen! "Isn't it said that ceo bo has a clean heart and few desires, and a modest gentleman doesn't like women?" Mr. Bo squinted and leaned back on the sofa, his movements relaxed and elegant. "Be good, call me husband." Mrs. Bo held her forehead and looked at her face. Suddenly, she remembered what had just happened - the way she looked so cold but could not do without her. It was a crime to force people to commit!
Super Urban Doctor
An ordinary kid accidentally got a magic tripod: it not only can refine a variety of immortal medicine that can cure any disease but also create a pair of eyes that can see and cure. From then on, gambling is only a piece of cake. He can easily get wealth and gain beauties' love.
Second marriage of my cute wife
"The first day of marriage, her husband left her but turn to take care the other woman; The second day of marriage, that woman stand in front of her with a pregnant belly. After a month of marriage, her marriage finally came to the end, and she became the object of scorn in the city. But in the most awkward time, a man appeared and said, : ""I don't mind getting mariied with you now."" ""It's the second marriage, aren't you afraid?"" ""Afraid?""""He sneered, his eyes captivating."" Don't you think the one who should be afraid of are those assholes?"" She woke up and became more and more aggressive, but she don't know that she is the only medicine of his whole life."
See You Tonight, Master Su
The orphan girl Tong Hua accidentally got trapped by this demon-like man after she was betrayed by her aunt.
Super medical fairy system
I have the system in the hands of the world, Zhu Qiang coincidence has the invincible medical immortal system, from now on, a lot of money, beauty inverted. The police caught a cold and a bowl of noodles was done. The campus belle has a zit, a bowl of soup is done; Lori wants to have a big boob, a bowl of milk ... We don't need to see, eat! We eat medicine, pooh, art!
Step by step affectionate: cold face president's surrogate wife
Under the circumstances where her grandfather was seriously ill and there was no other way out, xu xuanxuan could only choose to' surrogate' ... As the successor of the group, leng feng, for more than 20 years in her life, a woman was just a dispensable option. Originally, she only intended to have a little bun with this woman who was quite pleasing to her eyes, but she was careless and lost her heart. She said: not that we are only a deal ... Someone immediately yield: I was wrong, old lady, listen to you.
See zhong qinxu Mianmian
The first time they met six years later, he changed his face and forced her to take advantage of him. In the rainy night, he pinned her against the wall and gave her the biggest insult. She had humbly accepted all the revenge he had given her, and she owed him. He looked at the woman he had loved for nine years and became even more cold and murderous. He loved her in the name of hate. Everyone knew that he loved her, but she only thought that it was his gentle tactic. She was clearly a childhood sweetheart, but because of her betrayal, she became an enemy of life and death. She asked him. "You hate me so much, why did you keep me by your side?" He pinched her chin and was domineering. "Do you know what revenge is? Not to kill you, but to take away everything from you. Money, relatives, friends, lovers, dignity, and then to see you kneel in front of me, wishing you were dead." She touched her heart, which was so painful that it tore her heart out. What is heartbreak. The moment the truth was revealed, his hand
Scandal Supermodel
[ 1V1 pet wen, body and mind clean ] "Lesson one: there is no inappropriate place, only I want to and don't want to." "It has nothing to do with love to exchange money." However, he was addicted to her for a while and gradually spoiled her to the skies. "Huo shao, miss an said she wanted to be the number one supermodel
So hateful, so hurt
Have you ever loved someone Love to the bone Love to death But not as much as a smile For her He can never be saved But when you really leave his world Everything ...
Super Lucky Dog
Chen Haotian infected with a super-virus during his mission in a certain African country. Being disappointed and hopeless, he was about to dawdle for a couple of days. However, something happened and everything's on the track. Hotties were chasing after him! Are you kidding me? And just as he was annoying, he found that he will not die even if he wants to...OK, it's better to enjoy a carefree life in this city.
Step aside! My Demon CEO
"She planned a one-night stand with him, only to get revenge on her stepmother and her sister. He made her have the baby, only to cure his ex's leukemia with cord blood. It's a mutual use without any sincerity. She stabbed him in the heart... After three years in prison for assault, she returned to get her child back. She hated his guts, and he used the child to humiliate her..."
Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!
"From now on, every inch of your body belongs to me. Don't resist." He was like satan, who had come to invade her, and her body and mind... The retarded, stupid girl whom everyone had despised in the past, woke up and was hit by a demon from the sky the moment she opened her eyes.
Soul mate
Ghost love.
Space map
The blood feuding kermit had joined a spaceship. As a master of the toughest body technique, he was still not satisfied. In order to avenge himself, he had to continue to be strong and powerful.
Spoilt wife: ceo, please let go
She never thought that she would offend these two wolves. One of them called her' senior' innocently, but his subordinates were doing unspeakable things. A black belly called her Xiaojin, but she was doing something unspeakable. Thank you for your support
Substitute prisoner love: hubby, please let go!
After waking up from a nap, the down-and-out white collar faced the overbearing man and asked for his love rudely. Unexpectedly, it wasn' t enough to lose her back. First, the best supporting sister came to a scene to tear the show. The next moment, she was pregnant and was framed and miscarried. That dead man would never let her off! Mo Shan was so scared that his heart almost burst. He tried every means to prove his innocence! In the end ..." How many times have I said that I won' t hurt my son's life just because I want to leave you!" Ou Jin smiled playfully. "Shanshan, it's okay. You hit one and we can get pregnant again." Mo Shan looked up at his handsome face and burst into tears. "I don' t want to do it. I want to run away from marriage and have a family. Do you think I' m a pig?" ! !"
Silver unicorn
The legend of love fairy tale, beautiful is recited by people, at the end of that rainbow, forever is recited by people. In the corner where the stars fell, only silver unicorns remained.
Samsara supreme
The god of war, xing tian, had been allied by emperor yan and emperor huang and the emperor had taken away the position of shen nong, which should have been inherited by emperor yan. In the battle with emperor huang on mount chang yang, he had been beheaded by emperor huang and was not dead, which made emperor huang's position fearful. However, the emperor had retreated to the central heaven court, but on the grounds that xing tian was the subordinate of emperor yan, he had used the excuse to make things difficult for him. In order to protect his own clan and emperor yan, xing tian had fallen into samsara on his own for thousands of years.
Sweet love: don't run
A poor little girl, with her own efforts, found a suitable job and met a president who liked her. However, she did not expect that there would be a problem at the company. The ceo was actually dismissed. What would happen if she lost her love for bread? Would she choose to leave the ceo or continue supporting her to rise again? All of them seemed to be in a split second.
Silent love
A diary of the age of young women, records the silent love for duan hongzhou unknown, make duan hongzhou to lin silent green eyes add. Duan hongzhou said quietly to lin qiao. "I heard that you like me, and I quite like you." In this way, they had an engagement before they were in love. But later, duan hongzhou realized that the person in lin's silent heart during his teenage years was called gu zhong. Approach him, pretend to like him, all because of gu zhong. Gu zhong was an illegitimate son of the duan family. After he was taken away by the duan family, he lost contact with lin silent. However, what made lin silent feel strange was that duan hongzhou, an honest member of the duan family, had never heard of gu zhong. So, where did gu zhong go? On the day that the truth was revealed, what was the relationship between lin silent and duan hongzhou?
Sky-high price pregnant wife: Mr. Gu, slow down
Work, mo xixi met his love. After a night of separation, she became his wife. Although it was a flash marriage, this man treated her extremely well. Perhaps, she was so lucky. As the gears of time roll round and round, will this love that depends on passion burn up disappear in the cooling of time? Once they parted, they returned three years ago and met again ... He stroked her chin with his fingers and said in a devilish tone. "Mo xi xi, one day as a wife means one lifetime as a wife. In this lifetime, don' t even think about leaving."
Soul Land 3: Legend of the Dragon King
With the advancement of soul guidance technology, the humans on douluo continent conquered the ocean and discovered two more continents. The spirit beast also followed the hunting of the human soul master to its doom. The king of the spirit beast, who had been sleeping for countless years, woke up in the last pure land of the xingdou forest. He wanted to lead the remaining clansmen to avenge the human race! Tang wulin was determined to become a powerful soul master, but when the martial spirit woke up, what woke up was... This is where the legend of the dragon king begins.
Super driver in the city
A strange love, pull out the entanglement of a lifetime, two parallel lines that do not intersect are the most eventually entangled together. .
Step by step to tease his wife: the actor brought home
She's the mayor's daughter! She inherits the parent company! She was a powerful woman in the workplace, but she was being teased by the actors and actresses. "Leng Boss, is there something wrong with my eyes? Why is this contract filled with your face?" "Leng Boss, I can't. Do I have a fever? Feel it for me." "Hey, Leng Boss, don't leave. Let's go to my house and have dinner before we continue ..."
Sword Saints Should Go Tank
The false sword saint: the illusory body, the unparalleled sword skill, ten steps to kill a person, a thousand miles away. True sword saint: thick blood, invincible power, with endless blood, cut everything. This is the story of a sword saint in a meat suit who cuts everything.
Seeking the Dao in the Seemingly Mundane Mortal World
Qin yi once thought that people who cultivate immortals should be calm, have no desire, be patient and resist temptation. But in the end, it was discovered that the immortal first had a character next to it. The immortal road was bitterly cold. We hugged each other for warmth. - - Ps: the original title of the book, "Fairies, please respect yourself."
So I Am A Demon Descendent!
When li xianyu was twenty years old, he received his father's inheritance, a beautiful grandmother-in-law who was eighteen years old. Li xianyu: "Grandma, why are you so young?" Grandma zu: "Because I died in eighteen years." Li xianyu: Σ (Д °)
Sweet Finale to a Lifetime of Quick Transmigrations
After Su Nuo had died, she discovered that she lived in a novel where the female supporting character had overtaken her role as the female lead. The female supporting character, who had transmigrated into Su Nuo’s world, was pretty and outstanding. She had easily replaced the good-for-nothing dodder of a female lead. Then, Su Nuo went through a series of quick transmigrations — The flirtatious concubine of a troubled nation, the cannon fodder in a prestigious family, a young girl who joined the military for her father… Su Nuo transmigrated back to her original world after completing ten quick transmigration assignments. Outside the patient’s room, the fiance that she had grown up with mocked her coldly, “I don’t care if you try to commit suicide for me 100 times. I will never be interested in you.” This was the day after she had attempted suicide for Shen Weng. It was a warm and sunny day in spring, and she was 19 years old.