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Underworld Chat Group: My Hubby Is King Hades
After stumbling into the Underworld Chat Group out of the blue, she accidentally becomes the good friend of King Hades. Thus begins the journey of Ning Huanxin as she uses her abilities to interact with spirits and uncover the truth behind mysteries. The main theme of this book is suspense, with romance as a side tale.
"When the second time the lord jesus comes, the one who died in christ must first rise from the grave." -" 1 Thessalonians 4: 16" in 2019, the zombie virus exploded and swept the world within a few months. Communication cut off, water and electricity stopped.
Uncle ceo is addicted: a pure and loving wife
Her boyfriend, who had been in love for seven years, married another woman and set her up as a bridesmaid. She was drunk the entire night but woke up in a strange man's room! A heartless and heartless best friend of a b * stard tried his best to trick her into becoming a stepmother. Not only was the uncle handsome and handsome, he also liked to play games, which made her legs and legs weak every time.
Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
A tale of urban demons and spirits, the mysterious exorcist and I. Do you believe that supernatural creatures exist in this world? I’m an ordinary college student while he’s the handsome and powerful demon exorcist from the mysterious old manor. Our paths had never crossed before and yet, our fates became intimately entangled after one chance meeting. The knocking on the coffin in the dead of the night, the little girl weeping inside the box-shaped structure, the good friend of mine who was cursed… Together, the mysterious exorcist Mr. Wen and I embarked on a path into the world of the grotesque and motley. Gradually, I realized that I had developed special feelings for him that went beyond friendship… But, the problem is I’m a man!
Urban grim reaper teenager
The child lost by his parents was adopted by a kind-hearted couple, but the couple died unexpectedly. The child was once again on the streets and was taken in as a disciple by an old man. Return to the city, originally wanted peace and quiet but not, but death came to the city, brother only love, love between obstacles, family entanglement. Death young write their own legendary road!
Urban hunters
I watched my parents die. To save a child and have to go through a fire. The mortuary faked corpses, controlled the rebirth of the fire of heaven, and pursued all kinds of strange cases step by step. Only to find out that the fire wasn't an accident.
Universe's Ultimate BOSS
Waking up from a hangover, Wang Hao finds himself reborn in an alternate world. To his delight, he realizes that he has a system to help him in this new world. However, his system turns out to be a highly unconventional one. Instead of serving justice and winning the respect of other people, Wang Hao has to do all kinds of bad things in order to make use of the system. So, Wang Hao embarks on the journey to being cursed for good…
Unforgettable years
Under the kapok tree, a little boy looked at the red kapok and smiled. This was the kapok tree that he and his father planted together. He didn't expect it to bloom in a year.
Unrequited love: the warlord's love
The fated meeting between him and her seemed to be a sad farewell song in a chaotic world. How could he be so lovestruck?
Up to the wrong path
You're my only doll. You can't show it to me without my permission, whether you cry, laugh, laugh, be happy, or be sad. Do you understand?
Uncle has wife cancer
What if that little bitch stole my boyfriend? What I did was to sleep with her stepfather and be her stepmother ... ! "I wish this life would warm you." Link http: / / www.dmread.com / book / 3846 on his sleep time http: / / / / www.dmread.com / book / 4305
Ugly girl strikes back: the devil school hunk will take you down!
Her best friend betrayed her, her husband cheated on her, and god made a big joke with Ouyang ling. They were caught cheating on each other, and the reason her boyfriend cheated on her was because she was fat! Ouyang Ling went away with hatred and opened his eyes again. Promise never to be fat again! Rebirth revenge, abusing scum, abusing White lotus, climbing the peak, but who the hell is going to tell her where such a handsome fiancé came from?!
Uncle, Please Don't!
"The most miserable thing for Li Yunzi in this life is having her fiance Xiao Rui whom she has loved for three years grabber by her own elder sister. Being deadly desperate, Li Yunzi finally makes her mind: She is going to marry Xiao Rui's younger brother. And she must marry him before that bitch couple's wedding so that they need to address her as "little aunty" every day, making them extremely uncomfortable. But what is Xiao Rui's younger brother, Xiao Chen? Tall and handsome, with sexy body shape, and incomparably great confidence in his eyes. How can a man like him, who has already listed on The Forbes Ranking in his 28 years old, fall in love with such an ordinary woman like her?"
Unrivaled Medicine God
Qingyun Zi was betrayed and murdered. Just when he thought that everything was over, he wakes up in a new body; the body of a silkpants named Ye Yuan. As he embarks on a new life, he struggles to cope with the loss of loved ones as well as to accept his new identity. Unresigned to his fate, Ye Yuan resolves to make his way back to the top while hiding his identity from his old enemies as he plots his revenge. How did he revive? Will he be exposed and die again with countless regrets? Was there a mastermind behind all this? With all these questions and more in his heart, Ye Yuan resolves to seek out answers as he uncovers a darker plot behind everything.
Universal nursery
The main character, Li Chen, was a retired special forces soldier, who opened a kindergarten after coming back. What was more, the teachers in the garden were not simple. They were either evil girls or ruthless murderers, but they were all pretty. Three years in the army, pig race Diao Chan. Li Chen put his head on his belt and flirted with a girl. His life was in a lot of trouble ...
Urban Live treasure
Mordor Huobaoxueyuan, genius training base, a real Live treasure! And look at how xiuzhen silly boy Chu Tian in the city to turn over the clouds and turn over the rain!
Urban perspective expert
Naked loan and break up, Xu Jie in the car accident opened the eyes of perspective, xianyu turn over, attack the city, and see how he fought back to humiliate his own people, how to rely on a pair of god's eyes, sitting on the beauty of wealth and power, to dominate the group of heroes as king!
Uncle president, one for two
It was obviously his biological daughter, but it was better to pick it up and say that it was Qiao Jiaren. Is life hard? Of course not, because god gave her a powerful and omnipotent uncle. As the saying goes, uncle in hand, I have the world! So, under the wings of Huo Yanchen, Qiao Jiaren began a life of no evil. "Mr. Huo, little madam has lost the helicopter you gave her." Uncle huo. "It seems that madam doesn' t like helicopters. Book a private plane for madam." "Mr. Huo, the young madam is talking back to the principal at school. She has a bad attitude." Uncle huo. "Get rid of the principal and don' t dare to talk back to madam." "Mr. Huo, little madam said that she wants to ... Divorce you." Uncle huo. ...""
Unforgettable love
Su wanqing had just bought a second-hand bicycle and had accidentally bumped into a rolls-royce parked by the roadside. Leng aolei, the president of eurasia group, saw a gold coin on su wanqing's neck and reminded him of signing a contract with su wanqing. Su wanqing could be exempted from compensation on the condition that she could accompany leng aolei for a hundred days. Su wanqing had no choice but to agree and become leng aolei's mistress.
Urban anomaly management
"Evil come": you weak chickens are dust, the sprinkler is sweeping all the dust storm storm violent violence ... Greedy wolf: you must have never been targeted by me before ... Otherwise, you would never be so complete ... "Warm weather": the next second of the air, the next second of the earth, boxing meteorite, foot bump bump man, I am the strongest living creature on earth! "Drunkard": occasionally I would go abroad on a business trip to help international friends tear down a devil's city or something ... "Cang jie": eh? Don't believe those assholes, we're just temps ... Well ... The content wasn' t so ridiculous, it was just a bunch of stories about people who didn' t look like human beings demolishing all kinds of illegal buildings around the world ... (hey! ) The above profile may be a little funny, but it is really a serious and interesting story, and the main character is just a new temp bar. (Laughing) The title of the book was" Urban anomaly management office," but ... It was nine words! / (Advice)
Unlimited Cycles of Death
Introduction: six strangers met on a closed map. One of the men who called himself' the old man said, "There is a ghost among us." They can also be called killers, butchers, murderers, monsters... Change the male form (?), infatuated male (?), and try to get out of the closed...
Urban super monk
An adventure of unknown penis wandering around as a monk.
Unlimited love: the wife is the biggest
After losing her memory, she changed from a cold goddess to a cute girl. She and he were rivals in front of the screen, and at night were the most lovable partners ... She said. "Regardless of whether it's a womanizer or an anorexia, I' ll treat it from now on!" He said. "As long as you' re willing, you can stab me this day!"
Unlimited pursuit
The unlucky song ru didn' t know who she had offended. There were many people around her who wanted to kill her, so she simply found a handsome, cool, cold and abstinent little brother to protect her. Coincidentally, this little brother seemed to have some connections with her ... An old thing that links two people who will never meet in this life. This cold man called xie jian almost killed her, and she had no choice but to entrust her life to him. Xie jian, who only reaped human lives, eventually became her knight, but song ru, who was in deep crisis, became his salvation. And when will this journey of death come to an end?
Undead I youth tour
A case of injustice in the general's mansion, the beginning of a conspiracy, she and her friends and relatives on the road to find the truth. A generation of people who have witnessed the cruel heart of a heartless person, a pair of people more than a friend of the enemy heart to cherish the commitment of commitment to the commitment of the promise ... From the sky to the family who is the person in the end?! What was her relationship with the family that had descended from the sky? Who is she? Where the hell is she from? Where should I go? And what would happen to her and him?
Uncle, Don't Flirt with Me!
During five months of marriage, she had never slept with her husband. Her mother-in-law wanted a grandson so badly that she drugged her, and sent her to her client's bed. By a strange accident, she entered his room by mistake and fell in love with him. Who knows? The man with an angelic face turned out to be her husband's "uncle".
Ultimate flower protector
King of the army, black market boxing master tang long returned to the city after an accident. He is the devil that others call him, but deep down he yearns for a peaceful life. The president of the iceberg beautiful woman, the fierce beautiful woman killer, and the cute sister of the neighbor's school belle came one after another. The trip to the city was destined not to be dull ...
Urban empowerment
Unintentionally get the game intensifier, all things in the world can be strengthened. His mediocre life has changed dramatically since then. You got more money than me? Excuse me, I can strengthen the jade to obtain top grade jade, casually can earn hundreds of millions of millions. You're stronger than me. I'm sorry. I can strengthen myself and gain absolute strength and speed. The world has improved a hundred years because of him, and the earth has left the last age because of him.
Ugly princess enchanting: prince, gently pain!
Everyone said that she was stupid, that she was ugly and that she was stupid! She was the eldest daughter of the grand duchy of town, yet she dared to shit on her head even with a servant girl! In the 21st century, the policewoman came through, the scenery was bright and beautiful. The evil sister of diao slave stood by the side, and the ruthless prince did not come again! The mad phoenix defies heaven, builds the fort, gathers the talented person, builds the weapon! Those who bullied her would not die well and those who insulted her would not end well!
Urban evil
Mo Huaiyuan had been eating and drinking with an old god who claimed to be half an immortal since he was young. In his gamble with a top-grade beautiful girl, he suddenly realized that the old man's taoist master spells were all real! Just as she was about to find out, the old man took advantage of the time when the school reopened to sweep her out. Oh, that beautiful girl was the campus belle. Everyone was staring at a campus belle. This time, there was a lot of trouble ... Senior campus belle, please call for your life!