19 Books
Versatile Mage
He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed. His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician. Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans. His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk. However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage! Mo Fan He loves his father and sister but was said to have handed in empty exam papers on purpose just to spite his teachers. He is very intelligent nonetheless and could do very well if he actually tries. Unfortunately on the day where he decided to take his exams seriously, he was transported to the magic world and failed his tests again.
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage
A super martial artist in reality, who mistakenly chose to be a mage when playing online games. He used to be a person who used violence against violence, but he had no other choice but went along with this new identity and became a fierce Mage. When his power and magic were perfectly combined, a new game path was paved in front of him! Fireball Technique? Lightning chain? Frosty ice mirror... Wait, I'm here to practice Kung Fu. What does magic have to do with me? I'm a sorcerer? Oh, right, I'm a mage now. But... Do you really believe that I'm one? Well, feel the might of my sword! Feel the strength of my fist! Look at the dark weapon! What? You said I'm not a mage? If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you. If you believe me, I'll show you: a mage who knows Kung fu is unstoppable.
Very Happy
Yan Ting: life is no fun. What's the difference between life and death? Li Zhao: life is bliss. The world in Yan Ting's heart was gray until he met Li Zhao. He thought, this must be the liveliest person in the world. Otherwise, why would he be jumping around in his heart every day? Happy* unhappy Wen xinwen, with elements of the entertainment industry. Cherish life, be positive and work hard for the betterment of society.
Vertical and horizontal cities: rules of the real estate industry
City, white-collar liu yiyun, chance, get the ruyi pill, from then on began to encounter seven women in life, a love and hate entangled emotional road
Virus Girlfriend
When the disaster really broke out, ling mo realized that the kind of zombie depicted in the doomsday movie was not at all the same as in reality... Originally, the most important thing to do in the end world was to survive, but from the moment ling mo picked up his girlfriend from the abandoned bus, his life trajectory had already gone in a completely uncontrollable direction. The reason for all this is very simple, his girlfriend, has mutated... Wait, that shana, the [ beep ] pants on your scythe seem to be mine! Senior sister! Don't always pounce on me when I'm not paying attention! And girl, is it really good for you to keep hiding and snickering like this? In the end... Don't try to bite me!!!
Village vet
See how the little vet in flower city plays the city ...
Village teacher
Li xiaoliang was framed to drop out of school, but he became a rural private teacher, broke the township head affair, never thought of since the peach blossom luck, love and happiness.
Very young girl shelter
The hero is an ordinary college student (male) I met a strange girl by chance That young girl has incredible powers In contact with the young girl, encountered a special organization to accommodate such young girls When the hero of the trainee came to the organization, he found that it was actually a girls' shelter All the young girls here were supernatural beings, or rather, they were anthropomorphic in all sorts of unscientific phenomena There are hundreds of magical young girls in this work Their abilities (attributes) are useful, dangerous, and useless There are infinitely large brain holes in this work, and these interesting brain holes will become distinctive young girls As a hospice administrator The hero had a hard time getting along with the girls In the process, countless dangerous, interesting, moving, wonderful stories began!
Virgin Boy: Living With An Attractive Woman
Lying in the bathtub of the hotel, Li Nanfang was taking a comfortable bath. Suddenly a beautiful woman came in and forced him with a gun to do that kind of thing...
Vanguard of the Eternal Night
The master assassin went through the galactic era. [ Erased ] the other contestants were in charge of the tele-game, and he was in charge of hanging the other contestants. [ Scratched off ] the sword hides under the extreme day, he is the king who comes in the light; At night, he was the impermanence of life and death in the world. "You know, the galactic league...
VRMMO Botanist
A botanist is a tough job. No one wants to level? Ha! Have you seen the Durian bomb tree? The ability to brush monsters, blow up a large area, and tease boss when tired! Rare props? Have you heard of parasitic fur balls? Parasite target, disassemble and compose rare props, look at enemies.
Venomancer Of Gaming
This is the story of a fat man who was unexpectedly praised as a master. In order to maintain his so-called master image, he had to start pretending... After "The strongest landlord in online games," my second book is welcome to collect and fatten up. Another thing: don't like the main character of this book, please don't enter, thank you
Voodoo notes
Qi wuwen, who had studied law, opened a teahouse after graduating from university to make a living. One day, an old man named zhang, whose identity had become a mystery, died miserably in a teahouse that was not heard of.
Village wizard
When he was a child, he had a strange experience, which made Chen Yongnian grow up to be a jinx. He had originally wanted to spend his life in an internet café, but by chance, he had met a pair of strange grandfather and grandson. This pair of grandfather and grandson not only helped Chen Yongnian get rid of his bad luck, but also made him become a sorcerer, and his granddaughter, Feng Bingbing, became Chen Yongnian's fiancée. While Chen Yongnian was dreaming about his career and love, he was surprised to find that the two of them came from a creepy place. [ Sister ghost has signed an exclusive contract, quality assurance, complete guarantee, welcome to collect ]
Vrmmo The Unrivaled
Holding the demon sword of hell in his hand, he was wearing a ghost god's light armor, a soul devouring purple and gold helmet, a pair of floating cloud treading boots, a goddess of death in his left arm, and a beautiful angel in his right arm. Entrenched in the land of extreme cold death, a generation of king asura was born. Newbies, shake! - - - - - - - - [ Shocking good news, the time limit is free to start! From january 21 to march 15, matchless online games is free! - - - - - - A new book, "Dragon slaying," is in a series!
Vice princess poison doctor
In her previous life, Jiang Nuanyan had wrongly trusted her cousin and hoped that they could persuade Crown Prince to retry the case of cotton clothes. After she was humiliated, she knew that the Lanxi jiang family had already been slaughtered. The culprit behind all this was her in-laws' grandmother and uncle ... After her rebirth, in this life, she would protect her family, protect her family, step on her sisters, beat her brother, anger her aunt, uncle dou, and anger her grandmother to death before pulling Crown Prince off the horse! In order to prevent the Lanxi jiang family from making the same mistake again, she appeared to be arrogant, but in reality, she was scheming step by step. He was a beauty contestant, pan an, powerful and powerful. His peach blossom eyes were full of love and debt ... However, she was always mocking her, and every time she made fun of her ... He secretly wiped out the assassination plot for her, he fought against Crown Prince for her, he put on armor for her ... On her wedding
Valiant consort, I want to pamper you
One moment, she was still excited about the new hr manager of the company, and the next moment, she was shocked that she had become the emperor's concubine ...
Vertical and horizontal dark yellow
In a world where the strong are respected, only the strong can be respected, and only the strong can obtain the right to live.
V5 domineering: the princess has a way of taming her husband
Er Ya was born with bad luck. Not only was she ugly, but she was also dumped by a scumbag. She also had to pay for her dog poop business. She could be called an outstanding model among the poor and short. Holy shit! What had she done in her past life to punish this woman like this? God said, look at you so back, give you a gold finger! So ... Her face changed, and she was as beautiful as a fairy, kicking a scumbag man, speaking evil words, and shameless b * tch to the side, fighting against imperial power through thorns and thorns, and allowing me to go on the road, rich and beautiful men have boundless happiness!