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When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated into the Original Novel
Zhangsun Zijun and Yi Xichen are the two main characters in "The nine thousand realms of ups and downs," one is steady and introverted, the other is free and unrestrained. As brothers and sisters who grew up together, their friendship could be described as a life-and-death friendship. However, in a great fellow human being, the two of them...
When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game
Gu Mozhi was a demon who smuggled across the world and was addicted to eating, drinking and playing. He found that compared to hell, where birds don't lay eggs, the world was a paradise! Until one day, he accidentally entered some escape game... Gu Mozhi: the ghosts here are delicious. Ghosts:!!! Players:?? That day, the ghosts remembered the fear of being coveted by Gu Mozhi. The players... He is still trying to reshape his three views...
Wrong marriage ceo: buy one for one, buy one for one
She applied for a company with a high reputation in the industry, but she was surprised to find that the young ceo, so ou chen, was the man she had once let down. What was even more shameful was that when they met again, she accidentally took advantage of the male lead and offended the big ceo. Working in a bar, she accidentally met the ceo again. Because she was insulted by his words and actions, she was so angry that she poured wine all over the male protagonist and ran away. In order to avenge her mother, mengmeng hacked into ou chen's computer and even put the photos of ou chen pretending to be a girl when he was young on social networking sites and magazines. Ou chen was furious and sent someone to look for the female protagonist and the culprit who hacked into his computer. "Do you want to die?" "If I die, no one will let you have a child." The big ceo was too shameless.
What else do you want me to do
She loved him he tortured her secret love for more than ten years, love in less than two years of marriage gradually disappeared. Dear baby fairies, please give me a reason to love you http: / / / www.dmread.com / book / 3714 is over the former husband is toxic, new wife please stop walking h Man: my wily little wife http: / / / www.dmread.com / book / 2116 mua, hold on tight.
Wife addiction: the ceo's cute assistant
It was a natural disaster or a human disaster, yet she had become his assistant and was criticized by him. "You can't even do such a small thing! How did she become an assistant?" Even his women can bosse her around. In order to continue her life, she faced all the frustrations for the salary. "Marry me. I will love you for the rest of my life." She finally fell into his gentleness. When she was immersed in happiness, she was stunned when she suddenly found out that he had a real fiancée. What surprised her even more was that this real fiancée was actually her best friend! Her best friend looked disdainful. "Friend? It's all your own wishful thinking, just like your relationship with him." Marriage, divorce, the original promise is only a fraud, she turned around, no longer nostalgic. When they met again, he grabbed her forcefully and shamelessly. "The child is mine. I forbid you to marry him!" She only smiled coldly. "I' m in charge of my marriage!"
Wife on top: take down the top bad husband
In order to resist, mu yan xi went to the nightclub to look for ducks on the eve of her wedding. She heard that her future husband was a neat freak and had a tendency to be sm.he didn' t like dirty women. However, she accidentally offended a second generation ancestor and hurt his life. From then on, she was entangled and even forced to be his bedmate! Thus, the two of them started a battle of wits and courage. It was only at last that mu yan xi realized that this second generation ancestor was actually her husband, who had never seen the end of the story!
World Controlling God
Ling Xiao crossed into the alienated world, eradicated all thorns, and achieved the path of peak strength. A powerful cultivator at the divine rank was a puppet, a divine beast was a mount, and a divine daughter was a concubine! Ling Xiao tianqiong, god controlled the world! Ranks of martial artists: martial artists, mystics, Xuan Shi, spirit masters, kings, emperors, Master of Heaven, mystic emperors, the holy land, the divine realm Xuanji grade distribution: grey, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, brown, black Weapons grade distribution: ordinary, mystical, spiritual, sacred, divine Pharmacist level distribution: 1 to 10 Ps: the new book" demon dao supreme" nirvana rebirth, the demon emperor reappeared! A fool attached to a horse and turned himself into a demon emperor. Step on the villain, recruit the younger brother, capture the beauty, achieve the most powerful demon road!
Who makes love so messy
The baby was forcibly removed by her husband, and yu sheng became addicted to drugs and was kicked out of the house. She met gu liunian at the most tragic time in her life. Yu sheng, who had suffered so much, had frozen his heart but was melted by gu liunian's enthusiasm. His fingers intertwined as he spoke to her affectionately. "Yu sheng, I will protect you for the rest of your life."
With a ghost in his heart!
He brought his girlfriend back to the countryside to meet his parents, but he didn' t expect everyone to look at us with a strange look ...
Warrior girl
Statement: several chapters were sent to sf a few years ago and all were deleted Introduce: after the nameless warrior that dies in the battlefield wakes up, found oneself reborn in the modern japan and became a 14-year-old female middle school student, the memory of confusion lets her not remember who she is at all, cannot abandon sword she was caught in the fight of gang after witnessing a murder scene. (The novel is a pseudo light, the background is modern overhead, all the knowledge from baidu and animation) Idea: imitating the story of halberds, the idea is that the protagonist keeps fighting, retrieving memories through combat, and constantly thinking about who he is. The story uses dreams and reality to intersperse the lives of modern Manami and the nameless ronin of ancient times. However, it could still be roughly summed up as a battle + daily story.
When it comes to love and companionship
Back then, he had been spending so much time with her that he could not forget her. A few years later, when he appeared in front of her again, his heart still could not help but throb. However, she did not recognize him ... After a night of warmth and warmth, he resolutely offered an exorbitant price to take her away and stay by his side. "Why are you so good to me?" She asked. "Because you' re the first girl I' m attracted to." He answered. It was only later that she realized that he was the same person ...
Wife 99 style: refusing to marry the president of huaxin
"I don't like her, much less you. You rob your best friend's man, too? How despicable." In order to prevent her best friend from marrying a playboy ceo, she tried to stop them from getting along with each other. In the end, not only did she turn against her best friend, she also let herself fall into the gentleness of the president of huaxin, but he also loved her." I' m determined to cancel the engagement with Bai Yi. No one can stop me." For her sake, he announced his decision to the public without any doubt." Zhangqing, bai yi will only hate me more if you do this." She frowned and stared at him worriedly." Zi Yao, we can't have bai yi between us." His gentle taste was still on her cheeks, so was this about conquering a playboy radish's sense of accomplishment?
Wipe Clean After Eating
When the flowers fall, I fall in love with you, when the flowers bloom, I leave you! Poor girl falls in love with rich young master, see how the shy girl dressed up as a tiger to eat pigs, gentle and handsome man, unfortunately, this miss has a crush on you! Joke: a woman peeks at a man who is caught in the shower.
Wealthy young fishermen
After cao li retired from the army, he was assigned to a police station on the outskirts of the city. Unexpectedly, his quota was misappropriated and he could only be a joint defense member. He lost five blind dates and resigned in anger. He raised fish and crabs in shui xiang, trained koi and started his own career.
Wenzhou men climb to become rich: the poorest grassroots of the best way to seek wealth
The history of the struggle of college students, college students, junior middle school students and illiterates in this entrepreneurial land of Wenzhou, and the diary of the most grass-roots men and women in china, written by the author's interview. 8 Years to start a business, 25 years to become a multimillionaire!
War spirit flood
Twenty years after lei peng ascended, dongfang ruolan also ascended and became the fifth person to ascend after the west gate celestial dragon ascended. In the hundreds of years after dongfang ruolan ascended, no one had ascended again.
Wulin fantasy
In 2050, the world entered a highly developed era of science and technology, and the ancient civilization was gradually forgotten, trampled. There are hundreds of years of practitioners, facing the crisis of survival. Youth funny, hot blood explosion! Bai Bai, who had always wanted to be a chef, was surprised that his out-of-tune father had left him alone with a mess in order to carry out the plan to train his successor. Being forced into desperation, Bai Bai, as a third-rate chef, shouldered the responsibility of guarding the family martial arts center. When technology takes over the world, can sword and fist really not survive? From the moment the warrior was" cleaned up," a huge conspiracy began ...
When I love you, you love her
The flowers were blooming that year, someone once told Mu Chuchu. "When we go out, I will definitely marry you." Mu Chuchu thought that it was only natural for her to marry Chen Jingdong. It was only later that she realized that some things would be doomed if they were wrong once ...
Waiting Upon You
Introduction to the book: Ling Lang, 32 years old, was a popular movie star, the youngest movie king, a proud and indifferent personality, and was nicknamed iceberg movie king. His biggest secret was that he was a masochist. Thunder spot: it's still a small crowd...
Weekend bedfellows: president's wife in bed
This custom machine is really a magical weapon. It's a wolf repellent! The secrets that remained in time would never change with the passage of time; the hazy feelings of youth would never fade with age ... A feast by the lotus pond bewitched the young man's heart. That year, she was the daughter of a well-behaved and well-behaved ling family business. He was a handsome and handsome young master of a wealthy family. When they met again, she was the daughter of a young mother who was not in pain and bullied by her younger sister. He was the president of a powerful family who was powerful and powerful. A well-designed commercial plot has left the poor little sheep in the wolves' den. In this game, whoever had first made a move would lose everything! Look at how the love elites of the business world fall into a pampered and gentle land ...
Wuling sage road
The eight wastes of Liuhe. The gods fell and demons began to rise everywhere. An inconspicuous light fell from the sky. An unremarkable and handsome young man stood up with his sword in his hand. For that extraordinary dream, for everything he cared about!
He was once the grand admiral of the empire's most glorious flying eagle, famous everywhere. A paper of books and writings hidden in heaven and earth, eventually into a dark prison ghosts back to the soul. The great phoenix disciple in the northwest army, the second disciple of the treacherous and ruthless bai ding, the fourth disciple of the noble's ambition, and the young son who was still unaware of the world ... The shining general, the king who returned in darkness.
When the wind blows, I love you
I thought you could protect me from the wind and rain, until the end of the know that you brought the wind and rain.
Way of the Devil
Demons run rampant and the world suffers. The magic blade of the divine weapon, covering the world. A game changer on the phone unexpectedly became a power in lu sheng's mind. He became the only person he could rely on in this dark and chaotic world.
Women's school fantasy song
Four years ago, a spirit calling game swept through the campus, but for a university attracted a strange scene of events; four years later, several new students involved in it, a ghost building adventure, a mysterious letter, where exactly did they lead to? And they finally can solve the fog, find the final truth?
When the flowers bloom
She was abandoned by her stepmother when she was three years old, her parents died when she was thirteen years old and joined the black organization by coincidence. When she returned, she thought that she had reached the peak of happiness but lost her love ...
Who did you give gentleness to
He personally sent her to the operating table, suppressing his hatred. "Your sister is dead, and you don' t want to live!" Tears streamed down her face as she realized that marrying him was just a conspiracy. She had to run for her baby ...
Wife nurturing: a rich man comes to the door
It was a night of romance, and he knew what was going on, and he took her step by step. A paper agreement, they from the form of strangers to become a flash marriage husband and wife, agreed to take what they need, but only after marriage to find out that the situation is not right! "What happened to marriage and not love?" She wants a divorce! ! However, a certain someone held her by her waist and pressed her onto the bed. "You believe me too?"
Wolf - like husband on the couch
The young love, in exchange for the heart of the emperor. Whether there was pure love in the palace or a step-by-step plot ... Did she get the loneliness in the palace wall or the result she wanted ... Was she determined to be moved or powerful?
Wild Rose
When I was a child, my aunt really liked me and would like to play some dirty games. In the beginning, I didn't know what they meant. Later I found out that she was training me to be a real man...