33 Books
Xiuzhen university
Lu ming accidentally came into contact with the truth of the world in a dream, and the painting slowly unfolded in front of him.
Xyrin Empire
It's not about empire, it's not about the world, it's not about upgrades, it's actually a very serious, serious, hard science fiction, saving the world - just listen to it. Well, this is actually a group of leaders who have not escaped and a cheater who has no integrity.
Xuan ming ji
The son of a widow went up to qingshan, half idle and half bored. After three years had passed, the world had changed. Chaos will arise, who and fight. In the green mountain, the sword moved the sky. What's on the boulevard? A greyhound.
X-ray Guardian of Beautiful Bride
He is not only a gifted doctor with X-ray eyes but also the king of the underworld. Getting back to the city, he becomes the guardian of his beautiful capricious wife!
Xing Huo
Rumor has it that butterflies can cause hurricanes by flapping their wings. Can a spark start a prairie fire?
Xiangang tianjing
I was not a god when I was born and could not choose my fate. I was born not to be a god, I can choose how to live. The wind blows. It was snowing all over the sky, all alone in white, and a head of silver hair was better than snow. A tear, with the wind and snow slide, reflected the world sad and desolate, this is life. This is the story of a small character who is not willing to be conquered by fate, fighting against heaven, earth, and destiny.
Xian sifan: may your heart be filled here
In the middle of the flood wasteland, nu wa of the demon tribe pinched the earth to make people, and now the human race. People, weak and humble, life is only a few decades in a hurry, in the thousands of years between the fingers of the flood how short. And in this world, the most painful but love, the most hated people.
X-ray Poison Doctor: Watch Out, Beauty!
Wang Bing was just a security until he met a mad master that day. From then, his life was changed like a drama. Hey beauty, do you know that I can see your panty by just a kiss? What? No? Well, I have to show you then!
Xiao-xiao hanqing
Red and blue It was a long time ago It's hard to go against the will of nature, See the face of life, for a moment and thousands of miles away Like an ancient sword shadow Li xu, in vain, but also love to send Forward, and love, and back When you don't know, all the background is yan yan yan The moon is bright and clear The sound, the clavichord, the tears of grief All night long How do you wash your heart and leave everything to rest
Xianyu hongjie
Chu chen's dream was to enter the imperial court as an official, but somehow he went on the road of cultivation.
Xiuxianjie is created by the Qinglongmen founder, it exists in the human fantasy. It and the world to believe in the mountain for the boundary, both real and illusory. If everyone in the world thinks that Xiuxianjie should not exist, it will disappear with Xinmingshan, including the whole Xiuxianjie" cactus." Therefore, if the people in the mountain want to go out, people outside the mountain want to go in, must pass through Xinmingya. So those who came in became nothingness, and those who went out put their fate on Xinmingya. It turned out that the so-called path of ascension was the process from emptiness to reality. The so-called cultivation of immortals was the process from reality to emptiness. The extreme of the tao is merely a matter of life and death. How many people, who were cultivating, fell into the devil's path. It's not about right or wrong. It's about people.
Xuan tian
Feng yun crossed to the wonderful continent. A broken family, a continent lined with sects, a vast new world, a world rich in martial arts, and a system called xuan tian.
Xuan qiong cultivation path
Being dumped by his girlfriend in the air, under the pain of travel abroad to relax, never thought, passing the bermuda triangle sea, the plane crash, everything disappeared; except him. Because he is the only one in the universe who has the soul of creation. Due to fate, he came to a place called the xuanyu continent, from which he began his magnificent legendary path of cultivation.
Xinghe wanxiang
It is a world in which all things are created by nothing. Pulse beast, bogey beast is spread all over the world star continent, north mountain west sea, south forest east desert, thousands of phase law, change the sky. After nie xinghe died, she crossed to the wanxiang star continent and saw those who had failed in the past. In order to protect her, she worshipped the ancient emperor, the heavenly overlord, as her master, and traversed the wanxiang star continent. Boundary division and corresponding titles: Qing yuan realm (monk), qing yuan realm (aerial warrior), xu kong realm (Wang Shi), rift space (honorable sir), great empty space (emperor)
Xiao dotes on his wife: president, I refuse
Once she loved the young master of a business, she would not hesitate to give up her precious life. She was willing to be the bone marrow support of his beloved person and marry him. However, after spending so many years together, she did not move his heart. Even when she was about to give birth, she would kill her bones and take her bone marrow for a transplant for the person she loved. This time, it was her turn not to want him.
Xiao ba's wife
A drunken scene caused her to lose her innocence, lose her lover, lose her family, but get the favor of president si, whom everyone admired. He was cold and cold. He was an iron-blooded man that many women were eager to marry, but he treated her as a treasure. He doted on her, loved her, and made her forget about her pain. But when she woke up from her dream, she realized that everything was a ruthless plot. She hated him and took revenge on him. He endured her, she ran away, he chased after her, and she ran away again ... He caressed her face. "Little girl, you will never leave me in this lifetime!"
Xuanyun continent
The ninth elder of the yan clan of the xuanyun continent had picked up a child. . . . . .
Xunxun fangji: where did young master escape?
Third young master was as cold as ice. "Spit it out after eating mine and return it to me after stealing mine!" "I just stole four recipes from you. I, I will give it back to you ..." The little servant girl was about to cry. "What about the heart you stole from me? ! Please give it back to me as well! The third young master glared at him, his peach blossom eyes filled with cold knives. The little servant girl's face turned red. How could he say such words? One was a black-hearted aristocratic young master and the other was a pretty maid who pretended to be a pig and eat a tiger. A pair of black-bellied men and women, a changeable situation. As for any emotional matter, either the east wind has suppressed the west wind, or the west wind has suppressed the east wind. It was probably the same between the young master and the maid ... She had never felt that she was a good person, and she understood the reason why she earned everything herself. She was a little greedy, but this idea was just to gain someone's he
Xuanji map
Meridian notes, thick forest books, snow without trace, heaven and earth dark yellow. Lantau Peak, the sound of the book, shikumen, chasing the dream devil. Ruolan talent, full of reputation of daqin, anti - marriage seeking love, steadfast and unyielding. Brocade xuanji, soul-stirring dou tao, every word dripping blood, every sentence zhuji. Dream lan tungtong material, xuanji love, against the king, husband and wife separated. The wood is flat and disorderly, the kindness mutually bestows the marriage, the husband and the woman appearance, the perfect match. Dream orchid infatuation, thousands of miles to find a husband, dream sticks bosom, sea na bai chuan. Xuanji twinkle, into the body for love, sister love, a thousand years ago.
Xuanxiao samsara
There is no such thing as treachery and loyalty, but it is partial to one's heart. After making the reason into steel, all kinds of mechanisms are also smooth. Learn a hundred thousand changes, turn around to do a good spring and autumn dream. There is no high opportunity, the fruit is always the same.
Xin Xiuniang
Xin Xiuniang, a woman scorned by the world, married into the Danjia, because of family hatred, she became a pawn. It took three years for her to realize that she had made a mistake in her father-in-law's bed. She was so regretful and annoyed that she could not face her family. A letter of leave drove her out of the house and turned her into a street rat who was being beaten up! A year later, he returned to his glory and swore an oath. "I' ll live on my own. Dan Danyang will die, and I' ll be right behind you!" Reward can be added more, today plus more did not see, the next day must be more, like to hit me with a reward, I like the feeling of being hit by silver faint!
Xiufan road
Because of the situation, han nuo, the spokesperson of no. 8 pawnshop, was rescued by the shadow regarding no. 8 pawnshop. Han nuo, who had suddenly lost his memory, was reborn into the mortal world and finally stepped into the cultivation world.
Xiao ling's wife: honey, don't worry
Their wedding caused a stir in the city, but it also caused a storm in the city ... A few years later. "Mommy, someone is saying bad things about you on the internet again." Meng bao held the tablet and lowered his head to refresh it. He frowned slightly. "If they want to talk, just say it. If mommy wants them to shut up, it's only a matter of minutes." A certain woman didn' t care at all. "Then why didn' t mommy come forward?" Mengmeng pouted. "Little darling, do you want to see mommy come forward?" A certain woman's lips curled into a faint smile. "Yes! My mommy's not what they say! Hmph!" Meng bao snorted in displeasure. If mommy didn't make a move, he would have made a move. "Good. Mommy will shut them all up tomorrow." A certain woman said domineeringly. "How can I be absent?" Unwilling to be forgotten, a certain man interrupted.
Xiao xing
At the age of 16, quan zhiying was forced to drop out of school and leave home. In the mixed society experience, is the blessing of god, is the opportunity of creation, like the dragon across the river, repeatedly create jianghu news. With a lot of masters, the establishment of the british, the eight sides of the war, standing at the top of the jianghu river, soul-stirring. "I am the king's way!"
X puzzle scroll
The story of the great adventurer Mr. Wei's grandson Wei Che met the mysterious woman Li Yaning, was invited to participate in a special rescue mission. They are going to the three gorges of the yangtze river to save a missing expedition, but wei che found that Li Yaning's real goal is to find the legendary lost Temple of heaven, because that palace has the secrets of immortality. When wei che and the others arrived at the three gorges of the yangtze river, they found that there was actually a bronze gate at the bottom of the yangtze river. Was that the entrance to Temple of heaven?
Xu yiqing was deep
Qi Shaochuan was a thorn in Xu Qing's heart ... That day, when this thorn pierced Xu Qing's heart and made her bleed, she completely lost the ability to love someone. But if everything were to start over again, Xu Qing might still do so.
Xia gongsi fei: amazing love
The red and warm curtains in the harem were warm. Who would be his pillow buddy? Once a concubine, never after. It turned out that she was just one of his many women. Her heart, hurt no trace; her feelings, sad to no reason; her love, to no avail. Finally, one day, she looked up at the sky and asked. "My husband, did you really love me?" If there is a time, fall in love with a man who can never fall in love with their own, and how to go down the long road of this life. Love suffers as much as being loved. Do you want to throw away your dignity?
Xian xian xian
It was a bit surprising to say that she had a creative idea and an idea. Some years of writing novels, the total number of words also has a few million. What I like to hear is, it's been hitting the street. After the last book was broken down, I thought a lot about whether to continue this line or not to think of a new book. . . At this moment! The popularity of lingjian mountain plus 8 stations such as spring breeze into the game, let me have an idea! Transformation! If the traditional fantasy can not write, I decided to try to have no integrity funny flow! However, the main reason why novels are novels is the plot. "Funny isn' t the purpose. It's my way of telling stories." After setting the main direction, I began to elaborate the idea, smiling fruit mainly reference to lingjian mountain and silver soul, as for the plot ... If you want to try! Then be different from others! [ The beginning of the immortal novel ... What would happen if there were no cultivators' magic? ] It was based on this question that
Xuanming robbery and murder record
In the quiet night of the The luo family compound in Ning mansion, apart from the rustle of wind blowing past the leaves, there was also the sound of broken air coming from the courtyard. Sima Jianqing rested during the day and got up at night and went into the courtyard. He took a deep breath, his chest throbbing, and his heart kept beating. He could hear the powerful heartbeat from ten meters away, but how powerful was the explosive force in this seemingly weak body! All of a sudden, a hand was raised and a knife was swept out! Hiss! With a hint of wind cracking, Sima Jianqing's foot knife sliced the grass off the ground one layer at a time. It was obvious that the strong wind was overbearing.
Envy long live, mu not dead, can know the immortal road is ethereal, lonely? All the way weeping blood struggle, all the way singing free and easy, chaotic times, no one is exempt, the world, recited a tragic fairy song.