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You Are My Entire World
When he was four years old and she was two years old, she mumbled, "Hubby... Hubby..." He asked in a childish voice," do you know what hubby is for?"" For kissing!" Then she threw him down. He was 14 years old that year, and she was 12 years old. She already knew what her husband meant and didn't dare to make any more noise. Instead, he leaned her against the wall and smiled evilly." Why don't you call me husband recently?" As he spoke, his lips moved towards her. He was twenty-four years old that year, and she was twenty-two years old. He pressed her under his body, kissed her deeply, and sighed in a bewitching voice," you want to... Call me husband...
You Are My Only Sunshine
[ Darlingly sweet ] not only was the hobby of hao xiansen's "Sick" wife well-known, but it was even to the point where it made one's hair stand on end. Rumor had it that Mrs. Hao was a lowly person, and he didn't care. Mrs. Hao's educational background was low, so he spent money to buy a university city for her. Mrs. Hao's appearance was ordinary, and he gave countless treasures as a foil. Mrs. Hao was a loner, so he gave up all the banquets and entertainment. However, Mrs. Hao, who had been spoiled to the skies, was brainless enough to regret her marriage!" I'm poor. I really don't deserve you."..."" Hao xiansen," it was my negligence. I'll take care of it tomorrow." What, a divorce agreement? Oh, no, it's actually half of his property transfer agreement! [ Content is not abusive, not abusive, very pampered~
You Killed My Love
I risked my life to love you, but in the end, you just killed my love.
You and I were obsessed
Both he and she felt that they had an unhappy but warm childhood. So when they think of it, they can't help but smile. He wanted very much to go up to her and ask her," qing yan, we never have time to regret our own mistakes." However, he would always think that a girl would always have a happy fantasy for the first time! Marriage or love, both!
You left me half dead
Yu Shu had loved him for the rest of his life, endured jail time for him, suffered humiliation for him, but in the end, there was nothing. There was someone around him who laughed. He had given him the desolation of his life, and he was willing to give it to him. He was like a drug addict, unable to extricate himself.
Youth blown over by the wind
I am a cat, quiet and perverse. When I looked up, I looked for your eyes. When I looked down, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that I wanted you. I'm rebellious, crazy. But still met the Fushun I can defy the hair of the xu chen! I'm a cat, a cat named gu zhen. Drinking, fighting, and beating up bad girls who did everything but smoke gu zhen became a good student after meeting xu yichen. Time and time together, gu zhen slowly from xu chen body found the original lost things.
Yun shui yao ge
When he saw her for the first time, he smiled and held her waist." Young lady, it would be good to offer yourself to her." A certain woman was speechless and decided to slap fei zhi! She thought that there would be no more interaction, but she was entangled to the end by him. "Baby, double cultivation!" A certain evildoer was obsessed with her. "Come on, let's sleep to relieve our worries!" Lying on the bed, a certain evildoer swayed his alluring posture. In the daytime, he was a god above all others, but he doted on her to the death. At night, he was a bewitching and bewitching evildoer, but he was addicted to her seduction. Too many peach blossoms? A certain evildoer smiled coldly and angrily cut off the peach blossom blossom before carrying her onto the bed." Girl, change your position and continue!"
You're just a dream
Three years ago, he had cruelly asked her to abort the child and marry someone else at the wedding. Only then did he realize that she had never betrayed her, but it was too late ...
Yu Sheng will never love you again
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You have to: the president spoils his pure wife
A car accident, hit fly her ordinary and comfortable life, was first taken away by someone chaste, followed closely by the mystery of life, in a blink of an eye, she changed from an ordinary female college student into a jealous rich young lady. A car accident, hit him for a long time not to throb, a night of ecstasy, he also want to live day and night, he did not hesitate to become someone else's house son-in-law, just to become that woman's lawful husband. In her eyes, he was the biggest devil on earth, and in his eyes, she was the most beautiful angel on earth. People say, only the devil, can be worthy of angels, finally, she believed.
Your affection is poison
"Open it and take a look. It's a gift for you." The man's tone was full of sarcasm. Ningxia frowned and had a bad feeling. "What is it?" "See for yourself." She supported her tummy and moved to the table with difficulty. With her slender fingers, she lifted the box and saw something similar to a male part. ... Years later, she had chosen not to love him, but he had shamelessly stuck up to her -
You made me love you so much
"I' m getting married." Li yuxin took a big gulp and started coughing. Song Zihang paused for a moment and then said with a wry smile. "Is it that fast?" "Okay, don' t meet again." Li Yuxin did not look at him, but stared blankly at the flame of the cigarette butt.
You are the only entertainment
He left home at a young age and enlisted at the age of 16. In the first 18 years of his life, he had a bad time. Looking back on the past, she realized that the motivation that supported her along the way turned out to be the ones beside her.
You are My Whole World
She was scolded by a professor; he rushed to her, followed by all the faculty of the university, who later apologized to her. She was looked down upon by a rich woman in the shopping mall; he rushed to her and purchased the whole mall for her. She was taken advantage of by a man she liked; he rushed to her and pulled her back to his mansion. "I'm married. It is said that my husband is old, ugly, and disabled. But I'm his wife anyway." She stepped back to the corner with her eyes trembled. He showed a new marriage certificate and pursed his lip, "Honey, what you heard is not true. I didn't know you love me so much before today. Then, we can have a baby!" A few months later, she got an aching waist and could not bear it anymore…
You're the only one with my eyes
Meet in thousands of people, I saw you at a glance from all things lost color in my eyes, my eyes can see the most beautiful scenery only you.
Yizhou crime
The mad demon who snatched the red envelope picked up the corpse man, the black car driver, the trafficker, the beggar, the peddler, the star pervert assassin ... What kind of darkness did these people have?
You're in my heart
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Young master di's doting wife
In debt, she was forced to sell to a rich family as a servant. She endured it, but why was it his house? Powerful, wealthy Yu family, the favored son of heaven. They had quarrels, but she had become his personal servant, and even more profound for him. She hated him, and he tortured her unscrupulously. However, she never knew how much love he had given. Someone asked her years later. "You hate him to the bone. Why are you still together?" She answered without thinking. "Let's make love over time." The words reached someone's ears and he laid her down on the bed. "Come on, let's deepen our relationship." Resume updates, daily updates.
You should be wandering all your life
Life will never be more than the dog blood in front of this sentence is always tong ruoyu is more suitable. Her parents had an accident, and her noble background surfaced. Once said, all of our heartache, is their own knife to the heart, even if you are reluctant, will not consciously do so. Time makes the person that should be close to become more and more estranged, even if it is that pale and powerless" I wait for you" can not change the initial feeling.
Young master Shen's lovely wife
"Well, is monsieur alone? May I treat you to dinner? This was the first time she had met him. "Miss, what a coincidence." The second time they met, he looked at her with amusement. He was unwilling to be deceived by her. "I heard that the selling of organs has been very popular recently, so I' ll dig out one of your kidneys as compensation." From then on, two people's fate entangles ~
Youth opening ceremony
The curtain of youth has already opened, perhaps at the moment we were born, there are many people who love me in our colorful appearance and pay silently. The hero, chen merlin, grew up in the great era of the great changes in the motherland, and went through a mystery of his life caused by the dispute between his parents and his parents What about happiness?
Yin yang and yin yang
I have a pair of extremely strange eyes, can see through the yin and yang, but also has some special ability; in the middle of july, let me see the annual spirit removal conference, and my life has just begun! Strange and unpredictable the Yellow River, the uncanny soul calling, the hundred city spirit chasing and other strange events, seemingly unrelated events have a special connection! It all started with that strange ghost car ...
Young master shen, it's not too late
"Su Yuyan, you killed her, so you should marry me instead!"" Shen Huainan, why did you bring other women to our wedding bed?" Weibo @ melon seeds * ] [ the website supports qq, baidu, and weibo login. Please log in and follow up the book for the next time. ]
Young master gong doted on her: she couldn' t escape.
She was arrogant for a moment, but it was hard for her to chase after her wife. After lu xing was injured, he chose to go abroad and return to china again. Long sen was already by lu xing's side. Hearing this news, gong Hailin could no longer be arrogant. "What? I can' t take my woman back. I have to take it back." She was cornered. "Mr. Gong, please take care of yourself. I' m your brother's girlfriend."
Yuntian avenue
After the birth of the prince of the jiang kingdom, there were many bad omens, but things were far from as simple as this.eight years later, 200,000 soldiers were defeated in the northern desert, and the capital fell, and prince gong changbai fled to the yun tian sect of the first great immortal cultivation.he solved the mystery of his birth and brought a great disaster to the world.
Young master Gu has a long way to go after his wife
What was the experience of being ridiculed by a group of soft and cute buns for being short and poor? Well, gu yichen really wanted to beat him up. In fact, what he wanted most was the' sister' of the steamed stuffed bun! However, how could he bear to think about it? How dare you? Thus, he could only open the mode of doting on his wife. He abused the dog, even his own son. One day. "Brother chen, your son bullied me in the game." Gu yichen narrowed his eyes. "My wife said that you bullied her. What do you say?" Little bun. "Then you can bully her back!"
Yin yang delivery man
I just went out to work, I actually found a high-paying job, so, I set out every night at midnight, but horrible strange things began to happen one after another. Most importantly, I found out that my family was actually guarding a huge fortune, which was a ghost tomb ...
Youth of lust
Director Wang stared at me and asked. "Xie Junjun, are you still not?" Later, I entered the entertainment circle, but still can not put off the fate of selling. Moreover, she had to admit that the entertainment industry was definitely the most tasteful group ...
Yin yang school
The plot is almost unchanged, with a few fewer words combined, and some of the chapters are revised.
You Are My Unforgettable Love
They say the greatest blessing is marrying the idol you always dreamed of. But Qiao Lian knows that reality is different... The Internet claims that Best Actor Shen Liangchuan is a male god who is unaffected by any sexual drive, but Qiao Lian vehemently disagrees. It's a lie! After finally carrying out the contract, Qiao Lian burst out, "I want a divorce! I don't want such a life!"