18 Books
Zorana of naruto
After the ninja war, it was peaceful and peaceful. However, the ninja crisis was not resolved, and new dangers lurked in the darkness. The last descendant of yuzhibo, parents are three tolerance, my birth on behalf of extraordinary! "Zi, ugly hai, the art of tolerance, the art of shadow separation!"
Zhongzhou age
The story is a mixture of Harry Potter and" kill the immortals," about the campus life and adventure of a group of monks. The overall style was similar to that of the immortal warrior, but it was not the kind of cultivation that started out, and the youthful atmosphere was more intense. And with a different color, not pure classical. Mainland Zhongzhou has a" doomsday" prophecy that needs to be saved by" guiding stones." He Danggui, a young drugstore boy, absorbed the power of the guiding stone and went to Mount emei to practice taoism. He became friends with Chu Chu and Su Li. Elder Mingyu often made things difficult for He Danggui and used the excuse to imprison him. In the cave, He Danggui found a magic wood knife, from which to understand the high - depth daoism. At the same time, there was a mysterious enemy who wanted to take away the power of the guiding stone in He Danggui's body and set many traps. He Danggui and his companions explore together, into the ancient" divine race" left behind the formatio
Zhao Ge
On the land of the twelve dynasties, the eight Immortal gate sects stood tall. Under the guidance of senior brother Baili shu, the young Nine mystical gates disciple set foot on the Blue feather boat flying to Bingzhou, and the secret and grand change of era began. The passing of the barbarian era, the The ancient emperor of the chaotic era, the interruption of the wanxian era... The old war began again in a new era, and the people holding swords began to fight behind the scenes of history. The elder in a black robe quietly left the Sect and became a sword walking in the middle of the night. Birds circled in the clouds. - In the temple, the old Ah Sa roared like a lion, and his long sword cut through the legendary immortal phoenix Divine wood like a rainbow. Outside the temple, dressed in a white robe, Baili shu, who was walking in the river of time, once again stretched his bow and pulled the strings, shooting out an arrow burning with flames. ... The sky was a melting throne, and below the throne was a col
Zombie leader
The wedding was originally a happy one, but it had turned into a split between yin and yang. In order to resurrect her lover, Long Yuan set out on the road to find the zombie ancestor, the minister. He fought all the way to subdue the demons and demons, but the whole plot slowly surfaced ...
Zhan Long
Li Xiao Yao left S.W.A.T to become an ordinary security guard. While working, he happened to enter the VIP room and found Lin Wang Er still in the middle of changing. As revenge, she took him on a ride and kicked him out of the car. After hours of walking, Li Xiao Yao finally managed to get back home just to be kicked out of the house. He then got an offer from his previous supervisor to become the bodyguard of the Tian Xi group CEO’s daughter both in game and in reality. But unknown to Li Xiao Yao the girl was actually…
Zombie Sister Strategy
Ps: the book will be finished by the end of may. The new book "Ghost eater" has been released, welcome to read! Lin Qiao, who had lost his memory of the last five years of the apocalypse, woke up as a newborn zombie! And this zombie was a vicious and infamous person.
Zhu yan chang: feng lai yi
She was the princess of the former dynasty. In order to find out the cause of her father's death, she was disguised as a humble servant in the palace. He treated her as the shadow of his true love and made her a former imperial female official. He wanted to bring her into the harem and not give her any glory, but he was repeatedly rejected by her who did not know what was good for her. She ran into her ex-fiancé and was pushed by him step by step. When her identity was revealed, she fell into a fight in the harem and turned into a ghost in the lotus pond. A few years later, she was coerced by the rebellious party and used an ordinary face to hide behind the beautiful imperial consort, quietly looking at the superior emperor doting on the beautiful concubine. She took every step as a strategy, the truth was gradually revealed that year, the past surfaced, but unexpectedly, her real identity was involved. In the end, when her feelings had returned, she did not expect that her ex-fiancé had died because of her.
Zhuang qin suspense short stories
Fifty suspense short stories, two more a day
Zombie king
The main character, Mao Yifan, was not born to be a strange door material, but has the most rare body of the holy spirit, with the help of the tears of angels, learned the ancient mind method - the cultivation of god's art. At this point into the real spiritual temple, opening a new chapter of urban spiritual ...
Zhongnanhai Number one bodyguard
The army soldier was actually taken advantage of by the female secretary of the chief when he ate in a restaurant. Coincidentally, with his own abilities, he solved crises for the beautiful woman one after another. Regardless of whether it was the business or the battlefield, he would always be the winner. He would always use both hands to write his own legend!
Zhengzhou's wounds
The pain of an era is a person's pain, a person's pain is a city's pain. I met her here, fell in love here, and here I had to stand the test of the fallen. What I see is only a corner of this era, but it is this corner of the pain I can not erase. It's a story that happened in Zhengzhou, and it's my story, and it's a story that happened in thousands of cities, and it's your story.
Zhenyan in the heart
The qi family, the su family, had the longest and most powerful family in country a, qi moheng, an ordinary spice company in country a, the future successor of the qi family, the favored son of heaven, and su yezhen, the second daughter of the su family, had died young. Her father had married an unfaithful woman and an illegitimate daughter into the family. She had liked him for six years and was foolish for him. However, she didn' t know that he was moved not long after she liked him. Qi moheng was someone that su ye zhen used to like; if one day, he was with his half-sister, qi moheng would be su ye zhen's enemy. The two conflicted people, in a variety of tests and frustrations to recognize the most precious words of self, buried in the bottom of the heart, one day, will say it in person.
Zombie spirits
Evil spirits, through soul-absorbing sorcery, can keep the zombies alive in human form for a long time. The evil spirit only needs to say a spell to make a living person unable to control himself and allow the evil spirit to suck on the primordial spirit, thus providing the evil spirit with an endless stream of living power. One after another, horrible and unexplained mysterious events happened, that sentence to the great luo hell and the devil's curse made the hair tube loose, scalp numbness ...
Zhang gongchuan of yin ghost's yang difference
A taxi driver in a city caught a girl in the middle of the night. When she arrived at the destination, the girl disappeared. She did not see the girl get off the car. The next day, the driver died in the car inexplicably, leaving a letter in the car, which revealed a shocking secret. A strange and strange thing happened that was incredible and puzzling. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested in any of these reasons, let me tell you a story that I have experienced with my own hands.
Zero plan
Where to go, what to live for, passion like fire or cold as ice. Noe didn' t know who her biological parents were, so she lived with the amiable grandpa yang since she was young. Grandpa yang had a sister Shirley who was always on the tip of his tongue, but no1 had never seen her before.everyone had their own creed of pursuing and stubbornness, no1 didn' t know what he wanted, he only wanted to care about the people he cared about to be truly happy.unfortunately, the world was changeable, and some happiness would eventually be replaced by pain
Zeng da niu's desire life
Zeng da niu's cock silk retrograde road, all kinds of beauty powder on the stage, the ancient heritage of reality hundred states!
Zhao zhao's love: the emperor has fallen in love
"This is all because of love for the world, my queen. Our marriage is like a gift from heaven, isn' t it?" "What the emperor said is a holy word, a string of wonderful words. Everything is wonderful." You still want to, careful, there you go. Reeds and branches, the temple in the pond singing wonderful. From then on, play bamboo village. Ring incense. The rolling curtain was not completed, and the rain was continuous.
Zhan xian
Ye fei came to the Tianyuan continent. This was a world where strong cultivators were respected. As long as he had strong power, he could only survive in this world if he became a martial artist. As soon as he entered the world, he met this beautiful woman, jin qingling. After the two became friends, ye fei had always been by his side. After entering sunset city, ye fei encountered a lot of censure here, and because of these tribulations, this little warrior's fortuitous encounters continued. A few months later, ye fei was able to see this strange world more clearly. He also had his own goal in mind, that was to become a strong cultivator in the Tianyuan continent and rely on his own hard cultivation. He's on the cusp of a man