99 Ways to Spoil Her

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530.530 Wake Up, Amnesia

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"Tian, you will always be my favorite one." At the newlywed night, her husband said such words to Shu Tian, but unexpectedly this was the biggest lie. She thought she was the happiest woman in the world until the truth came out..."I only married you because of your father, and now you are worthless to me." His frivolous eyes shattered all her three years of forbearance. Drunk at night, she thought it was an exile, but only to meet the person turned out to be the country's famous lawyer. On the court of fame and fortune, he was skilled at ease, but he was not hesitate to put down his bottom line to help her, making her ex-husband broken overnight. At the end, she thought she could return to peace, but he cornered she and said, "your problem has been solved, so it's time to solve my problem."

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