Wolf Shaped Weapon Spirit

As soon as he got away from yuan yao, Han Li took out the Xutianding and flew away.

But not long after, Han Li felt like vomiting blood.

Despite all his efforts, the lid of the cauldron seemed to be cast on top of the body of the cauldron. There was no way to open a crack.

Whether it was pouring spiritual energy into the cauldron, or using all kinds of magic weapons to directly bombard the cauldron wall in anger.

It waited for at most a few flashes of lan hua, still looking motionless.

Han Li's heart sank.

Now he had no choice but to enlarge or shrink the Xutianding.

Han Li, who had discovered this fact, was extremely depressed and cursed on the empty sea for half a day. Naturally, the target was the unnecessary lord of Xu tian palace.

Clearly, there was something odd about this Xutianding. It was not only the nascent monks who could drive it, but also the other tricks that could open it up. It was not just something as simple as injecting spiritual energy into it.

What does it have to do with the dry blue ice flames surrounding the cauldron?

Confused, Han Li could only make a wild guess.

But on second thought, that's normal.

Xutianding is known as The sea of stars's number one secret treasure, and some of the ghost halls seem to be expected above, so there's nothing to be surprised about.

But the treasure that was kept empty was now unusable. This made Han Li extremely upset.

In a fit of anger, he threw the cauldron back into the storage bag and studied it carefully when he had time.

Then Han Li took out the wolf-head jade ruyi and began to explore its use.

Not to mention, in a short period of time, this ancient treasure really let him develop two kinds of magical powers.

The simplest thing to do is to inject spiritual energy directly into ruyi, and a yellow and red shield will appear on your body.

Han Li had seen the defensive ability of this shield in Xu tian palace with his own eyes. It was not unusual for him to be safe and sound from the blow of Qing Yi Scholar's hand.

Another miracle required Han Li to silently recite a few ancient incantations carved on ruyi's side, and after probing the Divine Perception into the wolf's heads at both ends, he could call out two red and yellow little wolves according to the situation, or simply call out a silver wolf at once.

The red wolf seemed to be a pure fire attributed spirit that had been transformed into several innate fire spirit spells.

The other yellow wolf was earthy and was good at earth spirits. Among them was Han Li's technique of hiding from the earth, which he had always wanted to learn but could not comprehend.

This gave Han Li an unexpected surprise.

As for the silver wolf, Han Lize had a headache. He could not control the beast.

Although the Silver wolf would respond to his orders, they always acted lazily.

When he wanted to see what kind of magic this wolf could do, the Silver wolf would pretend to be crazy and ignore it.

Han Li was completely speechless when he saw the perfunctory look in the eyes of the Silver wolf.

He also saw that both the yellow wolf and the red wolf were the incarnation of the Silver wolf. Obviously, the Silver wolf was the real Qiling of yu ruyi.

As for the Silver wolf's unruly nature, that may be because it has not been thoroughly refined. Han Li could only guess that.

However, Han Li remembered very clearly that the mysterious bone Laomo showed a surprised expression when he saw the silver wolf, and even did not hesitate to release the golden thunder and bamboo arrows.

This silver wolf spirit should be a bit famous, this point is absolutely unquestionable.

So Han Li was not angry and put yu ruyi away for the time being. The rest of the treasures from Xu tian palace were sorted out.

A few of Laomo's rings, rhino, Ice drops and other treasures, Han Li checked again, and found nothing wrong with it, but did not dare to continue to carry it on his body, all into the storage bag.

Only the bearded "Imperial scale armor," Han Li really couldn't bear to part with his extraordinary defense. After thinking about it, he continued to wear it closely.

As for the "Pieces of puppet parts," a small half bottle of "Wannian spirit milk" and a small "Soul wood" root that was only half the length of a finger, Han Li also dealt with it properly.

During this time, Han Li accidentally flipped over some small colorful beads. This startled him a little, then he remembered the origin of these things.

It was a strange thing left behind when the multicolored skeletons were burned at the Tian Nan transporter array that day.

Now it seems that since there is a blood jade spider near that skeleton, ten of them should be another of Xuan Gu's apostles "Extremely dazzling."

It was just why the bones were multicolored, and what did it have to do with Emperor Yue's downfall, which made it difficult for Han Li to understand.

But looking at the beads, Han Li somehow remembered the Xutianding.

The same color, but the potentilla was much larger than these beads, and the overall glow was more dazzling.

Han li looked at the pearls in his hands and after a long time of contemplation, he solemnly put them away again.

After that, Han Li took out the blood-colored cloak with great speed.

He was in a ball of Xueguang, shooting into the air in the direction of Heavenly star city.

Although this required a great deal of spiritual energy, it was definitely several times faster than the average alchemy cultivator.

Now he had to rush back to the cave of Heavenly star city before the other monks came out of Xu tian palace.

There were other things that could be taken away, but the Gold-eating Insect that had been meticulously left behind must not leave one.

He did not want these bugs to fall into the hands of the old monster who would come to the door in the future. Perhaps, these old monsters have some secret technique that can also cause this strange worm!

Moreover, he had already planned to give up the cave as soon as he returned to Heavenly star city and send it to the outer star sea through the Star city teleportation array.

He wanted to kill the monsters and regroup the Yaodan, while temporarily avoiding the limelight of this treasure hunt, so that he could break through the initial stage of the pill formation as soon as possible.

After a while of flying like this, Han Li felt that he had consumed more than half of his power and immediately switched back to normal dodging light. He slowly regained his power with a medium-level Lingshi in his hand.

When the mana was almost restored, he continued to fly with the blood cloak treasure.

As such, Han Li's speed was astonishing, and in just a few days he flew the distance that he had only been able to complete in the past half a month.

On the way, Han Li did not run into other cultivators, but they were all low-ranking cultivators in the foundation building or even the refining stage. Han Li ignored them and brushed past them.

When these cultivators saw Han Li's speed of escaping light, they naturally knew that they had met the expert who had finished the alchemy period, and they did not dare to harass Han Li!

However, as they got closer to Heavenly star city, there were more and more monks on the road.

A few of them, even a dozen of them, came into line.

Finally, a month later, Han Li saw the first alchemy cultivator he met along the way.

However, when the cultivator saw Han Li, he immediately ran away with unusual vigilance and had no intention of going forward to talk.

One of them is so easy to understand! But in the next few days, after running into two cultivators with the same expressions and actions, Han Li felt something was wrong.

Could something big have happened in The sea of stars these days when he was in Xu tian palace collecting treasures?

As soon as this idea came to mind, Han Li naturally could not go on the road alone.

So on this day, when han li stood at attention holding the Lingshi and slowly flying on the sea, a group of monks came from another direction.

There were seven or eight people, all of whom were cultivators in the foundation period. At first glance, they were cultivators who belonged to a certain force.

Without a word, Han Li turned into a blue rainbow and flew away.

Han Li did not intend to hide the light, so when these monks saw Han Li flying in, they immediately became agitated. But at last, under the scolding of the leading old man, they all stood quietly with their hands tied.

"What's the matter with this senior? Do you want me to wait for you?" The old man, who was leading the way, had grey hair but was very energetic. He had not waited for Han Li to fly up to him before he said the first salute. His respectful attitude really made one find nothing wrong with it.

As soon as the Blue light withdrew, Han Li's figure appeared in front of the group of monks. He glanced at a few people and asked calmly:

"Where are you monks? Where are you going?"

"The younger generation and others are the three immortals sect's cultivators. They went to Heavenly star city on the orders of the sect master!" The old man replied respectfully.

"To Heavenly star city? On my way here, how did I find that the number of monks heading to Heavenly star city suddenly increased, and the atmosphere seemed a little tense." Han Li frowned and asked slowly after a moment of silence.

"Hehe! It seems that the elder must have been in a deserted place a while ago, and he still doesn't know about it. Something big happened in star city not long ago, and almost all the sects and forces will send people to Heavenly star city recently!" The old man took a deep breath and said with a smile.

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