Chapter 258 Open the Box

Biqu pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 1 / 3) the recommendation vote: chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, bookmark on the next page: Han Li stands at the edge of the square. Looking at the strange scenery in the mystical realm, his eyes were a little erratic, and his mind was obviously not here. X he had been here for more than a month, and had already explored the entire environment except the great ravine. To enter and leave this place, he had to pass through the only entrance, so he only needed to set a set of restrictions outside the entrance and leave a wisp of Divine Desire behind, so he could sense it early before Gu Jie chased him to the secret territory. Of course, because there was only one entrance and exit, it would be more difficult for him to escape. To solve this problem, Han Li had already made an early trip to the southern tip of Guyun continent before he came here, opening a cave near a hidden cliff near Thunderstorm ocean. In the cave, he used nine Arresting thunder wood to set up a stable Thunder Formation that could be transported over a long distance and made a spirit mark there. As long as he was near Guyun continent, he could teleport there in an instant by using the spirit mark on the thunder array when he was teleporting through the Thunder Formation. If Gu Jie had really chased him to this point, he would have been able to teleport there as fast as he could and then escape into Thunderstorm ocean, which would have a great chance of escaping Gu Jie's pursuit. However, because this thunder array was in the open state for a long time, it would consume the thunder and lightning power in the Arresting thunder wood at every moment. It could only last less than a hundred years at most, and it would be completely useless because the thunder and lightning power was exhausted. "Since you're here, take it easy. You'd better deal with what you're doing first." Han Li muttered to himself, patted his hands on the Bai Yu railing, and turned to walk to the cave on the other side of the square. Back in the secret chamber of the mansion, Han Li sat down cross-legged, flipped his palm, and two thin yellow pages appeared in his palm, carefully examining them. These two pages are not about anything else, but about the Tong yuan dan and the Tong yuan dan. Han Li wanted to improve his strength and cultivation as soon as possible, so he had to refine a large number of earth grade elixirs to assist his cultivation. Now, as far as Tong yuan dan is concerned, he already has some experience in refining, and the success rate is much higher than before. Although he has not refined the Chunlin pill, it is not very difficult with the assistance of the internet service. At present, he did not lack the spirit medicine to refine these two kinds of elixirs, but for the sake of long-term plans, he had just arrived here and planted most of the spirit medicine seeds in the private Spirit medicine garden of the cave. He knew in his heart that although he already had two earth grade elixirs in his hand, if he took the same elixir for a long time, he would develop drug resistance. When the effect of the elixir decreased, it would not only waste the spirit medicine, but also slow down the speed of cultivation. Therefore, he needed more different types of alchemy to refine more Earth Elixir. A long time ago, he had issued a mission in the impermanent alliance in exchange for an earth grade alchemy, but because the alchemy was too precious, most of Earth alchemist did not want to use it to trade, so he never got what he wanted. As soon as he thought about it, Han Li flipped his palm and a purple jade box appeared in his palm. It was something from Pingyao. Since this item was sealed by a man close to Celestial alchemist's attainments so precious and precious, the contents could be the elixir formula cherished by the alchemists as their lives. His eyes swept over the dense lines on the purple box. With a flick of his wrist, he saw more than ten small black flags about an inch in size in front of him. The flag was black and made of iron, engraved with many complicated and inexplicable dark lines. Han Li picked up the iron flags and inserted them one by one into the stone floor in front of him in the shape of a ring. Then he raised a finger and gently embedded them in the ground, carving them back and forth between the iron flags. Soon, a rather complicated small Method Formation appeared on the ground. Han Li placed the purple jade box in the center of the Method Formation, then pointed at it together, pinched out a magic formula, and recited it silently in his mouth. With the sound of chanting, the dark lines on the black iron flag and the lines carved on the ground lit up." Qi," Han Li said softly. The entire Method Formation burst into a dazzling light, drowning the entire purple jade box. There was only a soft" chuckle." Page oh ^ 0 ^ pen interest pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 2 / 3) add a bookmark to the silver symbol that is tightly attached to the jade box and light up. It burned directly. The purple jade box was burned by the fire, and the engraved lines on the surface lit up one after another, reflecting the whole box into a crystal clear, like an extremely exquisite amethyst. Before Han Li could finish enjoying the beautiful scene, the jade box suddenly trembled violently. The lines on the surface became brighter and brighter, as if it was about to crack." How could this be..." Han Li's heart tightened, and the blue light in his eyes lit up. Inside the purple jade box, hidden runes, which were hard to discern with the naked eye, were shining brilliantly. They were about to launch a self-destructive force and completely break the whole jade box and its contents. The seal of this jade box actually has two layers of light and dark. If only the silver symbol on the surface is removed, the secret runes inside the box will be activated, which will cause irreversible consequences. Just at this critical moment, Han Li silently recited the Truth wheel chant. He was surrounded by golden light, and a golden Circular Wheel about the size of a ruler suddenly appeared behind him, slowly turning. As his mind spun, the Truth wheel spun so fast that countless golden ripples spread out and spread around him, instantly covering the area within ten feet. Inside the chamber, everything slowed down except Han Li himself. The rune light in the purple jade box seemed to have been on for a long time because it was too fast before, but now it slowed down, and Han Li realized that it was flickering in the light and in the dark. He saw his fingers close together, his fingers flying, his hands moving back and forth on the ground like a dream, quickly picked up a black iron flag, and in a blink of an eye a small Method Formation was set up again." Qi" Han Li let out a light drink from his mouth, and the Method Formation suddenly shone brightly, a wisp of black light like a small arrow, shooting into the purple jade box from the black iron flag. Inside the jade box, the hidden rune light was restrained, no longer flickering, then silently dissipated, and the flame outside the jade box gradually became smaller. When the flame was completely extinguished, the lines on the purple jade box gradually faded away, and a" pa" sound came from the box, and it was actually opened by itself. Han Li put the Truth wheel into his body and grabbed it. The purple jade box flew up in the air and landed in his palm. Outside the entire chamber, he had already set up a high level of banned Method Formation, not to worry about any unknown means inside the jade box that would expose his current location. He looked intently and saw that the entire jade box was empty, with only a thin stack of light gold paper lying quietly at the bottom. Han Li saw this, first released the Divine perception to sweep, and found that there was no trace of the Divine Desire on it, then raised his hand to twist it, holding it in his hand to examine it carefully. On the top page, the three characters" chengwandan" were written in ancient seal characters, while on the bottom, the name, year, dosage and refining method of the traditional chinese medicine were written in small letters. Han Li's face lit up with joy. As he had expected, the pill formula was in the jade box. After a cursory glance at the first page, he flipped the page back and looked at more than ten more in succession. He was surprised to find that most of these prescriptions were earth grade ones, including the top one, chengwan dan, which had seven of them. However, he was relieved to think that Pingyao zi had the ability to refine the daodan. With these seven earth grade formulas, together with the previous Tong yuan dan and the Chunlin pill, for a long time to come, he no longer had to bother looking for them. According to the description of the nature and appearance of the pill in the prescription, Han Li basically confirmed that the bottle of yellow and clear pill obtained from Pingyao zi was chengwan pill without a doubt. In terms of grade, each of these elixirs seemed to be better than the Chunlin pill. Of course, the spiritual herbs they used were not ordinary, not to mention the rare variety, the main ingredients needed more than 50 or 60 thousand years. Fortunately, this Fushan mountain mystical realm where Han Li lived was originally a natural treasure house of spiritual herbs, from which many spiritual herbs could be found. Under his status, he only collected a few spiritual herbs less than a hundred years old. Of course, the Sect doesn't have a page. Chapter 3 / 3: bookmark Will ask. After that, he used a small bottle of spirit liquid to ripen the main spirit of a full year. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the spirit materials were purchased through the Immortal yuan stone as much as possible. Han Li held back the joy in his heart and picked up the jade box, trying to put these pills away again. At this moment, the corner of his eye suddenly caught a glimpse of something strange at the bottom of the jade box. He flipped his hand, took out a dagger as thin as a Willow leaves, stuck it against the edge of the jade box, and gently pried it up. There was only a soft click. A purple jade plate as smooth as a mirror was pried from the bottom of the jade box. Han Li picked up the jade board which was not much thicker than the paper and examined it carefully in front of his eyes. Through the reflection of the fire in the secret room, one could see that on the seemingly smooth jade board, there were extremely thin and dense lines, which were connected with each other, drawing a very complicated flower-shaped pattern. Han Li closed his eyes, gathered the Divine perception together, and leaned over the jade board. As soon as his Divine perception touched the jade board, the flower-shaped pattern on the board immediately rippled with a golden light, from which flew out a golden rune, directly bouncing his Divine perception back. After several attempts, he sighed and had to give up temporarily. It was not that he could not use the powerful Divine perception to forcibly destroy it, but he had a vague feeling that the jade board seemed to have a hidden meaning and was unwilling to take the risk of destroying it. In desperation, he had to put the jade board and the formula back into the jade box and put it away again. After that, he touched his hand in front of him again. After a flash of light, a gray and white stone furnace, which was more than one person tall, appeared out of thin air and fell to the ground with a thud. Dear rw, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / report