Chapter 259 Busy

Pen and interest pavilion > female novel > mortal immortal world > (1 / 3 page) the recommendation vote: one chapter of the book, chapter of contents, the next page of the book to add bookmarks. This grey stone furnace was exactly what Hou King had gotten from before. At this time, the monkey wine in the stone furnace had already been filled, but because of the constant infection, the furnace still exuded a faint smell of wine. After taking a deep breath, Han Li quickly pinched his hands and struck out several strange spells in succession. A series of blue lights flew out from the palm of his hand and landed on the ash-white stone furnace. The eight large runes inscribed on the surface of the furnace immediately flashed with silver light, lighting up in bursts. "If so..." Han Li was overjoyed to see this. The secret formula of the sacrifice from lin jiu's hand was indeed useful for this stone furnace. A light flashed in his eyes, and the spells in his hands were constantly thrown out, and a dense chanting was heard in his mouth. The runes on the ash-white furnace were getting brighter and brighter. Above the furnace, there was a slight" kaka" sound, and lines like veins of leaves appeared on the surface, revealing a dazzling silver light. In the silver light, pieces of grey stone fell off and fell to the ground. The original stone furnace had shrunk rapidly, and in a short time it had shrunk to half its original size. When all the silver was gone, the original stone furnace no longer existed. Instead, it was a silver furnace with intricate patterns engraved on its surface. The original eight large runes still existed, but they became more exquisite and detailed." With such a high quality alchemy stove, I think it would be of great benefit to the refining of pills..." Han li calmed down, looked at the quality and smell of the furnace, and found that it did not lose to Pingyao zi's golden furnace, he could not help but say to himself. With that said, his mind moved, and a silver light flashed by his side. A small Yinyan man less than two feet tall emerged from it. One staggered to the ground and was immediately attracted by the alchemy stove in front of him. He stopped and looked at it for a few seconds, then turned around to look at Han Li, and circled around the stove. Han Li smiled slightly and greeted him with his heart. The little silver-flame man understood and immediately jumped into the top of the furnace. His round cheeks suddenly bulged and a huge flame that did not match his figure erupted from it. The silver flame flew across a pot and a half in the air and flew directly under the furnace, burning up in a flash. As the Yinyan tumbled violently, a hot wave of air began to surge through the entire chamber. A moment later, on top of the silver furnace, the spiritual veins of the dao lit up and gradually turned red. The whole furnace also floated up slowly and swayed slightly in midair. The little Yinyan man sitting on the stove lid seemed to be very interesting. He moved his butt and sat on the edge of the stove lid, hanging his two slender legs in midair, shaking with the shaking of the stove. When Han Li saw this, with one hand, more than ten kinds of spiritual herbs, such as Candleling grass, flew out of the storage bracelet and floated in mid-air. He saw his hands clasped together and rubbed them in midair, and the more than ten kinds of spiritual herbs" poof" turned into powder. Then, Han Li pointed at the stove and lifted it up. The lid under the little Yinyan man's butt suddenly lifted and flew. The powder that was suspended in the air flew into the furnace under the guidance of an invisible force, and the open furnace lid immediately" clicked" and covered it back. Then, eight runes on the silver furnace lit up one after another, releasing colorful lights. The silver flame under the furnace suddenly seemed to be restrained by an invisible force. The flame twisted and formed a small Flaming dragon scroll that wrapped the whole furnace. The small Yinyan man sitting on the alchemy stove saw the situation and his figure suddenly became a blur. He turned into a silver firebird and dashed under the alchemy stove, merging with the Flaming dragon scroll. A" boom" sound. The Flaming dragon scroll suddenly trembled, and the blazing power that came out of it suddenly multiplied several times. Han Li's eyes lit up when he saw this. According to the scene in front of him, the time needed to refine this batch of elixirs would be much shorter than before, but I don't know the probability of forming elixirs. Time passed little by little. From time to time, Han Li used the treasure page of the truth, oh ^ 0 ^ bi interest pavilion > female novel > the immortal world of mortal cultivation > (page 2 / 3) to join the bookmark wheel. There was a glow on top of the furnace, but there was no scent of medicine in the chamber. After about seven or eight hours, the multi-colored light on the furnace suddenly gathered and faded away. The furnace body turned back to silver and white again. Only part of the area remained warm and still a little red. The silver flames curled up, shrank together, and transformed into a Yinyan villain. They flew out from under the furnace and landed on Han Li's shoulder. With the sound of a clang, the silver furnace fell back to the ground. Han Li walked up with a frown on his face. His hand lit up and he waved it lightly. The lid of the silver alchemy furnace opened, and a strong medicinal fragrance immediately escaped from it, filling the chamber. Han Li leaned over and looked into the furnace. He saw sixteen round, pale golden pills lying quietly in the furnace. The heat was still there, and there were faint wisps of white mist." I really didn't expect this furnace to have such an effect. Not only did it greatly shorten the time of elixir refining, but it also had such a high rate of elixir formation. It's a little strange..." Han Li couldn't help but exclaim. He suppressed the joy in his heart and put the batch of pills into the jade bottle. With a wave of his hand, he took out another batch of medicinal herbs. He wanted to strike while the iron was hot and make more elixirs. A few months later, the silver flame in the chamber dimmed, and a silver firebird flew out from under the alchemy furnace, turning into a small Yinyan man and landing on the ground. It hopped to han li's feet, grabbed the corner of his clothes, and climbed up to his shoulder in two or three moves. Han Li's face was a little tired. He turned his head and smiled at him. He came to the silver furnace. With a wave of his hand, the lid of the furnace flew to one side and slid away. Han Li grabbed the pill with his hand, took it out, and examined it in front of his eyes. The pills were as big as the longan fruit core, green in color, and quite transparent. Because of the remaining temperature, they looked very spiritual and extraordinary." Not bad. This furnace has been refined into eleven pieces, and the rate of pill formation has increased a lot..." He flipped his hand and put the pill into the white jade bottle, muttering. A moment later, he suddenly thought of something, sat down cross-legged, flipped his palm, took out the cow-head mask and put it on his face. With a burst of green light, a huge array appeared on the wall. Han Li's eyes froze as he carefully swept down the task bar on the left side of the array. After a long time, he looked back and took off the mask again." Looks like it's time to come." Han Li sighed and his face became solemn. Just then, he realized that many of the missions Lin 17 had previously issued to the impermanent alliance had disappeared. This was obviously not a normal mission, but something had happened to him, or his Impermanent alliance mask. He was slightly relieved when he realized that the imprints left at the entrance of the mystic realm and the cliff of Thunderstorm ocean were all intact. Under such a daily warning, time flashed and more than ten years passed. During this time, he spent half his time refining pills and also condensed a lot of grains through the Palm vase. On this day, in the square in front of Han Li cave, dozens of young men and women dressed in the clothes of Candle Dragon Road disciples flew in from all directions and landed in front of the gate of the mansion. Han Li stood on the stone steps of the gate and glanced over the crowd. He called out a few names," Hu Zhen, luo tang, follow your heart..."" Elder Master Li..." Seven or eight young men and women emerged from the crowd, walked up to the steps and cupped their hands at Han Li. Without exception, these people were all practicing the peak of virility and were the most outstanding group of disciples stationed here at present." I am going to close off Mountain peak for a period of time. All the affairs in the mystic realm will be temporarily left to you and your people to handle together. If there is nothing important, you don't have to report it to me." Han li ordered expressionless." Yes, sir," the men answered in unison. Here is a secret amulet for you. If there is any situation that you can't handle, page oh ^ 0 ^ vote for recommendation: on the first page of the recommendation ticket, chapter contents, chapter contents, chapter entries, bookmarking error / reporting pen interest pavilion > female frequency novel > mortal cultivation of the immortal realm > (page 3 / 3) chapter entries, bookmarking Just inject spiritual energy into it and release it, and the amulet will automatically fly into the cave and inform me," Han Li said." Yes," the crowd answered." Please don't worry, elder li. I will not let you down." One of the older dark-skinned youths came forward, took the amulet with both hands and said." Okay, let's all go down." Han Li nodded with satisfaction and instructed. After another salute, they all lit up and flew away. Half a day later, the mountain above Han Li's Mountain peak shook, and blue beams of light shot up into the sky, blending with each other in the sky, turning into a huge blue screen that enveloped the entire Mountain peak. Above Mountain peak, in a newly opened huge cave, a brand new Fire pond was built near the stone wall on the left. On the stone table next to Fire pond, there were seven or eight different shapes of spiritual materials. Among them, the most conspicuous ones were a dozen dark gold pieces the size of human heads and a white stone the size of a fist. The former had many dense lines like petals embedded on the surface, while the latter was translucent white with a faint sandalwood fragrance. These two are the refined gold and Lang milled marble. Han Li stood next to Fire pond, waved the Lang milled marble into his hand, and gently rubbed it, feeling the warmth in his palm. Over the past few years, while he was refining pills, he also inquired about Candle Dragon Road. According to the clues collected from various aspects, he roughly concluded that Gu Jie should not be lingering around Candle Dragon Road now." Hopefully, it was blocked by a Golden immortal in the sect," he guessed. Even so, Han Li did not dare to underestimate the anger of a Golden immortal, so he did not relax his guard against it. Now that he had already refined a lot of pills, he planned to resume his cultivation by taking them in the near future. But before that, he had to re-establish the Bamboo bee cloud sword. With one hand and one finger, a joyful and clear cry rang out from his body. The Flame bird rushed out of his fingers and flew straight into Fire pond. Inside Fire pond, the Yinyan rolled and a fiery wave of energy surged out. Dear, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / repor