Chapter 260 Sword Refining

Pen and interest pavilion > female novel > mortal immortal world > (1 / 3 page) the recommendation vote: chapter one, chapter catalog, chapter one, bookmark the next page. The Lang milled marble in his palm flew slowly into the silver flame under the embrace of an immortal spirit. The x silver flame jumped a few times and wrapped the fist-sized white stone in it, slowly burning it. However, as time went by, the white stone remained in its original state without any change. Han Li's face remained the same, and with one hand he pinched the dharma, a series of chants rang out from his mouth. Fire pond was surrounded by black stones, and a red light suddenly shone in circles, and ancient runes appeared, jumping up and down. After the runes lit up, the silver flame in the pond suddenly rose, and a red light covered the outside of the silver light. The change in firepower was not obvious, but there was a strange fluctuation in it. With this kind of fluctuation, Lang milled marble finally changed a little. After a series of "Zizz" sounds, it finally melted in the package of the Yinyan, and a drop of creamy white liquid, like wax, floated in the flame. A strong sandalwood scent immediately filled the room. When Han Li saw this, his palms suddenly retracted and the Lang milled marble, which had completely melted into a liquid, immediately flew out of the flames under his immortal power. The other hand reached over and held a black stone bottle with fiery red veins in its palm, which was connected with the lang milling liquid. Seeing the milky white stone liquid flowing into the bottle, a circle of Runes lit up immediately on the stone bottle. The whole bottle became as hot as a burning iron block. Han Li held a layer of blue light in his hand. After sealing the bottle, he put it on the stone table beside him. Then, with a wave of his hand, a piece of refined gold with the grain of dendrobium floated up again and landed on Fire pond. This time, he did not use the dharma to urge the Method Formation on Fire pond. Instead, he turned to a half-foot-tall Shitai in the middle of the cave and sat down cross-legged, allowing the Method Formation to melt the fine gold on its own. Under the scorching fire, the petal-shaped veins on the surface of the refined gold of the tree seed pattern shone with a bright red gold light, which complemented the silver flame, but never looked like it was about to melt. Han Li only glanced at it, then closed his eyes and calmed down, not looking at it anymore. Seven days and seven nights later. In Fire pond, the silver flames were still raging, and the seemingly indestructible gold had completely turned red, like a melting ice, with drops of gold falling from it. Below it was a black stone bottle twice the size of the previous one, and the golden liquid was absorbed bit by bit. It took another whole day for the refined gold to be completely melted. Han Li opened his eyes, walked up, put away the black stone bottle, and then took a piece of refined gold with the grain of dendrobium from time to time, and threw it into Fire pond... Three months later. In the cave, Han Li stood beside Fire pond, holding a book of animal skins in one hand, looking at it intently with a frown, and gesturing back and forth in the void with the other. On the Shitai beside him, thousands of yellow pages were piled in a mess. On each of them were a series of strange and twisted lines. The more you cover the bottom of the page, the thicker and more messy the lines are. The closer you get to the top of the page, the thinner and more dexterous the lines are. On the top four sheets of paper, the lines were already very fine, looking like four big round flowers, very delicate. In the upper left corner of Shitai, where the paper was piled up, there were only an empty space with more than a dozen goose neck bottles of different sizes and materials, filled with all the spirit liquid needed to make swords. During this period of time, Han Li spent most of his time studying the alchemy and swordplay recorded in the animal skin book, as well as practicing the Method Formation Method Formation, which was recorded in the description book, in addition to refining various spirit liquids. Although he had painted it thousands of times, he was still dissatisfied with the Runes he could draw so far. I always feel that the Runes I drew is on the page oh ^ 0 ^ / report the pen interest pavilion > female novel > mortal immortal world > (page 2 / 3). There was something wrong with the place, so it was too late to refine it. A moment later, there was only a" pa" sound. Han Li closed the book with his eyes closed, as if deep in thought, and stood still, with only his right middle finger and index finger together, stroking slightly on his side, as if he was practicing his drawing in the void. After some time, he seemed to have a sudden flash of light, his eyes suddenly opened, and he turned around and walked quickly to the side of Fire pond. He saw his two fingers together, and the golden light on his palm was bright. Layers of golden scales were turned over, covering the two fingers. He bent down and half-squatted beside Fire pond, with his two fingers pounding down, straight into the rock on the left side of Fire pond. He closed his eyes, collected his thoughts, and felt the spirit contained in the Runes in his mind. The immortal power flowed out of his fingers and was carved on the rock. At first, his fingers moved very slowly, and it took him a long time to move an inch, but the more he moved, the faster he became. In the end, he finished the whole Runes in a flurry. Its shape was exactly the same as that of one of the four pieces of paper, but it was magnified several times, extending down from Shitai, and more than half of it was engraved on the ground. After carving the first array, Han Li paused for a moment, then exhaled slowly, went to the right side of Fire pond, and continued to focus on the carving... After a long time, han li stood up and slowly opened his eyes. He saw that the array around Fire pond had been completed. Although they were in different positions, they were related to each other. They seemed to be one and full of spirit. He nodded with satisfaction, rubbed his hands in front of him, and the Flame bird flashed out of his body and flew into Fire pond, turning into an angry flame. As the silver flame lit up, the whole cave began to heat up. With a wave of Han Li's hand, a series of green lights streamed out. After hovering in mid-air, the green light disappeared, revealing 72 Bamboo bee cloud sword. They were hanging in front of him in unison. The sword's body flashed with blue light and made a series of quivering sounds." Go!" Han Li said with a soft drink and a swipe of his sleeve. All the Bamboo bee cloud sword immediately swept back and retreated into the back of Fire pond. A sharp roar was heard from the silver flames, and the raging Yinyan surged out, drowning 72 of the Bamboo bee cloud sword in an instant. Han Li sat down cross-legged, pinched out a strange trick with both fingers, and recited it in silence. As the chants continued to ring out, a" buzzing" sound was heard from the Method Formation engraved around Fire pond. Four thick golden beams of light shot up from the surroundings and converged in the center of Fire pond, forming a golden screen that enveloped the two. A moment later, Han Li parted his fingers and slightly moved in front of him, hooking up. The sound of the cork being pulled out sounded at the same time, and the various spirit liquids from the more than ten goose neck bottles flew out and poured into the golden screen of light. Through the golden light screen, Han Li could clearly see that the liquid of the refined gold of the tree seed dispersed by itself and covered the Bamboo bee cloud sword, completely wrapping each handle. Following closely behind, the other spirit liquids were also divided into 72 parts, and little by little they were mixed into the refined gold liquid wrapped outside the Bee cloud sword. Seeing this situation, Han Li closed his eyes again, and the Divine perception suddenly let go and put his mind into the golden screen of light. The golden screen trembled slightly, and the light on the surface changed into a colorful color in an instant. At the same time, the 72 Bamboo bee cloud sword began to shine, as if a rainbow had been hung, and became shining. An hour later, Han Li opened his eyes again and a baby fire shot out of his mouth, hitting the multicolored screen without any obstruction and merging directly with the silver flame." Hoo..." The two flames joined together and rose in an instant, turning into a pillar of flame that enveloped the Bamboo bee cloud sword. At this moment, the change suddenly occurred! Page oh ^ 0 ^ on the vote of recommendation, chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, Crying bags, more than a dozen Flying sword seemed to be unable to stand the burning of this fusion flame, and actually struggled frantically, one by one sword gas overflowing, cutting in all directions. Han Li saw the situation, the majestic Divine perception immediately rushed away, and in an instant with each of the Flying sword were closely linked, the first time to suppress it." I can't believe there are still some stubborn swordsmen who haven't fully merged. They are so deep..." Han Li sighed, but he felt a little glad. Fortunately, these swordsmen were acting up at this time. If he fought with others, he was afraid that the moment the Bamboo bee cloud sword lost control could cause irreparable consequences. In the flames, the Bamboo bee cloud sword, which was enveloped in various spiritual liquids, were overflowing from the body of the sword and breaking into pieces. However, the spirit power that it transformed did not lose and was reabsorbed by the Flying sword. Seeing this, Han Li did not relax at all. He still carefully controlled the fusion of the baby fire and the Yinyan, constantly burning 72 of the Flying sword. The rainbow color on the top gradually faded and became blurry... Seven to forty nine days later. In the golden screen above Fire pond, 72 Flying sword bars were as white as jade, transparent as ice, and transparent. Compared to before, all Flying sword swords seemed to have lengthened by an inch, and their blades became much wider. Han looked expressionless at the unfamiliar Bamboo bee cloud sword and waved his hand again. Above Shitai, the cork of the last black stone bottle flew out on its own, and the milky white spirit liquid inside flew slowly into the golden screen, divided into 72 drops, falling on each Flying sword." Dida..." This soft sound was like the rain in early spring, like the splash of a spirit spring, like a withered tree in spring. All the Flying sword trembled at the same time, and then the spiritual lines on the surface suddenly lit up. At the same time, the golden light was so bright that countless golden thunder wires were ejected from each other, crisscrossing each other like a small lightning forest. If it weren't for the golden screen outside, the lightning would have spilled out and blown the cave to pieces. Dear rw, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / report