Chapter 261 Fushan Anomaly

Pen and interest pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 1 / 3) the recommendation vote: chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, bookmark: next page: Han Li's eyes were golden, set off by his pupils. After taking a breath out of his mouth, the majestic Divine perception suddenly released its mystical technique. Through the light, it was divided into 72 parts, which were directly pierced into the golden lightning and fully controlled 72 bamboo beehive swords. Under the control of his mind, 72 Flying sword trembled one after another, the light gradually converged, and all the golden arcs ejected retracted inch by inch, bit by bit integrated into the Flying sword, and eventually disappeared. Han Li pinched his hands and the Method Formation in Fire pond flashed a few times. The golden beams of light from them gradually disappeared, leaving only the Flying sword suspended in the flames. He opened his mouth and took a deep breath. The baby fire, which was fused in the silver flame, immediately rolled out and was swallowed by him. As the baby fire withdrew, the temperature in the fire dropped a little bit, but the transparent Bamboo bee cloud sword began to glow with green light, and it turned green little by little. On the edge of the sword, a faint golden light shone out, forming a natural golden pattern of thunder clouds, which looked natural and had some rustic meaning. Han Li's hands stirred in the void, leaving behind a trail of golden light, and all the Flying sword immediately emerged from the Yinyan as if they were spiritually, slowly sweeping in front of him. He drew his fingers together in the palm of his hand, and a ball of light golden blood spilled from it, condensed into an egg-sized golden blood ball, which was scattered by his palm and precisely divided into 72 drops, scattered into each Flying sword. The moment the essence blood touched the Flying sword, it immediately disappeared without a trace. At the same time, Han Li felt the connection between himself and the Flying sword became closer, and the discomfort that had been caused by the change in the atmosphere of the Flying sword immediately disappeared. With another wave of his hand, 72 Flying sword flashed like fireflies in the summer and flew into the flame with extreme lightness, continuing to burn. A moment later, Han Li walked forward, his eyes slightly closed, and began to use the Divine perception to engrave the micro-array recorded in the animal skin ancient book on the Flying sword... Half a year later. The blue light outside of Fushan mountain retreated, and Han Li walked out of the gate of the mansion. There was no emotion on his face, but he was very happy in his heart. At this point, 72 Bamboo bee cloud sword have been completed, the shape and release of the breath of a new look, the previously not completely refined miscellaneous sword yuan has been completely absorbed, the quality of each of the Flying sword has been greatly improved. What pleased him most was that the 72 Flying sword that had been re-consecrated had become closer to him because they were once again infused with his essence and blood, and he had also clearly felt the astonishing spirit contained in these Flying sword. It was as if the 72 Flying sword were not their own magic weapon, but something connected to their own blood. In the midst of the secret, he did not test the power of the Flying sword for the time being, but he knew without thinking that it was definitely not what it used to be. In the square outside the mansion, Hu Zhen and the others had been waiting for a long time. After Han Li inquired about some matters in the secret territory, he rewarded these people with some Lingshi and asked them to continue to work well. After that, Han Li intentionally or unintentionally asked about some things in Candle Dragon Road, but since most of these people had also been staying in this secret realm, they did not know much. There was only one new disciple who said something about Candle Dragon Road, and it was a trivial matter, but it was obvious from this that there was no big trouble at the door. This made Han Li more or less relieved. Time passed in relative calm. A few years later, Han Li finally got the exact information from the impermanent alliance by chance, and finally breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that Gu Jie had been blocked by a senior member of the Impermanent alliance. Not long after, outside of Fushan mountain, where he was, he was once again isolated by the blockade. Time flies, time flies, in a blink of an eye, it is already 200 years later. Inside the Fushan mountain mystic realm, outside a floating Mountain peak covered in blue light, seven or eight young men dressed in the clothes of Candle Dragon Road disciples. Page by page, oh ^ 0 ^ y / report to the pen interest pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals cultivating immortals > (page 2 / 3), add a bookmark to the page. Hanging in midair, he looked very anxious. "What should we do? Senior hu... This time, the fog in the ravine is very unusual. It will recede in the past year at most one month, but this time it has been more than three months, but it has not dissipated. These days, there is even a tendency to continue to spread upwards. This..." A round-faced young man looked at the dark-skinned young man named Hu Zhen and asked." Elder Master Li had told us before this time that this time he was in seclusion, it was a matter of great importance, and if there was nothing of great importance, we must not disturb him. If we were to summon him so rashly, who would be able to bear the fact that it really affected the elder's cultivation?" Hu Zhen heard this and said." But Elder Master Li has been locked up for nearly a hundred years. No one knows when he will come out. If something really happens in the ravine and affects the harvest of the spirit medicine, we can't explain it," said the round-faced young man anxiously. Everyone around them nodded in agreement. The dark-skinned young man frowned. After much thought, he opened his mouth and said," it must be inappropriate to summon Elder Master Li so rashly. We must find out what happened in the ravine before we can make a decision. For the time being, keep a close eye on the fog changes so that everyone can keep an eye on it to prevent a large area of white ghosts from invading. I'll try to find a way to check the situation inside. If I can't, I'll have to disturb Elder Master Li."" That's the only way..." The round-faced young man nodded and said. As a result, before he could finish his sentence, his expression suddenly changed and he looked up at the floating Mountain peak covered in blue light. High up in the sky, it was as if a gale had suddenly swept up, blowing wisps of cloud toward this side, and soon gathered into a huge grey cloud that stretched for a hundred miles. There was a faint stream of light within the cloud, which flickered like a meteor at first, then gradually became more and more intense, and gradually stabilized, sending out a brilliant multicolored light." Is this... Elder Master Li going to break through?" The round-faced young man muttered." It should be..." Said the dark-skinned youth. Before he could finish speaking, the clouds in the sky began to spin wildly, and a colorful beam of light, which was condensed by the energy of heaven and earth, descended from the sky and enveloped the whole of Mountain peak. Everyone felt the air around them tighten, as if an invisible restraint had suddenly emerged from the void, making them feel a little uncomfortable. At this moment, a sharp and loud" buzzing" sound suddenly came from the abyss below." No, something's wrong! Let's go!" Hearing this, the dark-skinned young man's face suddenly changed and he shouted quickly. With that said, his figure flashed and flew down, straight down the ravine. The round-faced young man and the others saw the situation without any hesitation, but they also lit up their escape lights and followed him flying down. All the way down, over hundreds of floating Mountain peak, surrounded by Candle Dragon Road disciples, gradually gathered into an army of more than a thousand cultivators. Among these people, except for the first few who were at the peak of cultivation, most of the others were at the initial stage of cultivation. They had been stationed here for a long time or short, but it had been less said for hundreds of years. Everyone knew that the" buzzing" sound meant that the range of the rising fog had exceeded the historical record. More than ten more Mountain peak would enter the range of the fog, and the precious spiritual herbs growing on it would be devoured by the White ghost. After flying down for nearly a thousand miles, the dark-skinned young man and the others finally saw the thick fog like a dark cloud. Mountain peak, which had never been able to enter the fog in the past, was now engulfed in more than half of it, and it was dimly visible above, as if a large number of living things were running and jumping, and from time to time there were bursts of hoarse roars." How did this happen?" Said the round-faced young man with an incredulous expression." Brother luo, the summoning amulet that Elder Master Li gave you is on your body. You go to the outside of the peak and wait. If we can't support you, you will immediately cast the amulet and summon it to elder li." Hu Zhen frowned and said quickly." Okay," the round-faced young man replied immediately." Remember, Elder Master Li is at a critical juncture. You must not use the secret amulet until we are defeated here. Page oh ^ 0 ^ on the vote of recommendation, one page of the chapter catalog, one page of the chapter catalog, one page of the bookmarking error / report of the pen interest pavilion > female frequency novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 3 / 3) chapter of the bookmarking entry The dark-skinned young man warned." Don't worry, brother. I'll remember." The round-faced young man nodded and said. With that said, he turned around and went straight up." All the disciples obeyed and immediately set up the blue light array." Hu Zhen looked worried and turned to look at the others, shouting." Yes," the crowd answered in unison, their voices echoing in the ravine. The figures of the cultivators at the peak of the void surrounding him immediately flashed and dispersed, each flying over the mist with hundreds of disciples. They waved their palms in succession, as if they had rehearsed countless times, skillfully and neatly took out a large green flag, threw it into the void in front of them, pinched the dharma and recited the secret incantation. With the sound of chanting, more than a thousand pieces of cyan banners lit up with runes, releasing a blue light, connecting with each other, turning into a large, green screen, blocking the fog. In the ravine, the thick fog was like boiling water in a pot. It began to surge madly, and the rolling fog began to rise greatly. It was several times faster than before, and it caught up with the blue screen in an instant." Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" came from the depths of the ravine, like the sound of a gust of wind blowing and waves churning. The surging fog hit the blue screen, causing it to fluctuate violently. Above the curtain of light, the disciples of Candle Dragon Road held the flag pole in their hands with both hands, their whole body shining brightly, trying to stabilize the array. Some of the lower disciples were like Willow leaves's lone boat in the raging wind and waves, their bodies shaking endlessly. Just then, in the thick fog, human figures suddenly swarmed out and shot up from below, slamming against the blue screen and making dull" banging" sounds. The disciples of Candle Dragon Road looked at them one after another and saw under the blue light, ugly White ghost with faces like they had gone mad, jumping up from Fushan mountain in a frenzy and crashing into the sky. The White ghost's performance this time was so bizarre that it was almost incomprehensible that it looked as if they were completely reckless. What's more, he directly cracked his head and burst out with a lot of unknown white liquid." What the hell is going on..." Hu Zhen muttered as he looked at the scene, his face getting uglier. Dear, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / repor