Chapter 262 Exit Customs

Pen interest pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 1 / 3) vote for recommendation: chapter one, chapter catalog, chapter one, bookmark on the next page at this time. In the middle of the sky, the hundred mile Grey Cloud had completely turned into a colorful color. The clouds had twisted into an enormous void. A bright golden light was casting down from it, enveloping a floating Mountain peak below. Mountain peak, shrouded in green light, was gilded with a golden light that looked like a dazzling golden mountain. In the secret chamber of the cave, Han Li's eyes were closed and he sat cross-legged. The golden light on his body was shining, and he looked like a golden armor man poured with gold juice. In his chest and abdomen, eleven golden lights shone like stars. Nearby, there was a golden whirlpool the size of a fist. It's slowly condensing. Boom! Just then, a thunderous sound suddenly came from the sky, and the clouds immediately surged wildly. The seemingly calm and peaceful golden pillar of light suddenly shook and spun rapidly, quickly turning into a huge golden tornado that pierced through the sky and earth. There was a loud bang! The blue screen of light that was shrouded outside of Mountain peak was smashed by the huge pillar, and the golden pillar fell directly into the cave above Mountain peak. Suspended Mountain peak was shocked, and the entire Mountain peak sank. A raging wave of air swept out and swept across all directions. The round-faced young man, who had just flown in from below, was able to get close to Mountain peak, and was swept by the wave. The newly lit body shield broke apart and was rolled out of the air. He was like a broken sack until he hit a nearby low mountain, and then he was able to stabilize himself. His face flushed and he spat out a mouthful of blood. But as soon as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, he carefully hovered in midair, took a look at the abyss below, and then looked at Mountain peak from afar. In the palm of his hand, he was clutching a silver secret amulet. After falling into Mountain peak, the golden pillar of light broke into pieces and turned into a golden light like dust, shining brightly. In the secret chamber of the cave. Han Li's eyes suddenly opened, and a golden light shone in his eyes. The golden whirlpool in his chest and abdomen spun wildly, and a powerful attraction came from it. Whoosh... A gust of wind was heard, and the golden light filled the sky with the rich energy of the world around it, and it gathered in the whirlpool around Han Li's chest and abdomen. It was as grand as a river, and its momentum was amazing. The twelfth celestial body is condensing! "Elder Master Li, this..." The round-faced young man standing outside Mountain peak looked at the golden river hovering over Mountain peak and was so surprised that he could hardly speak. He had been fortunate enough to see other immortals breaking through the land, but he was not so powerful. Just as he was astonished, another deafening" boom" came from the void. Immediately after that, there was a flurry of screams and screams coming from the deep ravines below. The situation seems to be a little bad, I wonder if it can hold on? However, when the young man looked down, his vision was blocked by the overlapping Mountain peak, and he could not see anything at all. His face became more and more hesitant, his fists clenched and clenched. The sweat from his palms had already covered the Fulu, and in the end, he gritted his teeth and injected a wisp of magic power into the Fulu. A blue light flew out of his palm and shot towards Han Li's cave with a sharp sound. Then, the young man with a round face turned around and rushed straight down into the deep ravine below. At this time, the big ravine had already become a mess of porridge. The blue screen of light built by the Candle Dragon Road disciples had been broken and broken, and only some areas were urged to support the green flag. Fog had already surged out of the surrounding areas, spreading upwards, and was about to engulf more of Mountain peak. The round-faced young man saw Hu Zhen and the disciples of Candle Dragon Road retreating upwards. Hu Zhen's dark face was full of gloom. The moment he saw the round-faced young man, he made a page. / 3 Pages) the page was bookmarked and flew over. He asked," luo tang, have you informed Elder Master Li?"" I have, but Elder Master Li is at a critical juncture, and I don't know when he will come out..." Said the round-faced young man." There are strange things in the great ravine that have never happened in nearly ten thousand years. Now there is only one true immortal elder in the mystic realm, Elder Master Li. If he can't come out as soon as possible to take charge of the whole situation, I'm afraid..." Hu Zhen said worriedly. Before he could finish his sentence, a strange beast roared, and the dense White ghost surged out of the abyss, no longer taking into account whether there was a thick fog covering them, and just came up to the floating mountain pulse above. Along the way, Candle Dragon Road disciples urged their magic weapons to kill these white monsters. For a moment, the five-colored flowing light above the ravine lit up everywhere. Flying sword, the Flying sword, galloped around. Flames, ice and frost fell in disorder. In an instant, nearly a thousand white ghosts were killed. Blood and flesh flew in midair, leaving White ghost corpses everywhere. The White ghost, which had not been stopped and rushed out of the thick fog, had not flown far, but their skin turned black one by one, as if they were suffering from respiratory failure. They grabbed their necks and fell into the abyss in pain. But even so, the White ghost still seemed to have gone mad, charging upwards without a care." What's going on..." The round-faced young man was stunned and muttered." I think they look like... Like they're running for their lives..." Hu Zhen said slowly with a flash of fear in his eyes. Just then, a wild beast roared again, and the sound came from a very close place. In the thick fog, a huge black figure suddenly jumped out, opened a huge mouth of blood basin, swallowed up more than ten White ghost in a flash, and then quickly retreated back. Then, on the other side of the thick fog, two dark shadows shot out, pulling dozens of white ghosts back into the thick fog. It was extremely fast and hidden in the thick fog. The round-faced young man did not even see the monster's shadow." What is that..." He cried out in horror. The dark-skinned young man shook his head silently and did not speak." What should we do? If we keep going like this, we won't be able to hand over any of this year's elixirs. The Sect will blame us. We..." The round-faced young man's face was ugly and he could not continue. Hu Zhen frowned and looked up. He could not help but feel a little resentful towards Elder Master Li, but that was all. He did not dare to feel resentful." We can't retreat. Let's leave the White ghost alone and focus on the monsters in the thick fog. All the disciples listen, gather quickly and prepare to meet the enemy." Hu Zhen gritted his teeth and shouted. Although many of the Candle Dragon Road disciples were already in a panic, after hearing this, they all fled to the light and gathered here." A thousand swords," shouted the dark-skinned young man. Hearing this, the crowd did not hesitate. They all grasped the sword formula and controlled the Flying sword, suspended in the air. Those cultivators without Flying sword also raised their palms and injected their magic into the Sword Formation. The wanzong sword array is a fairly basic ordinary Sword Formation in Candle Dragon Road. It does not need to be cooperated with a complex Sword Formation. As long as there are enough of the connections between the two, it can exert great power. Between the floating Mountain peak, thousands of Flying sword rose into the air, their swords were compatible, and their throats were dense. Hu Zhen's eyes lit up, obviously not expecting that the Sword Formation he had made up for the crowd had such great potential. If so, it might be possible to kill the beasts in the thick fog." Kill" Hu Zhen let out a low cry. Together with his voice, the crowd echoed, and a loud killing sound suddenly rang through the abyss. In mid-air, the" clang" sound was loud, and thousands of Flying sword gathered together, like a raging torrent of the Flying sword, rushing into the thick fog below. Countless White ghost rushed out of the thick fog and were involved in the colorful flood of the Flying sword, which immediately killed them." Ow..." There was only a loud roar. The thick page in the ravine oh ^ 0 ^ on the recommendation vote, one page of the chapter catalog, one page of the chapter catalog, one page of the bookmarking error / report of the pen interest pavilion > female frequency novel > mortal cultivation of the immortal world > (page 3 / 3) chapter of the bookmarking entry The fog surged up at a speed ten times faster than before, engulfing all the Flying sword in a flash." Clang clang" a series of extremely dense golden and stone clashes were heard continuously from the thick fog. Hundreds of thousands of Flying sword were knocked out of control by a powerful force and flew out of the fog one after another. What's more, it broke into pieces directly, causing the swordsmen to be greatly shaken, spitting out blood in their mouths and getting seriously injured. In the thick fog, nine black snakeheads as big as Mountain peak emerged from the fog. Each of them had a pair of narrow, dark golden eyes, and their eyes looked coldly at the crowd. Their heads shook slightly, and long scarlet letters came and went, swallowing and spitting one after another, hissing and hissing. Hu pillow only looked at one of them and felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, unable to resist at all. He was clearly above and the serpent was below, but he felt that he was being looked down upon by the serpents, leaving only one thought in his mind:" death is certain..." In fact, he was not the only one in the crowd who had this idea. Almost everyone was in despair and even forgot to run away. A moment later, the nine giant snakeheads shrank at the same time, and a strong gust of fishy wind blew out of their mouths, tearing them up." How dare you!" Just then, a majestic voice suddenly came from above the crowd. The crowd was still in shock, and before they could look up, they could only feel a flash of blue light in front of them, and there was already a figure in front of them. He was tall and straight, his green shirt blowing in the wind, and his whole body seemed to be covered with light, looking really like a fairy." Elder Master Li!" Hu Zhen couldn't help shouting. When they saw this, they all cried out in succession. They looked as if they were drowning and were being dragged out of the water in a desperate struggle. The feeling of being reborn made them cry with joy. At this moment, the nine heads of the snake had already opened their mouths wide and bitten towards this side. With a wave of Han Li's sleeve robe, a gust of wind blew out and carried the crowd up, flying straight out of a hundred miles. Then he pressed down with one hand, and a blue light gushed out of it. Nine blue Flying sword hovered around, and hundreds of blue swords flew out from them, forming a blue screen that almost covered the entire ravine. These cyan Flying sword, which had changed the shape of their breath after the sacrifice, could usually be divided into one or nine stalks. Of course, if they had no scruples, they could also be divided into 72 stalks. Kiss b, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / repor