Chapter 263 Test Wheel

Pen interest pavilion > female novel > immortal world of mortals > (page 1 / 3) vote for recommendation: chapter one, chapter catalogue, next page add bookmarks to ancient survival notes, little sobbing bags, and a loud "Boom!" Nine giant snakes collided with nine large, green swords, The sword bounced back. The entire blue light sword screen remained motionless. With a pinch of the sword technique in Han Li's hand, all the blue swords immediately turned and pointed down, moving in unison. A sense of heaven and earth killing suddenly spread. Hu Zhen and the others sensed the aura. When they looked at the myriad swords and the majestic formation of the myriad armies, they suddenly felt that the myriad swords that they had just pieced together by thousands of people were just like a weak army of cards." Disease" he said softly, and suddenly the green light was shining, and ten thousand swords were gathered together. The dense sword light drew long, narrow blue tails in midair, looking like stars falling, brilliant. The nine giant snakes seemed to have sensed danger and had already escaped into the deep fog. However, the Bamboo bee cloud sword's sword light went straight after them and fell into the thick fog one after another. Accompanied by waves of earth-shaking sounds, Several floating Mountain peak in the thick fog were broken apart by the sword's light. Of course, countless White ghost were killed. Aww..." A moment later, seven or eight more pitiful animal roars came from the depths of the fog. Han Li curled his lips and swept away into the thick fog. Just as he flew into the thick fog, his brows could not help but frown. The thick fog actually had the function of blocking the Divine perception. When the round-faced young man and the others above saw Han Li's handsome back flying into the thick fog, they immediately felt at ease and couldn't help but exclaim in their mouths," Elder Master Li, it's really a sword immortal's demeanor, ah..." Hu Zhen heard it in his ear, but somehow, he suddenly remembered a rumor that had been widely circulated in the door. It is said that there has always been a great sword immortal in Candle Dragon Road, known as" the number one sword cultivator in the south of heaven..." This idea was only fleeting in his mind. After all, this kind of unfounded rumor was mostly spread by people in the sect. With the experience of many true immortals in the sect, he had never heard of any place called tiannan. In the thick fog, Han Li's eyes shone with aqua blue light, and he sped down the road, quickly chasing after hundreds of miles. Along the way, he saw huge fragments of rocks floating everywhere, which were the Mountain peak that was cut by his sword light. However, the depth of the ravine was still far from what he had expected, and when he flew down for nearly a thousand miles, he could not even see the bottom of the abyss. The light around him was extremely dim, and the fog was so thick that it was almost substantial that half of his Divine perception had been blocked, and nothing could be sensed from a thousand feet away. In front of him, if not for the ming and qing dynasties, he could not see anything at all. Looking at the blurry shadows around him, han li felt that in this dark abyss, there were actually huge Mountain peak floating, and the number seemed to be more than above the fog, as if the abyss was the body of this Fushan mountain mystical realm. Although it was dark in the nearby Mountain peak, he could see the shadows above, as if something was moving, but he didn't know if it was the remnants of the White ghost. He skimmed down the road, getting closer and closer to the Flying sword. Finally, after crossing a huge Mountain peak, he saw a blue light in the deep fog. Nine blue Flying sword were surrounded by a huge blue sword shadow, which was inserted on a huge black peak." Woo..." Before he could get close, a deep roar of a beast rang out from above the black peak. Han Li looked intently and saw a black light reflected from beneath every green Flying sword. From the blue light above the sword, you could see that the entire Mountain peak was wrapped in a thick, black snake. Nine huge heads were attached to the ground, each with a Flying sword nailed to it. After looking around, Han Li realized that it was not a giant nine snakes, but a nine snakes. At this moment, the nine heads of the serpent had been pierced by the blade, and most of its eyes had been dimmed, leaving only a faint golden light in the eyes of the one in the middle of the head. But it looks like it's already on the page. Page 3) bookmarks were added to the pages. The ancient life story, the little crying bag, and there was not much spirit left. With one hand, the Flying sword, which was inserted into the snake, immediately buzzed. After a trembling sound, it flew back up and fell back to him in mid-air for a long green sword. He raised his hand to hold the hilt of the sword and flew down in front of the snake that still had a glimmer of life, looking into its eyes. All of a sudden, Han Li's brows tightened, his toes pointed at a snake, and he flew away. The snake exploded, blood and flesh flew everywhere, and a dark shadow darted out of it and chased after Han Li quickly. Han Li fixed his eyes on a young man dressed in black scales. His cheeks were pale, his eyes were extremely long and thin, almost slanting into his sideburns. There were no eyebrows above his eyes, and he was bald. His cheeks were thin, and his jaw was protruding. He had only four sharp teeth in his mouth, which contained a scarlet letter, and there were four fist-sized sarcomas on both sides of his shoulder. It looked like an ugly monster with incomplete transformation. His figure flashed through the thick fog and his speed was extremely fast. He held an unknown white bone in his hand and stabbed Han Li in the heart. Han Li swung his sword down and slashed at the white bone. When the blade was about to land on the sharp bone, the figure of the banshee man turned to one side strangely, his neck suddenly lengthened by more than ten times, his head turned around Han Li, and his mouth was wide open as he bit Han Li's neck. With a crisp sound, the white bone was broken by Han Li One Sword. At this moment, the serpent demon's fangs had reached Han Li's neck. Just as he was about to bite down, a golden light suddenly appeared behind Han Li, and a Circular Wheel emerged, shining brightly. Above the Circular Wheel, twenty-four groups of translucent Runes twisted and flashed, from which came a very obvious wave of law, instantly enveloping the area of ten meters. In an instant, the surroundings seemed to fall into a sudden stillness, and the thick fog seemed to stop surging and solidified in the surroundings. The snake demon man's eyes flashed with fear, and his body did not feel any heavy restraints, but it became extremely slow. His open mouth could not be closed, so he could only helplessly look at Han Li with a smile and move his neck away from his fangs." It seems to be working quite well." Han Li chuckled, turned around, grabbed his neck, raised his other hand, and patted him on the head. He had the idea of using this opportunity to test the power of the Truth wheel before he deliberately let the snake demon get close to him. Otherwise, with his current cultivation, the snake demon would have already died ten times." Bang..." The sound of a watermelon shattering slowly sounded, as if it had been lengthened by more than ten times. Han Li pulled an immature black Yuan ying out of its shattered head and crushed it to ashes with a single rub of his palm. After that, the golden wheel light behind him shrank and slowly melted into his body. After the Truth wheel disappeared, the surrounding space immediately returned to its original state. The thick fog began to flow normally, and the body of the snake demon man fell down violently, but because his neck was still in Han Li's hands, he did not fall directly into the abyss." It seems that under the blessing of the twenty-four tuan daowen, the scope of the Treasure wheel's influence has not changed much, but the effect has increased a lot. It is estimated that it should be more than ten times," Han Li muttered to himself. This time, it took a lot of effort to break through the twelfth immortal orifices, and it took almost all the time that the first few immortal orifices combined, and this was the result of continuously taking various refined and rare elixirs, otherwise it would only take a hundred times more time to normal consumption. This time, he successfully advanced to the middle stage of the true immortal and became the first Truth wheel sutra. He was officially qualified to understand the power of the law of time and tried to condense the thread of the law. With this in mind, Han Li pulled the remains of the banshee to his side with one hand and pulled out a dark gold bullet with a little fishy smell from his chest, then put it away. Then, he threw it, and the remains of the banshee fell deeper into the ravine. After a few dozen breaths, there was a sudden sound of fighting and biting. Deep in the ravine, Like a page, oh ^ 0 ^ on the recommendation ticket, chapter one of the contents of the book, chapter one of the contents of the book, chapter one of the contents of the book, chapter two of the book, error of bookmarking, report of the pen interest pavilion, female frequency novel, immortal world of mortals, chapter three of the book. There were more creatures in the abyss. Han Li faced the abyss and gazed at it for a moment. Then he looked back and turned to the Mountain peak where the serpent had previously occupied. The body of the serpent that had previously occupied Mountain peak had gradually shriveled and turned into a giant nine snakes molting. According to Han Li's conjecture, the serpent demon was close to the initial cultivation of the true immortal, but it did not know why it began to molt and transform recently, because it needed a large amount of food to hunt the White ghost on a large scale, and even did not hesitate to rush out of the ravine and kill the disciples of Candle Dragon Road. After being cut by the Bamboo bee cloud sword, he had no choice but to force himself into shape and was killed here by Han Li. With a wave of his hand, Han Li put the snake into the storage bracelet, which was extremely tough and full of medicinal properties, whether it was to refine armor or elixirs, it could be of great use. Without the cover of the snake molt, the true face of Fushan mountain was revealed, and pieces of faint blue fluorescent light actually lit up on it. Han Li flew closer and saw dozens of blue plants that looked like ice crystals growing on Fushan mountain. They looked similar to orchids, but their leaves were bright and translucent, making them look extraordinary. But from above, there were not many spiritual fluctuations, as if they were just ordinary plants. At this moment, the leaves of these blue spirit grasses suddenly shook at the same time, and they actually made a series of" buzzing" sounds. The voice was very small at first, but it grew louder and louder after it spread through the empty abyss." This is..." Han Li frowned and suddenly remembered that this unusual rise in the fog seemed to be accompanied by this strange sound. After some thought, he simply collected all these blue spirit grasses and put them away. After checking for a moment in the abyss and confirming that there was no such Spirit grass, Han Li took a quick glance and sped upwards. However, as the fog was coming out, he suddenly froze up again, not in a hurry to get out, but swept towards the shattered floating Mountain peak. These Mountain peak originally grew a lot of spiritual herbs outside the thick fog, but this time because of this change, it was swallowed up by the thick fog, so naturally, the Sect had no way to pursue. Under these circumstances, it would be a waste if he did not collect them. Dear, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / report