Chapter 264 To Entrust A Funeral

Pen interest pavilion > female novel > mortal immortal world chapter > (1 / 3 page) on the recommendation vote, chapter one, chapter catalogue, next page, add bookmarks to ancient survival notes, little sobbing bags, half an hour later. Han Li returned to Mountain peak, where the cave was located. At this moment, he stood on the stone steps in front of the cave with his hands behind his back. In the square in front of him, there were many Candle Dragon Road disciples standing there at this moment. After he appeared, his eyes gathered one after another. There were different expressions on his face, including joy, anxiety, and more reverence and longing. Although every once in a while, the mystic realm would be guarded by different rotating elders of true immortals, there were usually not many accidents here, so most of the time, these true immortals were in seclusion, and they would not come forward to deal with the matter here. It was a rare thing to see such a change today, and to be able to witness a real immortal's action with one's own eyes, it made these disciples who happened to be on duty feel glad and shocked, and it also added a lot of motivation to the future path of cultivating immortals. "This change in Fushan mountain is a natural disaster. We will not lose too much if we deal with it properly. We will report to the Sect truthfully and ask for a reward for your meritorious service." Han Li said as he slowly glanced over the disciples. "Thank you, Elder Master Li!" Everyone thought that disturbing the true immortal elder would cause his displeasure, but when they heard this, they were very excited and began to thank him. "The thick fog in the ravine has gradually faded, and there is still work to be done to clean up. After calculating the losses, leave it to me. I need to report to the sect together. All right, get busy," Han Li continued. "Yes!" The crowd responded in unison and flew away. Han Li, on the other hand, left Hu Zhen and the others behind to reward them with some of the pills they shared before turning back to the cave. A golden light flashed behind Han Li, and the Truth wheel emerged, spinning slowly. Above the Treasure wheel, the twenty-four regiments of time stamps flickered, sending out waves of law power. Ordinary cultivators practicing The Wheel Sutra of Truth, even if they had reached the third level, might not have been able to condense out eighteen regiments of time, but he had now condensed out twenty-four regiments with the middle stage of the true fairyland. Today, he had a little try in the big ravine, which made him even more delighted. With the help of the Treasure wheel, combined with the changed face of the Bamboo bee cloud sword, this time even if he faced another opponent as powerful as the avatar of gu jie, he thought he could deal with it. Of course, if Gu Jie came after him personally, he would still have to run away without a word. As his mind spun, he sat down cross-legged. Now that the The Wheel Sutra of Truth's first priority has been completed, according to the book, one can try to understand the law of time. But now, although the power of time in the Truth wheel is strong, it gives it a sense of disorder. Even the thread of the law can not be condensed. Compared with those who truly grasp the power of the law, it is far from being even better than the earth immortal who condenses the law with the power of faith. Otherwise, the law of time, one of the three cardinal laws, should not be the only effect of slowing down. Thinking of this, he could not help but recall the various uses and powerful power of the wood principle that the ancient jie incarnation used that day. If the law of time could one day condense the thread of the law, its power would be far greater than the law of wood. Han Li took a deep breath, took out a piece of immortal stone and held it in his hand, then urged the Truth wheel behind him to turn slowly. The time on top of it flashed, forming a ten-foot-sized golden ripple area around his body. He closed his eyes, carefully sensing the changes in the power of the laws around him, and carefully understanding. There is no specific way to understand the law of time in the The Wheel Sutra of Truth, only by itself. Time passed, and three or four months passed in a blink of an eye. Han Li sat cross-legged, motionless, like a statue. A golden light flashed around him and he opened his eyes, frowning. After a few months of enlightenment, he had no clue about the law of time and no hope of success. He was not surprised by the situation. If the law is so easy to understand, Understanding the rules page oh ^ 0 ^ I / reporting the pen interest pavilion > women's novel > mortal immortal cultivation world > (page 2 / 3) page added to the bookmark for ancient survival notes, small sobbing bags, and strength of the true immortal would not be that Not to mention, he was aware of the three cardinal principles. In order to understand the power of the law, he made a lot of preparations. A gray light flashed in Han Li's hand, and a gray stone bead appeared. It was the eyes of the one-eyed giant. This was one of his preparations. Han Li lifted the stone bead with both hands, mobilized the power of the law of time around him, and slowly injected it into the stone bead. A faint white light rose from the stone bead, emitting a very different wave of the law of time. He immediately closed his eyes and realized the law of time in the pearl, trying to make some breakthroughs in comparison with his own law of time. In a blink of an eye, another few months passed. Han Li opened his eyes and his face darkened. The ability to sense the law of time within the stone bead was still fruitless. His eyes twinkled, he put away the stone bead, turned his hand and took out the small green bottle. There was a drop of green liquid rolling gently inside. Han Li looked at the bottle and remained silent for a moment. He held the bottle and injected the immortal power into it. Boom! The spirit of heaven and earth near the cave suddenly rolled violently, and a huge whirlpool of spirit power emerged, spreading over ten thousand miles. When the disciples of Candle Dragon Road saw such a change, they were a little surprised and soon stopped paying attention. This happened many times in the past 200 years, and they were used to it. A few days later. Inside the cave, Han Li's face was slightly pale, holding a grain in his hand. The cultivation had broken through to the middle stage of the true immortal. The immortal spirit power in his body had increased greatly, and the condensed grains were no longer as dry as before because of the insufficient immortal spirit power. He took out a recovery pill and quickly recovered his complexion. Han Li held onto the grain and the Divine perception fell into it. The golden filament in the grain suddenly brightened, and the Truth wheel behind him immediately flashed with golden light. Time on the Treasure wheel fluctuated, as if it resonated with the grain. Han Li was overjoyed. He immediately closed his eyes and carefully understood. Time passed and a month passed in a blink of an eye. The golden crystal wire in the grain disappeared without a trace, and the grain also cracked and disappeared with a soft sound. Han Li opened his eyes with a tinge of excitement on his face. Although this realization was still unsuccessful, it made some progress compared to the previous few times and touched the edge of the law of time faintly. It was like a light in the endless darkness that gave him a glimmer of hope. Han Li took out the small green bottle, which had once again condensed a drop of green liquid. He looked carefully and smiled at the corner of his mouth. His training in the The Wheel Sutra of Truth was so smooth, and he had a lot of reasons for it. Now it seems that he still had to rely on it to understand the law of time. It's just... His face was pensive and his eyes twinkled. In the past, he could sense the power of the law, whether it was the crystal or the stone bead, but he always felt like he was watching flowers from the other side of the river. For a deeper sense of the law's power, it would require deeper contact with each other. Han Li's eyes flickered, and a moment later, a decisive look flashed across his face. He took out a jade bowl the size of a washbasin and filled it with spirit liquid. Then he poured the green liquid into the jade bowl. The originally colorless liquid suddenly turned pale green and rippled gently. Han Li took out a jade bowl with his other hand. A light green spirit liquid flew out of the jade bowl and fell into the bowl, filling most of the bowl. He intended to drink the green liquid into his body and sense the power of the law of time in the green liquid from the nearest distance. Han Li put the jade bowl aside and waved his hand after a moment of silence. Seventy-two Bamboo bee cloud sword emerged. Although they were not deliberately urged, the amazing sword breath had already been released and the empty space around the thorns buzzed. He waved his hand and played a magic trick. Seventy-two Bamboo bee cloud sword were merged into one and turned into a small green sword. Han Li took out a silver Fulu and put it on his sword. The blue sword spread out a page oh ^ 0 ^ on the vote of recommendation, the first page of the book, the chapter catalogue, the next page, the bookmarking error, the reporting pen interest pavilion, the women's novel, the immortal world of mortals, the chapter, the bookmarking error. In ancient times, the sword qi of the living memory, the little crying bag and the ordinary blue sword disappeared. He then placed the bottle next to the green sword and a silver light flashed across his body as the Flame bird flew out. With a flash of silver, the Flame bird turned into a villain of the Flame bird, dancing around Han Li's body and making a joyful cry. A smile appeared on Han Li's face, teasing the little Yinyan man for a while and holding him in his palm. "Little boy, do you remember this man?" A blue light shone in his hand, and a young girl in white appeared in the blue light. It was Nangong Wan. The Yinyan man tilted his head to look at Nangong Wan's image and nodded. Back in The spirit world, the Flame bird didn't have the same level of intelligence as it does now, and they were not weak. Remember Nangong Wan. "I'll leave these two things to you to keep. If anything happens to me, you can take these two things to find this person. No matter how long it takes you to find her, give her the two things to keep." Han Li told the Flame bird. The Flame bird tilted its head to look at Han Li for a moment. Although it was not very smart enough to understand why Han Li did this, it quickly understood what Han Li meant and nodded. Han Li touched the Yinyan villain's head and placed it beside him with a serious expression. When he first discovered the little bottle of green liquid, the two hares whose bodies had been crushed were still vividly remembered. After that, he was in the sea of stars, and he used to trap the baby wind-breaker feng xi with green liquid, which almost killed him. Although he was now far above the feng xi of that year and became a mysterious immortal, the green liquid in the small bottle was not the green liquid of that year. Han Li could clearly sense the special energy contained in the green liquid, which was many times stronger than before. Even the current him, drinking this green liquid, will bear great danger, and even fall is not completely impossible. However, he was willing to take such a risk. If he could not bear it, he would find a way to force the green liquid out of his body as much as possible. Having been enlightened for so long, he gradually realized that it was impossible to succeed without taking some risks in order to understand the law of time among the three cardinal laws. As the saying goes, if you don't enter a tiger's den, you won't get a tiger. Dear, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / report