Chapter 265 Extreme Attempt

Pen interest pavilion > women's novel > mortal immortal world > (1 / 3 page) vote for recommendation: chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, bookmark on the next page: Han Li calmly looked at the light green spirit liquid in the jade bowl in front of him. He took a deep breath, and his slightly confused breathing calmed down in an instant. He took another look at the little Yinyan man who was standing on the side with a worried expression on his small face. Finally, he made up his mind, reached for the jade bowl, raised his neck, and drank half of it. The green spirit liquid entered the mouth first with a slight astringence and a little coolness, then with a touch of throat, but it turned into a ball of strange heat, which fell into the lower abdomen of the dantian, and then seemed to burn directly. A stream of extremely hot air gathered in all parts of the body, and instantly spread all over the meridians of the body. At this moment, Han Li only felt his veins burst open, and an indescribable force was constantly pounding his veins. Even with his current physical strength, it was extremely painful, as if the whole person was about to burst open. But somehow, a chill rose in his mind, making his mind clear in an instant. At the same time that Han Li's heart jumped, he quickly calmed down, and with a rush of thought, a layer of green light appeared on his body surface, while an invisible force emerged from all over his body. In a series of crackling sounds, his whole body suddenly rose a section, his limbs and torso became thick, and his physical strength seemed to increase by a few times. Not long after, he frowned. Some of its tiny meridians, tendons and muscles were torn apart, but then under the surging of a majestic vitality, it began to heal quickly. This process of tearing and healing occurs in countless small parts of the body, and it looks like thousands of times between breaths. This kind of process, even with his incredible physical strength and incomparable perseverance, had a feeling that life was worse than death. In particular, his mind was clearer than ever, and the pain he felt was even more heartbreaking. But in contrast, he also began to clearly feel the mysterious power contained in the heat flow flowing through the strange channels of limbs and bones. It was this mysterious force that caused his body to undergo an indescribable change, and the conflict between his body and this force was in fierce conflict. The process lasted for an entire hour, but Han Li could not help but take a deep breath. Because he had gradually adapted to this feeling at this moment, although the green liquid was very harmful to his body, it did not seem to be life-threatening, and even he should be able to drink more. Thinking of this, Han Li immediately picked up the jade bowl and drank the remaining half of the bowl of green liquid. As an even larger, fiery breath poured into his body and dissipated, Han Li could not help but snort, his body swayed slightly, and the blue light on his body flashed. It took more than half an hour for the pain on Han Li's face to fade away and the blue light on his body to stabilize. As expected, he was once again able to hold himself back through physical and willpower. Although the pain in his body was still several times stronger than before, what he pursued was a state that was close to the limits of his physical body. It was only in this situation that he realized that he no longer cared about his body and closed his eyes to sense the mysterious power flowing through his body. "Gudong,"" gudong,"" gudong," at this moment, he could clearly hear his heart beating rhythmically. Each time, it faintly echoed the flow of the mysterious force flowing through all the veins of his body. It was a strange and familiar thing. It was a wave of the power of time and the rhythm of the source of life. He seemed to reach out and touch something, but he could not grasp it. This feeling, it seems that he is gradually approaching the edge of the law of time, but the power of time is illusory, even if he thinks he has tightly grasped it in his hand, but in the next moment, this mysterious power, has already passed. He turned his mind and took out a stone of immortals with one hand and held it in his hand. At the same time, a golden light flashed behind him, and the Truth wheel emerged. At the same time, his mind was filled with determination and concentration. Close the page oh ^ 0 ^ y / report to the pen and interest pavilion > women's novel > mortal immortal world > (page 2 / 3) add a bookmark to discard distractions. Try to blend in as much as possible. It seemed that under the blessing of the Truth wheel, the mysterious force flowing through his veins seemed to slow down a little. However, the sense of powerlessness of control did not disappear for a moment. The heat from the green liquid continued to dissipate. After two or three hours, it gradually disappeared and the heart-wrenching pain in his body disappeared. Han Li opened his eyes with a mixture of excitement and doubt. Behind him, the Truth wheel disappeared. For half an hour, although he had not really understood the law of time, he had clearly sensed the fluctuations of the power of time. Then, his body trembled and a streak of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. Although he had previously been supported by the strong horizontal body, his body was still covered with dark wounds, a small wound that could not be described, almost covering every muscle and bone in the whole body. If it were anyone else, even a true immortal, his body would have burst and shattered by now. Fortunately, he had already become a mysterious immortal, and with the strong recovery ability and the blessing of the true membrane, he was finally not in danger of life. However, from this point of view, the amount of green liquid he drank could be increased a little. Just now, he always felt that he was so close to reaching the mysteries of the power of time. Perhaps, only by constantly forcing himself to reach the limit, could he hope to succeed. He took a deep breath, took out a healing pill, and began to work on the technique slowly. A few days later. Han Li slowly opened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. At this point, his internal injuries had fully recovered. He turned his eyes, looked at the jade bowl beside him, and waved without hesitation. Once again, a stream of green liquid flew out of the jade bowl, drawing an arc in midair and sinking into his mouth. Han Li snorted, his face alternated between innocence. This time, he drank a little more in one gulp than before, but with his previous experience, he no longer felt the same uneasiness in his heart. He slowly closed his eyes, ignoring the situation in his body, and focused on understanding the power of the law contained in the green liquid. A crackling sound came from within him from time to time. This time, apart from his body, the skin on his arms and shoulders cracked, but no blood flowed out. Han Li was completely indifferent to his physical condition and did not move. More than an hour passed in a blink of an eye. He opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood. Although his face was a little pale, his eyes were shining. After more than an hour, he felt as if he was a little closer to understanding the law of time, but still a little worse. Rich and noble indeed begged Han Li to take out a pill and take it. His body glowed with green light. A few days later, when he recovered from his injuries, he used one hand to pull all the remaining green liquid out of the jade bowl and into his mouth. The next moment, he held a Immortal yuan stone in both hands and urged the Truth wheel to close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, the excitement in his eyes flashed away, but was soon replaced by a trace of doubt." Why do you feel that you're a little closer to controlling time, but you feel like you're losing your breath every time?"" anyway, this is the most promising way to succeed so far. Maybe if you try again, you'll have a breakthrough." After muttering to himself, he took out a pill and closed his eyes. Twenty days later, another drop of green liquid condensed in the small bottle. Han Li took the small bottle, muttered a little, and put it directly to his mouth. The green liquid inside rolled out and fell into his mouth. After a few breaths, a crackling sound was heard in han's three-dimensional space, and the skin surface quickly emerged with numerous fine cracks. The True membrane on the surface could not stop it, and blood rushed out. In a moment, he had become a bloody man. Han Li's facial muscles twitched page oh ^ 0 ^ on the recommendation ballot, one page of" chapter catalogue" on the first page, then added a bookmark error on the next page. His body trembled slightly, and it seemed that he might explode and die if he did not pay attention. After nearly two hours, his body gradually calmed down, and his eyebrows relaxed. Ignoring the situation in his body, he held the Immortal yuan stone with both hands. Behind him, the Truth wheel spun rapidly, and the time on top of it flashed violently. Half a day passed, and Han Li opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale and he took a deep breath before holding it back. After two drops of green liquid were taken in a row, his feeling of the power of time became more and more profound. It was only" perhaps, one more drop, and it will be successful." Han Li's heart was agitated and affected his internal injuries. He snorted and took out a pill in a hurry. The blue light shone around him, his face gradually recovered, and some wounds on his body quickly healed. A month later, Han Li picked up the small bottle and a drop of green liquid rolled gently inside. He exhaled slowly and his expression became serious. He raised his head and drank the green liquid from the bottle again. A dull voice once again came out of his body. While holding the Immortal yuan stone in both hands to recover, the Immortal yuan stone emerged. The time on top of it flashed crazily as time passed, and a force of the law of time gushed out from the real wheel. The Truth wheel glowed with gold, spinning wildly, faster and faster. Han Li's eyes were closed and his hands were pinching. The golden light on his body rolled and surged, and upon closer inspection, the golden light was suddenly made up of countless tiny golden runes, as if it were a raging flame burning fiercely. Twenty rounds of time the Streaks trembled, and the golden flame grew bigger and bigger, faintly showing a tendency to condense together. At this moment, the sudden change of the Truth wheel's golden light suddenly flashed, the rotation slowed down, and a few cracks appeared on the surface, as if they were overwhelmed, and the shaking time on the real wheel suddenly calmed down. Dear, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / repor