Chapter 266 Five Thousand Reward

Biqu pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 1 / 3) the recommendation vote: chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, bookmark on the next page, with a flash of gold. The Truth wheel disappeared without a trace and disappeared into han three-dimensional. Han Li snorted and spat out a mouthful of black blood. He opened his eyes, and under the blue light of his bodyguard, it seemed as if it was about to break in an instant. All the veins and joints in his body trembled at the same time. With a chill in his heart, he quickly pinched his hands and ten fingers in a series of moves, and the blue light on his body gradually stabilized. Then he took out a pill and took it. Just now, he had never felt that he was so close to the power of the law of time that he almost touched the existence of the power of the three supreme laws. However, in the end, it was still a failure. Although it was infinitely close, there was always a gap that could not be crossed. "How could this be?" Han Li muttered with a twinkle in his eyes. According to the The Wheel Sutra of Truth, it is another thing to try to understand the power of the law of time when it is clearly said that the first method of cultivation has been perfected. It's just that he has the green liquid phase condensed from the Palm vase, so it should be easier to succeed. Perhaps, there was something else that he could not do enough to make his face look pensive. He took out the pill and took it. A month later, a blue light appeared on his body. Han Li held the bottle in his hand, and another drop of green liquid condensed from it. He looked at the green liquid in the bottle and without hesitation, he raised his head and swallowed it again. The next moment, a dazzling golden light appeared behind him. The Truth wheel emerged, emitting a dazzling golden light. The power of the law of time surged out. He held a Immortal yuan stone in both hands and mumbled something. The golden light on his body became brighter and brighter, and the law of time began to converge. At this moment, the golden light on the Truth wheel flickered, and cracks appeared on the surface with a" click." The tempestuous laws of time broke up and the Truth wheel disappeared in a flash. Han Li opened his eyes and his face turned ugly. One time could be said to be an accident, two times in a row. It seems that his current power of time is not enough to support his understanding of the law of time. In this way, they could only consider exchanging for the second-largest The Wheel Sutra of Truth. Han Li thought about it and took out a pill. A few months later. There was a prolonged snowfall in eastern Zhong ming mountain range, and the entire mountain range was covered with a thick layer of snow. Chixia peak, which had lost its miasma, was also covered with snow, and was dressed in silver. In the spiritual herb garden above Mountain peak, Meng Yungui, dressed in a silver-gray robe, was squatting beside a spiritual field where dozens of zhuyuan Spirit grass were planted, checking the thermostat that was arranged around him. This spiritual herb is a native Spirit grass in Chixia peak. It likes warmth and fears cold. Without the protection of miasma, it needs to be covered by a dharma array to grow safely." Brother, tell me when li chang will be back," said Meng Jianjian, half bent over in a long green dress, looking at the foundation of his examination array. At this moment, her eyes were moving, her breath was restrained, and her jade face became more and more beautiful." Shallow, are you still my own sister? When I went out to look for the seed of elixir for elder li, I didn't see you so concerned about me," Meng Yungui turned to look at her and pretended to be angry." Heh heh, I just wanted to tell Elder Master Li that I'm already a demigod cultivator. Brother, you have to work hard too." Meng Jianjian covered his mouth with a chuckle and pleaded. Meng Yungui shook his head helplessly when he heard this. His sister had no idea where her chance came from. Since the success of condensing the Yuan ying, her cultivation had progressed by leaps and bounds. To see his sister achieve this, he was naturally genuinely happy and happy for her. However, he did not want to praise his precious sister too much in front of him to avoid being too proud. After all, although she had been in The world of cultivating immortals for hundreds of years, her heart was pure, and he did not want to cause her to be unstable because of his few words. Once you read the page, oh ^ 0 ^ pen interest pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals > (page 2 / 3), add a bookmark to the page. He resumed his work. In an open field outside the herb garden, the mountain guardian spirit beast, which was as big as a small mountain, snorted with its two heads raised high, then dropped down in boredom and fell back to the ground. But before he could lay still, his two heads were lifted up one after another and looked up into the sky. In the sky, a blue light sped past Chixia peak, and the mountain closed outside the peak flashed, disappearing like ice and snow, and the silhouette fell towards the mansion. Mengyun straightened up and looked at her sister. Both of them looked happy and quickly fled towards the mansion. When the two returned to the mansion, Sun Buzheng had already summoned the others, and the crowd gathered in the hall, waiting for han lishi, who had just returned to the Sect. In the end, he simply asked about the situation in Chixia peak, gave the people some pills and artifacts, and then left the mansion in a hurry, until Meng Jianjian, who had been expecting him to come back, was a little depressed, and even did not have time to talk about his own cultivation promotion. It was said that Han Li had left Chixia peak and sped all the way to the nearby linchuan palace, then immediately turned to jingyun peak. In a Side hall in the back hall of the tai xuan palace, a fat deacon elder sat behind the desk, reached out and took the elder's token handed out by Han Li, and said with a smile," Elder Master Li has worked hard. He went to the Fushan mountain mystic realm to replace your two elders. He has been summoned back a few days ago. The conclusion after the investigation is basically the same as what you reported before. The Sect believes that you have protected the production of the spirit medicine in this accident, and that the tree has done a great job, so they decided to reward you with 500 points of merit in addition to the remuneration."" Thank you," Han Li said with a smile and a small fist. After exchanging a few words with the deacon elder, Han Li took back his elder's token and left the hall. The palace door behind him slowly closed, but Han Li was thinking about it. In the previous series of missions, he had already saved up a lot of merit points, plus the merit points of the reward and reward for this duty, which had accumulated nearly 4,000 points. It seemed that the number was already very considerable, but it was still far from the nine thousand points of merit needed to exchange for the Truth wheel's second meritorious act. Han Li paced slowly towards the front hall, thinking of ways to make up for the five thousand points of merit. Suddenly, a light flashed through his mind and he remembered something. On the dark golden stone wall in Tai xuan palace, there was a red-letter mission to train the The Wheel Sutra of Truth to the second place, and the reward for this mission was exactly 5,000 points of merit. Han Li was overjoyed and quickly walked through the front door to the dark golden stone wall in the hall. The main hall was still bustling and bustling, and even below the dark golden stone wall at the innermost part, there were more than ten elders of the inner gate, all looking up at the task on the stone wall. Han Li did not look at anything else and looked straight up at the red-letter tasks. Soon, between the two complicated tasks, he saw that the extremely simplified task was still so insignificant. It was only a dozen words, but Han Li read it for nearly half an hour. It was not that he was not eligible for the exchange, but that he was worried that if he were to be publicly traded here, his progress in training for the The Wheel Sutra of Truth would be exposed. After all, although there were many people who practiced this technique, there were probably very few successors. In addition, their progress was too shocking. Ordinary true fairyland cultivators, even if they spent hundreds or hundreds of thousands of years, might not be able to achieve one tenth of his achievements. According to Fang Zhuan's description of this technique in the past, once he revealed the news that he had reached the second level of cultivation, he would certainly set off an unpredictable storm in Candle Dragon Road. At that time, not to mention the attitude of the Sect's golden immortals towards him, he would not be willing to see them even if they attracted countless gazes. At the thought of this, Han Li had a headache. Not to mention that he could not exchange these five thousand merit points now, even if he had worked hard to get all the merit points in the future, he would not be able to go to Hall of meritorious service to exchange the second merit method openly. It's like standing in the square and telling someone to add a book to the list of chapters on the first page of the recommendation ticket oh ^ 0 ^ Signing a The Wheel Sutra of Truth to practice the second level is no different. If you had to practice the second level, who would spend 9,000 contribution points to exchange for it for no reason? Could you just steal it? Han Li shook his head and rejected the idea. After all, Candle Dragon Road is not like the Cold flame sect in the world of the spirit world. Besides those deputy taoists, there are also a group of powerful and terrifying Cold flame sect in charge. Moreover, Hall of meritorious service is obviously not ordinary. There must be a strong prohibition. However, if Han Li gave up on no exchange, he could not be reconciled. After all, a large part of the reason for joining Candle Dragon Road was because of the Truth wheel's meritorious method. After thinking for a while, Han Li turned around and walked out of the hall. Half a day later, a man dressed in a feather fan and a silk scarf, Rusheng, slowly stepped into Tai xuan palace. He strolled to the dark golden stone wall and looked up with several inner door elders around him. Although his arrival attracted the attention of several people around him, he only looked at it a few times and then looked away. Rusheng stood where he was for a long time, and when the people around him were not paying attention, he flipped his hand and took out an elder's token, leaving it empty against the dark gold stone wall. A light immediately flew out of the stone wall and landed on his token. This man was Han Li who came here disguised as a Impermanent alliance mask. After much thought, he decided to take the reward for the mission first. It was a total of five thousand points of merit. When he felt a little, the merit point recorded in the token had already become 9,132. This exchange task was hidden in the area where the red word task was posted, which was something that everyone didn't pay much attention to. At this moment, the elders under the dark gold stone wall were either talking to each other or were busy looking for suitable tasks, which they didn't notice at all. Which mission did that light come from? He came here with this face, and even if he was noticed, no one would know him. As long as he was not found out in person, then it would not be easy to find out. If anyone found out anything, he would leave. As if nothing had happened, Han Li put away the token in his hand, breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and turned to leave Tai xuan palace. But just as he turned around, his whole body suddenly tightened, and the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the line of red characters on the stone wall that seemed to have changed. Dear, this chapter is over. Have a good read! ^ 0 ^ On the recommendation vote, one page of < chapter directory > next chapter, bookmark error / repor