Chapter 267 White Bird

Pen interest pavilion > female frequency novel > mortal cultivation of the immortal realm > (1 / 3 page) on the recommendation vote, chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, bookmark on the next page. Ancient survival story, little sob bag, Han Li's body was sluggish, and he quickly turned around to look. Behind the scarlet letter, a line of light golden characters appeared faintly, with six words written in the golden seal: "White sparrow valley, the real wheel." Those six words seemed to be wrapped in a layer of vague golden light, making it impossible to see the truth. Only after a moment, Han Li felt his eyes dry. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, only to find that the back of the scarlet letter was clean and empty. His heart moved, and he quickly looked to his side. He saw that everyone around him was staring intently at the stone wall, whispering a few words from time to time. Everyone looked normal, obviously not seeing the strange scene just now." White sparrow valley... What is this place?" Han Li kept thinking about this word, but he couldn't remember that there was such a place in Candle Dragon Road. Han Lixin thought about it, tried different angles and methods, and tried to see some clues again from the big red characters on the stone wall, but found nothing unusual. It was as if the six small, light gold words just now had been a figment of his imagination and did not exist at all. But he knew in his heart that although it was like a glimpse, with his own eyes, there was no possibility that he was mistaken. But in this way, his heart naturally rose a trace of luck. In any case, he had to get a closer look at the so-called" White sparrow valley," otherwise he would never be reconciled. But where exactly is this place? After standing there for a long time, Han Li walked to a corner, flipped through the map of the zhong ming mountain range he had obtained when he entered, and threw the Divine perception into it, searching carefully bit by bit. As a result, this stop lasted more than an hour. Han Li opened his eyes and put the map away with a shake of his wrist, but his face became more and more confused. He went back and forth and scanned almost all the names of the places on the map several times to make sure they were not left behind, but he still couldn't find any place called" White sparrow valley."" Is it an unknown secret place in the sect?" Han Li muttered, his eyes flashing. With this in mind, he strolled to the stone wall and stared at it for a long time before turning around and walking out of Tai xuan palace. A moment later, he was floating in the air outside of Tai xuan palace, his back was upside down, he was hunting in a green shirt, his face was a little thoughtful, and then he ran away in a certain direction with the light escaping from his body... It was night. The cave at the top of the chixia peak, in a secret room. On a bright red square table of eight immortals was a green ancient lamp. There was no oil burning in the lamp. There was no smoke, but a faint fragrance. The flame in the wick was exceptionally stable and did not shake at all. It looked like it was only the size of a thumb, but it lit up the whole room as bright as day. On the square table, several thick green books were stacked in a corner, four Jade slips were placed on one side, and a yellow painting shaft with a ruler was placed on the edge of the table, half rolled up and half dragged to the ground. On the painting scroll, danqing ink depicted lifelike blue Mountain peak, with some small characters on it, writing the names of these peaks, but it was a beautiful landscape map of mountains and rivers. Han Li was sitting at the back of the square table, holding a slightly damaged yellowed ancient book, and reading it attentively. These Jade slips books and paintings were the landscape records of Zhong ming mountain range, which he borrowed from the imperial dragon peak" inner canon pavilion" today. In addition to the Jade slips, these books and paintings were all isolated copies that could have been copied and purchased, but in order to access the most primitive map records, he spent even more expensive merit points than the purchase and borrowed these ancient books that had been unknown for how many years. Han Li did not miss out on every detail. He carefully examined everything that included handwriting and drawing, but until now, he had not found a valley called the White bird. Although there were a few names that were similar to them, most of them were places that couldn't possibly be Sect territory at first glance. He looked up a double page, oh ^ 0 ^ y / reporting the pen and interest pavilion > women's novel > the immortal world of mortals cultivation > (page 2 / 3). It was also set in the black areas seen from the map of the Lingshan river that year. Most of these places were restricted areas of the Sect. Most of the maps were not marked, but some of the written records were mentioned. After cross-checking, he regretted not mentioning White sparrow valley. At this moment, the book" ancient cloud sutra" he was holding was already the last of all the ancient books. In fact, this book was not a geographical record at all, but a travel record of mountains and rivers that recorded the style and features of Guyun continent, and the person who wrote it seemed to be just a frustrated cultivator with a bad cultivation. However, the book seems to have been written very early, even comparable to the time when Candle Dragon Road existed, with a layer of banned Method Formation attached to the book. Once the Method Formation withdrew, the pages would immediately rot into smoke. Han li gently twirled a page and turned it back, his eyes scanning up and down the words recorded on it. Suddenly, he frowned slightly and pulled the ancient book a little closer. He stared at a paragraph of the book and examined it carefully." There is a valley in the west mountain. White bird are all born. There are herdsmen chasing after birds. When they enter the valley, there is no valley. Only a dense fog surrounds the jade pavilion in the palace. The high terrace is hidden. The moon dances. The immortals drink with each other. They don't know where they are..." Han Li looked at this short and extremely short travel story and was silent. In the second half of the story, the herdsman was whipped by the golden armor man. When he suddenly woke up, he realized that he was still standing in the valley, as if he were sleepwalking. The scenes described in the travel notes were quite common in the secular fantasy novels, often referred to as mirages, and were not a strange thing, but when it was said that the White bird students, he was quite concerned. In the previous search process, I have seen some names such as white oriole, snow pheasant, and so on, but I have never seen the White bird. This is the first time I have seen it here. After that, he continued to read the travel notes carefully, and finally decided that all the books, only this one, clearly recorded the word" white bird."" Where is this western mountain..." Han Li was deep in thought as he held the ancient book in his hand and tapped on the table. After a moment, he suddenly stopped tapping and took all the basic green leather ancient books by the table, flipped through them one by one to a certain page and spread them on the table. Han Li pointed to a page and murmured," youxi mountain is 250 meters high. The mountain is narrow and long, from south to north. There are luyang grass and sunflowers on the sunny slope, which produce phosphorus stone..."" West spring mountain, eight thousand nine hundred and eleven meters high..."" Ze Xifeng, shan gaoliu..." The moon was setting, and soon it was the middle of the night. Han Li, who had been sitting at the back of the square table, stood up, stretched, gently closed one of the ancient books on the table, tidied them up, and placed them neatly in the corner of the table. The only thing left on the table was the picture of the mountains and rivers. However, the picture was only spread out a little less than a foot, and the image above was of a Mountain peak called xilin peak. This peak is located in the west of Zhong ming mountain range. It is an ordinary Mountain peak with no spiritual energy. Because there is no special and rare spiritual property on it, it has been abandoned and no elders or disciples choose to live on it. Its west is close to pu ling valley, and its east is far away from a mountain range in Zhong ming mountain range, sandwiched by a very wide half moon valley. This mountain was the west mountain that Han Li had selected after many comparisons. He believed that the half moon shaped valley, called the half que valley, was probably the White sparrow valley he was looking for. Han Li gently stroked it, and the ancient lamp on the eight immortals table flickered and went out. On the wick of the lamp, a wisp of white smoke curled up, emitting a faint fragrance that lingered for a long time. Han Li went out of the house, closed the door, and went straight to the front yard. Before he could walk out of the hall, he saw Meng Jianjian running over from the veranda." Elder Master Li, it's coming out, it's coming out..." Before she could get any closer, she saw Han Li's figure and hurriedly shouted. When Han Li heard this, he frowned at first, then raised his eyebrows, and a smile appeared on his face." Let's go and have a look." Page oh ^ 0 ^ on the vote of recommendation, chapter one, chapter catalogue, chapter one, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter four, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, chapter five, Crying bag, he said so, he stepped forward, holding a dreamy arm, the two of them turned into a blue light, and disappeared from the original place in the blink of an eye. Moments later, the two figures appeared in a stone room in the cave. In the stone room, the small spirit Method Formation was still running, and there was a constant flash of blue light. A huge white egg stood in the center of the array, constantly absorbing the spirit of the world from the Method Formation, shaking slightly. As a result, Han Li and his wife looked at the egg for a quarter of an hour, but there was no sign of it breaking out of its shell." It was shaking violently just now, and there were still knocks in the eggshell from time to time. I thought it was going to hatch, so I hurried to inform the elder..." Meng Jianjian looked at the scene in front of him and said with embarrassment. Han Li stared at the huge egg and examined it carefully. He found that there was a very small crack at the bottom of the egg shell. If he didn't observe it carefully, he couldn't see it at all." It's already hatched, but it didn't see the mother bird after it was born. It was a little scared and hid back." After a while, Han Li shook his head and said. After that, he thought about it and flipped his palm. A long, flowing feather came out of his palm and handed it to Meng Jianjian. Meng Jianjian took the feather and stared blankly at Han Li." Go get that little guy out," Han Li said with a smile. Meng Jianjian nodded, blinked his long eyelashes, walked up doubtfully and tapped lightly on the huge egg. The giant egg remained unresponsive. After a moment of hesitation, Meng Jianjian gently stroked the surface of the egg with the feather. This time, the egg seemed to sense something. First it paused, then it shook slightly, but the range was much smaller than before. Meng Jianjian's beautiful eyes lit up as she gently stroked the surface of the egg shell with a feather, and at the same time stretched out a palm and gently stroked it. The huge egg suddenly stopped shaking and remained motionless. Dear, this chapter is over. 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