Chapter 750 : What's Going on between Them...

Chapter 750: what's going on between them...

Xi Haoting left the sixth floor and came to the parking lot, but He Meiting followed him closely and did not relax.

"He Meiting, I told you you were really annoying. Please don't follow me anymore!" Xi Haoting turned back abruptly, his eyes filled with undisguised disgust and irritation.

He Meiting's face suddenly changed. "Hao Ting, why are you suffering? That woman doesn't care about you at all..."

"It's none of your business!" Xi Haoting sneered. "Even if it's impossible for her and me, I don't like you! You don't have to chase me anymore, and you don't have to please my mother and grandmother. I don't like you, and I will never like you!" Xi Haoting's thin face was cold.

He rarely treated a girl so badly. Even if he didn't like her, he just shook his head and refused. But this He Meiting was too annoying.

He had refused many times, and He Meiting kept pestering him. Now that Siyan had misunderstood him, he was even more annoyed.

He Meiting bit her bright red lips and felt aggrieved. "Hao Ting, you... How could you do this to me? Woo woo..."

Tears welled up in He Meiting's eyes. She didn't believe that it wouldn't move him.

How dare Xi Haoting not look at her again? He opened the door, slammed the door, started the engine and headed out.

"Hao Ting!" He Meiting's eyes widened, and there was pain in them. "I like you so much. Why are you doing this to me? Don't... Wait for me..."

Xi Haoting ignored He Meiting and drove away.

He Meiting took a deep breath and a malicious light appeared in his eyes.

This was all caused by Grandma xi and Siyan! If the old lady had been nicer to her, Xi Haoting wouldn't have disliked her so much.

If Grandma xi likes her, she still has a chance. Without Ji Siyan, the existence of that bitch, he would have put his mind on her.

He Meiting gritted his teeth. "Ji Siyan... I won't let you go! We'll see!"

Poor Siyan had no idea that he was being targeted by Xi Haoting's rotten peach blossom again.

Xi Haoting returned home and plunged into the bed.

He had a splitting headache, and for some reason, his appetite had been getting worse and worse since half a year ago, and the image of Siyan had been replaying in his mind.

Her smile, her every move, her angry look...

At night, he would occasionally relive the taste of her lips, her sweetness...

It was like he was possessed, and he could never forget Siyan.

Now, as long as he was free, if he didn't go out, he would turn on his computer and watch the tv that siyan shot on the movie website.

He had watched the two movies about ten times, and he had almost memorized the plot and lines.

He was sometimes angry at his actions, so he deleted the video software on his computer, but a few days later, he downloaded it again...

He was possessed, and he couldn't get rid of this habit.

Many times, he wanted to find Siyan, but the thought of her filming with Le Yihan made him lose his courage.

When did he start to become so weak?

Love makes people brave, but at the same time, it makes people cowardly and timid. Love makes people even more at a loss and has an iq of 0!

The phone vibrated. Xi Haoting slowly opened his eyes and struggled to get the phone out.

It was Mrs. Xi. Xi Haoting rubbed her swollen temple and took the call.

"Hao Ting, you're home?"


"Don't worry about your grandmother. Your father will stay here tonight and ask for two extra nurses. I have some time now, so I'll tell you about this morning." Mrs. Xi brought up the morning directly.

Xi haoting paused. "Mom, have you... Really met siyan?"

"Yes, I really can't stand seeing you like this, so I made an appointment with Siyan this morning in the new coffee shop in her neighborhood."

Xi Haoting was silent and knew that he was not in a good condition. He didn't know why.

It was just that the days were getting more and more boring without Siyan around.

In the past, he might still have a grudge in his heart, so he tried to enrich his life, but... Now, he had enough wine, enough fun, enough hard work -

He was expected to graduate after the year, almost two years earlier than the average student!

He worked so hard just to get back to S city in advance. He didn't expect that he was too crazy, and now he had a stomach problem.

All his love, all his grievances, all his complicated feelings were piled up in his heart. Seeing Siyan today, he really couldn't suppress himself anymore.

He didn't want any pride or dignity anymore. He just wanted her!

But today's contact, let him see Siyan's indifference, he once again fell into deep pain!

He was still wondering what he had done wrong, and now Mrs. Xi's call came just in time.

"What did she say?"

Xi Haoting was silent for a moment before he asked in a mute voice.

Mrs. Xi sighed. "Hao Ting, she said you always have girls around you - and that girl likes you, and you keep coming into contact with her. She can't stand it."

Xi Haoting was stunned. Siyan used to say that he Meiyuan liked him, but the other party had a boyfriend, so he didn't believe it. But today, through Mrs. Xi, he realized that the reason why he was dumped was because he had contact with He Meiyuan.

"Hao Ting, girls hate boys who don't take her seriously. You have to know that He Meiyuan is interested in you, but you never avoid her. If something happens, can you save your relationship with Siyan? To put it bluntly, if something happens to you and you sleep with someone..."

"Mom! How is this possible? He Meiyuan is not such a person!" Xi Haoting frowned and retorted.

Mrs. Xi was extremely helpless. "Sometimes... You know people, you know faces, you don't know hearts. Can you be sure that nothing happened? Do you think He Meiyuan used to look for you after you broke up with Siyan? Or did she have an affair with you before? Or was he secretly in the same room as you, and Siyan found out about it?"

Xi Haoting was speechless. He Meiyuan did come to him often after he broke up with Siyan.

Every time I look for him, I have a different reason.

But now she's with Ding Liangyuan, so He Meiyuan doesn't like him at all, okay?

"Mom, He Meiyuan and her boyfriend are engaged. Why do you think of her like that?"

"Look at you! You even tried to argue with other girls! Even if she doesn't, you have to go along with Siyan. A girl has to coax her, silly. You're even dumber than your mother and I are!" Mrs. Xi shouted angrily.

Xi Haoting was silent. He really didn't know how to coax girls. When he was with siyan, sweet words came from his heart.

Because at that time, he was really happy.

But after the breakup, he faced Siyan, only resentment and anger, unwillingness.

Coax a girl? For him at that time, it didn't exist.

"Put aside He Meiyuan first. Didn't you get very close to a girl named what qing?" Mrs. Xi snorted. "Don't you mean to let others misunderstand that you are the kind of man who is a playboy?"

"Mom, Yang Qing and I are just friends. We've never been together. I didn't agree to her confessing to me!" Xi Haoting said in a cold voice. He remembered that night when he was listening to the wind downstairs, Yang Qing confessed to him.

He shook his head and said coldly, "Yang Qing, it's impossible for us. Why don't you try confessing again?"

But he did not know that Siyan heard the last few words, and the first words could not be heard because of the noise nearby.

"Hehe, have you really never dated? But that girl came here to look for you." Mrs. Xi smiled and said, "If I were your girlfriend, I would definitely feel uncomfortable seeing this. What happened to you and He Meiting? Although I brought meiting back, and it's my fault, you didn't reject her completely in the beginning, did you?"

"I..." Xi Haoting was silent. In fact, he was really desperate at that time. He had decided not to look for siyan anymore and wanted to try with He Meiting.

But after meeting He Meiting for the second time, he realized that he couldn't accept other girls at all.

But because of his "Try" attitude, he gave He Meiting hope.

"So you made a mistake. If you really still love Siyan, you shouldn't have stopped looking for her in the first place. You should have kept looking for her until she was willing to explain her reasons and make up with you!" Mrs. Xi sighed. "But now... It might be more troublesome."

"The rumor about her and Le Yihan went viral on the internet, but Siyan really didn't seem to admit it. I think... She's still hanging out with your grandmother on vacation. She must not be in love. Son, if you really still love her, then just stick to it and don't give up."

Mrs. Xi tried to persuade xi haoting, "That's all I have to say. Think about it yourself!"

After that, she hung up.

Xi Haoting sat in bed, not knowing what to do.

Upset, he clicked on the news app and was attracted to the headlines.

"The first trial of the serial murder case is tomorrow, and the suspect, Bai Guan, is actually a university teacher!"

Xi Haoting suddenly remembered Siyan's reaction to the man who looked very much like the white-crowned man at noon today.

She reacted like a frightened rabbit.

Logically speaking, it was just a very similar person. In terms of siyan's character, she shouldn't be so calm, she shouldn't be so panicked.

Was there... Anything between them...

At the same time, Xi Haoting remembered that Siyan was furious that night when Lavender garden was sealed up.

No, what's wrong?

Siyan was waiting for him in Lavender garden that night, and then what happened that caused the manor to be closed down?

Xi Haoting felt that he was too careless. His friend told him that Lavender garden was sealed up that night. He should have asked more people to investigate.

But he didn't, because Siyan broke up with him at that time, which caused him to be confused, and then fell into the pain of being dumped.

Xi Haoting felt that he had missed something important, so he immediately called his father.