Chapter 751 : What Are You Pretending to Be Innocent About?

Chapter 751: what are you pretending to be innocent about?

Ten seconds later, Mr. Xi picked up the phone. "Hao Ting, what's the matter? Your mother is home now. You advise her to rest well."

"Okay, dad... I have something I need your help with right now..." Xi Haoting said softly.

He was still a student and had no authority at all. Naturally, his ability to mobilize would be much less than his father's.

"What is it?"

Xi Haoting said it seriously once,... "Dad, I have people investigating this, but with my strength, there is really nothing to investigate."

Mr. Xi said yes and answered, "Okay, I'll get someone to investigate for you. Don't blame siyan for what happened to your grandmother. After all, your grandmother didn't take her medicine on time."

Everyone didn't know that Grandma xi didn't take his medicine on time. Mr. Xi had someone check the surveillance today and found out that Grandma xi secretly changed the medicine or threw it away behind the servant's back.

"Dad, I don't blame her." Xi Haoting said softly.

"It's good that you don't blame me. I'll get someone to look into it for you first."

"Okay, dad, please." Xi Haoting hung up the phone with a heavy heart. What if the investigation turned out to be bad?

What should I do? What should he do?

"No, it's impossible. Siyan was with Ah Long and Ah Wei. What else could he do?" Xi Haoting comforted himself with uncertainty as he speculated.

However, this matter was not easy to investigate. After all, it had been too long, and the police had covered it up. After a few days in a row, Xi Haoting had returned to country y, and his father had not given him any feedback.

During this time, Xi Haoting was almost always in the hospital, but siyan came to visit Grandma xi while he was out for dinner. He had no chance to see her at all.

Siyan returned to normal filming on the third day.

In her spare time, she would visit Grandma xi at the hospital. On the fifth day after her admission, the old lady spoke much more clearly.

Siyan took a leave of absence from Director chu when she was filming until five in the afternoon. It was her grandmother's birthday and she had to go home for dinner.

Fortunately, Director chu was also an open-minded person. He didn't ask why Siyan asked for leave and agreed immediately.

Although everyone had to work overtime tonight, Siyan wasn't around, so everyone could film other roles.

Jiang Ye still came to the set for whatever it was, and since she didn't get any roles right now, no one wanted to use her.

First, because she was a little like Siyan, but much uglier than siyan.

Secondly, because of their character and acting skills, those directors were not idiots. How could they praise a Jiang Ye who had never really acted before?

Of course, Jiang Ye now did not dare to climb up the bed easily. She was afraid that she would end up like the last time.

The last time she climbed out of Wu Lei's bed, what did she get? He didn't get anything and was sleeping for nothing.

Now, as soon as he saw Siyan leave, Jiang Ye immediately followed him.

"Elder sister Siyan, where are you going? Are you feeling unwell?" Jiang Ye pretended to be concerned. "Do you want me to come with you?"

Xiaoqiu asked for leave today, so Jiang Ye tried his best to please Siyan "Gently," hoping to get some benefits.

Siyan looked at her smiling face and shook her head. "No, thank you. I have to go home first."

"I see! Then you have a good rest." Jiang Ye said with a smile, but her heart was filled with resentment.

She had asked siyan to introduce her to a role before, but until now, there was no response.

Which means... Ji Siyan doesn't care about her at all, does he?

Looking at Siyan's back, Jiang Ye still followed him and followed him secretly.

When Siyan walked out of the door, Jiang Ye hid behind a pillar on one side, then took out his phone and secretly took a video of the car parked beside Siyan.

The car parked on one side was a black mercedes. The man who came down was wearing sunglasses and tall. Although he couldn't see his eyes, he could still see his face.

The man was dressed in a black suit and had an extraordinary temperament. He opened the door for Siyan.

Siyan said something to the man with a smile and got into his car.

The man got in and the car slowly drove away.

Jiang Ye took a picture of the scene and there was no one around. She immediately sneered and looked at everything she had just taken.

In the video, he saw a tall man, but from his slightly green beard, he was at least 40 years old.

Although he maintained a good figure, this still betrayed his age.

"Ji Siyan, what are you pretending to be? Oh, so rich for charity, so rich and rich!" Jiang Ye sneered, his eyes full of sarcasm.

"This video... Needs to be saved, but what am I doing with it?" A sarcastic smile appeared on Jiang Ye's lips.

At this moment, a tall woman came over and looked at her with a faint smile.

Jiang Ye quickly put away his phone and looked at the person vigilantly.

"Are you miss Jiang Ye? Miss Ji Siyan's double?" The woman said with a smile.

Jiang Ye was shocked. "You are..."

"I know you're not doing well, so I made a deal with you. Come with me. I will give you many benefits." Tiantian smiled and lowered her voice.

Jiang Ye's eyes lit up. Now she needed someone to make a deal with.

"Okay, let's go!" Jiang Ye agreed, because she knew that the video in her hand was also very valuable.

Oh, the goddess of purity is actually the mistress of a middle-aged rich man. Tsk tsk, this material is too fierce!

If this video doesn't sell for millions, she won't sell it!


At this moment, how did Siyan know that she was misunderstood by Jiang Ye?

It was Ji Hanxiao, her father, who was clearly sitting next to her.

Siyan sat in the car, playing with his cell phone and surfing weibo.

There was nothing to look at. Just as she was about to put down her phone, a notification popped up on wechat.

She glanced at it and asked for a friend notification.

Siyan ignored the request, but it came and went again and again.

She clicked at the beginning and saw a blank space.

And the other party didn't specify anything, so she directly hacked the request.

Siyan put down his phone, and Ji Hanxiao said, "What's wrong? Look at how tired you look."

Siyan shook his head and smiled, "No, I just feel like I haven't been home for a long time."

Ji Hanxiao frowned. "If filming is tiring and boring, then stop filming. Hard work and no money, and no reputation."

Siyan burst out laughing. "Dad, I know you have the guts to say that, but I'm even more bored if I don't film. I only like this business anyway. If you asked me to draw, how could I draw better than my mother? I have no talent for that."

Ji hanxiao gave her a blank look. "You've already denied yourself, so you won't get any good grades."

Siyan made a face. "I don't want any results. Dad is so rich anyway. No matter what I do, dad can support me."

"You little girl!" Ji Hanxiao didn't know what to say for a moment.

The two father and daughter came home laughing and chatting to celebrate grandma's sixty-seven birthday.


Xi Haoting sat on the bed and looked gloomily at the rejected friend request.

How could he be so stupid? She wouldn't have approved his request, much less a stranger's request.

Xi Haoting took a look at the night outside and rubbed his sore eyes.

Today, he tried so hard to forget about his meal. Although he had taken some stomach medicine, he still felt a slight pain.

He really didn't want to live like this anymore.

But half a year... Half a year! Then he could get his diploma.

It was almost a year and a half earlier than the exchange students from other schools, but he was not proud at all.

He just wanted to get back to S city and be with Siyan.

What he regretted most now was that he had been an exchange student on impulse, but it also reflected that she had a great influence on him.

If he wasn't sad and afraid that he wouldn't be able to get out of that relationship, how could he come here to be an exchange student?

While Xi Haoting was in a mess, Mr. Xi called.

"Dad, is grandma okay now?"

"Your grandmother is out of the hospital and recovering well. By the way, there's finally a result of what you asked me to investigate. All the information is in your email. You can go and see it yourself." Mr. Xi's voice was a little heavy, and Xi Haoting's heart gave a thump, and immediately felt a bad feeling.

"Okay, dad, thank you. I'll hang up first." After Xi Haoting thanked him, he immediately opened the phone and entered the mailbox. As expected, there was an attachment from secretary Mr. Xi.

After downloading the attachment, Xi Haoting unzipped it and found many files inside.

He clicked on the first file and found that it was the Lavender garden master's file - Wu Lei's file.

Xi Haoting was shocked. Lavender garden... Was Wu Lei's?

Was Wu Lei's death related to Bai Guan? Siyan was there that night, which meant she saw a lot of blood?

Xi Haoting's heart was even more confused, and his heart was pounding.

This document briefly describes when Wu Lei invested in Lavender garden. This Lavender garden was originally prepared for couples.

However, over time, wu lei would lure some pure female high school and college students here and then attack them.

In this Lavender garden, I don't know how many innocent people shed blood and tears.

In the last three paragraphs, Wu Lei and his friends drank the drinks that Bai Guan gave them and began to kill each other.

Xi Haoting was shocked to see this!

Wu Lei had died under the abuse of a friend, but there was no writing about whether siyan was there or not.

He immediately closed the document and found several recordings.

Xi Haoting's palms were sweating, and he was a little afraid to open them, for fear that when he opened them, he would hear Siyan's cry for help.

After a few minutes of hesitation, Xi Haoting finally clicked on the first recording.

The first recording was of a man named Gao Mu.