Chapter 752 : Special Means!

Chapter 752: special means!

"Your friend Wu Lei told you that he was waiting for you in Lavender garden. Did he tell you about his show?"

Xi Haoting's heart beat faster when a female voice appeared on the recording.

"He only said there would be beautiful women, and I could bring them over." A hoarse male voice came out.

"Why don't you give us a rough idea of what happened that night?"

"When my girlfriend and I arrived, Lei Zi hadn't come out yet. We were drinking and eating in the square first. No one expected that what was waiting for us was a bloody murder... Lei Zi came out, and there was a female student named siyan beside him, but I was right. She was... The actress Ji Siyan!"

Xi Haoting's fists suddenly clenched!

That night, he left, and what did wu lei do to force Siyan to stay by his side?

Damn it! Why didn't Siyan tell him?

But he was on his way to save he Meiyuan, so was she really angry?

"To be honest, there can't be any fabrications." The woman's voice was cold.

"That Ji Siyan seems very uncooperative and angry. He keeps saying he wants to leave. And it was very powerful, because my girlfriend said she was a hypocrite and that she would pour alcohol on my girlfriend's face if she spoke harshly..."

"... Later, we found out that we were all weak. The waitress appeared. We didn't notice him before. The waitress was a man... He... He was Bai Guan, he" ...

"He told Yuan Li to take the antidote and kill Wu Lei, but... But he told miss Ji Siyan to walk to the fountain, probably... Probably not to let her see that scene..."

The words that followed were intermittent, and it was obvious that Gao Mu was still trembling with fear as he recalled the scene!

Xi Haoting's body was cold. Although siyan was near the fountain, who could guarantee that bai guan would not treat her...

"Calm down. As long as you don't tell anyone about this, we will always protect you." The woman's voice was calm.

In the recording, there was the sound of drinking water.

"Did the murderer do anything to miss ji?"

"I fainted behind... I don't know. When I woke up, I was in the hospital... The hospital." Gao Mu replied, trembling, "Yuan Li... Yuan Li... He almost killed me, ah... My head hurts..."

There was no recording at the end, so Gao Mu probably wouldn't be able to record it anymore.

Xi Haoting was cold all over and immediately turned on another recording.

The other recording was of the curly-haired woman recording the whole process, when she wanted to record Siyan's ugly appearance, who would have thought that something like that would happen later.

When she heard Siyan's voice, Xi Haoting's eyes turned red again!

At that time, Siyan needed him so much, but where was this bastard?

He was saving someone, saving He Meiyuan from a car accident.

But didn't Siyan need him more? He Meiyuan's business, in fact, was to let friends or bodyguards from the film and television base go over, but he was so anxious that he stood Siyan up!

That night, Xi Haoting never thought that something like that would happen!

When the recording was placed at the back, Wu Lei's screams, women's cries, and screams were heard, making the night even more terrifying!

Xi Haoting's hands trembled. He was a boy. When he heard this voice, he felt his hair stand on end, let alone a girl named siyan. There was no reliable person around her, and the bloodthirsty devil was right beside her!

Xi Haoting was in a bad mood, but he had to listen, because he wanted to know what happened to Siyan.

Unfortunately, Bai Guan's voice did not appear on the recording, nor did Siyan's.

He was even more afraid of clicking on the next recording, for fear of hearing bad news.

On second thought, Siyan might have been saved, or else she wouldn't have answered his call.

But at that time, she was really in a bad state!

Xi Haoting mustered up the courage to open the last recording, but he was disappointed again. The recording was only a short paragraph. It was Yuan Li's girlfriend's self-reflection.

Xi Haoting was a little devastated, and he clicked on another piece of information, which was about a psychiatrist surnamed chen visiting the Ji family.

The psychiatrist must have gone for Siyan.

It was obvious that her psychological trauma was very serious at that time.

Xi Haoting's whole body went soft, and all the information ended here, but he understood that after he left that night, Siyan was under Wu Lei's control.

If Bai Guan didn't show up and Siyan didn't have time to call for help, what would have happened would have been terrible!

Of course, if no one arrived in time, Siyan might be poisoned by Bai Guan.

Even though Bai Guan asked her to go to the fountain, he didn't say that he would let her go. Who knows what he would do to Siyan, this perverted serial killer?

The thought of heaven, the thought of being possessed - Siyan must have been scared, too, right?

Just as Xi Haoting was distracted, there was another letter in the mailbox. When he opened it, he found another attachment.

There are some good documents in the attachments, as well as some photos and recordings.

He clicked on it and froze.

This time, Mr. Xi not only helped him find out the truth about the lavender garden night, but also found out that siyan and le yihan were not dating at all.

In the recording, it was a conversation between Le Yihan and Le Xiaoxiao, and Mr. Xi's people somehow managed to record it.

Le Yihan's voice was unique, so Xi Haoting recognized it immediately.

Le Yihan: don't worry about it. Don't ask.

Le Xiaoxiao: no way, big brother, you can't even catch up with Siyan like this? Did you use the wrong method? Bring her some chocolate tomorrow?

Le Yihan: she won't like me. I hinted many times, but every time she refused. If I confessed, I would be rejected.

Le Xiaoxiao: brother, you big idiot!


Xi Haoting slammed the computer shut down and turned pale. The heart was even more complicated. How much despair and pain did Siyan suffer that night? But when she heard that she was not with le xiaoxiao, she was both happy and sad.

He took his phone and dialed Siyan's number.

He bought this card in china, but he was already thinking about adding to her wechat, but hesitated.

This was the first time that she had used this number to call siyan's number, but it only rang seven or eight times before she hung up.

Xi Haoting gritted his teeth, hoping that siyan would catch it.

He really wanted to say sorry to her again. It was his fault that he didn't stay by her side when she needed him the most.

He shouldn't have stood her up, shouldn't have left her to face a disgusting man like Wu Lei, and shouldn't have left her there alone to face serial killer Bai Guan!

Xi Haoting called again, but Siyan still didn't pick up and hung up.

Xi Haoting didn't dare to call, for fear that Siyan would blacken his number.

But when it comes to blacking out calls, text messages can still be sent.

Xi Haoting's emotions were difficult to calm down. He regretted, felt bad, and blamed himself. When Siyan saw the doctor who looked like a white-crowned man, she really lost her composure, which showed that her psychological trauma had not fully recovered.

Xi Haoting opened the message and sent it to Siyan.

"Siyan, I'm sorry. I just learned what happened in Lavender garden today. I'm sorry! I didn't stay by your side when you needed it the most. I thought I was just standing up because I had something more important to do. For a long time, I thought of He Meiyuan as my classmate. After all, we came from the same country and studied in the same school. I went to save her for the sake of my classmates, and there was no love between men and women at all. I'm sorry!"

After the text message was sent, there was no response!

Xi Haoting took a deep breath and continued texting her.

Siyan, I didn't fulfill my boyfriend's responsibility. I should have waited for you. I know you don't like He Meiyuan very much, but I didn't believe you. I'm sorry. I'll do better in the future. I'll never..."

After typing so many words, Xi Haoting suddenly felt something was wrong.

Now she's not with him at all. Will there be a future?

But whether Siyan was with Le Yihan or not, he wanted to pursue her again!

All of a sudden, he felt like a jerk!

"Siyan, I won't let a girl like me around me anymore. I can do anything you want. I misunderstood you and Le Yihan before, but today I realized how stupid I was. I'm sorry!"

Siyan, can you give me a response? I just saw the information. My father did the research for me. I thought it was nothing serious, but I didn't know that you were going through that kind of thing that night. Baby, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for my carelessness..."


No matter how many messages xi haoting sent, Siyan did not respond.

He took a deep breath and curled his lips bitterly. If it were him, he would be angry.

If Siyan put a boy who was secretly in love with her beside him, he couldn't stand it, but... Did He Meiyuan really like him?

Xi Haoting suddenly remembered the time Siyan arrived in Country y, and his face slowly darkened.

But he shook his head again. It was impossible. He Meiyuan couldn't like him. Although Ding Liangyuan had once told him about He Meiyuan's thoughts.

But isn't He Meiyuan with Ding Liangyuan now?

Xi haoting tried to send a message to Ding Liangyuan.

Xi Haoting: Ding Liangyuan, you said he Meiyuan liked me before. Is this true?

Ding Liangyuan replied quickly.

Ding Liangyuan: hehe, what do you mean by asking me this now?

Xi Haoting: I didn't believe she liked me before, so I didn't care and didn't take my girlfriend's words seriously. But she probably dumped me for this reason, so I wanted to ask more.

He was just in the mood to give it a try, not expecting Ding Liangyuan to continue replying to him.

Ding Liangyuan: I didn't lie to you.

Xi Haoting: but He Meiyuan is with you now.

Ding Liangyuan: that's because I used a special method.

Xi Haoting's body shook. Special method!

Although Ding Liangyuan didn't say anything directly, Xi Haoting understood.

After he broke up with Siyan, He Meiyuan used all sorts of excuses to stay in S city, find him or visit him.

She also asked him out for dinner and breakfast from time to time. At that time, he felt something was wrong, and his eyes seemed a little gentle.

But soon He Meiyuan was with Ding Liangyuan again, so Xi Haoting didn't think much about it.

Now that it was confirmed from Ding Liangyuan, Xi Haoting was like a thunderbolt!

When Siyan tried to persuade him in the past, he didn't take it to heart and thought that he was thinking too much about yan.

So when siyan saw him and He Meiyuan together again and again, she was really angry.

Of course, Xi Haoting was not tempted. He Meiyuan had no choice. What if she used special methods like ding liangyuan?

Although Xi Haoting had a good lifestyle and did not live like some rich second generation, he had heard of some dirty tricks.

At this moment, his heart was very complicated.

Ding Liangyuan: you don't have to think about why Meiyuan came forward. She's pregnant and we're getting married. If you dare to break us up, then the consequences will be at your own risk.

Xi Haoting took a deep breath. Ding Liangyuan didn't look like such a ruthless person, but he didn't expect his methods to be so ruthless!

Xi Haoting: don't worry. I just want to prove it. Now I know I wronged Siyan. Since you and Meiyuan are getting married, treat her well.

Ding Liangyuan: I'll take good care of her.

At this point in the conversation, Xi Haoting stopped paying attention to He Meiyuan. He was not the virgin, although he knew that He Meiyuan was very reluctant to be with Ding Liangyuan.

But now that she was pregnant, he, as a bystander, couldn't get involved.

"No, I have to ask for leave right away." Xi Haoting stood up abruptly, without packing his things, picked up his passport, id card, etc., and strode out.