Chapter 753 : Rotten Peach Blossom!

Chapter 753: rotten peach blossom!

At grandma's birthday party, Siyan only talked to her friends and relatives.

There were many relatives here to celebrate grandma's birthday this time, and the couple who were rumored to be Siyan's parents also arrived.

They were Ji Hanxiao's distant cousins, and after the Ji family got up, they had been taken care of by Ji Hanxiao, so they had always been grateful to him.

When it was rumored that siyan was their daughter, they never responded. This was a reward for ji Han Xiao.

Of course, Ji Hanxiao didn't treat them badly either. In S city, they owned three stores and ran small businesses in food and supermarkets.

They also have 5 % of Ji family's shares, plus some small income, and their annual income is up to 50 million.

For ordinary people, the net profit of 50 million was really good.

Siyan and auntie tang sat together, talking and laughing, and this auntie's children were very open-minded, even if there were age differences, but they could talk together.

"Sister, you have to sign for me. My classmate asked for your signature. After all, you are my nominal sister. I can't lose face!" Said ji Xiao Xiao, the aunt's daughter, with a smile.

Naturally, Siyan agreed. He smiled and took out a photo of his cousin, signed it and handed it to ji Xiao Xiao.

Ji Xiao Xiao was excited and grateful. He hugged Siyan and took several more pictures.

Seeing how harmonious everyone was, auntie tang's eyes curved with laughter. "Xiao Xiao, you have to learn from Siyan in the future. No matter how much money you make, as long as you like that industry."

"Mom, I know!" Ji Xiao Xiao replied.

"Come on, mom, dad, brother, let's take a big picture with our cousin!" Ji Xiao Xiao enthusiastically pulled Siyan to take a family photo.

Neither Ji Hanxiao nor Qiao Ran objected. After all, everyone really liked Siyan.

Mother of Qiao, the birthday girl, was very happy. She used to worry about Qiao Ran and Ji Hanxiao's divorce. Now, seeing how much they loved each other and had all their children, she was filled with emotion.

Seeing Mother of Qiao's eyes redden, Qiao Ran gently held her hand. "Mom, do you feel exceptionally happy?"

"Yeah, I feel like my life is really complete. There are children, women, and three such lovely grandchildren. You see, siyan has grown up, and yan zhe and yang fan..." Mother of Qiao said with a smile, tears almost streaming down her face.

Qiao Ran quickly wiped her tears with a handkerchief. "Mom, what are you doing? Just feel happy."

Mother of Qiao had a hard time in the first half of her life, because she only had Qiao Ran as a daughter, and was ridiculed by the villagers as "No children, no grandchildren." In those people's backward feudal ideas, their daughters were always married out, and the children were born with the surname of others.

But Qiao Ran beat their faces up! Not only did she give her parents a good life, she also gave Yangfan the surname joe as a continuation of the The qiao family.

Those who said that the The qiao family had been cut off no longer dared to mock and ridicule them. Of course, more importantly, Papa joe Mother of Qiao and his brother, whom qiao ran recognized, all moved to this neighborhood, just for the chinese new year, and symbolically went back to visit.

Mother of Qiao's heart was finally broken, and he would never be troubled by the absence of a son again.

The birthday party was very successful. When Siyan got home, he saw the message from Xi Haoting.

Although it wasn't Xi Haoting, judging by his tone, it was him who sent it.

Siyan paused. Xi Haoting... Finally knew the truth about that night?

She sat by the bed, silently reading text messages after text messages.

In the past two hours, he sent her more than 50 text messages.

I don't know if his fingers are numb or painful... Siyan sighed softly and leaned back, her hands spread out on the bed.

Can she and he go back to the past?

Without him, she would still be alive.

Without her, he would still be alive, but... Horribly thin.

Needless to ask, Siyan knew that his stomach problem must have happened again. It was because he went to Country y that he worked so hard that he got a stomach problem.

Siyan closed his eyes as if he saw Xi Haoting standing in front of him.

Gradually, the scene of Xi Haoting kissing her suddenly appeared in his mind. Siyan was so scared that he opened his eyes and dared not think back.

If you think too much about being sad, you might as well live alone. She admitted that she was traumatized after breaking up with Xi Haoting, and she was afraid of hurting again.

But will she not be with xi haoting for the rest of her life?

No one gave her an answer. Only time knew.


The next morning, siyan had a class. This class was very important. Because it was explained by a famous teacher, Siyan went back to school.

In order not to be disturbed by too many people, she returned to school early in the morning.

The class in the performance department was attended by an old actress, huang zhenyu, who had previously been a teacher in the performance department. For some special reasons, she resigned to film.

After her fame became famous, teacher huang zhenyu came back to be a teacher. She loved Siyan very much, not only because she was famous, but also because she really had acting skills.

So after class, Mr. Huang asked siyan to look for her in the office. As an elder, she gave siyan a lot of advice, but she didn't mention anything about acting skills.

However, as an older generation, she still had the right to speak in terms of the way she handled the world and what kind of work she should choose.

Siyan was so grateful that they chatted for more than an hour before saying goodbye to Mr. Huang.

The afternoon was still filming, so Siyan asked the driver to pick her up and leave the school.

Before the car arrived, someone strode towards her.


When Siyan heard the voice, she felt very familiar. When she looked up, she saw a frighteningly thin figure. The familiar face made her completely stunned.

Maybe he hadn't seen xi haoting on campus for a long time, so he felt like he was hallucinating.

But this was not an illusion. The man came to her very soon.

The boy who used to be like a tree facing the wind is now thin as a bamboo pole. His deep eyes radiate an uncontrollable tenderness.

He suddenly smiled faintly. There was no longer the coldness and alienation on his face. It was as if he had returned to the past and smiled at the girl he loved the most.

Although Xi Haoting was now extremely thin, he still had a noble temperament, his appearance among the surrounding boys, still stood out from the crowd.

His appearance immediately attracted the attention of many girls.

Isn't that Xi Haoting? God, he's so skinny!"

"Is there something wrong?"

"I heard he broke up with Ji Siyan, and now he's here to look for her. I guess he wants to get back together?"

"It's good to break up. The entertainment industry is too dark. Ji Siyan doesn't deserve him. If only the other party could look at me!"

"Ah, I see my god. He's so handsome! I would marry him even if he was skinny!"

The whispers of the girls did not affect Xi Haoting at all. He just looked deeply at Siyan and they looked at each other in silence.

Ah wei coughed and shouted softly, "Miss, the driver is waiting. He will be late soon."

Siyan came back to her senses. Xi Haoting called out to her in a low voice as she was about to leave. "Siyan... I'm back."

I'm back. I won't give up anymore.

The sunlight fell on his face like a dream.

Siyan silently glanced at him. "I'm sorry. I have something to do first. Let's talk about it when we have time."

Siyan's reaction was very cold. She lowered her eyes to hide the complicated emotions inside.

She felt like she was being dragged into something. She was about to forgive him, but when she thought about how many girls had always appeared around him - she didn't believe that those girls had always appeared on their own, and he didn't have any intention of dating.

"Siyan!" Xi Haoting stopped her, her voice full of urgency and anticipation. "I'm sorry, I didn't do my duty that night. I'm sorry!"

He wanted to apologize for the night in Lavender garden. Although he had apologized before, the meaning of this time was obviously different.

Siyan turned to look at his dark eyes. "I accept your apology. This is over. Don't talk to me anymore."

With that said, she turned around and walked towards the car not far away.

Xi Haoting took a few steps and before she could catch up with siyan, a female voice called out to her sharply, "Ji Siyan, stop!"

Siyan looked at the voice in surprise and saw a red-hot girl stride over. She was Situ Hong, Xi Haoting's former college classmate.

After Xi Haoting went abroad, Situ Hong looked for siyan once before.

Si Tu blushed and stood in front of Siyan with a cold look in his eyes. "Ji Siyan, are you shameless? Hao Ting has become like this for you, and you have no compassion at all?"

Siyan looked coldly at Situ Hong, who suddenly appeared. Before she could speak, Xi Haoting stood up and said, "Situ Hong, don't talk nonsense! Siyan, you can go. I'll look for you later."

Xi Haoting was defending Siyan, and all the girls were shocked. They didn't expect Xi Haoting to be dumped and help Ji Siyan talk. This was really - a good ex-boyfriend of the century.

Siyan glanced at Situ Hong coldly. "I'm free tonight. Let's talk more tonight!"

Although Siyan didn't want to face Xi Haoting, she couldn't keep running away from him because he had already found him.

To solve the problem, she had to do it herself.

"Xi Haoting, you big fool! You see, she doesn't care about you at all. You actually spoke for her. I'm so angry!" Si Tu blushed and shouted at Xi Haoting with hatred.

"Xi Haoting, get rid of your rotten peach blossoms and come back to our lady!" Ah Wei looked at Xi Haoting contemptuously and followed Siyan away with a sneer.

Xi Haoting's face was extremely cold. He did not have any feelings for Si Tu hong, but Situ Hong's thoughts were very obvious.

Hearing Ah Wei say this, Situ Hong's face turned even redder.

"Situ Hong, you don't have to deal with Siyan or me. No matter what, she's the only one in my heart." After Xi Haoting finished speaking, he walked out.