Chapter 754 : Get down the Stairs!

Chapter 754: get down the stairs!

Situ Hong stayed there for a moment, his face turning red and white. "Hao Ting..."

Xi Haoting ignored her and strode away.

People around him laughed. "Oh, you don't look at yourself in the mirror! Ji siyan is so beautiful, how could Xi Haoting like her ugly duckling!"

Situ Hong was so angry that he wiped his tears and rushed to his dormitory. How dare he stay outside?

When Siyan returned to the film and television base, he reviewed his lines while eating.

Just as she was about to start shooting after dinner, she saw that Xi Haoting was really here.

But Siyan didn't have time now, so he had to wait until night.

Xi Haoting came to the set again and attracted a lot of attention.

Director chu knew about him and Siyan, but judging from his situation, he probably knew that he was here to make peace.

Xi Haoting stood outside the crowd and looked at Siyan in the filming. She was young, beautiful, and full of vitality.

She was still her, not her.

Xi Haoting only felt his heart ache. He suddenly felt that he was really stupid.

He missed a lot of time with her, and his carelessness and ridiculous self-esteem also caused a regret in his life.

"Mr. Xi, let's talk somewhere else." Then someone stopped him.

Xi Haoting turned around and realized that Siyan's bodyguard was Ah Wei.

He frowned, but did not reject the request and left the set.

The two of them found a quiet corner, opposite a pond where lotus flowers were originally planted, but after the mid-autumn festival, the lotus leaves began to wither.

The place was very quiet, and the distant sounds of laughter and fighting could be faintly heard.

"Mr. Xi, although I'm just miss's bodyguard, but... There are some things I want to tell you clearly. You're not suitable for miss, you better let go quickly."

Ah Wei looked at Xi Haoting coldly with sarcasm in his eyes.

Xi Haoting looked at him coldly. "You said you were his bodyguard. You have no right to interfere with me and her."

"I'm not qualified, but there are some things I can say - you're not worthy of her. She needs a man like Mr. Ji, loyal to her, gentle to her, never doubting her, even by her side when she needs him. But what about you? She has been hurt many times with you." Ah Wei sneered. "And you've never been a single man."

The coldness in Xi Haoting's eyes grew colder. He looked at the pool of remnant lotus and said faintly, "I'm not exclusive. It's not up to you."

Mr. Xi, if you were single, you wouldn't allow those women to cling to you. If you intend to associate with others, then you have wavered against our eldest lady. Now you're looking for her again because you can't find someone better and more attractive than her. "Ah Wei smiled cruelly." If you fall in love with someone else or meet a better woman -"

"No one is better than her." Xi Haoting turned around and looked at Ah Wei's tense face. "You're just a bodyguard. You don't have the right to control me. None of the women around me were the ones I liked. I admit that I was childish. I shouldn't have thought of using them to provoke Siyan."

"And you, even if I quit, she won't like you, so you don't have to belittle me anymore." With that, Xi Haoting turned and left.

Ah wei stood there, his fists clenched, his eyes complicated as he looked back.

Xi Haoting was right. He was just a bodyguard. What could he do?

Even without Xi Haoting, Ah Wei would not have gotten Siyan. She had more than that poor taste.

He didn't expect to get Siyan, but he also hoped that she could find a man who really deserved her, not Xi Haoting!

In Ah Wei's heart, Xi Haoting was a fickle person. When he broke up with Siyan, there were different women around him every time!

How could such a man be worthy of a young lady?


After an afternoon of filming, Siyan was a little tired, but there was still one scene to finish.

The scene was of her walking down the stairs in a formal dress.

Xiao qin, the heroine of "Watch," was brought here and said that she could earn two thousand yuan a night by walking on a runway.

At that time, xiao qin's good classmate was ill and needed a large sum of money. The inexperienced female lead agreed, but what she did not know was that what awaited her was a dirty and dirty trade.

Director chu also put a lot of thought into this scene.

So Siyan filmed twice, and Director chu wanted Siyan to do it again. Unlike the previous two, this time it made the heroine smile brightly. After all, in the heroine's heart, she came here to show off.

Siyan was wearing a long, snow-white dress that swept the floor like a wedding dress.

She curled up from the corridor towards the staircase, and the bright lights fell on her, making her breathtaking.

Xi Haoting stared down at this scene, his Siyan... Growing so fast!

I hope she can become his xi haoting's woman in the near future!

Siyan smiled brightly and walked down the stairs.

Her eyes glimpsed past the people below. Suddenly, her eyes stopped.

Siyan saw a man with gold-rimmed glasses standing behind a pillar and smiling at her. Wasn't this man Mr. Huang who he met last time in Wind house? And - at the hospital, Siyan met her once.

Siyan seemed to see bai guan standing in front of him. The bai guan case had been tried once and the result was death.

Because of the man's appearance, Siyan was distracted. The white dress in her hand slipped and she stepped on it with one foot.

Siyan leaned forward and Xiaoqiu screamed, "Ah, be careful!"

However, Siyan's body was already rolling forward, and the people below immediately became chaotic. Ah Long and ah wei rushed forward, but they were too late!

Because this scene had already been shot twice, Siyan had been very careful before, and this never happened.

And she was in the middle of the play, so Ah Long and Ah Wei had to sit in the audience.


"Elder sister Siyan!"


Everyone shouted. Siyan's body had rolled from the top to the bottom of the stairs. Ah Wei stepped forward and held her up.

"Miss!" Ah Wei picked up Siyan in horror and looked at her face, which was twisted into a ball because of the pain. His voice trembled with fright as blood flowed across her forehead.

"I... I'm fine..." Siyan gasped for breath, but her head hurt so much that it felt as if something had ripped off her arm, causing her tears to fall.

"The doctor on the set isn't here today. I'll take you to the hospital!" Ah wei shouted, but Xi Haoting rushed over. "Let me hug her!"

Ah wei paused, smiled bitterly and gave Siyan to Xi Haoting.

Xi Haoting picked up Siyan and rushed out. Ah Long, Ah Wei, Xiaoqiu, and Director chu followed, their faces solemn.

The injuries caused by falling down the stairs can be large or small - if you are lucky, you may have a forehead injury or a flesh injury; if you are unlucky, you may have a head or spine injury and a serious sequela.

Chu was so regretful that his intestines turned green. He shouldn't have let Siyan do it again. After all, the protagonist at that time must have been preoccupied with his good friend's affairs, so he couldn't smile so brightly.

However, he also felt that the protagonist should be more professional when he was replaced, so he asked Siyan to try another expression.

However, something happened with this test, and now he really regretted it so much that he shouldn't let Siyan do it again.

Xi Haoting looked at Siyan, who was in pain, and at her bloody forehead, wishing that all these wounds would fall on him.

He ran for a few minutes with her in his arms, but Xi Haoting was a little tired and slowed down because of his stomach disease.

After a few more minutes, Xi Haoting really couldn't hold on.

Ah Wei, who had caught up with her, sneered, "You can't do this well. How can you be worthy of her? Let me do it!"

With that said, Ah Wei couldn't help but say something. He held Siyan in his hand and ran out quickly.

The crew was ten minutes away from the parking lot, and it took seven minutes for ah wei to arrive. When Xi Haoting arrived, Siyan's car had already driven out.

Xi Haoting stood there, feeling that he was almost out of breath.

He suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis. If he didn't get well and continue to destroy his body like this, he would probably die before he could get Siyan back!

In the past six months, in order to finish his studies quickly and study crazily, he lost his exercise and even made a mess of three meals a day.

So his stomach was getting sick again, and his health was getting worse.

Xi Haoting stood there, feeling that the heavens were full of ridicule for him!

Oh, why is he always so weak when Siyan needs him the most?

When you go back, you must exercise well!

Xi Haoting understood that he could no longer work hard, but at his current level, he should be able to apply for graduation by the end of the year.


At the hospital, Siyan was pushed into the emergency room.

When Qiao Ran, Ji Hanxiao, Yanzhe and the others who received the call arrived, Siyan was still inside.

"What the hell happened? Siyan is fine. Why did he roll down the stairs?" Qiao Ran came here and grabbed Xiaoqiu as soon as he saw her.

Xiaoqiu's eyes were red and swollen. "Elder sister Siyan might have been distracted. He stepped on his skirt and fell..."

Qiao Ran frowned. "That's impossible. Siyan likes acting so much. He shouldn't be distracted."

Ji Hanxiao glanced at the pale Xi Haoting next to her. "Did she lose her mind when she saw someone who shouldn't have appeared?"

Xiaoqiu shook his head. "I don't know..."

Xi Haoting came over, bowed his head and apologized to Qiao Ran and Ji Hanxiao. "I'm sorry, uncle, aunt, maybe because of me, Siyan..."

"I told you before not to bother Siyan anymore. You're doing great!" Ji Hanxiao was furious, and his slightly aged face was filled with anger. "Siyan has been hurt more than once because of you. Xi Haoting, don't rely on her liking you, and you can do anything..."

"Honey, we haven't figured out what's going on yet. Don't worry. He didn't mean to..." Qiao Ran quickly grabbed the angry Ji Hanxiao.