Chapter 755 You're Finally Willing to See Me!

Chapter 755: you are finally willing to see me!

Director chu quickly walked up and said in a low voice, "Mr. Ji, Mrs. Ji, Mr. Xi came at noon. He was in the audience when siyan rolled down the stairs, so it shouldn't have been caused by him."

Xi Haoting lowered his head and thanked Director chu for speaking for him.

Someone was talking at the other end of the corridor.

"I'm a fan of Ji Xiaojie. I want to go in and take a look."

"Sorry, this is the operating room. Please keep quiet and leave."

Ah Wei's voice was heard. Qiao Ran and Ji Hanxiao turned around and saw several people being stopped at the end of the corridor. One of the men looked a little feminine.

Ji Hanxiao and Qiao Ran were shocked. They looked at each other. "Let him come over."

Ji hanxiao pointed to one of the men who looked almost exactly like Bai Guan. Ah wei frowned. He didn't like this man very much, but with Ji Hanxiao's orders, he had to move away.

The man quickly walked over. "Is Ji Xiaojie okay?"

"She's still in the operating room. May I ask your name?" Ji Hanxiao and Qiao Ran looked at the man, who looked exactly like Bai Guan.

"My surname is huang. My name is huang yi. I'm a... Fan of miss ji." Mr. Huang said awkwardly. After all, he was not young, but he was still a fan of Siyan. It was a little awkward.

"Don't you know Mr. Huang knows Mr. Bai Guan?" Ji hanxiao asked softly.

Huang yi looked at him confusedly. "Sir, who is Mr. Bai Guan... Ah, that serial killer..."

He shook his head awkwardly and said with a bitter smile, "I don't know that Bai Guan, but because he looks like him, he is always being pointed at. I only know that I look like that person by watching the news."

Xi Haoting suddenly thought of something. "Mr. Huang, did you appear before Siyan fell?"

Huang yi was even more restrained and uneasy. "Yes, I just... That's when I showed up. She saw me too, and then... I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I think Ji Xiaojie fell down the stairs because of me. But I really don't know Mr. Bai Guan. I'm not a bad person either. I just... I went to visit her because I liked her too much!"

Hearing huang yi's words, everyone immediately understood that Siyan's absent-mindedness was probably due to his appearance.

If she was dressed normally, Siyan would be fine, but because she was wearing too much dress at that time, Siyan immediately lost his mind after seeing huang yi. In just two seconds, this tragedy happened.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault. I... I just want to know if Ji Xiaojie is okay..." Huang yi's face was red and white. It was really embarrassing.

"It's none of Mr. Huang's business. Thank you for your concern. I'm sure Siyan will be fine." Qiao Ran said softly.

But when Qiao Ran saw the blood on ah wei and xi haoting, he felt uneasy and knew that Siyan must have been injured.

Her daughter was rarely injured, and even when she was a child, there was very little blood.

Siyan used to be very naughty. Among the triplets, only Yangfan was the quietest. Siyan and yan zhe were the king of mischief.

After they went to primary school, siyan and yanzhe weren't so naughty, but such a situation was rare.

Le Yihan, who had heard the news, arrived. He had something to do today and didn't go to the film and television base. He didn't expect this to happen.

Le Yihan saw that both Xi Haoting and Ah Wei were covered in blood, and his face darkened. He saw Xiaoqiu and Director chu and asked in a hurry, "Director chu, how's Director chu?"

Director chu frowned. "I don't know. I'm still in the emergency room."

When Siyan was sent to the hospital, he was unconscious. Whether he was seriously injured or not, everyone was ordinary people.

At this time, the door of the emergency room was pushed open, and a doctor came out. Qiao Ran and the others quickly welcomed him.

"Doctor, how is Siyan?"

The doctor looked extremely respectful. "Mr. And Mrs. Ji, you don't have to worry. Ji Xiaojie's head was slightly injured, but it doesn't matter. It's her hand that's broken. It might take some time to recuperate."

Hearing this, everyone was secretly relieved, as long as there was no life-threatening and serious sequelae.

Qiao Ran and Ji Hanxiao looked at each other and naturally relaxed.

It didn't take long for Siyan to be pushed out of the emergency room.

Her forehead was covered in a thick layer of white gauze, and her left hand was cast. Her face was a little pale, and she was still unconscious.

"Siyan..." Qiao Ran shouted quickly, following the moving bed.

Siyan did not respond. It seemed that he was still asleep.

The nurse pushed Siyan into room 602 vip and left after some instructions.

Siyan's hands were still on anti-inflammatory drip, and Qiao Ran thanked Director chu and the others for letting them go back to rest or work.

"I'm sorry for Siyan. If I hadn't let her..." Director chu was so embarrassed that Qiao Ran shook his head.

"I can't blame you for that. You were filmed according to normal procedures. Anyway, thank Director chu for taking care of siyan." Qiao Ran said politely.

In fact, she knew everything about Siyan.

For Siyan, Director chu was the best director because he was slow and didn't rush.

The crowd waited outside for half an hour. After Siyan woke up, they confirmed that she had no memory loss or serious sequelae, and then they left without worry.

Finally, Ji Hanxiao, Qiao Ran, Le Yihan and Xi Haoting were left in the ward.

Yan zhe, yang fan, Tiantian, Jiang Rong and others naturally left.

"Siyan, are you hungry? I asked aunt su to cook some porridge. Would you like some?" Qiao Ran looked out the window at the night and couldn't help but say.

Siyan looked at the pale-faced Xi Haoting and said softly, "I'm a little hungry. Xi Haoting, you should go eat first."

Xi Haoting's stomach had faintly ached since Siyan was admitted to the hospital, and now it was so painful that he felt as if someone had dug his stomach out.

"No, I..."

"There's enough porridge for two people. You can have a bowl too." Qiao Ran glanced at Xi Haoting and saw that he did not look well.

Qiao Ran had also been in contact with Mrs. Xi during this period of time and learned about xi haoting's sincere feelings for Siyan.

But she would not interfere in the affairs of young people.

"Thank you, auntie!" Xi Haoting quickly thanked him.

Le Yihan hurriedly said goodbye to siyan. Even if he liked Siyan, now was not a good time to make up.

Ji Hanxiao's face was cold and he didn't seem to like Xi Haoting very much.

"Han Xiao, you go back first. I'll stay here with siyan." Qiao Ran said.

Siyan shook his head. "Let Xiaoqiu accompany me. Mom and dad, you go back first."


"Xiaoqiu has gone back to get his things. He'll be here soon. We can stay up late when we're young. Mom, you have to take care of yourself." Siyan said with a faint smile on his pale face.

Qiao Ran patted her hand gently. "Are you really okay?"

Siyan was still smiling. "Mom, don't worry. I'm really fine."

In fact, she felt a lot of pain in the area where the fracture occurred. Naturally, the injured forehead couldn't be as painful as nothing.

But the pain was tolerable, and Siyan didn't want her mother to worry.

"How many days do I need a female nurse to take care of you? Or go straight home?" Ji Hanxiao asked siyan.

"Didn't the doctor say that she should stay in the hospital for a day? Let her stay for a day, since the medicine hasn't been finished yet." Qiao Ran said. Siyan didn't seem to want to go home.

Grandpa and grandma at home are old. If they see her hurt, they will worry again.

"Mom and dad, let me stay here for a few days. If I go back, it will be troublesome if grandma accidentally sees me." Siyan shook his head.

The vip ward was in a good environment, so there was no need to worry about the noise.

Ji Hanxiao and Qiao Ran looked at each other, and they didn't force Siyan to do what she wanted.

Xi Haoting poured out the porridge, poured a bowl and brought it to Siyan. "Why don't you eat first?"

Si yan paused for a moment, and Qiao Ran quickly reached out to take it. "I'll feed her. You eat too. I think you're starving too."

Xi Haoting was embarrassed. He was really hungry, and his stomach was upset. He had to thank Qiao Ran again.

When Xiaoqiu came back and saw Qiao Ran feeding Siyan, he quickly volunteered, "Mrs. Ji, just let me feed her."

Qiao Ran smiled and looked at the little girl gently. "Thank you, Xiaoqiu."

"Ah, Mrs. Ji..." Xiaoqiu blinked. She thought Qiao Ran and Ji Hanxiao looked familiar, but she just couldn't remember where she had seen them.

"Siyan, let's go back first. We have to visit your grandmother later. She's not feeling well these days." Qiao Ran said softly.

Siyan nodded. "Mom and dad, go back!"

Xiaoqiu blinked hard. Although she had long thought that the couple were Siyan's parents,... How could it be different from the legend?

According to legend, siyan's parents were small businessmen with ordinary families, but now it seems that Qiao Ran and Ji Hanxiao's temperament is really not like that of ordinary families.

After Ji Hanxiao and Qiao Ran left, Xiaoqiu fed Siyan, but Xi Haoting soon finished the delicious bowl of porridge.

"Xiaoqiu, let me feed her!" Xi Haoting said in a low voice.

Xiaoqiu looked at Siyan, and Siyan pursed his lips. "No, you can rest."

Siyan's dark eyes shone with indifference. Xi Haoting's heart ached. He grunted and did not force anything.

He just sat quietly by the side and looked out the window.

At this moment, a crisp sound of high heels hitting the ground sounded outside the door.

"Miss, you can't go in." Ah Wei's voice came in.

The door was not completely closed, leaving a gap, so Siyan and the others could clearly hear the conversation outside.

"Hehe, tell Ji Siyan I'm here to see xi haoting." He Meiting's voice came in with a hint of arrogance.

Xi Haoting's face suddenly darkened. He stood up and opened the door. He saw He Meiting standing outside and his beautiful eyes lit up when he saw him.

"Hao Ting, are you finally willing to see me?" He Meiting's beautiful eyes were filled with tears. She had been looking for xi haoting and Mrs. Xi all this time, but they were rejected.