Chapter 756 : A Slap!

Chapter 756: a slap!

Siyan looked up and saw He Meiting walking in. She was plump and her face was full of smiles. She was beautiful and moving.

Seeing the two of them looking at each other, Siyan's heart did not know what it was like. She lowered her eyes to drink porridge, as if she did not see He Meiting.

"Hao Ting, are you finally willing to see me? Woo woo!" He Meiting reached out to hug xi haoting, but Xi Haoting turned slightly to avoid her hug.

Xi Haoting looked at her coldly and said in a frosty voice, "He Meiting, I said I never liked you. Please don't be so brazen to come to me!"

He Meiting's hands were frozen in the air, and the smile on his face froze.

"I've never seen a woman as thick-skinned as you. Please don't disturb me again. Please don't let my woman misunderstand me!" Xi Haoting made it clear that He Meiting's face twisted.

"Hao Ting, I've done so much for you..."

"He Meiting, from the very beginning, I only treated you as a friend. I didn't drive you away. It was for your sister's sake. But from today on, please don't bother me anymore." Xi haoting looked at her expressionless. "I don't need what you did for me."

He Meiting trembled and almost burst into tears. "Xi Haoting, I dropped out of school for you, gave up my basic job in Port x, and went to s city to be a small model, not for who?"

"Please get out of here. Don't affect elder sister Siyan. Elder sister Siyan needs a quiet environment to recuperate." At this time, xiao qiu could not see. He Meiting's voice was so sharp that it made her ears hurt.

I believe that Siyan's mood will not be too good, so Xiaoqiu simply became a villain.

He Meiting suddenly turned to look at Siyan, who was sitting on the hospital bed, and his eyes shone with resentment. "Ji Siyan! You are so cheap! You dumped Hao Ting, and he got sick of his stomach again. Now that he's tired of playing, he turns around to seduce him..."

"Shut up and get out of here!" Xi Haoting flew into a rage and pushed He Meiting out.

He Meiting didn't remember that she was the daughter of the He family, or that she wanted to maintain her manners and image. She pointed at Siyan and screamed, "How did a bitch like you become an artist..."


Before He Meiting could finish his sentence, Xi Haoting slapped him hard on the face.

The loud slap stunned Siyan and Xiaoqiu.

Because they had never seen xi haoting so fierce - this was the first time they had seen Xi Haoting so furious and slap someone in the face!

But for some reason, Siyan and Xiaoqiu felt very happy in their hearts!

"He Meiting! I warn you! Stop fooling around and stop slandering her like this! I like her and love her. I want to pursue her again. It's not her business that I'm here. It's just my wishful thinking. Please don't be so shameless. Get out!"

Xi Haoting glared angrily at He Meiting, who looked at him in disbelief with the same wide eyes. He covered his left face and tears rolled down his face.

Xi Haoting didn't regret it. It was his first time hitting a woman.

If he had made up his mind, he would not have been separated from siyan for almost a year.

"Xi... Xi Haoting! You... You have guts!"

He Meiting was slapped and couldn't stay any longer. He flung this sentence away and ran away crying.

Xi Haoting rubbed her swollen temple. All right, she finally got rid of He Meiting's anger and hoped that she would stop bothering him in the future.

He returned to his room and sat quietly by the side, waiting for Siyan to finish his porridge.

Xiao qiuqing coughed and broke the awkward atmosphere here. "Elder sister Siyan, do your hands and head still hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt anymore." Siyan tugged at the corners of his mouth, secretly annoyed at his own carelessness.

She saw huang yi suddenly appear, because the lights on their side were too dim, and the sudden appearance of the other party reminded her of the scene where Bai Guan suddenly appeared.

Perhaps Bai Guan's shadow was too deep for her, so Siyan was lost in thought for a moment. When she came back to herself, she had already rolled down the stairs.

"Elder sister Siyan, there are a lot of reporters outside the hospital. I barely managed to squeeze in under the security guards. If you want to go out, you have to do some preparation." Xiaoqiu warned again.

Siyan nodded, as if they had ignored Xi Haoting.

At this time, Sister Ling arrived. She had just got off the plane when she received news of Siyan's injury. Sister Ling was heartbroken to see her like this.

After Siyan finished eating the porridge, Sister Ling and Xiaoqiu looked at each other. They all found an excuse to leave, leaving room for siyan and xi haoting.

When there were only two people left in the ward, the atmosphere was a little dull and awkward.

Siyan swiped her phone with her uninjured right hand and didn't look up at xi haoting.

Xi Haoting walked over and gently sat down on the chair beside the bed. "Siyan, can we... Have a good talk?"

Only then did Siyan slowly raise his head. His long, curly eyelashes trembled a few times, and his small, natural face was somewhat calm.

But deep in her eyes, she hid her true feelings.

How long has it been since I've been with him, and I've been sitting quietly and discussing things?

Siyan recalled the past and everything seemed like a dream.

"Siyan, it used to be my fault. Can we... Start over?" Xi Haoting reached out to hold her, and Siyan subconsciously shrank back.

His dark eyes suddenly darkened.

Siyan pursed her lips and her voice was a little hoarse. "Xi Haoting, we've been apart for almost a year, haven't we? For almost a year, you didn't have me, I didn't have you, but we were still alive."


"Siyan!" Xi Haoting cried softly, her eyes sparkling and her heart rippling. "You can do it without me, but... I can't do it without you."

He said softly with a helpless look on his thin face. "I used to be mad at you for being unreasonable and dumping me without giving me any reason. I begged and waited for you, but you ignored me. I'm also a man of dignity, so I can't ask for it, and I won't let go of my pride and look for you..."

But I found out that I was really a fool. In the world of love, dignity is not worth a few cents. All I regret now is that I didn't insist, that I could get your understanding, or that I knew where I was wrong, and that I wouldn't have missed a year." Xi Haoting's voice was bitter, and her eyes were red.

Siyan paused. He looked like he really... Knew what was wrong?

"I didn't pay attention to the sealed Lavender garden at that time. I'm sorry. If I had known earlier, I... Would never have given up on you like this. I was really angry at that time. You didn't give me any reason, but you were talking and laughing with other male stars. Le Yihan... He should like you very much, but I won't give up." Xi Haoting looked up at her again, her eyes burning.

It was like a new flame, getting stronger and stronger, so strong that it made one's heart burn.

Siyan avoided his gaze and looked out the window. "Xi Haoting, actually... It's my fault that I didn't make it clear to you, but I'm really disappointed in you. You didn't believe me about Zhang Xiaoli, and you didn't believe me about He Meiyuan."

At this point, a trace of sadness appeared in Siyan's eyes. "I think trust is the most important thing between couples. Otherwise, on our terms, there will definitely be boys and girls around us. It is not possible to be too suspicious. But it's impossible not to be on guard... Xi Haoting, do you understand? After all this, my heart for you died, so I decided to give up on you."

This was the words of Siyan's heart.

She was originally a very persistent girl because her parents'love affected her.

In the beginning, Ji Hanxiao and Qiao Ran's relationship did have conflicts and misunderstandings because of the third party and other women, but after giving birth to the child, everyone saw how their relationship was.

Siyan was influenced by this perfect relationship, and her requirements for it were getting higher and higher.

Her trust in Xi Haoting over and over again made her feel powerless and disappointed.

What did Zhang Xiaoli and He Meiyuan think of xi haoting? Siyan, as a girl, could see through it at a glance, but what about Xi Haoting?

He never believed her!

Xi Haoting's bloodless face was even uglier and paler.

He curled his lips bitterly. "These two things are really my fault. Siyan, I promise you... No matter who, what, or what happens in the future, I will always believe you!"

His eyes were burning and he made a firm promise.

Siyan smiled and a myriad of mixed emotions welled up in his heart. "Xi Haoting, you said the same thing after the truth about Zhang Xiaoli was revealed. But you never did it..."

"I'm sorry, Siyan. What do you want me to do to forgive me?" Xi Haoting's handsome face was filled with pain. He looked deeply at Siyan. "Can we be together again? Baby..."

His voice was soft and deep, reminding Siyan of the past.

However, those flashes and flashes only brought her back to reality in an instant.

She looked at the familiar and unfamiliar face, and the smile on her face gradually became cold.

"Xi Haoting, it's hard for us to go back in time." Siyan's heart slowly calmed down.

She didn't know why, but maybe she didn't like it much. There were too many rotten peach blossoms around Xi Haoting. He wasn't like Le Yihan. Even if some girls liked him, those girls didn't dare to get close to him.

Because everyone knew that Le Yihan would not easily accept a girl, and if she angered him... The consequences would be even more difficult to say.

Unfortunately, Xi Haoting was not Le Yihan, and there was no comparison between the two, because the person she liked was not Le Yihan.

Xi Haoting closed his eyes painfully. He had expected this promise.

He went too far. Apart from the first few days, he never asked to get back together. He also took Yang Qing, He Meiyuan and He Meiting out.