Chapter 757 : A Little Pitiful

Chapter 757: a little pitiful

Siyan's heart might have been broken long ago, right? So now that he's in front of her, she can't even think about getting back together?

Silence, a long silence.

Siyan's eyes fell on the quilt on one side, and the room was vaguely disinfected.

Her cell phone kept vibrating. It was probably sister ling waiting for someone to greet her.

Xi Haoting smiled slowly with a determined expression. "Siyan, I won't give up on you. I'll take good care of myself. The next time I show up in front of you, it must be me."

With his body like this, he looked down on himself. He remembered that he couldn't run around with Siyan for only a few minutes before. Xi Haoting's heart felt as if it had been pricked by a needle. It was uncomfortable and uncomfortable!

To love and treat her well, one must have a body several times stronger than hers.

Ah Wei's scornful and mocking eyes made Xi Haoting feel as miserable as ever.

"You go back. I want to be quiet." Siyan said softly.

It was rare that he didn't point at her and make things difficult for her this time. Siyan was tired and didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Xi Haoting grunted. "Have a good rest. I'll see you tomorrow."

"No need, you can do your job!" Siyan closed his eyes and didn't want to look at him anymore.

Hearing him get up and open the door, siyan sighed in her heart.

Her heart was actually very complicated, and she didn't know whether to forgive him or not. She just wanted to get by, maybe she would forgive him in the future, or...

Siyan closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. She was too tired. Although she was not in a hurry to film, she still had to write her thesis these days and didn't have much sleep.

Xiao qiu and sister ling went in and saw that she was asleep, so they didn't disturb her.

The next morning, siyan woke up and found Ji Hanxiao in the ward.

"Dad, you're so early?" Siyan was a little surprised and quickly sat up. However, she accidentally hurt her hand and it hurt so much that she pulled up the corner of her mouth.

Ji Hanxiao quickly held her down. "Don't worry. I'll see you. I have to go to the company later. Your mother was taking care of grandma, so she came later."

Siyan nodded, and her father's warm big hand touched her unbound forehead. "Are you feeling better today?"

Siyan grunted. "Dad, I'm really fine. Much better."

Ji Hanxiao nodded and frowned, "Otherwise, you won't be filming in the future. You're really worrying."

"Dad! It's not the crew's problem that I fell, it's mine." Siyan curled her lips. "I like to film. Just take it slowly. It's not about making money."

Ji Hanxiao was helpless. "That's fine. When you grow up, I can't control that much anymore."

"Dad is the best!" Siyan smiled and coquettishly hugged his hand with his right hand and rubbed the back of his head against his chest.

"You little girl, really!" Ji han stroked her head with a smile and gently kissed the back of her hand. He looked as gentle as if Siyan was his little lover.

As the saying goes, a daughter is a lover of his father's last life. In Ji Hanxiao's heart, this is just to describe his father's doting on his daughter.

Father doted on his daughter like a little lover. There was nothing wrong with that. In fact, regardless of his children, he loved her as much in Ji Hanxiao's heart.

But the sons were not good at expressing their feelings. Besides, if he pampered his son like this, it would be really disgusting.

"Well, since you're all right, dad can rest assured. Dad will go back to work first. Call me if you need anything. Try not to call your mother."

Ji Hanxiao urged siyan.

Siyan nodded. "Dad, I know. Grandma is not in good health now. She can't stand the excitement."

Ji Hanxiao nodded. Mother of Qiao was old now. He must have suffered more minor illnesses than when he was young.

The old man's mind would be heavier too. When he heard that the younger generation was not well or injured, he must be very anxious, so Qiao Ran and the others hid it from the two elders.

Ji hanxiao sat down for a while and then left. After a while, breakfast was served and Xi Haoting really came again.

However, he was stopped by ah wei and did not see Siyan.

"Siyan!" Xi Haoting called out from outside. Siyan, who was eating breakfast, heard his voice and couldn't help but frown.

Xiaoqiu covered his mouth and smiled. "Elder sister Siyan, I think we should let him in."

Siyan did not say anything. At this moment, someone knocked on the door a few times. Detective ah wei came in and said, "Miss, there's also breakfast from Mr. Xi. Do you want it?"

Siyan pursed her lips. "No, I have it here."

Xiaoqiu glanced at the big bag in Ah Wei's hand and knew that there must be a lot of food in it.

She could not help but sigh. It seemed that siyan was determined not to reconcile with Xi Haoting.

Ah Wei took out the breakfast bag, handed it to Xi Haoting, and looked at him sarcastically, "Miss said no, you can take it."

Xi Haoting silently took the bag but did not leave. He sat on the bench beside him and opened a bowl of porridge to eat.

When ah wei saw him like this, he didn't say anything.

Xi Haoting got up today and began to exercise. Before he came here, he had some porridge and began to slowly nourish his stomach.

Now that he was rejected by Siyan, he was neither angry nor disappointed, because he had expected this to happen when he came.

So he wasn't in a hurry. Instead, he ate breakfast and waited.

"There's still a lot of breakfast here. You guys should eat some when you're hungry!" Xi Haoting glanced at Ah Long and Ah Wei standing at the door. "If you don't eat, I'll throw it away."

Ah Long and Ah Wei looked at each other. Ah wei snorted coldly. "I ate."

Ah Long didn't mind. He took two steamed buns and a red date porridge. "Thank you, Mr. Xi!"

"You're welcome." Xi Haoting said in a low voice. He glanced at the door of the ward with a soft look of anticipation in his eyes. He withdrew his gaze, picked up another piece of red date porridge, and slowly began to drink it.

For some reason, his mood and appetite improved at the thought of being so close to her.

After Xi Haoting left Siyan, he felt more and more that life and life were not fun. Now he understood.

Without being with the woman she loved, even though she got everything, her heart was still empty.

Love can be heavy or light for a person, but that person has taken root in your heart, and it's not easy to pull it off.

One stroke, and that was the death of the heart.

He didn't need to die like ashes. After a year of silence, he finally used his real experience to understand what he wanted!

Xi Haoting had been waiting outside since breakfast.

Siyan planned to leave the hospital after a day. When she came out to check, she saw Xi Haoting was still outside. She was stunned for a moment, but didn't say anything. She silently followed the nurse to the elevator.

"Ji Xiaojie, do you still feel dizzy?" The nurse asked.

Siyan shook his head. "No, I'm much better today."

"Okay, we'll do a series of tests later. Ji Xiaojie can be discharged if the problem is not serious." The nurse said with a smile.

Siyan smiled and thanked them. The five of them walked into the elevator, and Xi Haoting followed them in.

He stood in front of Siyan and looked at each other. Siyan gently averted his eyes and lowered his beautiful eyes. Xi Haoting really wanted a kiss because of his quiet and pale face.

Ah wei snorted and said to siyan, "Miss, I'll stand in front."

"Okay." Siyan answered and stood behind Ah Wei.

The two men faced each other, one calm, one cold and a little sarcastic, which made Xiaoqiu feel uncomfortable!

After getting out of the elevator, Siyan took the vip aisle and went straight for a checkup.

Ah Wei looked at Xi Haoting coldly and raised his eyebrows sarcastically. "I think you should give up. Miss won't talk to you."

Xi Haoting looked at Ah Wei calmly. "This sentence should be on you. Even without me, she wouldn't look at you."

"You..." Ah wei blushed, but his eyes darkened.

In fact, Xi Haoting was right. He was just a bodyguard. Even if he was a famous agent before, so what?

Siyan was the daughter of the richest man. Although Ah Wei had a little money, it was a drizzle compared to the richest man...

And his personality - he wasn't the kind of person who was good at coaxing women, and he wasn't as handsome as xi haoting.

Ah Wei fell silent and stopped mocking Xi Haoting.

After a series of tests, it was already past three in the afternoon. Siyan had just woken up when the doctor came in with the report.

Siyan's head and hands were all Mrs. Everything was fine, as long as he took some anti-inflammatory drugs and changed the dressing for his fractured hand.

Siyan was going to live in the house that Ji Hanxiao bought for her after she was discharged from the hospital. The house had been renovated and put away for several years, but had not lived in it.

The house was in the neighborhood, so it was convenient for auntie su to bring the soup there after she cooked it.

When he was discharged from the hospital, Xi Haoting was still behind Siyan. Because there were too many reporters in front and back of the hospital, Ji Hanxiao sent out a lot of bodyguards to protect Siyan and leave the hospital smoothly.

The car arrived at the house where Siyan lived. The neighborhood was called, and it was also a property that sold very well in the past few years.

Although the developer of this property is not Ji Hanxiao, the other party sold it to Ji Hanxiao at the lowest price. If the Ji family is willing, it is ok for the other party to give it to him.

However, Ji Hanxiao never wanted this kind of advantage, and it also gave the children a good image of not taking advantage of others.

As the name suggests, once inside the villa area, a clear river bends through the submerged Longwan.

On both sides of the river bank, there were unique pavilions and pavilions. The pillars of the pavilions were carved with dragon and phoenix auspicious patterns. They were magnificent and exquisite, making people feel as if they were placed in the ancient fairyland that had not been dyed by the modern atmosphere.

Xi Haoting had no card, so he could only park outside and quietly watch Siyan's car drive into Longwan.

On the second floor of Siyan's villa, he happened to see the balcony through the gate.

Siyan walked into the villa. Xiaoqiu had not recovered from the shock. Now seeing such a beautiful villa, she was shocked and envious.

"Oh my god, elder sister Siyan, you are such a rich woman! Is this house really yours?" Xiaoqiu, a poor girl, had never seen such a magnificent villa.

Siyan smiled. "I rented it."

"Elder sister Siyan, you're lying!" Xiaoqiu snorted. "Don't think of me as a three-year-old. Anyway... Hehe hehe, I know you're rich."

Nonsense, how dare a poor actress donate 15 million in just a few years?

Although some of the 15 million was the pocket money that Ji Hanxiao and Qiao Ran gave Siyan, and there were also red envelopes for the new year, they were also rich people.

Xiaoqiu helped Siyan upstairs. The master bedroom on the second floor was clean and bright.

Xiaoqiu opened the window and went to the balcony. He glanced ahead and saw Xi Haoting standing at the entrance of the community, looking over here.

For some reason, Xiaoqiu felt sorry for the hateful Xi Haoting...