Chapter 758 : Big Stuff!

Chapter 758: keep the big stuff!

In fact, Xiaoqiu knew that Xi Haoting should have Siyan in his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so thin, and he wouldn't lose He Meiyuan and He Meiting...

Although the two women didn't want to be beautiful, their looks were among the best among the celebrities and the rich ladies.

But he wasn't with those two women. It seems... This Xi Haoting is still quite infatuated, but his eq isn't that good, otherwise he wouldn't believe elder sister Siyan's words.

"What are you looking at? Isn't the greenery very good here?" Siyan walked out. She was bored after a day in the hospital. It was better in the neighborhood.

"I saw Mr. Xi. He's still looking at you." Xiao qiu pointed in the direction of the gate. Siyan looked up and saw Xi Haoting standing far away.

Although he could not see his face clearly, he knew that his eyes were full of persistence.

Siyan pursed his lips, silently turned around and returned to the house.

Although she had never lived here before, she always asked aunt Su to come and clean every three days. Last night, Ji Hanxiao asked aunt Su to clean up, so the room was really clean.

Siyan sat on the bed, holding his cell phone in his uninjured hand, and scrolled through the news. He found nothing to look at and simply lay down to rest.

Seeing her like this, Xiaoqiu did not dare to go in and disturb her, so he could only accompany her silently.


"Ah Ran, yan zhe and yang fan have all come to see me. Why didn't they see Siyan? Is she too busy?" In the hospital, Mother of Qiao looked out for a while and asked confusedly.

In the past, when she was feeling a little unwell, or when she lived, Siyan would take the time to visit her no matter how busy she was.

Mother of Qiao was also extremely fond of the three children. After all, she had a part in bringing them up.

"Mom, Siyan is in a hurry for the plot. She doesn't have time to see you, but don't worry... No, she called."

After Qiao Ran finished speaking, her phone lit up. It was Siyan.

At around four in the afternoon, Siyan woke up to call his mother and ask about grandma.

Mother of Qiao was naturally very happy that siyan could call, at least to prove that she still remembered her.

After chatting for a while, Siyan hung up.

Mother of Qiao coughed a few times and said with a smile, "Siyan, this child, is so busy that he can make a phone call. It's great."

"Mom, just take a good rest. This time it's pneumonia. If you come to the hospital in advance, you won't need to be hospitalized." Qiao Ran complained that Mother of Qiao had symptoms of a cold a few days ago when she asked the old man to go to the hospital.

However, the old man did not like the hospital and felt that a cold was a small matter. As a result, he developed pneumonia and now had to be hospitalized.

Mother of Qiao smiled awkwardly. "I'm an old bone. I can't beat me with this little cold. I didn't expect..."

"Mom, I'll get you a glass of water." Qiao Ran patted her hand. It was supposed to be done by a servant, but Qiao Ran didn't have much inspiration these days, so she went to the hospital with her mother.

The old man is getting old. If she has time, she should try her best to accompany him. How long can a person live? How many more times can she stay with her?

Qiao Ran's heart sank at the thought.

She poured a glass of water and fed it to the old lady. Mother of Qiao was tired, so he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Qiao Ran asked the nurse to look at her mother first. She went out into the hallway to get some air.

The stairs and corridors on the vip floor were also very quiet. Qiao Ran called for two takeouts and specifically told the kitchen not to add too much seasoning to the porridge.

"Mrs. Ji, I didn't expect to meet you here. Are you here with your family?" A low man's voice sounded behind him. Qiao Ran turned around and was startled to see someone.

The man was about thirty years old, with a warm face and a smile like a spring breeze.

He was Wen Dongfeng, the man Meng Xinyun used to be.

Qiao Ran and he haven't seen each other for almost a few months. Most of the time, she didn't go out much, nor did she attend seminars or conferences.

As long as she attended an exchange meeting or something, she would definitely catch wind of the east wind.

"Yes, my mother is not feeling well, so I came to accompany her." Qiao Ran nodded and replied indifferently, "Is Mr. Wen here for something?"

Wen Dongfeng glanced at the room next to Mother of Qiao. "Yes, my foster mother is also in the hospital. The old man is not in good health, so I came to see her."

Qiao Ran was a little surprised. Wen Dongfeng was adopted?

But she didn't ask any more questions. She just said a few polite words and went back to the ward.

Wen Dongfeng stood there, staring fixedly at Qiao Ran's back. The porridge in his hand was so slanted that it almost spilled out without any reaction.

A passing nurse reminded him in a low voice before Wen Dongfeng came back to his senses.

He sighed softly from the bottom of his heart and quietly returned to his foster mother's ward.

After months of not seeing Qiao Ran, she was finally able to talk to her up close.

In the past, he could only watch her from afar, even though he was attending an exchange or something.

He did not dare to get so close to her, for fear that he would not be able to restrain his admiration.

But he didn't expect to meet Qiao Ran here today.

Wen Dongfeng thought he must be crazy! He was only thirty-five or thirty-six years old. How could he fall in love with a woman so much older than him?

And... Time makes people grow old. Qiao Ran, who was once beautiful and young, now has a trace of time on her face.

Just now, Wen Dongfeng noticed a dry line under Qiao Ran's eyes.

There seemed to be more spots on her face, although not too obvious, but not as good as a little girl in her twenties.

It was really easy to marry a young girl on the basis of the east wind. After all, he was now a famous painter, and he looked good.

Unfortunately, he did not take a fancy to one - even though the other party was eighteen or twenty years old and had the best youth of a girl, he still could not compare with the goddess in his heart.

In this lifetime, he probably couldn't hold other women in his heart, could he? Unfortunately, she was already a wife and a mother.

Jun had not given birth to me, I had given birth to jun and was old -


The day after Siyan returned to the villa to recuperate, Sister Ling called to tell her that she had once again become a hot search on weibo no 1!

Something that would make siyan look hot would definitely not be a good thing, and Sister Ling was furious over the phone.

"Those bitches have people following you, taking pictures of you, saying that you have so much money to do charity because you are in love with rich people!" Sister Ling was furious. "Siyan, look at the headlines and tell me who that man is. I don't believe all that nonsense."

Siyan was instantly disgusted. "You said I hooked up with rich people? Those people are so disgusting that they can't be nice? There are a lot of people who are popular, and even if I do something good, I will be so blackened."

"There's nothing you can do. Who made you stand out like that! A few dirty old men called me and told me how much you paid for a night - his x! I really want to kill them!" Sister Ling was so angry that Siyan had to comfort her.

"Sister Ling, don't get angry. I'll take a look at what's written on weibo." Siyan returned to the home page of his phone and opened his weibo. Sure enough, he saw that he was on a hot search.

"Ji Siyan got into the car of the mysterious rich!"

The name "Hot search number one" was awkwardly named.

Siyan frowned and clicked on the hot search, only to find that there was a number that didn't add a v to explode her "Material."

Bitch ripper: extra nickname! Your pure goddess Ji Siyan's material came, very fierce, everyone must be mentally prepared! (Video) (video) (photo) (photo) ...

This trumpet is really smart. It only sends videos and photos, but it doesn't say anything that shouldn't be said. It's difficult to sue her like this!

And in all her words, she didn't lead her fans to think in a bad direction, even though the videos and photos she sent seemed really ambiguous.

Siyan opened the video and photos and glanced at them roughly.

It turned out that on the evening of her grandmother's birthday, she got into her father's car and was photographed.

After she was hospitalized, ji hanxiao visited her in the ward and was filmed again. Although the pixel was really bad, he could see ji hanxiao kissing her on the back of her hand or something.

This series of movements, combined together, can easily lead people to daydream and think of some bad things.

Naturally, the photo was her intimate action with Ji Hanxiao, and it was even more obvious after being magnified. Although the picture was unclear and did not see what Ji Hanxiao looked like, the photos of Siyan's admission that day were leaked out by the media. The smart media and fans used these to guess that the person in bed was Siyan.

The last few photos actually took Xi Haoting in.

After this information was exposed, the sunspot and the spray started the road to black and spray again.

To them, the fact that siyan donated 15 million yuan suddenly changed from a good thing to a "Bad thing," because everyone said that she used the money of the "Gold lord" to do charity, which was not worthy of praise.

The message below was even more turbulent, with all kinds of tone.

What a big white lotus flower: haha, I was right when I said this woman had a strong background - she was willing to spend 15 million yuan for charity, and I supported being a mistress!

Dream of you: disgusting! No woman in the entertainment industry is clean. What a pity for her ex-boyfriend!

Green hat weighs three pounds: damn! Are you disgusting? The video and photos are just a figment of the past. What about the evidence? A kiss on the back of your hand feels close? Maybe that person was a relative of Yan Yan or something? Sit and wait for the reversal!

Don't get sick: no matter what, this woman's methods are still so high, otherwise how can she be adopted and make the handsome ex-boyfriend wait for her!

Ji siyan goes si: this kind of woman, or die soon, hot eyes!


Some of the attacks were very vicious. Although many people spoke for Siyan, even passers-by felt uncomfortable when they saw some personal attacks. Siyan put down her phone with a cold face.

It seems that these people's attacks have been "Upgraded" a lot more than the previous one.

I just don't know who will be the one who let her know this time.