Chapter 759 : Did You Do It?

Chapter 759: did you do it?

Thinking of this, Siyan made a cold argument. She really felt that she was low-key enough, but because she was too popular, no one wanted to let her go, right?

But I don't know if the person who exposed her would be so angry when the truth came out.

To be honest, siyan still didn't want to expose her identity as the richest daughter. She didn't want those people to think that she had such a talent because of Ji Hanxiao when they mentioned her.

After all, the children of the rich must have been brought up in the aspect they liked.

Then when she gets a new play, someone will say, "The daughter of a rich man, she must have the best investment, the best director, and she's afraid that she won't be able to produce good work?"

Living under the halo of her parents was not a good thing, at least siyan thought so.

At this time, Qiao Ran called, and this time she was very angry. After all, ji hanxiao was Siyan's father, and the people outside wrote such nonsense, she really wanted her daughter to jump out of the entertainment circle.

"Siyan, what kind of people have you been scribbled by those people? You, I told you not to film, but you didn't listen. There were too many things going on in that circle. Fortunately, your grandmother didn't watch the news, or she would die of anger!"

Qiao Ran's voice was full of complaints. Siyan smiled helplessly and said, "Mom, which circle is right? When you first became famous, didn't someone say that you didn't have the strength to rely on your father to ascend the throne? Hehe, just pretend you didn't see it anyway!"

"Pretend you didn't see it? This time, anyone who says you're a rich man and are being taken care of by a rich man will sue her!" Qiao Ran was extremely angry. His daughter was a simple and clean person. As a result, the keyboard warriors and spews on the internet could say anything.

Personal attacks and vicious curses made people look cold.

"Don't worry, mom. I won't let anyone go." Siyan comforted her. "I'm a hit. Someone will be jealous of me."

"How about I let your father reveal your identity?"

"I don't think so, mom. This will cause him trouble. And... Everyone knows that I'm the daughter of a rich man. How many people have to keep an eye on me?" Siyan smiled and said, "There are too many people who are not afraid of death now. What if..."

"Well, mom can't persuade you anymore. You can do whatever you want!" Qiao Ran said angrily.

Siyan was her only daughter. Although Qiao Ran did not spoil her like other rich wives, she still loved her the most.

It must have been uncomfortable to see someone defaming her daughter like that, but overall, she still respected Siyan's opinion.

Since her daughter was unwilling to give up filming, she did not force her.

"Mom, don't be angry! You see, my client is not angry anymore. Don't treat those flies like people." Siyan still smiled and comforted Qiao Ran.

After Qiao Ran and siyan talked for a while, their anger calmed down a lot. After hanging up the phone, Ji Hanxiao's call came immediately.

Ji Hanxiao's anger was no less than that of qiao ran. He could bear to see how his daughter had been tarnished before, but this time, the spouts and sailors said that Siyan had been taken care of by the rich, and that he was the one who "Took care of." How could he not be angry?

"Siyan, what are you going to do with this?" Ji Hanxiao's voice was cold, and he could tell that he was really angry.

Siyan's scalp was numb. Why wasn't dad as easy to coax as mom?

"Dad, I don't really want to make our relationship public yet, but I won't let go of those who are throwing black water at me!"

Siyan said what he thought. "I'll explain on weibo. Dad, don't be angry. It's not worth getting angry at someone like that."

Ji hanxiao sighed. "You just don't want to leave that circle? Siyan, our family is not short of money, and you shouldn't pay too much attention to fame. This kind of thing is too empty. You can have it or not."

Siyan pursed her lips and replied softly, "Dad, I really like acting. I'm not acting for fame and fortune."

"Well, you can handle this matter. You can tell me when you want to make it public." Ji Hanxiao was also helpless. Who made Siyan his only daughter with Qiao Ran?

If those two rascals, he could still "Threaten" him. He wouldn't want to change his daughter.

After hanging up the phone, Siyan secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Her phone kept vibrating. She glanced at it and many people sent her a wechat message.

Le Yihan also recognized ji hanxiao as the man who was waiting for her to wake up in the hospital that day. He did not ask who siyanji Han Xiao was, but only said that he believed her and told her to ignore the gossip on the internet.

Jiang Rong, on the other hand, sent out a large "Smiley" expression, while yan zhe and yang fan comforted her in the group.

Xi Haoting also sent out a lot of voice messages. She turned them on and then shut them off silently.

Then Sister Ling called again.

"Siyan, how do you explain this?" Sister Ling was very anxious. It seemed that she still valued Siyan's reputation very much.

Si yan qing coughed. "I'll reply on weibo."

"Is he your relative?" Sister Ling asked, "Although I know you will explain it this way, I'm afraid many people won't believe it. You know... Those who envy you are like vicious wolves in the dark, staring at you all the time."

Siyan smiled. To be honest, no matter how much the sailors and blackies scolded her, she was not moved. She was used to it anyway.

Besides, she didn't read much of the messages and didn't bother to read them.

After a few words with sister ling, Siyan hung up the phone and logged on to weibo directly. He found that there were countless @ her. Ever since she refused to accept private letters, those people began to @ her.

Two minutes later, Siyan's Bodo explained.

Siyan v: is working too hard also a reason to be jealous? The gentleman in the video is my family. I hope that some people will show mercy and ask you to be kind.

Although Siyan was not affected by the comments, he still did not like some dirty messages dirtying his own weibo, so he set up not to leave a message.

As a result, those spews and so on, could only forward her weibo to scold her.

After posting such a weibo post, Siyan left the weibo account and ignored all this.

Then xiao qiu knocked on the door. "Elder sister Siyan, aunt Su is here to bring you dinner."

Aunt Su came in with two big lunch boxes and a big bag of things in his other hand.

"Siyan, Xiaoqiu, this is dinner. Mr. Xi asked me to bring this bag in." Aunt Su said and put the big bag on the table.

Siyan got out of bed and glanced at the big bag. Xiao qiu jumped over first, opened it and cried out, "Wow! Elder sister Siyan, it's jingyue xuan's soup and the sweetheart of jubilation xuan!"

Xiaoqiu smilingly brought it over and made out the snacks and soup.

Siyan glanced at the soup that aunt Su had made. "Xiaoqiu, you can have jingyue xuan's soup. I have aunt Su's soup here."

Aunt Su smiled faintly. "Xiao chen has cooked a lot of soup, enough for you to drink."

"Then these soups... Wouldn't it be a waste not to drink them?" Xiaoqiu blinked and couldn't bear it.

"Save jingyuexuan's soup and sweetheart and bring them home to aunt su. We can't finish them anyway." Siyan said faintly.

Aunt Su quickly waved his hand. "I don't think so. It's still early. You can stay until 10 pm. Anyway, both of you are so thin, and my family has prepared soup, so you don't have to think about me."

In fact, aunt su was afraid that she would make Xi Haoting sad when she brought it home.

Siyan had no choice but to leave the soup behind.

After aunt Su left, Siyan and Xiaoqiu ate together.

Siyan's right hand was not hurt, so it was okay to eat with one hand. Xiaoqiu insisted on feeding her, but she refused.

"Wow, jingyue xuan's soup is really delicious. Brother Haoting is quite a person. He actually sent me a portion." Xiao qiu smiled and said, "Elder sister Siyan, actually... It's not a big deal that he made a mistake. He must have wanted you to beg him so that he could take those women with him..."

Siyan rolled her eyes at Xiaoqiu. "Why, after getting a little bit of benefit, are you starting to speak up for others? You're really elbowing out!"

Xiaoqiu curled her lips in embarrassment. "No, I gave you a rational analysis. Although I haven't been in love, I think..."

"All right, all right, shut your mouth when you eat!" Ji Siyan interrupted her unkindly.

Xi Haoting has become so "Good" and so skinny. Women are soft-hearted animals. Xiaoqiu will sympathize with him even if he doesn't like him.

Give her a little more benefit, I'm afraid xiao qiu will brainwash her every day.

Although there was some negative news just now, Siyan's appetite was very good. He almost finished all the food that aunt Su sent, leaving only a little bit of soup residue.

Of course, the person behind this incident was looking at the comments on the internet with great satisfaction. Every time he saw vicious comments, He Meiting was overjoyed.

"Hehe, being taken care of by the rich... Ji Siyan, you are so cheap. See if xi haoting will pay attention to you?" He Meiting smiled smugly as he drank red wine.

She was overjoyed. After a glass of red wine, she called xi haoting.

Unfortunately, there was no way to get through. He Meiting's eyes shone with a cold light. "Oh, did you pull me black? Hao Ting, you are so heartless!"

She then picked up another phone and dialed Xi Haoting's number.

Six or seven seconds later, Xi Haoting picked up her phone.

"Hello, I'm Xi Haoting." Xi Haoting's voice was calm and a little hoarse. It sounded like he had a cold.

"Hao Ting... It's me." He Meiting spoke softly with a gentle and slightly aggrieved voice. "Are you okay? I know you're upset, but..."

Xi Haoting sneered at He Meiting's words.

He Meiting thought he was sad to see that Siyan was being "Taken care of," so he called at this time?

"Did you do this?" Xi Haoting asked calmly.

He Meiting's eyes widened. She had never expected xi haoting to ask such a question.