Adolescent Instinct: Meet My Sexy Teacher

Chapter 1 Su Xue

I didn't like to study since I was a child, and I spent three years in high school with a group of friends, which resulted in more than 200 points in the college entrance examination, and I couldn't go to a college.

I wasn't going to study, but my dad had to force me to go back to school for a year, or he would cut off the father-son relationship with me.

I had no choice but to listen to him.

The secondary high school was a relatively large private school called yunkai high school.

The dean of the Yunkai middle school is Ma Feng, a classmate of my father. I went to the guidance office to find him on the first day of school.

He told me that my new class teacher's name was Su xue, and then he was going to take me to the class to report.

I had just walked to the door when I saw a tall woman walking in from the outside with a refreshing fragrance.

I glanced at this woman out of reflex, but just one glance stunned me.

This woman was very beautiful. She was in her twenties. Her features were exquisite. She was wearing a professional suit. She was graceful and had a long leg.

She was so charming that I couldn't help but look at her a few more times and finally saw the word Su xue on her name tag.

She's my new homeroom teacher, Su xue!

I was as excited as if I had discovered a new continent.

With such a beautiful head teacher, I will definitely study hard in the future and take the opportunity to build a good relationship with her.

After Su xue entered the office, he directly said to Ma Feng with some dissatisfaction, "Director Ma, why are there two transfer students in our class this time?"

"It's arranged by the school. I can't help it." Ma Feng said helplessly.

Lin Keer, who transferred from the Yizhong, did well. I can accept that. But what about Zhang Tao? He only scored over 200 points in the college entrance examination. I won't ask for it. Let him go to another class. It would be useless for such a person to repeat his studies for a few more years. Don't let him drag us down!" Su xue said indignantly.

Ma Gang gave me a dry laugh, looked at me, and then said to su xue, "Teacher su, this Zhang Tao's grades are a little bad, but as a teacher, you can't give others a chance just because their grades are bad, right? Since they chose to study again, they will definitely study hard. Maybe they can get into the undergraduate course in the future."

"Those with more than 200 points want to go back to college for a year? Is he crazy? Think he owns the university, so he can go to it alone? You'd better persuade him to do something else. It's better to go home and farm than to study again. He's not going to be wanted in our class anyway!" Su xue still said relentlessly.

Ma Feng's face darkened. He pointed at me and said, "Mr. Su, he's Zhang Tao. Tell him yourself."

That's right, I'm just Zhang Tao, who was said by Su xue to be worse than a piece of shit with a brain problem!

Luckily, I was still fascinated by her before. I didn't expect that although she was beautiful, her heart was so bad.

What's wrong with my grades? Just because of this, he was going to be beaten to death with a stick?

This is too much! It's not worth being a teacher!

Su xue humiliated me in front of me. I thought she would be a little embarrassed or guilty when she found out that I was the useless Zhang Tao she said.

But no!

She just gave me a cold look and then said in a cold tone, "You're good here. You heard what I said just now. Save me from saying it again. Our class one, grade three, won't want you."

According to my previous temper, I would definitely scold Su xue and stop reading.

But I was afraid that my father would kill me when I got home, so I had to endure the anger in my heart.

It's just a homeroom teacher. What's there to tug at? I have to go to her class if she doesn't let me go!

"Teacher su, the school decides which class I am assigned to. If you are not satisfied, tell the school. Why are you arguing with me? Also, what do you have to do with my poor grades? I read mine, what you taught you, and it got in your way? What right do you have to say I'm mentally ill?"

I replied reluctantly, not caring whether su xue was a teacher or not.

Anyway, that's my character. I used to choke on teachers in high school. They left me alone.

Su xue and Ma Feng might not have expected me to say something like this, but they were all stunned.

Su xue, in particular, turned pale with anger.

"I didn't expect that not only did you have poor grades, but you also had a problem with your character. It's rude to talk to a teacher like this! If a scumbag like you gets into college, then god is blind!" Su xue yelled at me through gritted teeth.

How could I have tolerated her saying that I had no manners and that it was a personal attack?

Before I could say anything, Ma Feng sternly shouted with a grim face, "Okay, Mr. Su, the students are assigned by the school. If you don't want them, then don't. Hurry up and bring them to class!"

Su xue gritted his teeth, gave me a hard look and went out.

I didn't say anything. Let her escape first, or I'll let her go through menopause early.

Ma Gang told me not to be so angry, to learn better, not to disappoint my parents' hopes, and finally let me follow su xue to class.

I came out of the office and saw Su xue walking not far ahead.

Su xue came to the teaching building and stopped to look around. It seemed that he was waiting for someone, so I had to stop not far away.

Not long after, I saw a very innocent girl in a white dress walking over.

She had a schoolbag on her back. She was supposed to be a student here. She had long hair, a shawl, and a fluttering skirt. She looked like a fairy descending from the earth. She had a high rate of return and was no less than Su xue.

If su xue was a delicate rose, then this girl was a lotus, fresh and refined.

When Su xue saw the girl, he waved and called out to Lin Keer.

Only then did I realize that she was the same transfer student that Su xue had mentioned before, Lin Keer, who was in Su xue's class and had good grades, just like me.

Having such a beautiful and eye-catching classmate is really something to look forward to, and my mood has improved a lot.

Su xue was very enthusiastic about lin Keer. He kept saying that if there were any problems in the future, he would look for her directly. Compared to his attitude towards me just now, it was completely different.

After that, su xue took Lin Keer to class.

I walked over to Lin Keer and greeted him warmly, "Hi, my name is Zhang Tao. I'm a transfer student like you, and I'm in the same class."

To my surprise, Lin Keer treated me like air and ignored me, not even looking at me.

This little prideful temper really pissed me off, but the more she did this, the more I became interested in her. Men always like to challenge something difficult.

When they arrived at the class, it was full of people.

Su xue asked Lin Keer to introduce herself to the podium, and Lin Keer went up to introduce her name with a cold face, saying that she had transferred from the Yizhong and then disappeared.

Su xue, on the other hand, said that lin Keer kept a low profile, saying that she scored more than 600 points and encouraged everyone to study like her.

After Lin Keer got off the podium, I was ready to go up and introduce myself.

When I walked over to Su xue, she stopped me and asked me coldly what I was going to do. I went up to introduce myself.

"What do you have to introduce to someone who scored more than 200 points? Afraid that others won't know that your grades are bad? Do you want me to broadcast it to the whole school, saying that Zhang Tao, who scored more than 200 points in the college entrance examination, is brazen enough to come to our class to study again?"

Su xue yelled at the top of his head, causing everyone in the class to laugh.

My lungs were about to explode. Su xue humiliated me in the guidance office and endured humiliating me in front of so many students in the class. How am I going to be in the class in the future?

"If you have time to introduce yourself, it's better to let everyone read more books!"

Su xue gave me a look of disgust, then turned to his classmates and said, "Don't learn from people like him. Stay away from him in the future. Don't be led astray by him!"

I wanted to choke her, but in this case, she might scold me into a dog, so I had to endure it for a while.

Although Su xue was hateful, she did one thing that made me happy, and it was to make me sit at the same table as Lin Keer.

Because there were only two transfer students in the class, the rest of the seats were fixed, so I had to sit at the same table as her.

Su xue kept telling me not to interfere with Lin Keer's studies. Lin Keer never showed any expression or objection. It seemed that he accepted my deskmate, which made me a little excited.

She didn't know if there was something on her mind. She sat in her seat and was in a daze. I didn't talk to her at this time either.

There was no class on the first day of school. After a class meeting, su xue asked us to collect books and tidy up the dormitory.

I was busy until night, then lay in the dormitory, took out my cell phone, and turned on the silent software.

A lot of people know what kind of software this is. I only found out about it after a friend introduced me. Besides, I have been playing for a summer vacation.

My id on the screen was big stem, and my avatar was a lamborghini.

These two things imply money, so usually there are some women in the vicinity to talk to me, but there are no beautiful ones, and I am too lazy to talk to them.

After I turned on the software, I habitually searched for people nearby, and soon saw a picture of a woman who didn't show her upper body, which directly attracted me.

I clicked on it and saw that the name was long night, obviously not satisfied, but there were no photos.

I added her friend and passed in less than a minute. Then I sent a smiling face to say hello to the beautiful woman.

The other party quickly responded with a shy expression, saying that brother is good or bad, and then asked if the car in my head was his.

I thought she was still a gold digger, so I told her no. It was my old car, but I changed it a long time ago.

In silence, I was used to acting like this, so the whole process was very smooth.

The people on it were very open, and I didn't beat around the bush. I sent a message saying that her face was really beautiful. Why don't I send some other photos for me to see?

She quickly returned, saying what was the point of the photo, or come out whenever she had time.

I purposely asked her what she was doing out there, and she gave me a shy look and said I could do whatever I wanted. She was all mine.

This is obviously asking me out, just starting to talk so proactively!

But I couldn't have gone out with her before I saw the photo. If she was a dinosaur, would she have disgusted me to death?

I told her that I didn't have time right now. I wanted to ask her to send me some more photos next time.

She said she wanted me to send her mine first, so I sent her a picture of a handsome man living in a luxury car.

I didn't expect her to be quite smart. She said that the photo couldn't tell if it was me. She wanted me to take one now.

I immediately sent another handsome man in a bathrobe over, and it was the same person who was leaning against the limousine.

I copied these photos from a rich and handsome space just to fool those women in silence and succeed every time.

After a while, she didn't respond. I thought she didn't want to send it. Just as she was about to give up, her phone rang and she sent me a photo.

When I saw the photo, I was immediately shocked. Isn't this my class teacher Su xue?

In the photo, she was wrapped in a towel and stuck out her tongue.

This position!

I really didn't expect su xue to be a woman. Now it's fun. Didn't she humiliate me and scold me during the day? See how I play with her in the future!