Chapter 10 Threat

After that, Su xue took my phone out of the drawer and slammed it on the table. He told my dad that he confiscated it from me for class and asked him to take it with him.

Only then did I know what Su xue meant. Ma Feng didn't agree to fire me here, so she started with my dad and wanted him to take the initiative to drop me out of school.

A tree has a skin, and a man has a face.

Based on what Su xue just said, no parent would let their children stay in Su xue's class again. It would be shameful not to mention that their academic performance would really get worse by then.

Su xue took out her phone and ignored my dad. She sat down and started doing her own work. She had no respect for my dad and deliberately embarrassed him.

My dad stood there, right and left. After a while, he glared at me, snorted, and turned to leave.

No matter how much Su xue humiliated me or targeted me, I wasn't as angry as I am now.

She kept saying that I was uneducated, and she was the most uneducated!

However, I found out that my dad didn't take my cell phone with him when he left. I was overjoyed and immediately got up from the ground, picked up the phone on the table and ran out.

"Dad, you don't have to worry. I'll make my homeroom teacher promise me to stay in her class and won't leave me alone."

I caught up with my dad and wanted to tell him good news.

My dad didn't react at all after he heard it. He just said with an expressionless face that he wouldn't care about me anymore. I could do whatever I wanted. It's okay to stay in class. If there's anything else, don't tell him to come to school. He can't afford to lose this person. "

His words pierced my heart like a needle and hurt faintly.

In the past, no matter what mistakes I made, my father always beat and scolded me. He never said that he didn't care about me like this.

I know he's really disappointed in me, and I feel so bad. I wish he could beat me up. That means that he hates iron, but he still has hope for me. I'll be better too.

I really want to explain to my dad, I want him to forgive me, I want to promise him that I will study hard in the future.

But when I opened my mouth, I felt a thorn stuck in my throat. I couldn't say a word. I stared blankly at his back disappearing and my nose getting sore.

After a while, the sound of the phone's prompt brought me back from my trance. I picked up the phone and saw that it was a silent message. Su xue sent it to me. "Brother, what are you doing? Let me tell you a good news. I finally chased the trashy student I told you about yesterday out of class."

After I finished reading it, I was furious. Even if this guy made things difficult for me, he deliberately embarrassed my dad. I would really be sorry if I killed her.

Now that I'm not worried, I sent her a message asking if she wants to know who I am. If she wants to know, I'll come to the staircase next to her office. I'll wait for her there.

Su xue was probably scared. It took a while before he replied that I knew which school and office she was at and told me not to lie to her.

I said it was a lie, so I came out to see if it was.

Su xue probably realized something was wrong and kept asking me who I was and if I knew her.

I was sure that su xue would come out, so I didn't reply and just stood at the stairs.

Sure enough, the door of the office rang not long after. Su xue looked around, panicked, and walked towards the stairs like a thief.

Seeing me, Su xue's face darkened and asked me what I was doing standing here.

I playfully said that I asked her to come out. I didn't stand here.

Su xue immediately froze, her delicate little mouth half open, an unspeakable temptation.

She immediately came back to her senses and asked in a panic if I was the one who was talking to her in silence.

I nodded and admitted, asking if she was surprised.

Su xue was completely stunned. She must have been beaten to death. She could not have imagined that the person who was silently flirting with her was me, and that she had always looked down upon as a garbage student.

Su xue then scolded me for being shameless and calling me a hooligan.

Although she pretended to be calm, she could not hide the panic in her eyes.

At this point in time, I don't know where she got the courage to scold me again. Shouldn't she be begging me for mercy, begging me not to tell anyone about this?

But the angrier she gets, the better I feel. It's time to return all the anger she's been through.

I said it's okay if I don't want to be shameless. I asked her if she was worried that I would send out the silent chat notes. It should cause a great sensation at school. No one would have thought that the normally dignified Mr. Su would be such a person. "

As I spoke, I walked slowly towards Su xue.

Su xue was now like a frightened rabbit, with a frightened face and kept backing away, as if I would force her.

Back to the corner, there was no place to retreat, so su xue looked at me angrily and asked me what I wanted.

Her arrogant little temper is really unbearable. She really can't see the situation clearly.

She'll know what I want later. The most important thing now is to call my dad and apologize, then tell him to let me stay in class, and to guide me in the future.

Su xue was stunned for a moment, then asked me suspiciously if I had called, and I deleted the silent chat.

I didn't mind saying that if she made this call, I might have deleted the video. If she didn't, there was no chance that she would think about it herself.

Su xue didn't make a decision immediately. Instead, he gritted his teeth and glared at me.

I'm not worried either. As long as she's not stupid, she'll definitely make this call.

Su xue, on the other hand, wanted to get mad but didn't dare to. Her face was flushed red, and she looked like a delicate rose, which made people want to kiss her.

Su xue grunted coldly after a long struggle, but eventually took out his phone and ran to the side to make a call.

I stood behind and heard her call in a much more polite tone. She said that she was just angry and that she was saying angry things. She planned to give me another chance and said that she would help me in the future.

Hanging up the phone, Su xue couldn't wait to turn around and ask me to delete the silent conversation.

It took me a long time to get a hold of her. If I deleted the chat, then I would be a fool.

I still feel hot and dry when I think about how she flirts with men every day. If I don't play with her properly, it would be too bad for me.

There was a teacher's bathroom next to the stairs. It was class time and there was no one inside.

I suddenly had a wicked thought. I went straight to the bathroom and let Su xue follow me in.