Chapter 12 With A Pleading Face

I asked Su xue to continue, and she looked at me pleadingly and shook her head.

I didn't care so much about her and forced her down.

She was afraid that the people outside would hear the noise, and she didn't dare to resist, so she had to be obedient.

It was like being a thief, very nervous and very exciting.

The people outside knocked on the door a few times before leaving. Then the bell rang after class. A few more people came to knock on the door. Su xue tried to stand up several times but was held down.

It was not until the bell rang that it quieted down outside. My anger was also aroused by Su xue, and my mind warmed up, intending to put her on the spot.

Su xue exclaimed in a low voice that she couldn't do it, her hands pressing down on her cheongsam.

She was already slightly sweaty, with a few strands of hair on her forehead and a slight blush on her face.

I gasped and asked her if she wasn't afraid of me sending out the chat logs.

Su xue's eyes became a little erratic, then she lowered her head and whispered that she was not feeling well these days and would go to her house in two days.

She looked like a shy little wife, especially provocative.

But I couldn't force her if she wasn't feeling well. Plus, she said she would be at her house in two days, so I didn't bother her anymore.

After a while, I finally couldn't help but lean against the wall.

I don't know if I want to try this feeling, but after I try it, I can't stop myself.

Su xue asked me to go out first. She needed to tidy up.

She never dared to look me in the eye, not knowing if she was embarrassed or what.

I felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

This goddess-level character that many teachers and students in the school missed actually made me conquer. It really made me feel like I had a dream.

Su xue didn't say anything about me deleting the records after she finished, and it seemed that she knew very well that I wouldn't have agreed to her request on my own.

I sneaked out of the bathroom after making sure there was no one outside.

It was class time, and I couldn't go back to the classroom, so I ran to the playground and lay down on the lawn.

Thinking about what happened just now, I still felt a little overwhelmed. I kept thinking about what Su xue said about going to her house in two days.

It was only then that it was really comfortable. It was so exciting to think about it.

Lying on the lawn until after class, I stood up and prepared to go back to class.

In the past, I was really not in the mood to study, but today, my father said those disappointing words, and now I think of them all feel uncomfortable, and I intend to spend more time on my studies in the future.

Regardless of whether or not you can go to college in the future, you can always have an explanation for your family.

And now that Su xue's side has been resolved, she can no longer target me, and I can study at ease.

Back in the classroom, I found Zhao Hualiang sitting in my seat again.

This guy is really haunted!

I walked over and knocked on the table to get him up.

Zhao Hualiang looked at me and said that I was about to be fired, so why did I come back? He also said that he had thrown my desk and books into the garbage, and that this seat would be his from now on, so he told me to get out of here.

I turned to the corner of the classroom where the brooms and mops were placed. There was indeed a desk, and all the books on the table were thrown on the floor.

I only left the classroom for one class. Not only was my seat taken up, but my textbooks were thrown away.

If Zhao Hualiang hadn't been in class, I would have rushed up and killed him.

I tried to calm myself down. Word by word, I told Zhao Hualiang to pick up my things and go back to my seat.

Zhao Hualiang stood up and looked at me provocatively, saying what if he didn't pick it up and asking if I wasn't convinced.

He also said that even if I didn't get fired, he would sit down and tell me to get out of here, or else don't blame him for being rude! "

I glanced at Lin Keer, who still sat there expressionless as if she hadn't seen what was happening here.

I don't really want to have a table with her right now, but I can't lose face in front of so many people, or else people will think that I'm a coward in front of Zhao Hualiang.

But if Zhao Hualiang doesn't leave here, I won't be able to pull him away. I'm sure his people will beat him up again.

And people would say that I was the first to do it, and I was completely unreasonable.

I thought about it. I don't have to worry about this with a fool like Zhao Hualiang right now. Just leave it to Su xue.

Su xue was willing to do such a thing for me. It was impossible that she didn't know how to deal with such a small thing.

I told Zhao Hualiang to get out of the way, or I would tell Su xue.

Zhao Hualiang seemed to have heard a very funny joke and looked at me as if he was an idiot, "Did the head teacher just say that he wanted to fire you? Will she help you after you tell her? Besides, I am the sports commissary in my class. I have better grades and more money than you. If I want to take this seat, will the head teacher disagree?"

He really had a great feeling about himself. I didn't want to talk to such an idiot, so I took out my cell phone and called Su xue to come down to class.

Within a minute or two, Su xue arrived in a hurry.

She looked no different from before, but when I saw her, I couldn't help but remember what happened in the bathroom.

Su xue didn't know if he was embarrassed, but he took a look at me and looked away, asking what was going on.

All I said was that Zhao Hualiang took my seat and threw away my textbook.

Su xue immediately asked Zhao Hualiang if it was true.

Zhao Hualiang stood up and said that not only did I have poor grades, but I also played with my cell phone in class. It would definitely affect Lin Keer's study, so he wanted to move over to the same table as lin Keer.

He also promised that he would not affect lin Keer and that he could ask lin Keer if he didn't understand anything.

I was amused by what he said. It was obvious that lin Keer was the one who looked so beautiful that he looked like he was hanging around her.

There was also a fat girl in our class who weighed almost 200 kilograms. Her grades were better than lin Keer's, and Zhao Hualiang didn't ask her for advice.

After Zhao Hualiang finished speaking, he looked at Su xue confidently, as if he was sure that su xue would agree with him and Lin Keer.

Maybe the whole class was like him, thinking that su xue would be on his side.

I didn't say anything and waited for Su xue to deal with it.

The classroom suddenly became quiet and everyone was waiting for Su xue to speak.

"I arranged the seats. You can change them if you want. Do you have any respect for me, the class teacher?"

Su xue suddenly yelled at Zhao Hualiang like a crazy lioness, which scared me.

Zhao Hualiang looked at Su xue in a daze, as if he hadn't realized what was going on.