Chapter 16 Backing up the Mountain

Xu Cheng looked sideways at Zhao Hualiang and dug with his thumb in his mouth, as if something had stuffed his teeth.

"Okay, I'll let you call and see who you can find."

When he said that, I felt a little bad.

Zhao Hualiang was not a fool. From his performance at school, he could tell that this guy was definitely a slippery person.

When he saw Xu Cheng, he knew that we had found someone in society to squat with him. If he had no confidence, he would not have stayed.

I wanted to remind Xu Cheng to take a look. I just opened my mouth and said a word, but xu ke stopped me.

He whispered to me, "Let my brother handle it. No problem."

I immediately shut up. Since I asked for help, I had to trust him.

Otherwise, I just don't give face to others, not to mention that Xu Cheng wants to have a bad opinion of me, I'm afraid that Xu Ke, my best friend, will also have an opinion of me.

Zhao Hualiang had already made a call at this time, and then he mysteriously walked to the back of the line, didn't know what to say, and soon walked back.

"Wait, my brother will be here soon."

He looked confident and stood there without any panic.

I started to feel uncertain and kept looking at Xu Cheng in front of me.

Xu Cheng was still as fearless as ever.

I looked around and saw a lot of people. Not only did Li Gang come, but more than half of our class came. I didn't know if they wanted to see my joke.

As time went by, seven or eight minutes later, a man came into the distance.

When we heard the footsteps, we looked at the man who was coming.

At first, I thought there would be dozens of people, at least ten more.

But when he looked over, he was alone.

Besides, I do know this person.

Of course, he doesn't know me.

But when I was eating in the cafeteria on the third floor, Li Gang gave me directions and told me his name was Sun Yu.

I just don't understand. From the information Li Gang told me, Sun Yu and Zhao Hualiang should have a grudge. Why would he come to help Zhao Hualiang?

"Alone?" Xu Ke whispered beside me, his face full of disdain.

I pulled him up and whispered, "He's one of the leaders of our school. I heard there are dozens of people in his hands."

Xu Ke narrowed his eyes and shook his head disdainfully. "Don't be afraid of him, you dead man."

When he said that, I was somewhat certain.

When Zhao Hualiang saw Sun Yu coming over, he immediately became excited.

He walked quickly towards Sun Yu and said with a laugh, "Sun Yu, come here. These scumbags outside the school are squatting with me. Look, should we give them some color?"

Sun Yu was the same as I had seen him before. He looked bookish, handsome, and sunny.

In fact, to be honest, I never realized that he was actually the kind of person who could fight and gang up.

At this moment, his gaze swept across the faces of all of us, and then fell on Xu Cheng.

"Where the hell are you? How dare you come to our school and make trouble!"

As soon as Sun Yu opened his mouth, I was shocked.

He was handsome and seemed to have a lot of qualities, but when he opened his mouth, it was actually a mouthful of dirty words, which made my impression of him go straight down, and immediately put him into my kind of fight and trouble students.

Xu Cheng stared at Sun Yu and suddenly smiled. He took out a cigarette and bit it with his teeth. He said, "Don't follow me, bb. You came here to get beaten up together, didn't you?"

As he spoke, he waved his arm and moved toward Sun Yu and Zhao Hualiang.

When he did this, everyone on our side followed him.

This was a prelude to the fight. Since Zhao Hualiang was looking for someone, there was nothing else to say.

Squatting is fighting. There's no need to say who's right and who's wrong.

Whoever wins is right.

This is the so-called prince of success and thief of failure.

As he watched us approach him and saw that we were about to start a fight, Sun Yu slowly said again, "No one dares to touch me in this area. If you were in this area, you would know Hong Biao, right?"

"Hong Biao?" Xu Cheng stopped in his tracks at once, stunned, and his eyes swept across Sun Yu's face. "Who are you?"

Xu Cheng seemed to be wavering. I could feel his hesitation and hesitation standing beside him.

Zhao Hualiang, on the other side, was so pleased that he hugged his shoulder and curled his mouth at me, full of disdain and ridicule.

Sun Yu was as calm as ever, not a bit excited at all. He played with his cell phone, lowered his head, and didn't even have to look at us. He said slowly, "I'm his cousin."

I was very upset when I saw Sun Yu's virtue.

This kid was standing there pretending to be cool, looking like he was going to throw up.

Xu Cheng turned around, looked at me, and then at Xu Ke.

Seeing that both of us had our eyes on his face, he pondered for a moment and then turned to look at Sun Yu. "Boy, don't think you're going to make a fool of yourself when you hear about some gangsters..."

"My name is Sun Yu. Call him to confirm it."

Before Xu Cheng could finish speaking, Sun Yu came straight back.

Xu Cheng was not angry this time. Instead, he took out the phone, checked the number, and dialed it directly.

"Hey, baldy, let me ask you something." Xu Cheng's voice was very low. I don't know if he was afraid that we would hear him, or if he was afraid that Sun Yu across from him would lose face. "Do you know if Hong Biao has a cousin..."

He spoke so fast that I could hardly hear him.

The person on the other end of the line seemed to have said something. Xu Cheng nodded repeatedly, and hung up after a few "Yes."

Xu Cheng looked at us as he held the phone in his arms.

"You are all students. Don't fight and kill all day long. Besides... You've only been to yunkai high school for a few days. Now you beat them up, and you'll see them all the time in school. Maybe they'll take advantage of you again someday. I think that's it."

Xu Cheng didn't continue, but Xu Ke and I understood.

The man named Hong Biao should be someone Xu Cheng was very afraid of, so he backed out.

My heart suddenly turned cold. If Xu Cheng didn't help me today, then I would lose a lot of face. I don't want to be a person in school anymore.

"No, brother. If we don't beat them up now, Zhang Tao won't have a good life here."

Xu ke's eyes widened. "Besides, when we leave like this, won't he be laughed to death at school?"

Xu Ke was thinking for me, and he was right.

But Xu Cheng didn't think so.

He looked at me as if he was telling me not to continue, but he said to xu ke, "Brother, it's not that I don't help. There's really no need to cause trouble."