Chapter 17 Retreat

"No, we have to fight today." Xu Ke was still stubborn.

I stood there and didn't know what to say. If I didn't hit him, I felt wronged. If I did, Xu Cheng was Xu Ke's cousin after all. I couldn't say much.

"Hey! Dumbie, are you done?"

Zhao Hualiang became arrogant over there. He seemed to see the direction of the wind and immediately opened his mouth to shout.

"If you want to fight, settle it yourself." Xu Cheng turned to look at sun yu, then turned to look at Xu Ke, "Follow me, this fight can't be fought."

Before Xu Ke could react, he had grabbed Xu Ke's arm and tried to force him away.

Xu ke glanced at me, then swung his arm and freed Xu Cheng's hand.

"Brother, how can you do this?" Xu Ke looked angry. "Zhang Tao is my best friend. His business is my business. I can't leave."

Xu Cheng didn't expect Xu Ke to break his face with him in public for me, and he was furious.

"Are you out of your mind?"

Xu Cheng glanced at Zhao Hualiang's side, as if afraid of losing face, and lowered his voice a lot. "You have to see the form when you're out there. Even if you win on the spot today, you'll be in big trouble afterwards! I won't be able to solve it by then!"

He still wanted to pull him away, but as soon as he reached out, Xu Ke immediately took a few steps back and stood beside me, asking if I could fight.

Actually, I don't know what to do now. Xu Chengdu is afraid of Sun Yu's cousin Hong Biao. If Sun Yu calls Hong Biao to trouble me later, he won't be able to stay in this school.

But now that I was in a difficult position and Xu Ke was so passionate, I couldn't vent his anger, so I nodded heavily and said to hit him.

Even if I don't read this book, I can't back down today!

Xu Ke patted me on the shoulder and shouted "Okay." Then he said to Xu Cheng," brother, I don't know how you understand the word" loyalty." I think it's only loyalty when a friend is in trouble. Today Zhang Tao said he was going to fight, so this fight must be fought!"

His gaze swept across our faces one by one. "I have no objection to those who want to stay. If they really want to leave, I will not force them to stay, but don't say that they are brothers in the future."

Xu Ke scolded him, and Xu Cheng's face turned blue and white. He pointed at Xu Ke's nose and growled, "Grass, if you're not my brother, I... Fine, whatever. Whether you die or not has nothing to do with me."

With a harsh sentence, Xu Cheng turned around and left with the people he had called, leaving only a dozen of us, all my old school brothers.

More than a dozen people, against more than 30 people, suddenly our side became weak.

I looked at the situation in front of me, and although it was a little uncertain, I didn't show it.

Now that the arrow is on the line, I have to do it. I can't destroy my authority.

"Don't be afraid. At most one to two, numb, don't believe you can't beat them."

Xu ke gave me a look to cheer me up.

"Yes, I'm afraid of them. We'll do the same to them."

"A bunch of flowery airs."

The people on our side started to cheer each other up, but none of them left.

This warmed my heart, and I looked at them one by one.

These familiar faces reminded me of many of the days we spent together.

Of course, on the other hand, I also thought of Xu Cheng.

When I think of him, I get angry. What kind of relative is this?

Even if I don't care, even his cousin Xu Ke doesn't care. This kind of person... Bah.

Xu ke didn't pay much attention to it, so he turned around and sprayed at Zhao Hualiang.

He's a good scolder. I usually can't learn from him.

With that spray, Zhao Hualiang couldn't help it.

Sun Yu was the first to open his mouth there, and he still looked very nonchalant.

"Hey, a bunch of idiots, you guys are all gone backstage, and you still dare to yell here? Get over here and admit your mistake!"

As he spoke, he pointed at me. "Who's that? Come down on your knees. If you don't listen to me, I won't let you stay in this school."

"Get out of here, you're numb. I don't care what kind of receptionist or backstage you have. If you have the guts to come over and see who's beaten up, his mother doesn't even know him."

Xu Ke was the first to yell, not intimidated by Sun Yu's threat.

Immediately, the people around me started shouting and scolding.

"Fuck them, fuck them." Zhao Hualiang couldn't help but wave his hand and let the little brother behind him rush over and hit us.

Zhao Hualiang was in the first place, holding the leg of the table in his hand, and running straight to me.

Xu Ke's hands were fast and he saw that there was no guy in my hands. He immediately rushed up to Zhao Hualiang and swung the steel pipe in his hand.

Xu Ke was so fast that Zhao Hualiang didn't notice him. As soon as he realized it, the steel pipe swung directly on his arm.

This was xu ke's discretion. Fighting was right, but he couldn't die.

I wasn't idle either, so I took advantage of this moment and rushed over and punched Zhao Hualiang in the nose.

This kid was also unlucky. The kid behind him ran a little slower, and Xu Ke and I moved a little faster. When I punched him on the bridge of his nose, blood started flowing down his nose.

After the men rushed over, Xu Ke joined the battle group with a steel pipe in his hand.

I hated Zhao Hualiang so much that when I saw this guy cover his nose and bend down a little, he kicked him.

When it comes to fighting, brothers are not cowards.

In class, he was beaten up in groups. If he had to talk about one-on-one, I was afraid of him.

With one kick, Zhao Hualiang lay down.

It wasn't that he didn't know how to fight, but that he was attacked by me and Xu Ke.

"Drafted, let you pretend." When he fell, I would not allow him to get up and kick him in the ribs and butt.

Today, I was wearing leather shoes. The big raw leather shoes kicked, and Zhao Hualiang covered his head and rolled around, screaming.

After more than ten kicks, I felt as if someone had hit me hard on the head.

She was dizzy and almost fell.

Then a shout came from behind, "Beat my boss, beat you to death."

Then I felt two people come over and hit me with a fist. I was knocked down in a few strokes.

Damn, these cowards attacked me.

I cursed in my heart. I grabbed a man's leg and threw him on the horse's stomach.

Then he got up two or three times, regardless of who hit me next to him, and jumped straight at Zhao Hualiang who was just about to get up.

"Bang..." He punched the guy in the stomach, then lunged forward and pinned him to the ground. He rode directly on his chest, his fists raining down.

Zhao Hualiang was about to bark like a dog with this thump.

But the two guys behind me who had been sneaking up on me just now rushed up again, flanking me left and right, trying to knock me down.