Chapter 18 Little Lady

At that time, my head was still clear, and I saw Xu Ke in the corner of my eye. He was holding a steel pipe in his hand, and his eyes were black. There was blood on his head.

"Draft it, do it with me." He cursed and came over and kicked Zhao Hualiang hard.

It was only then that I realized that the sounds of group fights around me were much quieter.

I looked up a little and immediately felt happy.

Not many of the people Zhao Hualiang called over would fight. In a short time, more than 30 people had been beaten to the ground and dared not go up again.

I took a closer look. Sun Yu didn't leave, nor did he make a move, so he held his arms and watched.

I don't know what he means. I don't care about him, and I still want to beat Zhao Hualiang up.

Xu Ke immediately pulled me up and shoved the steel pipe into my hand. "It's too much work. Use the guy."

Zhao Hualiang was lying on the ground with a bruised nose and swollen face. He was badly beaten by my fist just now.

When I saw Xu Ke give me the steel pipe, I looked at him with a wicked smile and weighed the steel pipe in my hand, and he panicked.

"Yes, I did." He lay on the ground, wriggling and trying to avoid me. "Brother Tao, I was wrong. I won't dare to do it again. Let me go."

His eyes were fixed on the steel pipe in my hand. Needless to say, he was afraid that I would really knock on it a few times.

I used the steel pipe in my hand to light the tip of his nose and roared, "Make your little brother kneel down for me."

I touched the place where my head had been hit and felt a dull pain, "You too. Get up, kneel down and kowtow and admit your mistake."

Zhao Hualiang had bullied me enough at school, and it was time for me to retaliate and have a good time.

After saying that, I slapped him and a large finger print immediately appeared on Zhao Hualiang's face.

Zhao Hualiang bit his lip. He wanted to fight back, but when he looked around, half of the people were lying down. There were only one or two left.

"Zhang Tao, don't go overboard." Zhao Hualiang got up and roared at me. "The mountain doesn't turn, the water doesn't turn. I'm so..."

"Bang!" Before he could finish his sentence, Xu Ke grabbed the steel pipe from my hand and smashed it on his head, causing him to lie on the ground again. The blood on his head immediately flowed out.

When I saw Xu Ke hit me so hard, my heart suddenly tightened and I hit my head so hard. If it came out, it would be serious.

Xu Ke wanted to hit Zhao Hualiang with a steel pipe again. It was not good for me to pull him in front of so many people. I quickly stopped him and put my foot on Zhao Hualiang's stomach to make him kneel down and apologize.

The blood on Zhao Hualiang's head flowed down his forehead, looking particularly ferocious, but the fear in his eyes could tell that he was really afraid of Xu Ke.

He struggled to get up, knelt on the ground, lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, I was wrong."

His voice was a little weak, and he didn't know if he was in real or fake clothes.

But what I want is this effect, as long as I find the previous venue on the spot.

Xu ke tapped a steel pipe on Zhao Hualiang's head and bent down. "It's drafted, dumbie. I'll tell you. Next time I know you dare to touch my brother, I'll break your leg."

When Zhao Hualiang's little brothers saw him kneel down for me, they all lost their confidence. They got up one by one and all slipped away like yellow croakers, not daring to fart.

"Okay, let's go." After the fight, I got angry. I told Xu Ke and the others to go out into the woods and walk to the nearest restaurant in the school, intending to treat the big guy to a meal.

When I walked near the school, I saw a group of people in front of me.

It was a group of girls, some in school uniforms, some in avant-garde clothes, and their hair was dyed red, blue, yellow and purple.

Needless to say, I also understand that these girls belong to the younger sister-in-law level.

It was not surprising to see them. After all, in this place of school, boys and girls were mixed up, and fighting and stealing money were common.

Now I know that even in a good school, fighting is inevitable.

When I was about to walk in, I saw that the crowd was surrounded, and it was Lin Keer who was pushed and shoved by those little girls.

At this time, Lin Keer was wearing a white sports suit, her hair was messy, her delicate face was pale, and tears were rolling in her eyes.

Seeing this, I stopped immediately.

Xu Ke's arm was so long as it was around my shoulder that he turned around and asked me what I was doing.

I threw my head at where Lin Keer was trapped.

Xu Ke immediately understood and looked over.

He turned around and asked me, "Do you know them?"

I shook my head and said, "I know the one who was bullied. It's my deskmate."

As I was saying this, Lin Keer's side had changed.

A girl about the same height as her, wearing shorts and a vest, and her hair dyed orange, slapped her in the face and swore that she would kill you, a bitch, and dare to hook up with my boyfriend.

As she cursed, she grabbed Lin Keer's hair and yanked it down.

Lin Keer's head was pulled sideways, and she wanted to struggle, so she broke the other girl's wrist with both hands.

But as soon as she moved, the other girls immediately came over and grabbed her arm to stop her from struggling.

I should have liked it when Lin Keer was beaten up.

But I don't know what happened. When I saw her tearful and helpless face, I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

"What the hell, a beautiful female deskmate like this is being bullied. Why don't you hurry up and save her? I'll go if you don't."

Xu Ke suddenly pulled his hand back from my shoulder and gave me a push.

I hesitated for a moment, but in the end, I walked over there and shouted to stop!

The girl with orange hair turned to look at me, chewed gum and scolded, "Where did you come from? Get out of here!"

I didn't expect this young, pretty girl to be so fierce and a little confused by the scolding.

When I realized it, the girls were ready to hit lin Keer again.

I was in a difficult position now, so I had to take care of it. I rushed over and grabbed the girl's hand with the orange hair. I pushed her back and told her to get lost.

The girl was so angry that she pointed at my nose and scolded, "Do you dare to touch me? Do you want to die?"

The group of girls next to her also shouted that they were going to hit me. Fortunately, Xu Ke and the rest of them walked right by, so the girls didn't dare to do it.