Chapter 2 Looking for Trouble?

I knew that after the long night in silence, it was Su xue. I was so excited that I wanted to ask her out right away.

But now that the dorm was locked, I couldn't go out at all, so I could only tease her in silence and ask her if she often looked for different men.

She sent a disgusted expression, saying that there was no such thing. She also wanted to see how she felt. If she didn't feel it, it wouldn't be like that.

It's already like this. I can still see the feeling. I'm just pretending to be innocent here.

I didn't expose her and continued to talk about some ambiguous topics. She also told me that she was a teacher.

After that, she said that she had told me about her and asked me to tell her about me.

I pretended not to know exactly what she was asking. I told her directly that I was very good and could last about an hour at a time.

She gave me several surprised looks and asked me if it was true. I said it was true, of course. If she didn't believe me, she would come out to inspect the goods next time.

I know that women like Su xue like strong men, so I'm just exaggerating. It makes her so excited that she can't sleep at night and thinks about me all the time.

Su xue gave me another shy look, telling me to ask her out whenever I had time. Then she said that she had something to do tomorrow and was going to bed. I didn't know if she couldn't take it anymore.

I returned the software after saying goodnight and lay in bed thinking about Su xue.

Because I had to study early in the morning, I got up early the next morning.

There were six people living in our dormitory, and the others didn't pay much attention to me because of what Su xue said. Only one named Li Gang said a few words to me yesterday.

Li gang was a little chubby, with eyes and a lot of pimples on his face. He looked obscene.

I didn't know anything about Su xue at all, so I deliberately waited for Li Gang to go to class together and asked him if Su xue was married on the way.

Li Gang smiled at me unkindly and asked if I had any thoughts about su xue.

I gave a dry laugh and didn't say anything.

"Our school is not only a teacher, but also a lot of students have thoughts about the class teacher. It's normal for you to have thoughts. What's so embarrassing to say?"

Li Gang looked at me with some disdain, but when he mentioned Su xue, he was obviously a little excited. There must be a lot of yy Su xue.

"I heard that the head teacher has a fiance abroad. He hasn't been back for more than a year. Things like this won't last long, so many single teachers at the school hook up with class teachers. It's just that the head teacher seems to have a deep affection for her fiance and never accepts other people's pursuits."

When I heard Li Gang say that, I knew why Su xue was like this. Her fiance hadn't come back for more than a year and would definitely hook up with other men.

It's just that I didn't expect Su xue to pretend to be a martyr at school. It seems that she is a very shameful person at school, and she pays attention to her image. She is afraid that the people around her know what kind of person she is, so she only hooks up with men online.

But that's good. Now that I know her secret, the more she wants face, the more I can use it to blackmail her.

In the future, I will contract out her one-third of an acre of land, so I can't let her hook up with other men online.

Just thinking about it made me a little excited. After sleeping with Su xue, I don't know how many people at school would envy me.

I really can't wait to know what kind of expression she will have when she sees me when she asks su xue out. It will be wonderful...

Let her look down on me, let her humiliate me, and then see how I do it to her!

I then asked Li Gang something else about Su xue. He told me that Su xue was usually very strict in teaching, so his grades were good, and Su xue had a good reputation in school.

As we chatted, we came to the classroom. When we entered, I saw a burly boy occupying my seat.

I knew his name yesterday. His name was Zhao Hualiang. He still had a rose in his hand. He smiled and handed it to my deskmate, Lin Keer, as if he wanted to give it to Lin Keer.

I didn't expect Zhao Hualiang to chase after lin Keer on the first day of class, and it was so blatant, which made me a little unhappy.

In my heart, I always feel that there are only two transfer students in the class with me, lin Keer, and the two of them are at the same table. Our relationship should be the best.

Even if I wanted to chase her, I should have chased her first, so I felt like Zhao Hualiang was stealing my things right now.

Fortunately, Lin Keer didn't seem to buy lin Keer's account, and he still looked very cold. He didn't even look at Zhao Hualiang, which made me feel better.

Zhao Hualiang asked lin Keer shamelessly if he didn't like roses. He could change them tomorrow.

He also said that lin Keer had just come to our school, and if anything happened in the school, he would come directly to him. He also said that he did not have any grievances in this school.

Lin Keer didn't know if he was getting tired of being pestered. Finally, he turned his head and said to Zhao Hualiang coldly, "Please take your flowers away. Stop arguing. I want to read."

There were a few boys around. Zhao Hualiang might have lost face after being rejected by Lin Keer and his face turned a little ugly.

But he didn't seem to have any intention of giving up just like that. He wanted to say something to lin Keer.

I know it's my turn to play at this time. Helping lin Keer get rid of Zhao Hualiang, the fly, will definitely win some favor from Lin Keer. This is an opportunity for me.

I walked over and knocked on my desk to get Zhao Hualiang out of my seat. I have to go to morning study.

When Zhao Hualiang turned around and saw that it was me, his face darkened and he shouted angrily, "Can't you see that I'm doing something? Get out of my way!"

To be honest, I used to be number one in our high school, and few people dared to talk to me like that.

I didn't expect to meet a prick just after I came to yunkai high school, which made me happy.

"If you want to do something serious, don't take my place. You can afford to delay my morning self-study?" I sneered.

Zhao Hualiang reached out and slapped the desk hard. He stood up and glared at me fiercely, "You're a fool who scored more than 200 points in the college entrance examination. You're paralyzed. You're looking for trouble, aren't you?"

This was clearly the rhythm of a fight when there was a disagreement. Zhao Hualiang was clearly trying to vent his anger at Lin Keer on me.

But he really found the wrong person. I've never been afraid of anyone fighting.

And Zhao Hualiang, the Wangbadan, said something more than 200 points, clearly exposing my scars. Whether it was for Lin Keer or for my own sake, today's fight was over.