Chapter 20 Compromise

"At least a few years. I think you're still a student. As long as you delete my chat with you, I won't call the police." Su xue said slowly, as if he had taken me for granted.

"Shameless!" I gritted my teeth and said.

"Can I still be as shameless as you? Don't forget you blackmailed me first! I don't care about what happened before. Now delete the chat and leave!" Su xue snorted coldly.

The current situation doesn't give me any advantage. If I send out the chat history, at most Su xue has a bad reputation and can't be a teacher.

And if she hands this video over to the police, I'll probably go to jail.

For me, the only option right now is compromise.

But if I were to just delete the chat discipline, I really wouldn't be happy.

Not to mention whether su xue would back down and hand over the video to the police after I deleted it, but in the future, she would target me and even kick me out of class as usual.

I stared at Su xue for a while, then said, "I won't do you any good if I go to jail. Instead, your own reputation will be tarnished. Why don't we make a deal?"

Su xue narrowed her eyes and thought for a moment, asking me what terms to negotiate.

"No matter which one of us sends out what we have in our hands, it will affect each other. Otherwise, we can get along peacefully in the future, and I won't ask you to do anything, but I'll come to your house every weekend to study. What do you think?"

I said what I wanted, and I thought about it.

As long as I have more contact with Su xue in the future, I can always find a chance to turn over and make her look good and let her plot against me!

Su xue probably didn't want to hurt both of them. After a moment of hesitation, he agreed to my request, but he could only study at school and couldn't come to her house.

In fact, tutoring in school was the same. The reason why I said I wanted to come to her house was just a selfish desire.

As long as I can come to her house, I can find an opportunity to stay for an occasional night. It feels comfortable to think about it.

Maybe if she doesn't close the door in the middle of the night, I'll have a chance...

But Su xue didn't agree to come to her house for tutoring, and I didn't force her to do so.

Then, su xue issued an eviction order.

I really didn't want to leave, but it didn't work. She forced me out of the house.

Thinking about the purpose of coming here today, and the process in between, I felt like I was fucking a dog.

It was already past four o' clock when they returned to their dormitory. Many students returned to school because of the evening self-study on sunday night.

As soon as I entered, Li Gang, who had been waiting in the dormitory, immediately greeted me, saying "Brother Tao," just like an ancient eunuch meeting his master.

"Brother Tao, I went to find out today. This guy Zhao Hualiang has a head injury and seems to be under observation in the hospital for a few days. Should we take this opportunity to bring his little brother over?" Li Gang asked with a fawning face.

I still have a big problem with Sun Yu. I might not be able to stay here anymore. I don't have the heart to take him in.

Ever since my dad came to school that day, I planned to spend more time on my studies and stop fooling around.

"By the way, didn't you say that Sun Yu beat Zhao Hualiang in front of a lot of people? Why are they still together?" I asked in puzzlement.

"They haven't been in the same boat for a long time. How's their relationship?" Li Gang also looked puzzled. "Did Sun Yu go to help Zhao Hualiang yesterday?"

This guy must have stood too far yesterday. He didn't hear Sun Yu. He didn't know that Sun Yu was there to support Zhao Hualiang.

If he had known that I had offended Sun Yu, he would not have dared to come so close to me.

I didn't talk to Li Gang anymore. Anyway, the army was coming and going. If sun yu really pushed me, I wouldn't let him get away with it. I don't care if he's a cousin or not.

When I was in the evening self-study class, I saw Lin Keer sitting in his seat in a daze, looking worried.

I was just sitting down when Lin Keer suddenly turned around and said to me expressionlessly, "Can I talk to you?"

I thought I heard wrong, but this woman actually took the initiative to talk to me?

It really came out of the sun from the west.

Was it because I helped her yesterday and wanted to marry me?

I immediately became interested and asked her what she wanted to talk to me about.

Lin Keer looked around as if he didn't want the other students to hear her, then got up and walked out of the classroom.

I was even more curious about what she wanted to talk to me about and followed her all the way to the empty rooftop.

Lin Keer didn't beat around the bush. He stared at me and said, "I hope you, and your friends, don't spread what you heard yesterday."

"Is your mother really a mistress? Did you hook up with Lin Xin's boyfriend?" I asked casually.

"No!" Lin Keer immediately denied it. "Don't tell anyone about this anyway!"

I think she's a little nervous. I'm sure it's all true.

I didn't expect Lin Keer not only to be beautiful and well-educated, but also to be the daughter of a third grader and to steal someone else's boyfriend.

Tsk tsk, you can't look at a person. Maybe Lin Keer and su xue are the same kind of people.

It's just that why didn't she rob me? And she didn't even need to. What a disappointment.

This is someone else's business, and I don't care.

If it were someone else, I would definitely agree not to say anything.

But if Lin Keer says so, I'll have to think about it.

I leaned back against the railing and sneered at lin Keer, "My relationship with you doesn't seem to be good enough to help you keep a secret, does it?"

Lin Keer seemed to have expected me to say this. There was still no expression or reaction on her delicate face. Instead, she said sincerely, "I was in a bad mood before because of my family affairs, so I spoke more bluntly. I apologize to you now."

I thought she was going to scold me for her personality, but I didn't expect to apologize directly. It's not normal.

In fact, she had already explained the reason and apologized. I was going to forgive her. After all, men tend to be soft-hearted towards such beautiful girls, and last time I deliberately ate her tofu, it was even.

But I can't let go of my pride. I was really embarrassed by her before.

"Well, if you agree to one condition, I'll keep it a secret for you. How about that?" I asked with my head tilted.

It was evening, and the wind was strong on the rooftop. Lin Keer was wearing a floral dress. The hem of her dress and her long, silky hair were gently lifted by the evening wind. She looked pure to the extreme, like a female star in a mv.