Chapter 23 He Was Bullied Again

Lin keer ignored me and turned to continue walking towards the teaching building.

"You promised me a request yesterday. This request is to help me wipe the medicinal wine. Isn't it too much?" I yelled at her again.

She paused for a moment, then turned around and asked me where to wipe.

I lifted my clothes, turned around and said to wipe my back.

I didn't get hit on my back by Lin Xin and the others. It was an old injury from Zhao Hualiang last time. I haven't fully recovered.

Without hesitation, Lin Keer took the medicinal wine from my hand and helped me wipe it off.

The medicated wine was a little hot on my body, but lin Keer's hands were a little cold. This heat and cold was just right, making me feel especially comfortable.

But Lin Keer didn't know how to put on the medicinal wine at all. He thought he just needed to apply it on his body.

I told her to apply some force, otherwise the medicine wouldn't penetrate into her skin, and it wouldn't work at all.

Lin Keer's movements obviously stopped for a moment, but in the end, as I said, he rubbed hard.

Although it hurts a little, I still feel good physically and mentally. There may not be such an opportunity to get close to lin Keer in the future.

It was morning, but it was already a little hot. I soon heard Lin Keer panting from behind.

The sound was so similar to the recording that Su xue sent me last time that I couldn't help but start to fantasize.

Thinking about it, I actually...

Fortunately, I was sitting on the floor with my back to Lin Keer, so I didn't let her see anything unusual. Otherwise, she would have misunderstood me and left.

To distract myself, I turned to ask lin Keer about her family.

A girl like her, I think we have to get to know her before we can get close to her.

Lin Keer didn't say a word. I went on, "Look at you sulking all day. You must have something on your mind. Tell me about you. Maybe you'll feel better if you tell me. I know a little about your family anyway."

Lin Keer was even more straightforward this time. He dropped the bottle of medicinal wine and left.

I was so depressed that if I didn't say anything, I wouldn't have gone on strike.

If I had known, I wouldn't have asked her about her family.

After a while, the bell rang. I got up from the grass and went back to the classroom.

Although the eyes of the class looked at me a little differently, I was too lazy to care.

Our class monitor is a girl named Ma Lingling. She is not tall and has two tiger teeth when she smiles. She looks very cute.

As soon as I entered the classroom, she ran over and whispered to me that Su xue was looking for me and asked me to go to Su xue's office.

Su xue must have been angry with Lin Xin and wanted to vent his anger on me, so I wouldn't hit him.

Seeing that I didn't move, Ma Lingling looked at me cautiously, lowered his head and said, "You'd better go, or the head teacher will definitely criticize you again."

When I saw her so reserved, I couldn't laugh or cry and asked if she was afraid of me.

She raised her head slightly and looked at me, her fair little face turning red.

Even though she shook her head, I could still see that she was a little afraid of me. Maybe in her eyes, I was the kind of bad student who always fights.

Such shy and introverted girls are really rare nowadays.

"It's okay. I'm not afraid of her criticism." I smiled indifferently.

Ma Lingling said "Oh," then quietly walked away.

I didn't expect anyone in this class to be worried that I would be criticized. It was a bit surprising.

Li Gang waved at me. I reluctantly walked over and asked him what was wrong.

"Boss, I just asked around. That Lin Xin did just transfer from the Yizhong today, and the person she brought over today was for Xiao Ming, a sophomore in high school. I heard they were on good terms."

Li Gang looked at me, then asked tentatively, "Boss, how did you offend that Lin Xin? Lin Keer just came out to break up the fight. Is it related to lin Keer?"

I was just beaten up by lin xin, and now he's telling me about lin xin. I'm a little upset, so I'm ready to leave.

Li Gang pulled me back again. "Boss, Xiao Ming must know that Lin Xin brought people to do you. He's obviously not giving you face. Let's do him too."

Xiao Ming, a sophomore, was also one of the four big boys in this school. I just finished with Zhao Hualiang. Li Gang asked me to get Xiao Ming, which was the rhythm of wanting me to dominate the whole school.

But I will definitely go to find lin xin. If Xiao Ming is going to intervene, the two of them will definitely get involved.

I asked Li Gang how he was doing with his younger brother, and he said he was going to look for someone this afternoon.

I went back to my seat and asked lin Keer if she wanted to help her clean up Lin Xin. She shook her head and said no.

I asked her what she would do if Lin Xin bothered her again, and she didn't even say a word this time.

I thought I had a good relationship with her, but now it doesn't seem much better than before. It's really depressing to ignore me.

The last lesson in the morning was Su xue's class. She might have been really pissed off by lin xin today, and her face had been very ugly ever since she entered the classroom.

After class, she pointed at me and asked me to go to her office.

I knew I couldn't hide anymore, so I had to follow him honestly.

Su xue slammed the textbook on his desk and asked why I was fighting with someone else.

I said it was someone else who wanted to trouble me, and I had no choice.

Su xue got even angrier when he heard me say that. "If you don't offend others, they will come after you? Besides causing trouble every day, what else can you do?"

The situation is different now. If I expose Su xue, she will probably send me to jail, so I can only listen to her.

All she said was that my grades were poor and I didn't study hard.

After scolding me for a long time, she suddenly gave me a death order, "If you don't improve by 20 in this monthly exam, don't stay in my class!"

I didn't like it anymore. I told him that I wasn't going to be targeted anymore, so why would I want to be kicked out now?

She said that she treated every student the same way. If her grades were poor and she didn't want to make any progress, she would kick everyone out.

I was speechless and left the office in silence.

It's only about twenty days until the monthly exam. It's really a headache for me to improve by twenty.

While I was thinking about how to focus on my studies in the future, I walked to the school cafeteria.

As I passed through the gap between the two buildings, I saw a group of people surrounded by flowers in the corner next to me. It was Lin Xin again.

Looking at their movements, they seemed to be beating up a person.

I was worried that they were bullying Lin Keer again, so I purposely moved closer, and then I heard Lin Xin swearing, "Look, I'm not going to strip you of this bitch's clothes today. I'll take a few more photos of you and post them online so you can steal my boyfriend."

It's about stealing her boyfriend again. I'm more sure she's bullying Lin Keer.

And she's going to strip lin Keer's clothes and take pictures this time. That's too much. I can't leave it alone.

I rushed over and saw that Lin Keer had been pushed to the ground by them and her skirt had been ripped open.