Chapter 25 Li Hongjian

Fortunately, at this time, Lin Xin put away his cell phone with satisfaction, said that he would let us go today, and then left with someone.

I reluctantly let go of Lin Keer's body. Seeing that she was still crying, I didn't know what to do and whispered sorry.

Lin Keer reached out to touch her tears and tidied up her dress. Although it was torn, it could still cover her body.

Without even looking at me, she turned and left.

Looking at her delicate back, I suddenly felt a little guilty and disappointed, and I didn't know what she would think of me in the future.

But she should be able to understand. After all, she solved Lin Xin's problem.

I went to the cafeteria for a meal and got a call from Li Gang asking me to go back to my dorm.

I thought he was going to talk to me about taking him in, but when I went back, I was shocked.

Sun Yu was sitting on my bed playing with his cell phone with a few boys.

Li gang was squatting in a corner, his face bruised and swollen, crying and trembling.

When I asked Li Gang what was going on, he glanced at Sun Yu and didn't dare to speak.

Sun Yu played with his phone and said without raising his head, "Someone told me today that this kid wants to bring Zhao Hualiang's little brother into your name. You also know that Zhao Hualiang and I are brothers, and it's impossible to watch his little brother being dragged away, so I'll have someone fix him up."

He pushed his glasses and continued to play with his cell phone, "You must have wanted to deal with me by taking in a younger brother, right? But I can tell you, this is useless. In this school, you are a dragon that has to lie down for me, and a tiger that has to lay down for me. You can't play with me in school or in society. So, be good and pay, understand?"

No matter how he looked, how he moved or how he spoke, this guy was always pretending to be a bully. He really acted as if he was great and deserved to be beaten up.

"It's between you and me to pay for it. You don't have to hit anyone else, do you?" I asked in a deep voice.

"At this school, I can hit whoever I want. You can't control that. Besides, if you can't come up with the money in two days, you'll be beaten up too."

Sun Yu left the dorm while playing with his cell phone. He never looked at me.

I always felt that being ignored was the biggest insult, more humiliating than beating me up, and in front of my little brother.

I walked over to ask Li Gang if he was okay. He stood up when he saw Sun Yu and the others were gone. He shook his head and said he was okay. Then he asked Sun Yu and I what was going on.

I told him to leave it alone. I will avenge him today.

Although Li Gang is not a good person, he was beaten up because he did something for me. I must find this place back.

"Sun Yu has a lot of people in school. We can't fight him now. Boss, do you want people from the society to squat with him?" Li Gang asked me from the side.

The best person I could find in society was Xu Ke's cousin, Xu Cheng. The last time Xu Cheng heard that Sun Yu's cousin was Hong Biao, he left us alone.

If I find someone from the society to deal with Sun Yu, I will definitely lose and implicate my friends. It won't work at all.

I didn't tell Li Gang about this, so I asked Li Gang to find out about the other two bosses at the school, Xiao Ming and Cui Jie.

Out of the four big flags in this school, Zhao Hualiang and Sun Yu were together. As long as one of Xiao Ming and cui Jerry had a grudge against Sun Yu, I could find a way to ally with them against Sun Yu. That would be a much bigger chance.

After a few words with Li Gang, I returned to the classroom and was surprised to find that Lin Keer didn't come to class.

What happened today must have been a huge blow to her, and she probably didn't know if she had to face me.

I guess so, and then I'm ready to calm down and study for the next monthly exam.

If I can't improve by 20, I have no doubt that su xue will kick me out of this class.

But I couldn't help but think about what I did to lin Keer today. I couldn't calm down and spent the afternoon in a daze.

After the last class, I asked Li Gang to ask for information and walked to the canteen alone.

Just as I walked down the teaching building, I heard someone calling my name behind me. Looking back, it was a boy.

He had a baby face, a very tall word, a smile on his face, revealing two dimples. He was dressed in designer clothes and looked like a rich man.

I didn't know him at all, so I asked him what he wanted me to do.

"My name is Li Hongjian. Can I talk to you?" He looked at me expectantly and asked.

Lin Xin took a picture of me and Lin Keer being intimate, which meant that he wanted to show it to someone named Li Hongjian. It should be this baby face.

My first reaction was that Li Hongjian looked at the photo of me and Lin Keer, so he wanted to take revenge on me.

But he didn't look like he was here for revenge.

I was a little confused, so I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about.

He said it was inconvenient here and was looking for another place.

After thinking about it, I agreed and followed him to the school gate.

We can't leave the school normally. If there is an urgent matter, we can ask the form teacher to approve the leave slip, and only once a month can we ask for leave.

When Li Hongjian came to the guard's room, he took out a piece of paper and showed it to the guard. The guard let us out.

Only one person could use a leave slip, and Li Hongjian managed to get me out of the house. It seemed that the relationship at school was very strong.

I followed him all the way to the best restaurant near the school and sat down in a private room.

I couldn't afford to live here at all. I was worried that he would trick me into paying the bill later, so I asked him impatiently what he wanted to talk to me about.

He smiled politely at me, then took out a card and gave it to the waiter. If he got drunk later, he would just swipe his card.

He looked as if he knew what I was thinking and made me feel that this person was different.

Then, Li Hongjian asked the waiter to pour a glass of wine for each of us. He raised his glass and said he would like to toast me. Thank you for taking care of Lin Keer for him these days.

I didn't quite understand what he meant, so I asked him to make it clear at once.

Li Hongjian explained that he had already asked around. A few days ago, before he transferred to this school, Zhao Hualiang harassed Lin Keer. I helped lin keer out of trouble, so I had to thank me and treat me to this meal.

He sounded as if he and Lin Keer were boyfriend and girlfriend, and I was just an outsider.

But when I heard lin Keer say that he didn't steal lin xin's boyfriend, it meant that he had nothing to do with Li Hongjian.

Li Hongjian was clearly demonstrating to me right now, which made me a little uncomfortable. I asked him what his relationship with Lin Keer and Lin Xin was.