Chapter 26 In A Mess

Li Hongjian put down his glass and explained slowly, "Keer and I have been classmates since elementary school. Although junior high and high school are not the same class, they have always been in the same school and have a good relationship. I confessed to her this summer, and she didn't refuse. She said she would wait until after the college entrance examination. We also agreed to take the same university."

Li Hongjian's face was full of happy smiles when he talked about this. It was obvious that he really liked Lin Keer.

It's just that what he said made me a little disappointed. If they were really childhood sweethearts like he said, then my chances of chasing lin Keer would be slim.

I thought I could get closer and closer to lin Keer. Now that I have a Li Hongjian halfway, it's really surprising. My mood has become very ugly.

"Since you two are so close, why did you transfer to another school? Lin Xin also said that Lin Keer stole her boyfriend?" I still asked reluctantly.

"That's because Lin Xin made some misunderstandings between me and Keer, and she transferred here in a fit of anger. I followed her here after I found out she was here." Li Hongjian explained.

"What kind of misunderstanding could anger Lin Keer into transferring to another school? Did you sleep with Lin Xin?" I asked deliberately.

Li Hongjian quickly stopped. "No, you know that people like Lin Xin dare to say anything and do anything. They don't care about the consequences. I already made it clear to her that I wouldn't be with her. She had to keep making up stories in front of Keer."

Lin Xin sent me a few pictures of you and Keer this afternoon, saying that Keer is with you now, and that he made me give up on her. To be honest, I really wanted to kill people when I saw those photos. I asked Keer later, and she said that she and you were just classmates, so I was relieved."

Lin Keer clarified my relationship with him. Although it was reasonable and expected, these words came out of Li Hongjian's mouth and made me feel a little uncomfortable. Obviously, they were just showing off here.

"Now that you know it's fake, why are you running over here and telling me all this? Could it be that after seeing such a close photo of me and Lin Keer and being upset with me, he deliberately called me out to get me drunk and beat me up again?" I sneered.

"Not really." Li Hongjian shook his head with a smile, as if he was laughing even more happily. "I know this must have something to do with lin xin. I asked Keer. She refused to tell me, so I came to ask you."

Actually, I wanted to say that lin Keer was willing to make out with me.

But Lin Keer had already put aside my relationship with her, and Li Hongjian probably wouldn't believe me if I told her. It would be better to tell the truth. Maybe Li Hongjian would go back and find lin xin trouble.

I told him exactly what happened. Li Hongjian listened with a smile on his face, but he didn't see any emotion. After listening, he toasted me and thanked me for helping lin Keer out.

He made it clear that he was here to demonstrate and show off to me. If I drank with him, I would be a fool. I ignored him and left the restaurant directly.

But the more he wanted to show off to me, the more I wanted to chase after lin Keer. I was so mad at him, you idiot.

I called Xu Ke and asked him to come out and have a drink with me.

He told me he had a cousin named Wu Zhihong who was also in the Yunkai middle school, a freshman in high school. He made me bored and went to Wu Zhihong for a drink. He even sent me his phone number.

I remember this Wu Zhihong. He was bullied once when he was in junior high school. Xu ke called our brothers to help him fight.

I only met him once and didn't know him at all. It would be awkward if we didn't get to talk. I found a roadside stall and drank two bottles alone. Then I didn't go to evening study and went back to the dormitory to sleep.

Anyway, tonight's self-study wasn't Su xue's, so no one would care whether I went or not.

When I was sleeping in a daze, I heard a "Bang" and the door of the dormitory was kicked open. When I opened my eyes, it was lin xin who came in with a group of people.

"You fool, how dare you lie to me? I won't kill you today!" Lin Xin's first words woke me up completely.

This bitch must have been Li Hongjian who looked for her and found out the truth, so he came to her.

As soon as I got out of bed, Lin Xin pulled me out of bed with a group of people surrounding me.

I was used to sleeping without wearing anything. After being dragged down by them, I was completely exposed to them and they were all stunned.

"You're numb, disgusting! Turn him over and hit him on the ground!" Lin Xin greeted the girls next to them.

I was wondering if I should cover it up with something, but now it seems completely unnecessary. I don't even know what it's like to be beaten up by them when I have the time to pick it up.

All seven or eight girls immediately surrounded me. Fortunately, they weren't very strong. I took off the others' hands, grabbed Lin Xin's arm, pulled her into my arms, and pulled her hair back to make her look up at me.

"Don't think I really don't dare to hit you. If you don't get away with me, I'll force you!" I gritted my teeth and said.

Lin Xin suddenly smiled, leaned against me and said contemptuously, "If you have the guts, come on. If I resist, I'll take your last name!"

I've seen shameless women, but I've never seen such shameless women.

Everyone said they were going to force her, but she was able to say such a thing.

Instead of being choked by her, I don't know what to say.

She's not bad looking, and she's pretty. If I didn't break the law, I wouldn't hesitate to do it.

"I don't know how many people have slept with a woman like you. Even if you give it to me, I don't want to do it, okay? Get out of here with someone!" I found myself a step down.

"This is definitely my first time. If not, I'll take your last name too. Come on."

Lin Xin choked on me again, completely messing me up.

There's still a first time for this kind of woman, is it possible?

Just as I was thinking of how to answer her, a sharp pain came over me.

Lin Xin, the bitch, put her knee on me and cursed, "If you don't have the guts, don't pretend to be an old lady here. It's disgusting."

The intense pain almost made me faint and my body involuntarily bowed.

Without saying a word, Lin Xin immediately started beating me up with someone. I was so painful that I couldn't even fight back, and they kicked me to the ground.