Chapter 27 Pretend to Be My Girlfriend

After a long time, Lin Xin finally told someone to stop.

She stepped on my face and looked down at me and said, "I warned you not to lie to me, or the consequences would be serious. Now give me another chance to chase this bitch, lin Keer, and I'll have her in a week! If you can't do it, I'll see you fight again and again until you drop out of school!"

With that said, Lin Xin kicked me a few more times before leaving our dormitory with his men.

After lying on the ground for a while, I regained some strength and climbed onto the bed. The more I thought about it, the more I felt aggrieved.

Lin Keer knew that Lin Xin would definitely make trouble for me after it was revealed, and he actually let Li Hongjian talk about it.

Even if she wanted to clarify her relationship with me before Li Hongjian, she couldn't leave me alive or dead.

I got up and put on my clothes. I went to the door of the classroom and waited.

After the evening self-study, I stopped Lin Keer as soon as she came out.

She was probably upset with me because I kissed her and touched her at noon today. She looked at me and was ready to leave.

My heart was bigger than hers. I followed her to the bottom of the teaching building, then grabbed her hand and pulled her to a corner.

She asked me to let go, but I didn't, "Why did you tell Li Hongjian that I'm not your boyfriend when you knew that lin xin would trouble me? Even if you like him and don't want him to misunderstand, you can tell him not to tell Lin Xin, right? Are you happy to see lin xin coming to trouble me every day?"

"I didn't tell Li Hongjian about this. Let go!" Lin Keer said as he struggled.

Seeing that she was still arguing, my anger grew. "Li Hongjian came to me today. He told me that you told him that I wasn't your boyfriend!"

"Li Hongjian asked me about the photos today, but I told him it had nothing to do with him. He didn't tell me anything else!" Lin Keer said angrily.

I don't think she's lying. That means Li Hongjian lied to me.

He specially invited me to dinner today and told me that Keer lin had already said that I was not her boyfriend, so he must have been trying to trick me into saying that I had nothing to do with Lin Keer from my mouth. He only made those intimate moves under Lin Xin's threat.

Since Lin Keer didn't want Li Hongjian to explain, doesn't that mean she and Li Hongjian weren't very good?

Thinking of this, I felt a little excited and let go of Lin Keer's hand.

Instead of leaving immediately, Lin Keer asked me what Li Hongjian told me today.

I repeated everything Li Hongjian said and asked, "Are you and Li Hongjian really as good as he said? And they agreed to go to the same university?"

"That was before. I have nothing to do with him now!" Lin Keer said coldly and was about to leave.

It turned out that she and Li Hongjian were childhood sweethearts, but it didn't matter. Lin Keer said that she had nothing to do with Li Hongjian now, so my chances are still great.

I caught up with Lin Keer and said angrily, "It's best that you have nothing to do with Li Hongjian, the Wangbadan. He knew that lin xin would trouble you and said it on purpose. He obviously didn't want you to live well."

"He sent me a message tonight, saying that lin xin had promised not to trouble me again." Lin Keer said without looking back.

It seems that Li Hongjian clearly wanted to trick me and deliberately let lin xin come to trouble me.

No wonder he liked Lin Keer so much. He must be very upset to see me kissing Keer. It's normal for him to think of a way to deal with me.

But he certainly didn't expect lin xin to coerce me into pursuing lin Keer and even let me sleep with Lin Keer.

If he knew, he would probably regret it.

"Today, Lin Xin said he wanted me to catch up with you within a week, or else he would make trouble for me every day. For the sake of helping you, you can help me once." I said after him.

Lin Keer stopped and asked how he could help me.

I knew she might not agree, but I told her what I was thinking and asked her to cooperate with me and pretend to be my girlfriend. In that case, Lin Xin would definitely not come to me.

Lin Xin was silent for a moment, which made me think there was something going on in my heart, but she just left, which made me depressed for a long time.

After returning to the dormitory, Li Gang had already returned.

He called me to the balcony and told me that the other three bosses of the school, Zhao Hualiang, Xiao Ming, and Cui Jie, had fought and quarreled with sun yu. But after the event, they seemed to have a good relationship and often played together.

I still want to find someone to work with Sun Yu, but it doesn't seem to work now.

If the person I'm looking for does have a good relationship with Sun Yu and goes to tell on him, the situation will definitely be very bad for me.

"Boss, I asked around. Of the four of them, Cui Jie is the best because his father is an official, and others rarely provoke him, and he doesn't provoke others. Then there was Xiao Ming and Sun Yu, both connected in society. Xiao Ming was a righteous man, and Sun Yu was greedy for money. The worst was Zhao Hualiang, but his family was rich and someone was willing to follow him. He often pays people to do things himself. I heard that the last time you squatted with him, he paid for Sun Yu to show up."

Li Gang then told me another piece of news: "Several of the freshmen recruited this year are fighting for the boss. Sun Yu and Xiao Ming both seemed to want to step in and support a senior year's boss as their little brother. If Zhao Hualiang were here, he would have done the same. Boss, do you want to try it?"

I think this is a good idea. Freshmen in grade one have only started school for more than a week. Anyone can take it in as a younger brother. It depends on their own ability to receive it.

I asked Li Gang to take the time to pay attention to the situation in the first year of senior high school, to find a suitable person with a bit of foundation, and then I will talk to him.

In two days, Sun Yu will come and ask for money. As long as I can find a few reliable people, I will fight with Sun Yu in school. Even if I can't beat him, I won't let him live well.

When I went to bed at night, I took out my cell phone and turned it on silently. After looking at the chat records with Su xue half a day ago, I couldn't help but send her a message, only to find that she had blacked me out.

I'm a little angry. I didn't know who I was before I talked to him every day. I didn't want to talk to him after I knew.

The next morning, Lin Keer didn't talk to me, and I didn't interrupt her study. I took out my textbook and read it all morning.

When class was almost over, I poked Lin Keer's hand with a pen and said that I would treat her to lunch.

She was slightly stunned, but did not speak.

I was a little anxious to say that she didn't say anything, so I took it as her acquiescence.

She still didn't say anything, so I thought she agreed.