Chapter 29 Cooperation

Zhao Yuchen hesitated for a moment before taking the cigarette, then looked at me and said, "I only took your cigarette because I didn't want everyone to be too embarrassed and have no other intention. And I can tell you that we agreed before the first year of high school chose the boss. We can't ask the seniors and the society to help us before we officially choose the boss. Anyone who asks for help will become a public enemy."

When we're done, as long as you seniors have the ability to beat us to the ground, you can be our boss. In the same way, we can be your boss if we have the ability. Do you understand what that means?"

What he said really surprised me a little. If the seniors couldn't get involved, there was no way.

But I didn't leave immediately. From what Zhao Yuchen just said, I could tell that this person was more straightforward and sensible, and it was good to make friends.

I sent out a cigarette to everyone in the dormitory. Just as I was about to sit down and ask Zhao Yuchen about the details of the first year of high school, there was a sudden noise outside.

"Zhao Yuchen, are you numb enough to think about it? I am so impatient to wait!"

The door of the dormitory was kicked open and a group of people rushed in.

Like frightened birds, Zhao Yuchen and the others immediately stood up and gathered together.

Li Gang and I were standing behind them and saw a lot of people coming in from outside. Some were standing in the hallway outside. There were dozens or twenty of them.

They were led by a thin boy who looked like a hemp stick with long, broken hair and a sharp chin that looked like a girl.

I always thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I met him.

Zhao Yuchen took a deep breath, then threw the cigarette butt on the ground and snorted, "If you want me to be your little brother, there's no way! You paralyze me and kill me if you can!"

"Damn it, you won't cry until you see the coffin, will you? If you have the guts to fight again, I'll beat you until you're convinced!" The pockmarked boy shouted.

Li Gang was a little flustered when he saw this and pulled my clothes and asked me what to do.

"You can fight back if others hit you. What else can you do?" I feel a little sore too. There are so many people and the scene is so messy. If we fight, we might be beaten up as Zhao Yuchen's people.

"Just hit me, I'm afraid of you!" Zhao Yuchen replied reluctantly, then turned to me and said, "This is our first year of high school. You should go first."

I really can't get involved in this kind of situation. After all, they have agreed that it might make Zhao Yuchen the public enemy of the whole grade.

I didn't hesitate to take Li Gang out.

"Brother Tao!" When I walked to the middle of the dormitory, the pockmarked boy suddenly called me and asked with surprise, "Why are you here?"

"You know me?" I asked inexplicably.

"I'm Xu Ke's cousin, Wu Zhihong. Don't you remember me? You guys fought for me last time." The pockmarked boy said happily.

I also said he looked a little familiar, so he was Wu Zhihong, and Xu Ke asked me to call him to drink with him yesterday.

Almost two years had passed since the last time he fought for him. Not only did he grow and change a little, he was also thinner than before.

Xu Ke used to tell me that his cousin was often beaten up at school, but now he's fighting for the boss with people. What a surprise.

I nodded at him and said that I was reading over here, just in time to see a friend.

Wu Zhihong pointed at Zhao Yuchen and asked in surprise, "Brother Tao, you said he was your friend?"

I nodded irrefutably. Wu Zhihong looked embarrassed and said, "Since you're Brother Tao's friend, forget it. I won't force them to be my little brother. In the future, they will be more honest. Even if I don't trouble them, there must be someone else who will trouble them."

Zhao Yuchen immediately became unhappy, saying that Wu Zhihong had no business with him.

It was obvious that Zhao Yuchen didn't want to give up his position as the boss of the first year of senior high school.

Seeing that Wu Zhihong was going to fight with him again, I pulled Wu Zhihong and asked him what was going on in his first year of high school.

Wu Zhihong told me that in addition to Zhao Yuchen, there were three other people fighting for the boss, and they all had about twenty people under them. He planned to fight with the other two after he had settled Zhao Yuchen's place.

"Then when is the end of your fight?" I asked him again.

"The rule of this school is to fight for the boss half a month after the start. If the three of us can't eat each other within this time, then there will be three bosses this year. One can eat one, two can eat two, one can eat two. After this time, unless there is a major conflict in the future, it will basically not change." Wu Zhihong explained.

It had been more than a week since school started, and the half-month deadline was only a few days away. No wonder Wu Zhihong was impatient to wait as soon as he entered.

I asked Wu Zhihong if it was possible for Zhao Yuchen to fight for the boss again.

"It's basically impossible! He's not getting any younger brothers in this situation."

Wu Zhihong shook his head and said to me, "Just tell me where Brother Tao can use me in the future. I won't refuse. If you hadn't helped me win a victory last time and made me famous, maybe I would still be being bullied, and I wouldn't be here today, so Brother Tao, don't be polite to me in the future."

His words made me sound happy, but I felt that Zhao Yuchen was a good person, and I always wanted to help him.

"Why don't you work with Zhao Yuchen first? We're all brothers, so don't tell the boss from the boss. When you're done with the other two families, you can split up. Both of you are the boss. What do you think?" I asked Wu Zhihong.

Wu Zhihong hesitated and nodded. "Now that Brother Tao has said it, I will definitely give this face. If the two of us work together, we will definitely receive some younger brothers. As long as we move fast, we can definitely eat at least one before the other two join forces."

"Okay, then I'll wait for your good news." I patted Wu Zhihong on the shoulder and took Li Gang with me to leave.

When I got to the door, I looked back at Zhao Yuchen, who was looking at me.

I saw a trace of gratitude in his eyes.

I smiled at him and left.

"Boss, I didn't expect you to help that Wu Zhihong before. If they all become the boss, then almost half of the freshmen in high school will be the boss's younger brother."

As soon as he left, Li Gang said excitedly.

Even I was surprised by Wu Zhihong's appearance, but it was also the right time.

Li Gang kept jabbering beside him, asking me to give him some control over his younger brothers in the future and let him live through his addiction to being a boss.