Chapter 3 Get Beaten up

I tilted my head and said to Zhao Hualiang, "You're the one who's looking for trouble. Tell me what you want, right?"

"What do I want? I want to kill you and make you a fool to be arrogant in front of me!"

Before zhao hualiang could finish his sentence, he pushed my desk towards me.

I was afraid of being hit by the table, so I quickly stepped aside. Before I could stand still, Zhao Hualiang's fist hit my head again.

I squatted down and punched Zhao Hualiang in the stomach.

It was a sure shot, but before I could hit Zhao Hualiang, someone kicked me from the side and threw me to the ground.

I was so shocked that when I looked back, it was a boy next to me who attacked me!

"A newcomer actually hit our brother liang? Kill you!"

After the boy kicked me down, he immediately rushed at me with the other boys, clearly trying to beat me up.

I didn't expect Zhao Hualiang to have so many helpers in class. Before he could get up, he was kicked down again, and all that awaited me was a beating and kicking.

I knew that I had to use my hands to protect my head and hunch over my body to protect my vital points.

"Let you pretend in front of me, I can't kill you!" Zhao Hualiang cursed as he stomped on me.

These people usually fight a lot, and their hands are especially fierce. In a few minutes, I feel so painful that my bones are falling apart.

But I didn't mean to beg for mercy at all.

I can't beat them all by myself today, but I'll pay them back double the next time!

Three years in my old high school was not for nothing!

After a long time, Zhao Hualiang didn't know if he was tired or not, so he finally stopped everyone else.

He squatted down in front of me and slapped my face arrogantly. He asked me if I was convinced and if he would dare to pull me in front of him next time.

I didn't have the strength to speak, and I couldn't give in, so I just stared at him.

"You're not convinced, are you? Okay, then I'll fight until you give in!"

Zhao Hualiang grabbed my hair and lifted my head up. He slapped me and made me dizzy.

Zhao Hualiang's slap was so hard that it made a crisp sound that everyone in the next class could hear it.

My ears were buzzing and my face was burning with pain. It must have been swollen.

However, these are not the most important, the most important thing is that I look so much that no one has ever hit my face, and now Zhao Hualiang has hit me, and hit me so hard!

This is the greatest humiliation I have ever suffered in my life, and I will bring this place back no matter what!

After slapping me, Zhao Hualiang still grabbed my hair, put his arrogant face in front of me, and asked me if I would accept it.

I didn't say anything. Even if I did, I asked Zhao Hualiang to wait for me.

But saying something like that at this time would definitely make it worse. I'm not that stupid.


Zhao Hualiang saw that I was silent and continued to hold on to my hair. He slapped me on the other side of my face again, making my mouth smell like blood.

I still didn't say anything. I just looked at Zhao Hualiang coldly.

"It seems that you still have some backbone. Then let's try whether it's my slap or your mouth!"

Zhao Hualiang said teasingly, then reached out to slap me.

Now the whole class is watching me get beaten up. They don't know me very well. Most of them are watching the show and even laughing at me.

I know I lost my face at grandma's house this time, and I don't expect anyone to come out and help me.

Just as Zhao Hualiang was about to slap me again, Li Gang suddenly stood up and said with a smile, "Brother liang, let's just forget it for the sake of being classmates. Zhang Tao just came here. I don't know what..."

Zhao Hualiang turned his head, glared at Li Gang fiercely, gritted his teeth and scolded, "Get lost! Do you want me to fight with you?"

Li Gang opened his mouth and smiled pleasantly. He didn't dare to say anything to Zhao Hualiang. He turned to me and said, "Zhang Tao, brother liang is also a big shot in our school. Just give in and don't lose face."

I'm grateful that Li Gang would stand up for me at this time and know that he's doing it for my own good.

But I've already been beaten like this, and if I still give in, then the class will have to be a complete person with their tails between their legs in the future.

"It's okay... Let him do it... Until he's happy..."

I said weakly, and because both sides of my face were swollen, my speech was a little inarticulate.

"If you have guts, then I'll let you do it!"

Zhao Hualiang laughed back in anger. The hand that grabbed my hair shook it hard and hit my head hard on the ground. A "Bang" made me go blank for a moment, almost fainting.

Then, Zhao Hualiang called his little brother to hit me.

Just at this time, the bell for the morning self-study rang, and the students who were watching the fun returned to their seats.

"I will let you off today, you fool. If you dare to be arrogant next time, I will kill you!"

Zhao Hualiang looked at the door of the classroom, as if worried that the teacher would come in. He looked at me with disdain and returned to his seat. He also told me to be less arrogant in the future.

I ignored Zhao Hualiang and lay on the ground for a while. After recovering a little strength, I struggled to stand up and slowly walked towards the seat.

I must be in a mess right now, and there are still a lot of students looking back at me with a mocking look on their faces.

I guess in their eyes, I am not only a poor academic performance, but also a particularly timid person.

Although it's embarrassing, I don't really care. One day, I'll make them look at me in a new light.

When I got back to my seat and saw Lin Keer's exquisite profile, I felt much better.

In any case, I was beaten to help her out. She should be more or less grateful to me.

Maybe our relationship will get better and better because of this, then my beating will be worth it.

After I helped the desk up and sat down, Lin Keer had been reading a book without even looking at me. There was still no expression on his face.

This made me very depressed. I was beaten up like this for her, and she didn't react at all?

She was probably just like that, a little introverted, and didn't like to talk to others on her own, so she decided to find another chance to talk to her, maybe she wouldn't be so cold then.

Not long after, the sound of high heels came from outside, and then Su xue came in, twisting her hips.